What Has Happened To Imran Ahmad? Has He Left Rangers?

As Rangers heads full speed to its share issue, the Ibrox club was delighted to announce the immediate appointment of two new non-executive directors, Ian Hart and Walter Smith. Both come with high reputations in their field and it will clearly be of great assurance to potential investors in Rangers that such eminent figures are on the boards.

However, I was intrigued by the end of the report of the announcement on the official Rangers website.

It can be found here.

The last paragraph reads:-

The board of The Rangers Football Club Ltd comprises: Malcolm Murray, chairman (non-executive) Charles Green, chief executive, Brian Stockbridge, finance director, Walter Smith (non-executive), Ian Hart (non-executive).

There is no mention of Mr Ahmad, who joined the board as per Companies House on 29th June and who was appointed as Commercial Director on 17th October.

It might only be a misprint, and if so a rather embarrassing one. If not, what has happened to Mr Ahmad?


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  1. ecojon


    Ex-Rangers director Dave King has Scottish restraint order revoked

    More moving of the jigsaw pieces 🙂

  2. JimBhoy


    Chico at his offensive best…. His suggestion that rangers would be catapulted to the top league is ludicrous, derisory and pretty much par for the course for this man and his followers.

    The problems at hearts came about in the years that rangers were operating in the top league to suggest it is because rangers are not now in that league is a total nonsense. hearts should be in a better place without rangers in the SPL simply because for the couple of hundred K they would get with a visit of rangers per season they have more options to progress up the SPL league and cups and into Europe so that financial argument does not hold water.

    rangers going into liquidation owing millions and finding themselves a new company have lead to them starting at the bottom rung of football… How he can say that could only happen in Scotland is an insult..

  3. Carl 31

    OT cooment of the day…


    Only lost £22m this year, which was an improvement on last year’s losses of £26m. Methinks they are in serious Barney if they don’t go up.

    • ecojon

      @ Carl 31

      When Eddie Davies pulls the plug the game’s a bogie I would reckon.

      • Pensionerbhoy

        @ Carl 31

        It shows up the total farcical state that most football finances are in, though. In England especially, if Sky pulls their plug, then the cascade that follows could wash the whole flimsy construction down the river of no return. Just think of some of those clubs trying to get into the top tier in 3 seasons. It could become the new major competition in the H.M.R.C. league. The winner gets his tax bill reduced accordingly and for a trophy they could give the directors some day release to study ethics and integrity. Whoa! Getting a bit carried away. I will be getting taken away shortly. I really do find the whole English situation ridiculous though but then most national economies are on borrowed time too.

  4. Good to see the scum that attach themselves to the “old firm” getting the TD’s, decent supporters of either side neither want their sectarian bile nor there divisiveness anywhere near football.

    • ecojon

      @ alex

      And which posters are you referring to – or are you in charge of the TU Brigade for your support whatever it is that they believe?

      PR must be paying well these days – shovelling aw that shite!

      Quite amazing how you have gathered 11 TUs in approx 4 minutes – dae ye think oor heids button up the back? LMAO 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • ecojon

        @ alex

        Keep fiddling with your THUMBS – cos while you’re doing it you ain’t peddling shite 🙂

        • Carl 31

          Now, at last, we know what the Ibrox new guy’s job role is … Chief TD’er!!

          Whats that I hear you cry! … ‘Other folk might do that stuff, but Walt disnae!!’.

          🙂 🙂 🙂

          • ecojon


            Well I hope the cardigan knows the onerous responsibilities that being a non-executive director places on him because when things unravel it is no defence to claim the bad boy did it and ran away. The non-execs are there to prevent that through the financial systems they have to ensure are in place, through the regime of financial probity that they have to ensure is in place and which they also have to monitor.

            Shouldn’t be too long before cardigan head for the hills or the dug-oot 🙂

      • The problem with inconsequential people like you is that you don’t realise you are who people laugh at and are laughing at, your heid doesn’t button up anywhere, there is nothing of any substance to button up.

        • mick

          good evening alex theres no old firm rfc died and for years previous the cfc were trying to drop the name due to oldcos bad reputation ,when there not murdering women men and children they trash citys

          • COYBIG


            I said it before, I will say it again now, that’s a disgusting comment. Maybe you should take a break from posting for a while, and come back when you want to talk about the subject of the blog 😉 .

