“The Rangers Story – Unpeeling the Rotten Onion” – Daly + Thomson – Edinburgh 19th November

On Monday 19th November Mark Daly of the BBC and Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News are scheduled to speak at Napier University’s regular Media Mondays event.

You can read more about the Media Mondays events here.

The event takes place from 1-2pm on 19th November at the following venue:

Room H5 Merchiston Campus, 10 Colinton Road, Edinburgh EH10 5DT

The university says that:-

Entry is FREE and open to  all.

The discussion by Messrs Daly and Thomson goes by the title:-

The Rangers story – unpeeling the rotten onion.

It is not this man who is speaking, interesting though that would undoubtedly be …


But this man is …

… and this man as well


Schedules permitting, I plan to be there myself.

Maybe some of the other Internet Bampots might be able to come along as well? I wonder how big Room H5 on the Merchiston Campus is!

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117 responses to ““The Rangers Story – Unpeeling the Rotten Onion” – Daly + Thomson – Edinburgh 19th November

  1. martin c

    Are you running a bus

    • TheBlackKnight TBK

      I believe the “New un-Enlightened”, Chris ‘Mammy’s boy’ Graham, A ‘AC’ McKillop and John ‘ABCDEF’ Gow are running a Protest horse and cart.

      May catch a lift……. then again…. 😉

  2. Ah now—- you just never know………..

  3. Carl 31

    Will tweeterings be allowed?

  4. With two heavywights like those speaking, surely one hour will be woefully inadequate?

  5. mick

    that would be a amazing day out for every1 ,heres hoping it inspires a new breed of media in our young budding journalists ,well done to napier for allowing such a great lecture to take place i for 1 will be going throw even just to be there we should treat it as a blogging pilgrim and a show of deviance agianst curruption in sport and society in general ,also xmas prezzies at priness street

    • Maggie

      Blogging Pilgrimage AND Xmas Pressies!!!!!!!
      What’s not to like mick? I can hardly wait

    • BB

      …and so The Rangers Bating Roadshow continues.
      Thomson, Daly and a gaggle of impressionable young hacks?. …cue another batch of Rangers hating journalists stepping into the fold. The anti Rangers ‘chip’ inserted and it’s ready for action. Folks on here can howl all they like, the fact they are salivating like Pavlov’s Dogs at the mere mention of these perennial thorns in Rangers’ side speaks volumes for their partisan approach.
      The Rangers future must be looking good, why else would these two still be at it? Seems this piece was on the money….are NME doing a cover?……Britain, August 1995, and Rangers, complete with Gazza Laudrup et al, are about to embark on another campaign notching up title number 8 on the way to 9 in a row. Also at this time, a much closer battle is happening in the pop charts. Britpop is at it’s height, as Oasis and Blur slug it out to top the charts with singles released on the same week. It is a real clash of the titans and even managed to make the headlines on News at Ten.

      Fast forward to autumn 2012, and there is another almighty chart struggle on the go. Except this is no pop chart. BBC Scotland, with frontman Mark Daly, have been dominating the No.1 slot in what can only be called The National Rangers Bating Charts, and have been for a while, however, there is a new gig in town, The Not Very Sensational Alex Thomson Band. Yes, there are no shortage of other artists to waste your time on, Leckie, McNally etc and of course our old friend Britney. (The latter indeed released another ‘hit’ on Monday but, as usual, the old rehashed material has sunk without trace in what could only be described as a lame attempt to get back to his ‘glory’ days) However, these imposters are very much on the peripheries as the TV heavyweights dominate proceedings.

      Rivals Thomson and Daly may be, but like the Britpop rivals in ’95, they very much have similar agendas. In the battle royal of the music world, record sales went through the roof. (sorry Jesse, it is all about the money) As for messrs Thomson and Daly, their agenda is the opposite, ensure the Rangers Share Issue goes through the floor. It’s all part of the masterplan, and timing is everything. The tactics are very much the same, hang Ally McCoist out to dry, whether that’s an editorial stitch up on sectarianism, or portray him as giving mass orders to the Rangers fan base to stock up on as much ricin as possible. The fans, of course, are also very much in their sights. More of that later.

      As said, Gers have no shortage of detractors these days, but these 2 take some beating. Daly and the BBC, quite incredibly, all of a sudden want to promote liar fraudster and charlatan Craig Whyte back into the public eye. A la supermac you cannot be serious! This is the man they exposed, for no other reason than to damage the reputation of RFC. The proof is in the pudding, as they are now in bed with this chancer, and the game never changes.. Undermine Rangers at all costs. It’s patently obvious this is a case of churning out old news at a time most likely to inflict maximum damage on The Rangers. If Daly is so interested in the truth then why talk to a proven liar with no credibility whatsoever? Another few negatives in the pot no doubt. Further proof of bias comes with the fact that BBC Scotland turned a blind eye to a couple of stories recently regarding Celtic fans and sectarianism, stories that were reported in other media outlets. Maybe it wasn’t an issue for them anymore. How wrong I was, Rangers fans on a train to Carlisle, Rangers fans making ‘remarks’ at Brechin, it was still topical after all (but only if it involves Rangers, obviously) Just an aside, but if Daly wants to ensure maximum income for the public purse, then I await with baited breath his next exclusive on the tax scandal regarding 147 employees at the BBC….. Moving on, .Thomson’s regurgitation of old material at the same time also exposes the same agenda, tarnish the Rangers Brand with as toxic a reputation as possible. As said, the timing gives the game away. One would think , with Rangers being liquidated and starting again at the bottom of the pile, they would be given some peace. Not a bit of it, in true Herod fashion, these people want the newborn slaughtered at birth.
      What’s the story Thomson’s glory-With Thomo being No.1 as we speak, let’s concentrate on this Walter Mitty type character and the company he keeps. Make no mistake, this ‘act’ is not to be taken lightly. Massaging his anti-establishment socialist ego (as he usually does), circa 2002, this man was prepared to go to jail for contempt of court , rather than reveal his sources re The Saville Enquiry into Bloody Sunday. Knowing what we do now, and his penchant for fairy tales, one has to wonder if it was the credibility of his sources , rather than the sources themselves, he was trying to protect. Then, as now, this man has a habit of being unable to substantiate the material he puts out in the public domain. There plenty of examples

      1. The ‘exclusive’ on Ch 4 last Friday. A complete and utter hatchet job. The less discerning viewer would be left thinking that Rangers fans are engaged in a concerted campaign of chemical warfare as we speak. I can picture the Gers fans queuing out the door at Semi Chem. ‘a packet of lemsips please, oh, and two bags of ricin while you’re at it’ Who is this joker??? There is no evidence produced by Thomson and his cohorts whatsoever to substantiate that there was a genuine threat to life made to the people on this programme from the Rangers community. Yes, there are some nasty comments made from behind the keyboards, and these are to be condemned, but it is not only Rangers fans, if indeed they are, as again, nothing has been substantiated, about who is engaging in this behaviour. It comes from all areas. In fact, check out your kids’ facebook for a few minutes and you’ll a find a lot worse!

