A Bad Day For Rangers, Old and New – And The Spin Keeps Coming

After the decision today by Lord Hodge to end the administration of RFC 2012 PLC (oldco Rangers) and to appoint liquidators, tonight at Ibrox saw the home side (newco Rangers) defeated 3-0 by Inverness Caledonian Thistle. The clinical performance of the away team belied concern that, as an ex-Rangers hero, Terry Butcher’s team could be as ineffectual as that of another former Rangers great, Stuart McCall, in the last round.

Apart from the fact that the players are professionals who, I expect, would be even more determined to win if their boss told them to lose, the managers are too, and it is simply a statistical quirk arising from a small sample size which makes Motherwell’s recent record so poor. For the avoidance of doubt, I am not suggesting that Mr McCall sends out his Motherwell teams to lose to Rangers.

In any event, the result tonight, in front of 28,000 fans who braved the wind, rain and cold to go to the match, was what one would expect of an SFL3 team playing an SPL outfit.

My brief foray into football punditry was prompted by the piece on the official Rangers website reporting on the match.

You can find it here.

The particular sentence which caught my eye was the first in the piece:-

“RANGERS crashed out of the League Cup as SPL side Inverness exploited their youthful inexperience to record an ultimately comfortable victory at Ibrox.”

I know that one of the mantras chanted by the fans of Rangers this season is that their team has been disembowelled by the effects of administration, sale of assets, players leaving under TUPE etc.

Here too the official Rangers site attributes the outcome to “youthful inexperience”.

I added up the ages of the players who made it on to the field for each time.

Rangers – 14 players – total age 355 years – AVERAGE AGE 25.3

Inverness CT – 13 players – total age 315 years – AVERAGE AGE 24.2

I looked too at the Celtic team from last night.

Celtic – 14 players – total age 344 years – AVERAGE AGE 24.5

Maybe Rangers suffered from “youthful inexperience” (and two of their players were teenagers as opposed to one from Inverness) but looking at the figures, their SPL opponent were even more inexperienced.

Mind you, one cannot help but feel sympathy for an attempt to excuse what must be a demoralising defeat, after the high hopes which followed on from the previous round’s win over Motherwell, and the weekend victory at Clyde.

Don’t worry – football punditry is now back in the box, and I can get writing on the events of today in Lord Hodge’s court – having extricated myself from the cupboard!

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176 responses to “A Bad Day For Rangers, Old and New – And The Spin Keeps Coming

  1. Martin

    An article appeared today on the Copland Road Organisation blog.
    The article in itself has a familiar tone with regards to threats and intimidation of people, written to undermine those that felt threatened.
    Thankfully in the case in question the recipient seems more than capable of rising above his detractors and indeed those trying to intimidate him.
    The piece is titled in the following way –
    Britney: you got some ‘splaining to do (the grammatical errors and spelling are not mine)
    The author points out that when Mr Spiers was under the impression that he was specifically being targeted he was in fact mistaken.
    Apparently the police warnings were simply a case of the police being “proactive” in a difficult time.
    “That was the day we learned bombs had been discovered in various locations in the west of Scotland for Neil Lennon, Trish Godman and the late Paul McBride QC, the work of two despicable true criminal underclass types”
    There is more.
    “But at that time the police had no idea who was behind it or who else was to be targeted. The fear was that more bombs or devices may have got through. All Celtic staff were briefed as this was a very real danger”.
    The writer of this piece seems to be incapable of understanding the enormity of what he himself has written.
    The fact that a bomb was not sent to Mr Spiers leads him to question the very real threat presented by the people seeking to cause harm to anyone perceived to be their critics, or in their warped world view, their enemies.
    The police rightly realised that the targets could be anyone that had criticised Rangers.
    Mr Spiers falls into that category. He was right to feel threatened, and more than brave to write about it. Thankfully no harm has come to him.

    • Martin

      sorry, you will have to scroll down to find the article linked.