            Your not only causing trouble for yourself by posting such comments, but the owners of this site as well.

        • ecojon

          when in the sea of the people swim like an inconsequential fish as ra peepil get eaten 🙂

    • Ernesider


      My interpretation is that we have got a large influx of the brainless bigots and they have adopted you as a tame poodle.

    • COYBIG


      Apart from micks comment, there has been nothing that can be remotely described as sectarian bile posted. Maybe your mum should buy you a dictionary for Christmas, then you can look up the meaning of words before deciding to use them. It might help you stop making redundant comments.

      • mick

        Apart from micks comment, there has been nothing that can be remotely described as sectarian bile posted,a have not posted sectarian bile just my thoughts and views on war and the people whole take part in them ,if my views differ from you thats up to you ,for alex and you to call it bile to me makes you look like dictators like the soliders naw why should i as ave siad before and al say agian all wars since 45 have been pointless and done via greed and oil and my perseption of a man in uniform with a gun will never change ,its called freedom of choice and thought ,a choice not to like wars a think soliders are women and child killers that applys to all armys engaging in war whats wrong with these views please explian

      • ecojon

        @ Coybig

        Waste of time he can’t read – all he can do is spout tripe which he has been force-fed with obviously.

      • Ernesider

        Yea COYBIG

        Think Alex is a schoolboy going on the awkward childishness of his sentence construction (syntax Alex) and the fact that he trots out a hoary cliche as if he invented it himself.

        I would suggest that we are competing with a classroom of children and computers. How humiliating.

  5. JimBhoy


    Not sure if this is headline crap and/or Gilmour hasn’t a clue…

    We all want to see one governing body. No comment….

    Teams from anywhere to join the SFL, what effect with that have on the top league in Scotland. It will introduce a small team to the detriment of another thus dilating an already threadbare support in the lower leagues, playing to hundreds.

    Colt teams would be like having their cake and eating it, WTF, surely that is only gonna add coffers to the teams up against celtic colts in the SFL for example, maybe even to St Mirren when they get demoted and I am sure as he sits in the SPL it does not look like a good option (for now). I would think the majority of SFL chairmen would disagree. Having young Celtic colts gaining experience in the SFL would be harmful in what way?

    To Mr Gilmour I’ll tell you whats having your cake and eating it, hanging off the coat-tails of the club bringing in major revenue interests to your league and wanting to be able to vote them to lose the couple of hundred K they get more than your own club, forgetting that the majority of games televised with involve that team, impacting their gates and having to play games early on Saturdays and Sundays to the audience who want to see them and who persuade the TV companies to part with money that sustains all the other teams in that league..

    Mr Gilmour if you had said Summer football I would have respected you.. I can only hope your absurd comments were out of context.

  6. JimBhoy

    @Alex there is no OF… And no decent Celtic fan would associate themselves with that made up grouping, there for the sake of the media trying to look impartial using the dual association when certain fans are smashing up town centres and beating up police or smashing team bus windows.

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      Well said – let’s leave them wallowing in bile till the time decent Bears take control of their club – till then: Not Rated Just Pitied.

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      The IFT has published spoof videos of football manager Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal for “Limbo Town FC”, to show what happens when quality assets are sold off.

      Why bother with ‘spoof’ when they have a real-life Zombie Team under chico’s directorship?

  7. JimBhoy

    @Ernesider Awesome mate… Bark worse than bite, unless he is a zombie in disguise to which I would suggest avoiding his bite and his Zombie badger breath.. Shaun of the dead rocks…

    • Ernesider

      yea JB
      There seems to be an invasion of the zombies at the moment, but I am sure they will go away after a while.

      I find it all very funny – wonder whose doing ringmaster – Yes Sammy click on the thumbs down if its says Ecojon – Not Echo you thick edjit Eco – that JimBhoy as well. Don’t read what he writes you wouldn’t understand the words and if you did you would get annoyed. Tell me do you know if Willie’s son has a computer?

  8. ecojon

    @ JimBhoy

    I had written quite a lengthy post and deleted it. The guy is another chico opening his mouth and letting his belly rumble with no real thinking through and no consideration for ALL of the other teams involved.

    Decided not tp waste my time on him. One thing I don’t understand about the SFL proposals is why only a 10 tean middle league?