      2. 25, (yes,25) journalists being threatened. Again, no evidence whatsoever, and no arrests. Yet it doesn’t stop him endorsing and perpetuating this complete and utter drivel.

      3. Raith Rovers Football Stadium being raised to the ground. Well, they were still ‘dancing in the streets of Raith’ the last I looked. No charges for the ‘threats’ have been brought against anyone either. No matter, as far as Thomo’s concerned, down Govan way it’s unleaded and matches lads, ‘let’s go to work’!

      4. Ambushed in Syria. Another ‘fact’ as yet unsubstantiated. Earlier in the year, with tv crew in tow, Thomson was said to have been set up by Syrian gunmen in an ambush and were, by, er, his account, lucky to escape alive. He was with 4 other people during this brush with death but despite this claim, The Daily Telegraph were unable to corroborate this story.

      We could go on, but enough already. Too much ‘hysterical attention seeking nonsense’ for one day as Tom English would call it. Apparently he is unbiased. He claims presbyterian ancestry as proof. In case no one’s told you Alex, God has no grandchildren. Who your ancestors were says nothing about who you are this day. Furthermore, there is nothing Presbyterian about the company you keep. Indeed writing the foreword in Downfall for an author whose infamous ‘incubator’ piece was one of the most appalling articles ever to describe a group of people, the complete and utter dehumanization of a particular section of society, tells us everything. And you have the cheek to campaign for social justice? It’s alleged this man is a sympathizer of real murderers who engaged in a campaign of genocide, and, by Thomson’s own admission, describes this individual as writing his book on Rangers troubles with undisguised glee and mirth. A man who seeks the very obliteration of Rangers FC. And you have him as a pen pal. Taking this into account, one could be forgiven for thinking your Bloody Sunday exploits were more about making a name for yourself and propaganda, than seeking justice for some of the many innocent victims of that conflict.

      The nonsensical claim to disarm us all that he has no agenda against Rangers Fans with the ‘most Rangers fans are decent’ line is blown out the water completely when you take into account his dalek jibes. This demonstrates his contempt for the Rangers family as a whole. One minute, he is badgering Kelvin MacKenzie over the disgraceful treatment of the Liverpool fans, the next he is mocking the Ibrox Disaster. So dead fans with blue scarves are fair game Alex? The fact you are on Celtic fan forums the morning of your latest TV hatchet job giving them a heads up to the latest besmirching of The Rangers again exposes the lie.

      His constant singling out of the Rangers ‘criminal underclass’ as he puts it, again underpins his motives. This is a blatant attempt to have Rangers fans deemed as second class citizens in society. They.are consistently demonized from certain areas until it becomes the norm. As history has taught us repeatedly, it’s never good to subject one particular group to this type of propaganda. Yes, there is an anti-social element at Ibrox, but Rangers are certainly not alone in having unruly sections to deal with. Rotten human nature has no boundaries.
      There is, of course, considerable evidence that points to an ‘underclass’ within another footballing community in Glasgow. Death threats to referees, attacks in their homes as well as on the pitch, threats on numerous Rangers players, homes and cars being vandalized, Rangers players suffering racial abuse at Celtic Park and also online, which resulted in prosecutions, hate filled protests against the wearing of poppies, consistent glorifying of Irish terrorists…the list goes on. These people can act with impunity so far as Thomson is concerned. It seems some ‘criminal underclasses’ are more equal than others….Thus, incidentally, proving the fact- socialist ideology is a flawed concept the minute you add fallible human beings to the mix.

      So much for equality then. Nothing changes with this man. In what was a truly tragic day in the troubles’ history, soldiers are caught up in a riot in a country where they were murdered and maimed by the thousand, and the investigative journalist is on the case, with vigour! As for Bloody Friday, The Shankill Bombing, Whitecross, La Mons Restaurant.(the list goes on, well on)….. Don’t hold your breath folks. Now I’m not saying this tragic event in question didn’t merit investigations, just merely pointing out that, if we analyse when this crusader for justice decides to swing into action, there is an obvious pattern. Objective? This chap knows as much about objectivity as I do about quantum physics. Basically, when republican terrorists and their ‘supporters’ are doing their worst, Thomo’s on a sabbatical. When some muppet portraying themselves as a Rangers fan is making nasty comments from a keyboard, he enters the ‘fray’ like Yosemite Sam!

      If Thomson is really serious about exposing corruption, then Scottish Football is indeed fertile ground. He could start with the corrupt cabal that is running the game-Lawwell, Doncaster, Regan, Harper MacLeod (justice shouldn’t only be done, but be seen to be done…) Dr Reid, Reilly and Thomson. He could start enquiring as to why Stuart Regan is still in post. If a charge of dishonesty is enough to have some referee hounded out the game, then surely Regan deserves the same fate after FOUR sfl clubs corroborated the fact he lied over Rangers’ SPL veto? This however, would almost certainly result in the Thomson Band being knocked off the top perch. Oasis’ Be Here Now album sounded the death knell for britpop, but I can’t see Thomson releasing material anytime soon that would hinder his position at the top of the Rangers bating charts. So it’s a safe bet for the status quo. As it ‘appens, at least we’ve been spared the chart rundown from kids tormentor in chief (and goodness knows he has some opposition for that accolade…..) Jimmy Savile.

      Now then, there’s a Savile Enquiry Thomson should be clocking into. His chum Daly at the BBC could assist. It won’t be any time soon however, Rangers are still breathing……………

      • portpower

        If you live the life surrounded by an Oasis with your head in the sand over time it just becomes a mirage. Rangers 1873 is a Blur in history.
        RFC 2012 PLC are now Top of The Pops with a bullet.
        Hail Hail.

      • JohnBhoy


        Interesting suicide note, if somewhat overlong, maudlin and bitter. To summarise: Rangers’ future is rosy and any scrutiny of this fine institution is a disgraceful attempt by biased reporters to derail a potentially successful flotation; Daly and Thomson, in particular, are to be condemned for their inquisitiveness; and socialism is doomed to fail (?).

        You must be the intelligent version of the Rangers fan. If the death of your old club, and the causes of their demise, are beyond your comprehension then it is futile to rehearse them here. At the risk of sounding like Charlie and Jabba’s love child, when the core geography of your quantum is south of zero then questions need to be asked, and by reporters resistant to the twin evils of succulent lamb and intimidation.

        Your comment on socialism lets the cat out the bag. Why don’t you take your wee tunes and march back to the big fascist hoose and swap nursery rhymes with Ally. I understand Little Boy Blue is his favourite.

