Mark Daly and Alex Thomson at Napier University – Important Info

From the Screen Academy Scotland Website –
Mark Daly BBC Scotland Investigates
Alex Thomson Chief Correspondent Channel Four News
Earlier this year the Rangers story unravelled before our eyes. From hero to zero, from the SPLto the Scottish Third Division in a matter of months. TV led the way in exposing the goings on at the club. The two reporters who were at the forefront of  the pack discuss how they got the story, how they built it and the aftermath of it.
Come and discuss the journalism with them on Monday 19th November at 1.00pm at the Merchiston campus of Edinburgh Napier University.
Space is strictly limited to 20 of those without a Napier University Card.
Registration is essential and entry will be refused to unregistered people.
You can register via this link –


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20 responses to “Mark Daly and Alex Thomson at Napier University – Important Info

  1. JohnBhoy

    It’s all a conspiracy. Craigie boy has the tape and here’s the evidence…


    Don Pauleone McConvillo’s Office at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Uptown New Lanark, Little Hilly.

    Seated in front of Don Pauleone’s desk is Jabbasera, pimp for the Rangino Family.

    Jabbasera: I believe in America.

    Don Pauleone: If you could just complete this form – it is a mandate giving us permission to represent you and allows us to put your details into our computer system. So, how can I can help you?

    Jabbasera: I believe in succulent lamb. Succulent lamb has made my fortune. I raised myself on succulent lamb. It gave me freedom, taught me never to dishonour the Rangino Family. I stayed out late with them. I went to the movies with them. I never complained. I was a good succulent lamb man. Then the other families moved in. The SPLia family from the South Side, the Hectorino family from outta town, bankrolled by the Lawelli family from the East Side, and now the Commission in the pocket of the SPLia family. We went to the mattresses. But what could I do? The Rangino family were slaughtered in cold blood. By those bastards! They tried to take advantage but she resisted. They beat her, like an animal. Forced her to make a decent living. Made her play by the rules. I wept. My beautiful succulent lamb gone.

    [Jabbasera breaks down. The Don gestures to ecosonny to give Jabbasera a drink.]

    Jabbasera: If-if you’re worried about protection for your services, the Daily Recordo family will guarantee it.

    ecosonny: Aw, you’re telling me the Recordo family’s gonna guarantee our investment?

    Don Pauleone: Hey, come here? [clips ecosonny on the ear]. Never let the other families know what you’re thinking.

    Richboy: Allow me to speak shite. Take out the unions, take out their offspring, kill them all. War is war. I am rich and I spit on working class scum. Do you have a boat full of lots of people I can sink? Would you like to see my signed photograph of Margaret? Loads-a-money! Let’s take out our willies. Please, please, pretty please!

    ecosonny: Hey, who invited this fascist lowlife to speak?

    Richboy: Ad hominem! Ad hominem! Oh mummy, mummy I won! I won! I won! Ad hominem! Ad Hominem!

    [ecosonny puts two pieces of hot lead into Richboy].

    Jabbasera: [Takes a sip from the glass]. I-I complained to everyone. Like a good succulent lamb man with no backbone or ounce of moral fibre, I used the politicians and press in the pockets of the Rangino Family, I planted the stories, but no one listened to my lies. Those bastards, those Internet bampots, they laughed at me. I went to my fellow succulent lamb eaters, “for justice, we must go to Don Pauleone”.

    Don Pauleone: What do you want your Don to do?

    [Jabbasera whispers in The Don’s ear]

    Don Pauleone: That I cannot do. You come into my Bureau on the day that my new computer is to be carried and you ask me to do murder.

    Jabbasera: Then make them suffer, as I suffered. How many stories do you want me to plant?

    Don Pauleone: Jabbasera… Jabasera… What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectively? Had you come to me in friendship then this scum that ruined your succulent lamb would be suffering this very day.

    Jabbasera: But I don’t have any friends. I need a man who has powerful friends. I need a man who has a million bloggers. I need, Don Pauleone, those internet posts that you carry in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes…. Will you be my friend…Don Pauleone McConvillo?

    [Jabbasera kneels and kisses Don Pauleone’s hand and the Don nods]

    Jabbasera: Grazie.

    Don Pauleone: Prego.

    [Jabbasera exits]

    Maggie: Oh, scion of the devil!

    micko, the Don’s consigliere: maggie’s right satan’s big greetin faced wean the war with the families is boiling point and jabbasera is having a last throw of the dice before he has to go hide his head in shame long overdue his mob is history bye bye its time the family trawled the unis for new blood to restore faith in our press that man is scum and he knows it hes the laughing stock of the neighbourhood rangino puddle in the great tax fiddle he is a racist and has no place in our family moving forward to achieve and benchmark universialism hes made halve the west side deluded with his evil lies a would love to view his bank account he must be on a back hander from that butcher’s sevco and murrayino the thief a hate him an all he stands for anti-irish blood on his hands scumbag gutter press jabbasera your time is up back to the sewer your gonna lie with the fishes lol.

    ecosonny: So, what’s your answer gonna be pop?

    Don Pauleone: ecosonny, I love you but that’s why micko is consigliere… He understands the need for a balanced, civil response. Give this job to Charlie Clemenza. We need someone we can trust. Someone who’ll finish off the Rangino family for good. And when this is over I want Jabbasera to lie with the fishes. Capiche?

    [The phone rings]

    ecosonny: Pop, it’s His Holiness, Papa Benedict.

    • Maggie

      @GiovanniRagazzo scion of the “family” Mc Convillo

      What about Enzo the baker supplying more pies to Sally Tessio so consigliere micko can have a man on the inside.

      Sal: “Lenny can you get me off the hook? For old times’ sake?”
      “Can’t do it Sally”
      “Leave the gun,take the cannoli,Salvatore il grosso”
      You’ll need them where you’re going,third division…. Capisce!!!!!!

      Ciao Giovanni
      Margherita 🙂

  2. Mick

    At johnbhoy what a great read And laugh throw out its such an acolide for me to see micko thanks ,universalism of Scotland is real due to mass modern travel and communications any 1not up for it will be left looking stone age lol

    • Maggie

      We’re legends of the “family” Mc Convillo.
      “Today I settled all family business,so don’t tell you’re innocent
      Carlo”……..that’s Carlo Verde of the Rangino family. 🙂

  3. “TV led the way in exposing the goings on at the club.” Er… really??

  4. Sky have just announced that the Sevco have appointed Don Waltero Legnedo as non-exec director – brave move Watty, or is your retirement fund a bit light?

  5. mick



    @mageritia you have been called back in the final phaseo to implemento tescoo good lucko

  6. JimBhoy

    Kinda worried that this will go ahead.. bad factions out there..Freedom of speach in this small isle is often negatory…!!!!

  7. Pensionerbhoy

    Looka here ya internet bums, there’s a lotta headless horses been seen around the blues quarter of downtown Govan lately. Advisable to check your beds in the morning. The warm sensation might not be from your overnight incontinence.

    Bona nocte! and good night too!

  8. JohnBhoy

    Alley Costless [on Walt Disney Dae Charity]: “He’s a Sevco man through and through. The presence of the Sith Lord will be a great EBT benefit.”

  9. Eddie

    The club playing in the third division is a new club. I am not sure why you continue to suggest otherwise.

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