    JimBhoy you make a good point about TV timings and the inconvenience element of the pay-out for screening. If the other teams, who the broadcasters have no interest in showing, want an equal share then fine but we won’t play to TV schedules but to suit our fans to increase attendance cash and then we’ll all get the same amount – Zero! Dead Simple!

  9. JimBhoy

    @eco my son and I gave up season books when we sarted playing/coaching respectfully because the majority of games could be early starts and we would miss them due to our under 14s team commitments. There will be a lot of people out there who can get a Saturday or sunday morning work shift who could make a 3pm KO but not an early game… All revenues lost to the Celts…

    What do the Celts get more than any other team? It is literally a few hundred K.. Make it a level playing field and all SPL teams are on telly and impacted the same amount of times and equal share of the loot… Way too simplistic I know and BSKYB would not entertain that..

    Definite cake and eat it…

    Summer football, colt teams, some full games shown AFTER they finish, one governing body, fans reps on boards, cheaper prices, stricter financial controls of clubs, ie pay tax ffs and orange strips for rangers would all add to a more sought after product.

    • ecojon


      All sounds eminently sensible but can the Rangers orange strip have wee green arrows on it – firstly to celebrate the influence of the chico era and secondly because it is the HMP club and its history should always be remembered 🙂

  10. mick

    a was just flicking throw the sites there and king is well on the radar today some of the comments are similiar to here and state that king is wanting trfc to launder money also there is massive talk about the last time king and murray used rfc to launder lots of shocking facts and figures flying around a quick glance makes you think bdo should look at the king and murray deals at the start of the century also were does he fit in the jigsaw center am thinking as he was seen with whyte and green and there is chit chat he founded the ticketus deal also , I’m also thinking he is going to be at the centre of the nuclear revelations to come.lets look at some of tonights info from tsfm

    “If these guys (ENIC) lost something in the region of £30m and Dave King £20m, well that’s quite a lot of cash going into a club that was dodging tax. Where did it all go?”

    I “did the math” back on RTC and also posted on some other sites – based on Hugh Adam’s quote back in 2002 regarding how lousy a businessman Murray was: “Exactly how else can losses of £80 million over the past five years – despite almost £60 million of outside investment in that time – be explained?”

    So Hugh Adam stated £140m in losses over 5 years. Add to that the Lloyds debt, debt to Murray’s other companies, taxes and fines owed and I came up with the (apparently conservative) figure of £1/4 billion “spent” on Rangers over 15 years. Losses of £16m a year. For 15 years! Minimum!

    £250million spun… er, blown on a football team is bad enough. But a Scottish football team?!? That didn’t even win everything?!?!

    Does that not deserve a “wow”?

    Dave King on the other hand has many interests – namely TRFC and his main hobby – getting money out of SA to make it legitimate somewhere/anyway/anywhere.

    I have little doubt he supplied Ticketus with the sudden investment they received last year in March in order to “loan” the money to CW.

    I have little doubt his little sojurns in and out of Ibroke are not coincidental

    I have little doubt he was as Corsica said, in Switzerland with Ellis, CG and CW.

    I have little doubt who the major backer is to CG

    I have no doubt Walter has come back to smooth the transition for CG to exit left.

    Question is whether he has hidden his trakcs well enough that BDO will not uncover them – that is, if they are interested in uncovering them

    It seems to be delay, deflect, delay………….

    so there is lots on the agenda with king why no investigation into his deal at ibrokes for 1

    2 do we need a crook like him in our game a think not

    3 nuclear revelations

    4 com on barca bhoy lets knock them for 6 gamma style

    • ecojon

      @ mick

      Well looking at the TDs you must be doing something right 🙂

      But you really must stop upsetting these nice people by pointing out there was a £250 million hole in Murray’s mint not to say all the Rangers suppliers stiffed with people losing their job and all the things that the massive tax scam could have paid for. On that subject I will let them off lightly tonight because of the terrible news we have had of another soldier lost in Afganistan.

      He is a son of Scotland and his loss is a loss to everyone in the country and I’m sure all our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this terrible time for them.