      • mick

        @BB your deluded your old club that died is dead the new club is as dodgey as the old1 time is not on greens side your entire culture is derived out of unsporting cheating and lies and smoke screens so a few suits can make a bob or two give it up dont follow swallow stand up like a man and ask your self what does green whyte ticketus zuse and allanby all have in common your new cloned club is the mosted laughted at sport product ever ,people laught at eddie the eagle less but he had integrity and was loved for that you fans are scum and bully ever1 scotland has had enogh and so has the whole of the uk yous as a culture are a backwards cult that is similiar to cave men no 1 likes yous and yous are bleeding 1mil a month so haha the media outside the west coast doesnt care if yous are bullys and as the uk untied agianst yous the whole world backed the people you were trying to bully now yous are left with a dead club and a tribute with a management set up that carves up dead companys wit a buzz for me people like you have no place in public debate anymore as scotland is pro education and mordern thinking so your views that are well warped are irelevent tax cheats and bullys =rfc zombies and follow swollowers =sevco
        we are all tommo and mark there universial people and so are we thats why we all get on so well ,oh before a go as a culture yous are a embarcessment to all things british britishness means integrity and peace and harmony so please stop trying to tarnish its reputation yous are dark age orcs dodos tax cheats sport cheats a stian on scotland your posts are rotten and irelevent to the debate

        • BB

          Relieved to see it’s not getting personal…..
          The footballing landscape has many ills, some you would rather not hear about…. I’m just looking for some parity where there isn’t any. Why is that such an awful concept? Society should treat everyone as equals, (but all Rangers fans are scum) mmm…., like I said, once you add flawed human nature to the mix… you prove my point sir! Of course, capitalism has it’s faults, and can breed some reprehensible behaviour, but tell me this, when folk were being murdered trying to get over the Berlin wall, which direction were they headed…..? Capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings, socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.
          A lot of intolerance on here, a bit like anywhere else really, a few self righteous hypocrites who are nothing more than modern day Pharisees.
          1John 1.8 springs to mind.
          Have a fab time at the love in on the 19th. Given Scotland is reputedly a more dangerous place for journalists than Syria these days, I’m sure Special Branch will be on the case to head off all those nasty Rangers fans at the pass (tongue is firmly in cheek I hasten to add!)
          Don’t look back in anger.Please.

      • mick

        @bb This is a blatant attempt to have Rangers fans deemed as second class citizens in society.lol second the whole country thinks yous are 10th class lol oh what makes you think you were ever 1st class lol what a joke were better than you child like snobbery ,do you think your 1st class on merit or is it handed down ,a dont like to burst your bubble but scotland is classless has been for years you reap what you soe not what you think you should get grasp mordern day economics and social policies your thick ,MERIT bb learn the word merit


  6. I suspect there may be some disruption.

    • mick

      a dont think so and if there is edinburghs bhoys in blue the police will devo come down hard and the courts its zero tollerence for incidents around education and if any1 breaks the law they will face a spell in jail

  7. JimBhoy

    They doing a webcast?

  8. Violet Carson

    Congratulations to Ecojon for his Spartacus article. Regarding the above, I am surprised that that nice Mr. Traynor is not included. Sureley, it is he, and only he, who can truly unpeel the onion.

    • ecojon

      @ Violet Carson

      Thank you from Spartacus who I feel sure will return to the fray when required 🙂

      As to Jabba – I really hesitate to mention the cur in the same post as Spartacus whose name and legend has been an inspiration to many oppressed people down through the ages.

      The really sad thing about Jabba is he knows nothing of value as he has only ever been fed scraps of information and pre-gnawed lamb bones from his Master’s table.

      He truly is a runt of a lap-dog and as such has been used and abused to serve His Master’s Voice but the gramophone is running out of puff and will soon cease and the hollowness at Jabba’s core will soon be fully exposed.

      Jabba has no place in the Journalistic Pantheon of which Daley & Thomson are fully paid-up members. For a start Jabbaa isn’t a journalist but merely a parrot. He doesn’t even deserve to be in the audience which hopefully will draw students of journalism who have a fire in their belly to unearth the truth and release the dark secrets that our so-called Masters would rather conceal.

      And when is say ‘students’ I include more than those from Napier University but all the other clatterers and bampots who strive at the coal face of Truth – a task which is a stranger to Jabba whose only entry ticket is a free one to Ibrox.

      • Maggie

        You’re totally correct,Jabba is a complete and utter irrelevance now that his masters are no more. Social Media has caused the extinction of Jabba et al, the way that a meteor or the ice age ( whichever it was) caused the extinction of the real dinosaurs.
        Surely even he knows that he doesn’t have a leg ( leggo 🙂 ) to
        stand on,though given his massive ego,he may well feel he could perform a “last hurrah” for the cause of the bears.
        Date is in the diary. Most excited. Will we all form a “Huddle” in the
        front row to repel any hordes of attacking Sevconians led by Jabba &
        Leggo ?…… I can hardly wait to read Leggo when he finds out.

        • Richboy

          Eco and Maggie, I can’t believe how you guys sit on the fence when it comes to Mr Traynor. Let loose and tell us what you really think.

      • Wgtn Phoenix fc

        Traynor is indeed a” Norwegian Blue “

      • portpower

        I`m just glad smell-o-vision has`nt been invented with what comes out
        of jabba`s gob.

  9. JohnBhoy

    Aye, these gown and town talks are right well organised. If we get pissed, it stands to reason that they should gie us a break. Being boffins ‘n that, they’ve even got a name for it – epistemological break. They have lots o’ epistemological breaks, so they dae.

    Mind ye, if they didnae have them then ye’d get done for peeing up somebody else’s close. Polis call that gratuitous alienation or somethin’.

    • Maggie

      I’m sensing Epistemological Break is becoming the new Gratuitous Alienation as favoured “term that hardly anyone knew or could use correctly, and is now the Lingua Franca of this site”
      Thank you Mr Cosgrove.
      Btw JohnBhoy you behave yourself at the talk,don’t want you disrupting proceedings quoting from your greatest hits collection of Parodies 🙂

  10. JohnBhoy

    The Day Walkers are back.

  11. Violet Carson

    Can someone explain to me why are there so many thumbs down when every post I read is broadly in accord. Is there a ghost in the machine?

    • martin c

      @ violet

      I fear that the dummies have truly been thrown out the pram and having had vital minutes of my life (which i will never get back) wasted visiting a pish stained blogger who name is reminiscent of a child construction toy this may be one of their means of fighting back at the “enemies” of some lower division soccer team. Then again i may be wrong.

      • Violet Carson

        I find this offensive. I have had many a happy moment or two reading the incisive thoughts of Leggo. I wonder if he and that nice Mr Traynor are related.

      • ecojon

        @ martin c

        Visions of bits of the Panceltica meccano building system left sticking out of the sands of the Middle East come to mind as well as chico’s words when he was selling the concept as vice chairman beofe the floattaion which left investors what was it £50 million out of pocket.

        Yea toys for children can come expensive 🙂

    • ecojon

      @ Violet Carson

      I reckon the PR punters have had their budget cut as things get tight at Ibrox so instead of coming on and attempting to ‘attack’ by throwing in comments all they can now do with reduced staffing levels and billing time is to do TD.

      A bit like getting paid for advertising clicks. And they seem to click regardless at first sight although probably more organised as they could be operating to a LIST.

      I will explain my paranoia when I acked a post from mick who had mentioned Levein getting sacked. I responded back that I had just seen the news flash on TV. Within minutes I had 3, I think it was, TDs. I thought long and hard wondering how that response could annoy anyone and then I realised that the PR monitoring of the site has now been offshored to save costs and the ‘monitors’ are sitting with a list of names to TD no matter what they are actually posting.