    • mick

      hold no fear martin there a backwards cult

    • Maggie

      Before I scrolled down to the Spiers’ story,I read the one by a Mr Mc Murdo about Manus Fullerton,that is Manus Joseph Fullerton to avoid confusion,who apparently was on a list as “a person of interest” to the Rangers’ support.WHAT!!!!!!!!
      It seems that Mr Fullerton worked for Lloyds bank after their take over of BoS, and on the basis of being a self confessed Celtic supporter,though
      “lapsed”, was accused of coercing David Murray into selling Rangers to Craig Whyte, ergo he’s to blame for the demise of Rangers.
      It also seems that Mr Fullerton had no such input and was not involved in any way at all with Rangers or David Murray,but felt he had to meet with Mr Mc Murdo to exonerate himself and hopefully have his name removed from the “person of interest list” Mr Mc Murdo was good enough to follow ( follow) through and remove Mr Fullerton from the list.
      The thing that interested me is that there actually IS a “person of interest” list. What form might that interest take I wonder ? Perhaps an invitation to sit on the board of Ibrox,as Mr Fullerton seems to be a man of sterling ability in banking,law and finance and Rangers are badly in need of that sort of expertise at the moment.Or maybe the Rangers’ support would like to perhaps avail themselves of his financial expertise prior to committing themselves to Mr Green’s shares issue. I’m sure Mr Mc Murdo would be happy to let us know,and while he’s at it,could he perhaps let us know who else is on the “person of interest list” and why they are there.
      Who ARE these people…….

      • All my life, I have been hoping for Scottish Independence; it is now so close to becoming a reality, I can almost taste it.
        However, the more I read about secret “Person of Interest” lists, of physical, mental and emotional intimidation by a certain section of Scottish society, the more doubtful I become that this can ever be a modern, progressive nation in its own right.
        This malicious targetting of a significant minority, namely the descendants of Roman Catholic Irish immigrants, is the reason I will now vote against Independence. I am certain that the putative leaders of a new Scotland do not have the will to oppose this evil cult of discrimination, that they are too deeply steeped in instinctive Racism to even be bothered to try. The lack of Government intervention in this latest reactionary convulsion is proof positive of that.
        We will never have any support from our own Government, so why vote them in?

        • BB

          Being the champion of equality that you are, I take it you will be lobbying Glasgow City Council as to why the city hasn’t had a Protestant Lord Provost for 30 years then? Given the fact censuses consistently point to Protestants as the majority faith in Glasgow, albeit narrowing, I find this very peculiar and totally at odds with constant drivel from the usual exponents that Irish Catholics suffer discrimination. Certainly not when it comes to public office they don’t, and nor should they. The anti-social spleen that is all too often vented these days comes from all areas on a frequent basis. To suggest it emanates for the most part from so called protestants and /or Rangers fans is a nonsense. We could be here all day with examples from elsewhere. All faiths and none are guilty of intolerance. It’s called rotten human nature which, I can assure you, has no boundaries.

        • Martin


          An independendent Scotland is the worst case senario for those that would discriminate against decendants of Roman Catholic Irish imigrants.

          Read their blogs.

      • Martin

        An attack on anyone is an attack on all of us in a civilised society. An attack includes being put on such a list.

      • Martin

        Well said Maggie, who keeps such a list.

    • BB

      The culprits convicted re Neil Lennon etc got what they deserved. They were very sinister threatening acts and this type of behaviour has no place in a civilized society. However, I thought we dealt with the facts on here. A bomb? It was putty and some nails from what I gather.The convictions were assault, not attempted murder. I always found the word ‘viable’ a curious one in the context of ied’s that reap carnage…! Deadly would be more apt for a bomb surely. These devices, if we can call them that, were not bombs. Rangers fans have not sent ‘bombs’ to anyone. Please, stick to the facts, and stop trying to make mileage from events that no doubt caused genuine distress to people. These isolated incidents are not at all typical of just another day in Scotland, and shouldn’t be portrayed as such. There is an organization who were exceptionally skilled at creating and utilizing explosive devices to reap real death and destruction. Sadly, this organization are glorified frequently by a prominent section of the Celtic support. Given your hostility to terror I await your condemnation on this.

      • Martin


        The ham fisted attempts at causing harm are not the issue.

        The threat of harm IS the issue.

        • Martin


          I have no problem condeming violence whoever the perpetrator may be.
          Lets agree on that at least…yes?