  11. Libel is a serious offence, I am sure the resident legal eagle is aware of such.

    • cam

      Yup,big Pauly doesn’t like implications of dishonesty and criminality.Money laundering is as far as i’m aware without a wee Google, illegal?.
      I think Michael should take sound advice from his peers and do what i did,,,,take a wee break son otrstick to one of the hardcore bigot sites.
      My sabbatical with the Tibetan monks made me value my fellow man,brought a calmness to the torrent of madness flowing through my napper and in two weeks all being well i will have my restraints removed.

    • ecojon

      It would certainly be interesting to see a number of people in court answering to statements of the ‘truth’ that they have previously issued 🙂

      I for one look forward to it for there is no doubt that a number of people will be going down that road in the not too distant future. Be even better if you appeared as a character witness LMAO.

      But as you appear to know the ‘truth’ why don’t correct any errors which you consider to be a ‘libel’ – The Truth & Nothing But the Truth – I think firstly however you should get your legal terminology correct and would advise that ‘libel’ is not the word that you are struggling to find 🙂

      In fact, don’t bother to tell us anything as you are obviously another empty vessel and it might be best if you took legal advice yourself before betraying your lack of knowledge.

      • You sound peeved, no surprise there, when you know what you are talking about you may have the ability to attempt a comeback, however as your knowledge of libel as opposed to defamation is non existent I will leave you to wonder why anyone would infer anyone was a launderer without the slightest of evidence to back that up, you have a nice sleep now you certainly need it.

        • mick

          @alex the facts and figures speak for them selfs king is a crook and steals money from africa SARS ,also he done dodgey deal with murray its all there ,now were all getting ready for bed why dont you contemplate the fact is oldco sevco newco are crooked there lack of transparacy confirms this green whyte murray crooked tax cheats proven ,king is a crook in a suit that robs africa a would say that is worse than anything murray whyte and green do to rob were there is a lack of food and water is beyond believe ,launderer is the main word used when people mention king in normal enviroments were people heed the law you sleep on that alex

          • cam

            i’m gonna call you Bobo from now on.MON used to excuse the big guys wiping out of an opponent by reliably informing us that Bobo wasn’t quite au fait with what was acceptable on the field.
            Your apparent immunity from any form of restraint can probably be explained by your lack of education,a moral code and manners that should have been learned at an early age.
            I feel pity for you as you are being used in the manner of Frankensteins monster,,,,i’ll let you work out who created you.

          • Unfortunately you mentioned another’s name also, very very unwise.

        • ecojon

          At least I don’t waken from drug-crazed dreams and end up forgetting my lines LMAO 🙂

          And you’re still talking sh*te on libel 🙂

  12. broadfoot claims it was better for the nation, to allow
    … “rangers” BACK into the league [as opposed to spartans]

    he claims “rangers” licence was transferred to erm – “rangers” !!


    is this correct…i thought the licence was given to dundee…or was that just the spl membership?

  13. mick

    Individual liberties article 19 freedom of expression ,

  14. mick

    Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom & no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech, Benjamin Franklin, 1722

  15. dan

    Apropos none of the above—or perhaps all of it—just listened to Clyde 1 Super Scoreboard. Daryl King , Gordon Dalziel and Jim Delahunt,
    seem to have come up with the solutions to global warming, world hunger, disease, pestilence, plagues of boils, and all other ills of the Biblical stripe. And that is— get The Rangers back into the top flight asap. It’s really quite simple, as the various disasters that have recently befallen planet earth can be traced back to that fateful day when –whatever they’re called—were consigned to div 3, just return them to their former glory and the universe will be restored to equilibrium. Doesn’t matter that they cheated their way to honours; that for every fiver Celtic spent, they stole a tenner; doesn’t matter that for over a century they openly promoted sectarianism; let’s just forget all that and get them back to where they belong.
    What was it the wise man said? Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it? Have these people no shame? Has integrity become something to be ignored and trampled underfoot? If so then we have no game worth the saving.

    • COYBIG


      To say that Hearts’ problems are as a result of The Rangers being in Division 3 is laughable. As is saying if The Rangers are put into the SPL, all of Hearts’ problems will be solved. Anyone who thinks that, is either deluded, or peddling myths to suit the agenda of certain people.

    • ecojon

      @ dan

      And they ain’t doing it for any reward – but just to collect the pearls of wisdom dripping from the cardigan or perhaps that should be ‘perils’.