      When the TD rash comes and they are so obvious I just give a TU to whoever has been attacked by a TD 🙂 Hopefully that will increase the bonus paid to exploited workers in some far-off land and I raise my glass to Chico for making that possible.

  12. JohnBhoy

    Lots of thinking gone behind this choice of venue. Zombies will hate it. Remote, outwith zombie walking range, own water supply, generators, solid doors and tall fences. Easy to defend. They students are smart cookies.

    • ecojon

      @ JohnBhoy

      However the enemy within is often more dangerous so beware Trojan Horses and do not identify yourself to anyone you don’t actually know or hasn’t been vouched-for by someone you know.

      And that goes for your screen name as well. For some people this is a deadly serious business and they will take the opportunity to identify ‘enemies’ amongst those attending.

      This is the Scotland we live in which all politicians are turning a blind eye to in case it costs them votes.

      Sadly the location also means cars will be used and registration numbers are one of the easiest ways to establish identify – not just from police sources but from HP checking if there is an agreement on the vehicle.

      • Maggie

        Very good points eco,apparently Bill Mc Murdo jnr *already has a “person of interest” list.This I discovered while following a link by Martin on Paul’s
        article of October 31st A Bad Day for Rangers…….etc
        The article Martin mentioned was on Copland Road site and was about the Graham Spiers story in The Herald online.To get to this you had to scroll down,so I took the opportunity to read the first article where the
        “person of interest” list was discussed……..I posted a reply to Martin on the subject of the list ( it’s a few comments below Martin’s original link if anyone’s interested) Or check it out on Copland Road site.
        There is another similar follow up article by Mr Mc Murdo on another blog that one of my bhoys brought to my attention,if my memory serves me correctly it might even be Bill Mc Murdo’s own blog. As you’ve said previously eco,it definitely pays off to know what your enemy is thinking.

        * Does Bill Mc Murdo jr think he’s in the NYPD ….. “Person of Interest”
        indeed. 🙂

        • ecojon

          @ Maggie

          The one reassuring thing is that it is very easy to know what this particular ‘group’ is currently thinking and that is to attack anyone who doesn’t subscribe to its closed little clique with inbuilt traditions and beliefs particularly in terms of general superiority to others, hatred of Catholicism, and an allegiance to a Crown which, in itself, has little real relevance in the workings of a modern democratic society.

          That is not to mistake the deep affection that an overwhelming majority of British people have for the Royal Family but the public at large is capable of viewing the Family as distinct from its Monarchical State Role and indeed as Defender of the Faith especially as the religious stricture on the Head of State will be one of the barriers which will fall before long, probably after the Queen’s death.

          Normal evolution with small cliques or populations, surrounded by a much larger one, would tend to see each generation getting smaller unless there is a similar population reservoir elsewhere which they could attach to.

          These cliques either slowly die-out through assimilation or live alongside their neighbours on a live and let live basis. Not always perfect and there can be friction often more to do with perceived differences rather than actual ones. If the clique has a pronounced religious basis and the larger population has a relaxed attitude towards other religions then often any problems that arise can be resolved.

          However, if the minority grouping has a strident religious attitude then irrespective of the religion of the majority or even lack of it, trouble can follow. I think this comes about partly by a circling of the wagons mentality which tends to divide members of the clique even further from society as a whole. In some ways it’s a very natural response as it’s an almost automatic to cling to the old ways and rituals which have served so well in the past during times of pressure.

          In reality the minority becomes further weakened and, more importantly, even more irrelevant. This can sometimes fuel the need to ‘attack’ outsiders for being ‘different’ but the sad reality is that the outsiders are the norm and it is the clique which is ‘different’.

          At some stage the clique obviously needs to decide where its future lies but in this day and age it is not so simple to do a Huegenot and pack-up and head to pastures or gawd forbid even postures new.

          One thing for sure is that the majority will keep marching on and will increasingly turn its back on a minority which continually tries to prove it is superior to the majority and doesn’t care what the majority thinks about it.

          The clique will often attempt to reassure itself by clinging to familiar totems and often point to its long and glorious history as proof positive of its unbroken right to pole position.

          This will pass over the heads of 99% of the population which is focussed on building a better future free of the stranglehold of old beliefs tied to blood-soaked histories. Society is changing and you either take a jump into the future and whatever it holds or you stand by the roadside refusing to get on the bus because you don’t like the colour it’s painted.

          I have tried not to make this an attack on any group although I well realise that those who wish to see it as such will do do and that IMHO will prove the point I am attempting to make.

          • Maggie

            Are you a Jesuit ? Seriously tho’,great analysis.

            • ecojon

              @ Maggie

              No but I spent many summers discussing my turning away from Catholicism with Jesuits doing missionary work in the parish and by and large was impressed by them on an intellectual and debating basis.

              As I grew older I realised that I hadn’t turned away from Catholicism so much as organised religion in general and that remains my position but I can still take pleasure from attending church no matter the denomination – more in terms of self-questioning and examining morality from slightly different perspectives.

              Now I might have answered that I was a Jesuit schoolteacher if such things still exist 🙂

        • Martin


          Bill McMurdo seems to have some views that are perfectly reasonable

          In a blog on 4 Nov. titled “don’t shoot the messener” there was much to be commended.

          The following blog of 5th Nov. titled ” Playing hardball RFC-style” had what looked to me to be a different message that seemed less reasonable.

          The position taken seemed to have moved from ” don’t shoot the messenger” to don’t shoot the messenger – shoot yourself.

          Perhaps I misunderstood it.

          • Maggie

            @ Martin,
            Don’t shoot the messenger was the one I read,and have to agree that
            he did indeed sound reasonable.

            Noticed that he was quite emphatic in laying the blame on Murray,apparently he and his “Da” warned the bears many moons ago,but like all prophets,were not recognised in their own land.

            Did you notice the phrase “Papes in the drapes” that he used,thought
            it was hilarious,nearly as funny as one of JohnBhoy’s parodies ……
            I did say nearly you’ll notice.
            Maybe Captain Mc Murdo jnr of the NYPD is worth a regular visit.

            • Martin


              planet fitba in Scotland is, dare I say, a broad church. It’s allways a good idea to hear what others are saying, even the most deranged rant has something within it worth knowing. Sometimes good sometimes just plain frightning. Allways strangely compelling, but perhaps it’s just my obsession 🙂

            • JohnBhoy

              Bless you.

        • ecojon

          @ Maggie

          I have to ask myself what the f*ck is happening to our society when a Rangers blogger sits in judgement in some kind of Star Court Inquiry into whether a well-regarded Celtic-minded banker is to be regarded as an enemy of Rangers.

          We get caught up in nonsense about whether we should be allowed tweets from court and spurious infringements of civil liberties while our society is going down the pan and wrongly accusing innocent people of guilt on the basis of rumour. Then the matter is investigated by a partial dual-roled prosecutor cum judge who happens to post on a Rangers blog sitting in judgement of a Celtic-minded accused.

          When are Strathpol and the politicians supposedly running this country going to take action to protect innocent citizens?