          • BB

            Of course, that’s an absolute no brainer. The problem is, there are a few self righteous hypocrites cutting about, modern day pharisees if you like, who conveniently turn a blind eye to events closer to home. It’s meat of one and fish of the other, and i don’t think that’s fair. We should always be mindful, whenever we point a finger, there’s three pointing back. 1 John. Ch1 vs8

  2. mick

    lots of thumps down and up means sevcoians are here reading the articles thats good hopefully they will reilise what charlie and sally are all about

    for any thats reading this TICKETUS LOL

  3. mick


  4. JimBhoy

    @eco thumbs down mate…!!! 😉

  5. CB may be about to appeal Lord Hodges ruling on ending administration.

  6. Pensionerbhoy

    Another site had a reference to Radio Clyde’s Wednesday phone in prior to the game. I am averse to listening to or reading any of the ‘impartial’ drivel that comes from any media source but was intrigued by the comment that a Celtic fan’s call proved particularly difficult for a certain Mr. Dalziel – not that I was desperately gloating, I hasten to add. Interestingly, in response to several Celtic supporters’ suggestions that Celtic would trounce Mr. Green’s 3rd division outfit if they met in the semi final (curiously Mr. Dalziel, for all his insistence on Mr. Green’s outfit getting to the semi-finals and holding their own against Celtic if they met, never once hinted they could possibly reach the final. All references to meeting Celtic were solely in the context of a semi-final.), Mr. Dalziel consistently quoted the large number of experienced EX internationalists and EX SPL players who now played for Mr. Green’s outfit. The very fact that EXPERIENCED and EX were repeatedly stressed as counters to the argument that the current Celtic team would embarrass Mr. Green’s outfit should they mange to overcome their present hurdle of defeating Cale Thistle and then be drawn against Celtic in the semi-final, would indicate, to me at any rate, that Mr. Green’s outfit is predominantly of an older generation than the young ones used to excuse last night’s ultimate defeat. If this is not so and Mr. McCoist the manager chose to play an exceptional number of young and INEXPERIENCED players, then surely supporters’ attention should be focused on a bad management selection rather than the given reason for the defeat that of the side’s youthfulness. I attended the Celtic v Kilmarnock fixture last Saturday and I am certain that the Celtic side could be classed, certainly using the same age criteria as the supporters of Mr. Green’s outfit, but was honest enough not to make the side’s youthful numbers the excuse for what was simply an abysmal performance. Could it simply be that in the games played in the tournament against SPL clubs, one manager wanted his side to win and the other wanted A side to win? Perhaps this is an unfair suggestion given the climate of integrity that has existed in Scottish football over the years. Or am I simply being sarcastic, cynical or biased – or maybe I am just enjoying being all three? As an old quiz master frequently said, take your pick.

  7. Pensionerbhoy

    Apologies! Should have read “the Celtic side could be classed……as relatively young but was honest enough……..
    I have never been clever at foreign languages.

    • Maggie

      You aren’t half loving the classics mick,this is a work of genius.I’ve always loved it.Was written by STC after an opium induced dream.
      Have a wee look on line for more info on the poem and the Romantic poets,lots more great stuff.While you’re at it check out Metamorphosis by your pal Kafka. I’d love to hear your take on that.
      BTW mick I loved hearing it read aloud after so long.Thanks.

  8. mick

    @Pensionerbhoy a get your point rather than face the best team in scotland he opted to field a young team that would get beat easy nothing would surprise me with sally and co as we all know they are deluded enogh to think like that alloa next for good laugh at them

    • Pensionerbhoy

      I am so glad you did, mick. Reading it again, I am not so sure I understand what I was trying to say. I bow to either a superior intellect or a very kind and considerate soul :>)

  9. mick


    Criminal investigations have been launched into tax schemes sold by a key shareholder in Rangers Football Club, The Times has learnt.

    Richard Hughes, the co-founder of Zeus Capital, the finance company at the centre of the Rangers takeover, also set up Zeus Partners, which created and marketed a £134 million film investment scheme that HM Revenue & Customs suspects may be part of an illegal effort to generate millions of pounds in tax relief.

    and the tax scams are busted ticktetus and zues and octuypus are all dodgey tax scams a remember reading comments on here at start of green coming a think it was eco who highlighted a lot of dodgey dealing spivs behind the companys a bet the sfa wish they would have listened to the blogging network as ibrokes could be a front for tax scammers lol rolling a bought laughing
    well this site did try to warn them lol


  10. mick

    Alexi Mostrous the new thommo well done Alexi ,it will be intresting to see if the west coast msm mention it ,this paywall is well cruel

    • martin c

      Could they float with criminal investigation being launched into a key shareholder. LSE would i hope want this resolved first.

  11. lordmac

    at the end of the day “RANGERS” cheated people out of cash
    so it is only fair that Rangers get cheated out of cash and club assets, I have
    no sympathy whats so ever for what is about to happen. Mr green and co has no conscience at all, if he and whyte both put 40 odd companies to the wall, I cant see this make them loose any sleep but maybe the threats that they will receive, might make them more tentative to the case.

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