      The activity in the last couple of days and the rise in bile and p*ss means that it will soon be EBT time – They’ll be some great panto lines come out of it for the Xmas season 🙂

      • mick

        @ecojon the amount of TD and TU lately had me thinking for it to be in that scale and time period maybe at the offices in ibrokes they get a fag break for the amount of TD they give or is it in a hall via phones either way its good as it means there reading what we are saying

        a seen on the news a young man with a son shot playing football took from his family its sad ave a have said a million times war is bad a just hope they get home soon and safe as well ,my london irish family served in the middle east its nerve racking when they go ,am anti war and believe the tougne is mighter than the sword no matter what the situation is.

  16. cam

    BREAKING NEWS!!,,,,The reason for the delay in the FTT ruling has been clarified.
    New evidence has been brought to the table.The original contents of the shredder have been found to contain fragments of what appear to be a green and white tie with the letters P E AW L.
    Oldco legal eagles have entered this as evidence contamination and called for re-instatement of the mighty Gers and last years title to be delivered to Ibrox by the ginger one whose name shall not be spoken

    • Den

      First thought “is that it !”

      Very sketchy.

      I note that Ibrox and Murray Park are valued at nearly £80m, by an Independent Surveyor in Oct 2012. They were bought for £5.5m along with a lot of other assets for £5.5m just months before.

      Does that imply that if Rangers were to sell these assets that they would realise in the region of £80m, if so some people got well turned over.

      i hope the people presenting it are good, professional investors will tera that apart in minutes.

  17. JimBhoy

    I like the mantra to keep free of bank debt.. Most clubs run on an overdraft, I would assume that is bank debt… Maybe rangers will change that philosophy by using pay day loans..

    I am sure the IPO will get them to May when they plan on getting in the SB installments to get them to the next shares flotation end of next year. The higher up the SFL they go the more they will need to invest in players and so the cycle continues.. Which investment firms are gonna continue flogging the dead horse with little or no return and how loyal can the fans be in this time of financial hardship.

    2 or 3 defeats away from football meltdown. Let’s not forget that..!!

    Ok so those negative points above are surely worth a few TD’s?

    Did i mention Orange strips?

    • Mike

      as you ask so shall you reap! Take that TD Jim lad!

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      Yes JimBhoy I factored in the orange strips into the equation and the Chinese manufacturer has confirmed they’ll cost £1 each delivered at Glasgow Docks. But I had to order 500 million but that’s nothing to us not with our world record number of investors.

      Chico was very pleased and included the £1 billion profit figure in his IPO presentation and the Chinese were really helpful and arranged a shirt sponsorship with a household name American company which is well known in the Middle East which is our target market after all.

      And the Chinese price even includes stitching on the sponsor’s name on the chest: GUANTANAMO.

  18. ecojon


    Looks like a spoof to me done by a not too bright idiot. If they had stuck to copying the lines of the May presentation it might have been more believeable. It’s just a pathetic attempt to mislead.

    Things are obviously hotting-up – FTT must be very close 🙂

  19. ecojon

    I note that a lot of posters on TSFM are putting in complaints about the disgraceful events at Ibrox on Sunday with the chaotic Remberance circus and apparently the guy in charge of Scottish soldiers is as below if you wish to add your protest or question what happened and why it was allowed.

    I will be writing to him mainly to get an explanation of WTF the officers were doing as I just don’t believe you can have 400 soldiers milling about in a mob with no officers. I will also be asking if the British Army thinks that the behaviour that took place is appropriate for a remembrance ceremony:

    Major General Nick Eeles
    HQ 51 Scottish Brigade
    EH30 9TN

    • cam

      Hup 2,3 Hup 2,3,,attteeenntiion!,,,at ease soldier!
      I’ve just wasted 20 minutes of my life reading this damned poppycock from this internet warrior criticising my brave lads and i’m telling you i won’t have it! Not in this mans army!
      Sergeant,send out a platoon and do a recce.I want to know this clowns weakness,i want his shopping list,reading material,i want to know where he buys his smalls!!!(Victorias Secrets).
      This damned civilian thinks he can order me around like a damned butler,once he feels some cold steel he will soon regret his actions,,,thats the thing with Gerry,they don’t like it up them!

  20. ecojon


    FFS they are announcing that they have become the first football club in the world to have a diamond ring with the Club Crest lasered onto the diamond – can be obtained or purloined at the club shop apparently.