          The alleged crime that the Celtic-supporting banker was accused of by the Rangers mob was that he was the man ‘who hounded David Murray into selling Rangers to Craig Whyte’.

          Who knows what pressures this put on this perceived ‘enemy’ of Rangers and what stress this caused him and his family. So much so that he sought out a Rangers-supporting friend who suggested that he should hand himself over for investigation by the Copland Road Organisation to establish his guilt or innocence.

          CRO blogger Bill McMurdo Jnr stated: ‘Fingers were pointed at (The Banker) by Rangers bloggers and forums. As a man who prides himself on his professionalism, he found the insinuations and accusations hurtful.

          ‘At CRO we joined in and highlighted (The Banker) as a person of interest to the Rangers support. I pointed out to (The Banker) that his profile as a prominent Celtic supporter gave legitimacy to suspicions among Rangers fans at a very sensitive time.

          ‘We believe at CRO that when we get it wrong we should own up. Well, we didn’t get it wrong; we got it right. Right in the sense that (The Banker) should be under the spotlight and should give an account of himself. He has done just that to our satisfaction’.

          After the investigation, at which the Banker was accompanied by his Rangers supporting friend, the young McMurdo in passing judgement declared him innocent of the charge and concluded: ‘All our investigations point to this pressure on Rangers not being something undertaken by Lloyds TSB due to the footballing allegiances of any member of staff but due to cold business facts’.

          I have removed the name of the accused and replaced ii with ‘The Banker’ as I have no wish to add to the stress already suffered. I wonder what would happen to any Celtic-minded individual who doesn’t have a Rangers-supporting pal when called before this new Star Chamber?

          • Martin

            It is easy to mistake ownership of a blog as something akin to a nation state.
            The arrogance of puting this individual to test is off the page mad.

            Did he pass the test? What if he failed – can we have the consequences?

            Did those creating the test for one moment realise that in passing judgement they were passing judgement on themselves.

          • Maggie

            I know,I know,I know! I had pretty much the same reaction as you when I read it.
            The thing I found strange and worrying was that the banker wanted to meet with them to “clear his name” or words to that effect…..Why would he feel it necessary to do that? A highly regarded man in a senior position in a national institution,indeed what pressures may he have been under as a result of being a person of interest.
            “Jnr” obviously knows nothing about the banking or indeed the business world if he thinks that someone can sit around a board room table and concoct a cunning plan to destroy Rangers by forcing SDM to sell to a
            charlatan,based purely on his allegiance to a rival football team.
            ….decision…… due to cold hard business facts…. No S*** Sherlock!
            Wonder who else is a person of interest to them

            Seems I was mistaken about Jnr thinking he’s in the NYPD,seems he thinks he’s in the Lord Advocate.

      • Den


        I was hoping to be there but not sure that I want to put myself in a situation ehere there could be conflict, not in my nature at all.

        Your advice is sound but I hope it is not necessary, however might be an idea to get a taxi there and park nearer town.

        This is a public meeting on a topic that will be of interest to football supporters, journalists, accountants, lawyers and others. I hope the would be avengers stay away and let us have an intelligent presentation, I promise that we will not be planning further harm to Rangers or it supporters, look closer to home for that.

        If i go i will be disguised, nothing like the fake moustache to fool people, it looks nothing like my real one.

        • ecojon

          @ Den

          I doubt if there would be violence but there’s got to be a show for the media 🙂

          All I’m saying is just be aware that sub-plots cand and do operate and I ain’t shaving my moustache off for anyone 🙂

          • Den

            Got the moustache and am rarin to go, it is a rare opportunity to see two top investigative journalists.

            I got 15 thumbs down for saying I hoped it would be peaceful, kind of shows the pointlessness of the campagn.

            I still hope it goes off without incident. For the record I don’t mind people protesting if they do it peacefully and respect my right to pursue my interests.

  13. Violet Carson

    Wow! I have just spend 15minutes or so reading leggoland and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone. There are times on this blog when I feel that no reasonable person could be in any doubt that Rangers are in trouble and some of that might be laid at the door of Mr Green and I get a little blase. But, Mr Leggat seems to feel it is everyone else’s fault and that there is a massive media conspiracy against Rangers. I did read a comment that Leggoland was a parody and that is the hope I cling to. But, if it is not, then please, Paul and others, keep up the good work.

    • Maggie

      @ Violet Carson,
      My favourite part of today’s diatribe was the,beyond sycophantic,
      comments about his visit to some RFC supporters’ club……
      Though was happy to read confirmation that John Greig is still the
      “greatest living Ranger” as I was mightily confused while posting
      a comment last week.I thought the torch might have passed to “Walter”
      If I was John Greig I’d be quaking in my boots as “Walter” is apparently
      about to return to save the day……Leggo and Chico say it,so it must be

    • ecojon

      @ Violet Carson

      Today’s Leggo and the other recent one dealing with Spiers are absolute crackers in what they reveal.

      But firstly let me deal with what I find to be an extremely worrying comment on the 2/11 Blog which is reminiscent of the 1000 Year Reich mentality:

      ‘If the fight is to be successfully carried to the enemies of the club, that must change. I believe it is about to change. My information is that Charles Green and Imran Ahmad have already taken steps to re-assure supporters that culture is about to be swept away and that Rangers will be more proactive in joining with their supporters and attacking the club’s enemies.

      ‘For they know the benefit of combined operations against Rangers enemies. Of course things won’t change overnight. But a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Rangers have already taken that first step.’

      It is easy to dismiss Leggo as a nutcase and he may well be – but he is a very well-connected nutcase within certain Rangers circles so his words must be weighed in the balance.

      However, returning to his attack against Spiers in his Blog of 31/10:

      The truth or otherwise of the claims made by Spiers about being jostled, threatened, and spat-upon by Rangers supporters at Villareal before Rangers Champions League match in the Spring of 2006 are not what interests me.

      What does, is that Leggo got off the bus immediately behind Spiers and was never more than 4 yards away from him for 200 yards through tightly packed crowds in narrow streets which Leggo described as a ‘crowded, jostling mass of teeming humanity’ with Rangers fans verbally abusing Spiers but saw no Bears jostling or spitting on him.

      Leaving aside what seems to verge on stalking I find it quite amazing that Leggo could keep always less that 4 yards away from his target or quarry in the conditions he describes. I also know that in the conditions described the main objective is your own safety and staying upright and you aren’t worried about the location of anyone else unless it is your wife or kids.

      I also would think that in the conditions and the noise that 4 yards is a fairly long distance to be able to see what exactly is happening to another individual in a teeming mass of people. To have any chance of doing so you would need to be in an elevated position and preferably stationary. We know that Leggo was neither.

      Today’s Blog return to the Spiers theme and we are now treated to the revealtion that:

      ‘ I was not alone in walking the 200 yards from the media bus to the ground, never more than four yards behind (Spiers), who was within touching distance and sight the whole way. For two other journalists were with me. There were three pairs of eyes on him and not one pair saw him being attacked or spat on’.

      Just for the record I believe Spiers said jostled not attacked but hey let’s not let the actual words said to get in the way. I also wonder how 4 yards equates to ‘touching distance’ and have no wish to make any offensive comments regarding ‘knuckle-dragging’ well not until we know the identity of the other 2 sets of eyes as perhaps one of them might be over-endowed in their arm length. I just have this rather strange picture of three journos marching in step with eyes fixed on Spiers while all hell erupted around them. Strange Strange vision indeed.

      But it gets better, because Leggo has now been told by another journo that he spoke to Spiers minutes after he arrived at the stadium and Spiers didn’t mention what happened to him and btw this conversation was overheard by a broadcaster.

      I ask you – do you know what you were doing six days ago let alone 6.5 years ago. And if I was heading to a Rangers Champions League game whether to specate or report on it why would I have the slightest interest in someone else in a teeming crowd and have my eyes and two other sets of eyes fixed on him.

      And remember that Spiers has only recently written about the incident so there would have been no reason 6.5 years ago to have made him the object of such scrutiny not unless, of course, he had already been identified as an enemy.

      To be honest the more that Leggo continues blogging the more he turns off ordinary Rangers supporters and despite his desperate recent efforts to get on-board with chicco and Ahmad then he’s onto plums.

      Normally I ignore his Blog in terms of any real comment on it but as well as exposing duff MSM journos I think we should support the more thinking ones irrespective of what team they might support or not as long as they are balanced, fair and tell the truth and in that regard I have no doubts about the position held by Mr Spiers.

      • Violet Carson

        What Mr Leggo is implying is that Mr Spiers is making this up just to blacken the name of some Rangers supporters. I do not need Mr Spiers to tell me of such incidents true or false to know that some Rangers (and some Celtic) travelling support only barely qualify as human. I need only attend a home game at say Peterhead when the boys are in town. My line would be, even if Mr Spiers is lying there are bad men in Rangers circles and it is likely some of them went to Spain.

        • ecojon

          @ Violet Carson

          As I said in my reply, whether Spiers is telling the truth or not is, in a sense, immaterial because at the time he was being stalked with three pairs of eyes through a teeming mass of humanity he was 6.5 years away from writing about that night.

          So why would three normal people never take their eyes off him for 200 yards through a very robust and noisy crowd with basically bedlam taking place all around them? It just doesn’t add up because normal people wouldn’t be able to remember 6.5 years later, even if they had caught a glimpse of Spiers on the night, that they had actually seen him especially not when they had been on a bus journey with him as his presence would be ‘normal’. What was to remember anyway: No spitting, no jostling?

          Is it too far a flight of fancy to wonder if someone in the crowd that night was going to do something serious to Spiers or maybe just spit on him and the three-strong Phalanx of Protectors scared them away by only being 4 yards away for the entire 200 yard jumble of humanity? Perhaps it was the glints in their eyes that gave the game away 🙂

          • Maggie

            @ecojon & Violet Carson
            I read both the Leggo pieces on Graham Spiers with exactly the same reaction as you eco,in fact I said aloud “Fat bloody chance of seeing anything in that crowd”

            ( I’m not nearly so eloquent when speaking aloud to myself 🙂 )

            There definitely seems to be a ground swell of rallying around the cause underway. It will be interesting to see how it plays out when the next bit of bad news or bad publicity comes down the pipe.
            Get ready for more fun from Chico et al.

            Graham Spiers seems to be a thoroughly decent guy and was one of the few to make a point of decrying the sectarian chanting,and,as you rightly say is a good journalist who does tell the truth.

            • ecojon

              @ Maggie

              It’s very easy to decry a journo when they get something wrong but age has given me a bit of a humanity and the understanding that we all make mistakes.

              I always have liked how Spiers wrote and I am under no illusion that he by and large had to operate within the parameters set-down. It is oh so easy to call on others to be brave when it is highly unlikely that you yourself would ever be placed personally in that position.

              So I don’t really take much notice on anyone calling for anything which requires bravery or personal sacrifce in others unless I know that the person doing so has paid their own personal dues in that regard. And, in my personal experience, when the opportunity arises theres is usually deep contemplation of the pavement 🙂

              We are in a mess at the moment and in danger of slipping backwards and most of it is down to chico IMHO and we have football authorities and a Scottish Government asleep on the job.

    • Martin

      One telling point in Loggo’s latest rant and something worth holding onto.

      ” Yet, surprisingly, there are the Rangers supporters who, for whatever reason, seem to delight in attacking me whenever I attack Odious Creep.”

      It would seem his support is not all it might be 🙂 Why he is surprised by this remains a mystery.

      • ecojon

        @ Martin

        An observation I would make is that I would never repeat a slur used by an obsessive againsy anyone unless I had reason to believe it was correct as I am only helping spread the bile.

        As far as I am concerned even Jabba is entitled a smidgeon of respect due to his age – I assume that’s who Leggo means when he talks about ‘Odious Creep’ is it not 🙂

        • Martin


          I sure hes has awarded Mr Spiers the OC tag.

          • ecojon

            @ Martin

            I know that LOL

            Just trying to be diplomatic and obviously failing badly 🙂

            • Martin

              Don’t worry ecojon

              posibly my failure to understand your point. I don’t think we have any difference of opinion on the arch misguided ranter Leggo.

              His blog would not last a day if he allowed comments. It would for sure be a most amusing day, watching the old duffer trying to respond to a sunami of correcting influence. 🙂

            • Martin

              Should, I think, read tsunami.

  14. a wee question or query when do these sevco baskets have to pay TAX, just a thought with respect to audited accounts etc etc, great article by the way,very enjoyable scenarios

    • ecojon


      I have the feeling that perhaps Hector might be keeping a very close-eye on tax returns and to be fair to chico I think even he might find an AIM Flotation impossible if HMRC were to take any action for non-payment as it would be sure to leak IMHO. So I think he will be up-to-date in paperwork and payments 🙂

  15. JimBhoy

    @Ecojon Sounds like Leggo was stalking Spiersy-Bhoy or maybe trying to get him within spitting distance… When I need a laugh I check out Leggos rants… A man who suggests he has a blog but doesn’t welcome comments or defence…!!! Says it all… Always up in arms, publishing names, addresses of those who need to be taken to task for injuring the rangers… Rattling shields and repeating names all over the place, 🙂

    I try to keep my comments based on rational thoughts, facts and the occasional funny but I can see why some non rangers fans here and elsewhere have a more extreme viewpoint if they think Leggo actually is an accurate barometer for rangers fans…I really hope not..

    And to the issue of ‘thumbs down’…… To me it’s like the ‘Yes means No’ game the kids used to play… So for me a Thumbs down is actually a Thumbs up…….. Get thumbing…!

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      To be fair I had a look at RM to see their take on Leggo today and it’s obvious he’s a revivalist who has lost his congregation 🙂

      • Ecojon

        I hope you are right. But what’s left is the Ku Klux Klan of the Rangers support and we know how dangerous they can be especially if their extreme views are fuelled by a man pandering to their worst fears. My hope is that they will all buy shares. I now have nothing more to say about this man.