    This all just gets crazier and crazier – I blame it all on the glints in chico’s eyes or is it just moonbeams?

  21. cam

    Just seeing Walter in the directors box is such a boost for the fans.Mr Harts involvement can only be a plus and i think its only a matter of time before the Gers are safely in the hands of good loyal bluenoses.
    If Chico and his consortium make a few bob and do the deal that sees Walter bringing in quality investment then the dark clouds can be banished.
    If we can get an improved scouting and coaching set up in place and work our way through the divisions then in a few years we can put this terrible time behind us and use it as a sore lesson well learned.
    I genuinely hope that CFC can find a path to the EPL and go and find whatever they wish for.I would be delighted never to play CFC again and for the teams to be kept apart by govt. legislation if need be ,in order to aid attempts to stamp out bigotry and social disorder,,,this is not one of my wind ups,,i mean it most sincerely.

    • ecojon


      Sorry to say that the blue tint seems to be dropping into place again. Walter couldn’t raise enough investment to trump chico’s £5.5 million so I am unsure as to what quality investment he can bring this time round.

      And ‘good loyal bluenoses’ what’s wrong with just good bluenoses without all the negative connotations created by the use of ‘loyal’. And if we mean ‘loyal’ in a normal sense well where were all these ‘loyal bluenoses’ when the price was only £5.5 million?

      However, in a sense , these are questions for Rangers supporters and I have never altered my position that a Rangers, without its baggage and I’m not talking about footballing history here, could be an asset to Scottish football both in footballing and financial terms.

      Personally, the stamping out of bigotry and social disorder in any club must start with the owners of the club and the culture they put in place. They must be ruthless in seeing that the managment adhere to it and more importantly so do the support.

      Yea, in the short term, it might cut numbers but that will be more than replaced by people coming back or new punters who just want to watch football without all the other crap. It doesn’t actually require ‘good loyal bluenoses’ to achieve that at Ibrox but just decent human-beings who know that, at the end of the day, football is just a game and once it becomes a way of life for some fans then that can lead to problems in various areas.

      And Cam it’s nice of you to wish to send Celtic off on a long journey if not this time back to Ireland but to the EPL. Celtic will decide its future by itself and, unlike with chico, you won’t hear about it until after the deal is done and signed.

      Like you I would me more than happy if Celtic never had to play Rangers again if it stayed in its current strange mixture of siege mentality/World Domination with a huge helping of hatred sprinkled on top.

      But don’t worry too much about playing us again because chico is taking Rangers to a European Super League so you are the ones who’ll be walking away 🙂

      • cam

        We had an unspoken arrangement never to engage in verbal combat after i dealt you the mother of all whuppings a while back and i would like to see that arrangement continue.Its never satisfactory for a champion boxer to have to retread old ground and you do have to concede that your forte is long tedious monologues aided and abetted by multiple Google references.The cut and thrust of real time repartee is too much for a gentle soul like your good self.
        The word loyal has no negativity attached,the blue tint will never waver,when Coyote Pete grows a pair and gets the rabble ultras on a leash then you can pontificate.
        I never worry about anything connected with CFC,not my concern.The mighty glorious Glasgow Rangers are on the march and the flies can get back to sniffing our rump since as any decent zombiephile should know you can’t kill whats already dead!
        If you give me a moment i could come up with a fencing term via Google but pugilism will fit the bill meantime.
        You need to deliver good clean blows with a closed fist,,your lassie slaps are ineffective and don’t score.You are too many weight divisions below me and to reply with anything more than a flick of my jab would be taking a liberty.
        I bid you good day,,,,next!!

        • ecojon

          @ cam

          And here was me thinking you had changed so I extended the hand of friendship only to find that the rabid snarling bear had merely been hiding in its cave licking its wounds.

          Dream on Deluded 🙂

          • cam

            My mother taught me that good manners cost nothing so i will shake your hand and wish you well and then hunker down in my trench.On Christmas day we can have a kickabout,toast each others health and then resume hostilities!

  22. Steven brennan

    You appear to have an aggresive tone about you, why cant you just take some constructive criticism without wanting to verbalise

  23. Pingback: The Scottish Football Mopery part 6 « THE MAN THE BHEASTS CAN'T TAME

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