        • martin c

          David leggat remains in the sanitary bin of drivel, driven by self-importance and a complete lack of self-perception. The quality of his blog is at the very lower end of the scale. Stewart Cosgroves’ article published yesterday in TSFM would put leggat as an internet bampot but at the toilet end of those bloggers who wish to report and critically analyse news which the MSM are reporting without question.

          He plays to a dwindling crowd and his own over inflated ego.

  16. JimBhoy

    @Ecojon Not to mention flogging his book…..

    Thanks to all for the previous thumbs down, really appreciate the postive feedback…

    So when will that Orange Jersey be out? 🙂

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      As soon as the Adidas deal is signed 🙂

    • COYBIG


      “So when will that Orange Jersey be out?”

      A day before the affiliation with the Dallas Cowboys is announced. Which will happen a week after the deal with Adidas is signed, or is it Puma, or Warrior? But anyway, that won’t be signed until Ibrox is sponsored by Apple, and renamed i-brox. That should happen just before the 3 billionaires are named, but after Murray Park is renamed. The 9 loan players from Newcastle, should be arriving any day now. And once they are settled in, the 6 players who played at Euro 2012, will join up with Ally’s squad. But all this won’t happen, until the Prospectus is sent out. Which will happen, honest.

  17. ecojon

    @ Coybig and JimBhoy

    Had to give that a lot of thought to decide if it was a TD or TU 🙂

    • COYBIG


      On the TU/TD debate, I don’t use them or pay attention to them that much, to be honest. I just read the posts. But why someone thinks that clicking TD over and over, on every post, means anything whatsoever, is beyond me. But if it makes him/her happy, then by all means, click away.

  18. COYBIG

    On a serious note tho, why should the IPO be allowed to happen? If Duff & Phelps are currently being investigated by IPA, surely it can’t happen until Lord Hodge has seen the findings? Would it not be stupid, to let a share issue go ahead, when there’s the possibility of wrongdoing regarding the asset sale?

    • Martin


      I’ve allways thought that the rush to IPO was not completely about money.

      In part at least the speed is dictated by Lord Hodge.

      The ownership of the assets needs to be so widespread as to make any challenge to the sale of assets beyond practical challenge IMHO.

      Factor in the political confrontation required if many bears own a stake in newco.

    • ecojon

      @ Coybig

      I suppose the answer has got to be that even if the IPA rap D&P over the knuckles they have no remit to comment on the IPO which is withing the regulatory ambit of the FSA and LSE and also the NOMAD appointed – have you seen them named yet? Because the NOMAD, although paid by the applying company, is basically the one who has to ensure the deal is OK in terms of complying with AIM Regs.

      If they start getting hit by well-argued emails making the point then they might think to the future if the float goes down the pan about how they explain their inaction if they don’t do anything about the issues raised with them.

      Obviously anyone making a complaint wiould need to ensure it was relevant and not along the I hate Rangers lines.

      • ecojon

        @ Coybig

        In any case the IPA will take months maybe up to 6 and David Grier isn’t a member of IPA although D&P is. Grier not being an IPA member might provide some kind of out or create delay.

  19. JimBhoy

    thumbs down record 20-4 for me, wooohoooo thanks all.. oh actually crap all as yes means no, good means bad..!!!! jeez did that change… Goodnight all bloggers…!!!

    Has the chico gay story broke yet? ;9

  20. Paul,

    Thanks for the heads-up about this event; might head in and hear it live.

    I believe that all these MM events are recorded and published as podcasts through Napier on iTunesU (an educational off-shoot of the big iTunes daddy) – learned that from a mate that’s a student there.

    So will be great listening for all Internet Bampots after the event too!

    • mick

      @tictalk me and the wife is going throw is for a hour upload the seminar as soon as you can as a post and we can debate it see if your mate can get exclusive access to the download and you can envite the napier staff and students to comment and see and learn how the blogs work

  21. ecojon

    Just a little piece from TSFM

    It was announced last night at Celtic’s 125th anniversary do that dermot desmond has personally pledged £30k for a Celtic Cross-style memorial stone in the porch at St Mary’s church, Abercromby St, where Brother Walfrid and others finalised plans for a club as a charity to fund penny dinners for the poor.

    • mick

      Brother Walfrid and men from other faiths that helped the poor maybe should have a place and mention when we decide the famine memorial that would be a fitting tribute to them and there faiths and would show faith together helping the needy also there is room for debate about a mordern tribute to all the helpers that are doing work now in scotland helping the people who have decided to grace our shores from africa and else were in the world that would be nice a garden or seated area for picnics maybe a coffee shop and history of migration in and out of scotland none profit and backed by the gov of coures

      • ecojon

        @ mick

        To hell with the government – it would never get done with all the PC arguments. Ordinary people can do it and decide along with our new Scots what is appropriate and the money can be raised.

    • Maggie

      All my bhoys were there,loved every minute of it.
      There are some great photies of the night on flickr, St Mary’s 125 by paddimir, if you’re interested.

      • ecojon

        @ Maggie

        I had intended going as my family have close ties with Peter Smith’s family ( He used to be at St Mary’s and caused a stir in his own quiet way) but I’ve had to do some unexpected house-sitting for a friend who has quite a collection of animals who had to go into hospital for a wee op – I’m worn out and think I need a hospital bed myself 🙂

        No Sky so I’m trying to get to a pub to see the game.

        I’ll defo look at the pics – to me the important history of the club isn’t about collecting bits of tin but in the whole ethos of not only helping those in need but building a whole co-operative self-help movement and also the really important educational foundation which was laid.

        It’s the thing I still love to see in overseas aid is the provision of education – it can change lives and then societies. Where the hell did we go wrong 😦

        However not a night for moping but for enjoying the experience and much as I would love a win the experience really is enough for me as long as the team gives its all.

        • Maggie

          Preaching to the converted there eco about education.
          According to my bhoys,the emphasis of the evening,was very much
          about the Celtic ethos and its contribution to society past and present and about its inclusiveness.One of the speakers was a Church of Scotland minister who is a massive fan,and by all accounts was the hit of the evening. Also in attendance were a number of representatives of
          Barcelona,in fact there’s a great photie of one of them sharing a
          man hug with Peter Lawwell.*Eat your heart out Chico Green.

          Enjoy the “gem” Eco,fingers crossed.

          * Peter def looking a bit awkward.com with European hugging custom 🙂

          • Maggie

            @ All
            Just heard a great analysis on Ch 4 News about the defeat of Mitt
            Romney.It seems that the Republican Party has historically depended
            on the votes of “angry white men.” Reporter commented that there’s not many of them left. Hah hah, obviously not been to Govan recently.

            • ecojon

              @ Maggie

              I think it is always worth distinguishing between ‘angry wite men’ and ‘white trash’. There is a difference you know 🙂

          • ecojon

            @ Maggie

            Well he’d better get used to it because the way this Celtic team are performing there’s gonna be a helluval lot more of it 🙂

        • ecojon

          @ TDs

          What a night in a new pub – met two great German journos who were at the game – loved it and said the support were awesome and that the GB display destroyed Barca before the ball was kicked.

          Sad bits to the night about some decent Bears who are moving away from their club because they don’t like the class of people supporting it. It was a fairly up-market pub and I don’t suppose anyone as lowly as TDs could either afford to drink there or be welcome but there you are.

          Where are Rangers playing this weekend – is it an exotic location? Let’s hope if it’s Ibrox that the stand doesn’t collapse with the rust that’s eating it which would poison everone in it with the asbestos.

          Never mind chico says he will fix it with the share money 🙂

        • ecojon

          @ TDs

          Amazing – when was the last time you set your foot inside a place of worship?

          Of I forgot it was quite recent when the Rangers funeral took place after the club died 🙂

  22. ecojon


    Seems Rapid Vienna are on a promise from chico that Rangers will pay remaining £800K for Jelavic.

    Well, what can one say, except advise Rapide Vienna not to head to the Xmas Sales until the money hits their bank. Obviously this must have been one of those non-internal non-debts 🙂

  23. Salah al Din

    Been trying to catch up with the latest using this and the SFM site. Keep up the good work lads and lassies.

    I know there has been a revolving door for participants in this whole charade, but can someone clarify what has happened to Andrew Ellis?

    • ecojon

      @ mick

      It’s one of the problems when the ownership of a club is opaque and based offshore – will be very very sad if the club goes down the tubes but it’s been kept on a drip-feed for so long.

      And the call to the heart-strings – no pun intended – of fans is similar to that of Rangers in that they are in a no win situation with no actual control as to where the money raised goes and no legal guarantees it will remain within the club as opposed to disappearing into an offshore void.

      Shows though that Hector will not mess about with football clubs these days and this has to be read as a loud and clear signal to English football.

      Tbh, even all this talk about attendances and the differences between what the cops and clubs issue will have already twitched the warning bells at HMRC who will be demanding to know every single recipient of tens of thousands of tickets – they will immediately be wondering whether the price of the ticket is being hidden from them in the cost of hospitality packages or the selling of advertising which obviously produces its own revenue.

  24. jimCB

    Just read Equipe today and a horde – 80 ! – of serbian nationalist hooligans were arrested in Paris last night. They come from the ultra violent core of a gang who support Dinamo Zagreb. Their name ? The bad Blue Boys !!
    ………….oh dear !

    • mick

      @jim serbia has trouble all the time with these type of numptys its not a family sport there normally a would say ban them from sport but what we have to do in the west of europe is show the east who to be universial and educate them there goverments have to intervine and embrace multi culturlism and clamp down on teams not sorting it out ,apart from sevco scotlands fans are the bench mark in soccer at how to behave and be tolerrant a believe this is to do with us being universial and our education system can take great credit for this to hopefully uefa and the E U can sort it out as its a stian on our continent let not kid ourselfs there is a nasty right wing element in the east that need help via education and stiff sentances throw out europe for any1 misbehaving

      • ecojon

        @ mick

        I hear what you say and I agree but I’m afraid that we will need at least a couple of generations to pass before even the preparatory work would have a chance of success.

        There are just so many deep religious and ethnic differences, especially in the Balkans, where the Code of Revenge to satisfy honour is firmly entrenched.

        • ecojon

          @ mick

          I see the Rangers religious bigots are out in force tonight with their TDs – don’t have the brains to debate so they click away – ach well if they’d rather play in the SFL3 rather than beat Barca they really have got to be pitied. Keep clicking idiots 🙂

    • ecojon

      @ jimCB

      After deep consideration I believe the SFA should take a principled stance and ban teams from playing in blue shirts. That should sort the problem!

    • ecojon

      @ mick

      Interesting bit in report:

      Reforms called for by the Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct are:

      • Every football club to reveal publicly the individuals who ultimately control it, regardless of domicile.
      • A percentage of every club’s shares to be held by a not-for-profit supporters’ trust, entitling it to representation on the club’s board.
      • A ‘tax’ on opaque ownership by ensuring that for each additional entity that a club has in its chain of control, a reduction is made in the amount it gets from its respective league.

      • ecojon

        @ The Rangers Crooks

        Thank you for the TDs – everyone knows you don’t do transparency about who your shareholders are muppets 🙂

  25. JimBhoy

    Surely they are not gonna celebrate every quarter?


    Let the thumbs down commence

  26. ecojon

    @ mick

    Guts of the report at: http://www.christianaid.org.uk/images/blowing-the-whistle-caweek-report.pdf It really is well worth reading and provides a lot of info that anyone interested in overseas aid will find interesting.

    The 2 x SPL clubs listed are Hearts and Rangers (oldco) viz The Rangers Football Club plc which was controlled from the Channel Islands and was 6th highest in the secrecy list.

    It remains to be seen if this will change after the share flotation or whether the beneficial ownership will remained shrowded in secrecy like many of the current investors/shareholders.

    Hearts is 23rd in the Secrecy League with Lithuania given as country of control.

  27. mick

    what a read ecojon look who popped up a thought it was worth a post and should the investigationin to the former football club rangers tax affairs not include the king deal to there has been lots of speculation that it was money laundering and it seems rather odd not to include this deal

    One super-rich individual
    who has been high on the
    South African Revenue
    Service’s (SARS’) hit-list for
    years is multi-millionaire
    David Cunningham King
    (usually known as Dave
    King), a policeman’s son
    from Glasgow who moved to
    South Africa in the mid-
    1970s after becoming an
    He retains his Scottish
    connections, not least
    through a non-executive
    directorship of Rangers
    Football Club plc and the
    £20m he invested in the
    Club in 2000.79
    According to the Club’s 2009
    annual report80, he also held
    more than three million
    shares in the related
    company Murray Sports
    Limited, ‘as an authorised
    representative of Metlika
    Trading Ltd’, a company in
    the British Virgin Islands.
    In one of the many twists in
    King’s battle with SARS, it
    would appear that his
    mother Agnes now owns
    the shares in Murray Sports
    Ltd, thought to be worth
    some £1.5m. UK newspapers
    reported late last year that
    the shares had been
    transferred in what SARS
    saw as a bid to avoid tax.81
    King and SARS have made
    no secret of their mutual
    contempt. At a media
    briefing in 2008, King said
    SARS had made serious
    mistakes and wasted huge
    sums while investigating
    his affairs, and had failed to
    honour agreements that had
    been reached.
    SARS immediately hit back,
    revealing it had been
    pursuing him through the
    South African courts for
    eight years and that he
    faced charges which, if
    convicted, could see him
    jailed for 15 years.
    ‘This is the reason for his
    constant filibustering,’ it
    stated in a press release.
    ‘The 322 charges include
    fraud, money laundering,
    racketeering and tax evasion
    for the period 1990 to 2001
    (and for non-rendition of tax
    returns for 2002-2005),’ SARS
    Attached to the press
    release was a document
    which SARS alleged was a
    fraud signed by King,
    purporting to be a
    Rand300m (£26.7m)
    settlement agreement he
    had reached with them.
    The SARS case against King
    is ongoing. He continues to
    maintain his innocence.

  28. Martin

    There are investors for whom secrecy is very important, those who don’t want anyone knowing where thier money is stashed.

    I say anyone, but hector and thier creditors would come top of the list.

    These guys may yet be asking CG why he is is not top of the secrecy league.

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