“Succulent Lamb” Still Alive and Well? – “Green won’t leave Rangers till they reach Champions League”

Back in March 2011 a new blog appeared on the Internet – Rangers Tax Case

The soon to be award winning blogger wrote, in his first post:-

“My motivation to write is born out of the willful ignorance of the Scottish media on this story.  While they reprint unbelievable PR fiction related to Rangers as news, Scotland’s Fourth Estate has gone to great efforts to ignore the tax story.”

That unquestioning press coverage became tagged with the phrase “Succulent Lamb”. One of the prime purveyors of such lamb was seen as James Traynor of the Daily Record.

Since those far off days in 2011, many things have changed, and in the football arena no one could have predicted where Scottish football and the Ibrox club would be now.

Reassuringly though some things never change. Remember that RTC was concerned with the Scottish media printing “unbelievable PR fiction related to Rangers as news”?

Today’s Daily Record has the following piece under Mr Traynor’s by-line. My comments are in bold.


CHARLES Green has scrapped plans to make a quick Ibrox exit and vowed to stay on until Rangers are back in the Champions League. The man who took the club from the scrapheap admitted last night that he has become so attached to Rangers that he can’t walk away.

And he could also be on another collision course with the SFA, who refused to hand over a £200,000 sell-on fee after Charlie Adam’s move from Liverpool to Stoke City. Rangers are adamant that the SFA have now cost them £500,000 in withheld payments.

The governing body, and especially the SPL, might have been hoping Green would be in and out of Scottish football quickly but he has changed his mind.

The Englishman’s job was only supposed to last six months to a year but Green insists now he’s here for the long haul.

So Mr Green’s job was only meant to last for a year at most? Good of him to confirm that!

It would be cynical to wonder if, perhaps, Mr Green has realised, or been advised, that his departure into the sunset within weeks, or a few months, of a share flotation, especially with his bonus of 10% of the total capital of the business, might seem precipitate.

In the same way that the banking crisis was caused, to some extent, by the short-termism of the bonus culture, where achieving targets this year to earn a bonus was more important than the long-term future of the banks, when the man who is by far the leader of a company then indicates he is leaving as soon as the ink on the new share certificates is dry, one could be worried that Mr Green too would be concerned only with getting the share issue off the ground. It is, I am sure, entirely coincidental, and no reflection on Mr Green, that he has left other quoted companies soon after substantial share issues.

Interestingly the presentation which was going round the City in May when Mr Green was looking for his initial investors, mentioned that he would be the CEO both of the football company and the holding company. This presentation made no mention that he was only there for the flotation. Indeed, when seeking institutional investors, it would be even more important to them what was to happen with leadership.

Mr Green, as far as I know, never gave any indication of his succession plan. Who was in line to become CEO when he stepped down, as we are now told his original plan was?

Presumably this would have been addressed in the share prospectus. Hopefully his change of heart has not come so late as to require the prospectus to be pulped and re-printed.


He said: “I don’t know when, or even how, it happened but this club has come to be something much more than a business opportunity. I look at the way the supporters and the people who work here have reacted to adversity and I believe they deserve more.

“My intention was to come in to the club, get the funding in place, make sure Rangers’ future was secured and then leave.

“That was my job but now I’m staying until I hear that Champions League anthem blaring out once again across Ibrox. That’s what the fans and the people here should be given and if that can be delivered maybe I’ll feel my job is complete.”

When did his feelings about the club change? Was it before or after he received death threats, verbal abuse and physical intimidation from his club’s supporters? Was it when he managed, as the Express headlined the story earlier this week, to put the death threats “in context”?

Or was it when he decided that he has many millions of pounds of shares to sell, and, having said he would buy any which are not purchased, he does not want to underwrite a share issue?

Was this week’s statement the first time in history a person has apologised for being in receipt of death threats which he did not deny receiving? Especially when his apology was addressed to a constituency including the very people who had threatened him!

It is interesting that Mr Green views the share issue as “securing the future” of Rangers. He clearly is confident that the funding generated by this issue would be sufficient to fund Rangers securely going forward, even though most observers have suggested that further fund-raising is needed to get Rangers to where they aspire to be.

However, having pledged to remain at Ibrox until the Champions League anthem is played there, one wonders of he has committed to a contract covering the five or more years that might take? Will he agree to a tie-in, so that, rather than taking a cash bonus of around £5 million out of the company, he takes it in shares and agrees not to sell up till the goal is achieved.

Or maybe he is hopeful that another team might need to borrow Ibrox for a Champions League game – after all, he did not say that he was staying till Rangers played in the Champions League – only that he was staying till the anthem was played (though I accept the former is implied, as is again hinted below).


Green watched Celtic come within seconds of getting a draw in Barcelona on Tuesday night in the Champions League. And he is convinced that, even though his own club are still trying to find their feet in the lowest division, they can climb all the way back up to those heights.

He said: “Playing in the Champions League is the pinnacle and with the correct structures in place there is every reason to believe Rangers can return to that arena. We have plans to move this club forward and I know we, with the fans, can make it great again. That’s the objective now so I won’t be leaving here in a hurry. I could say my initial job is all but done but there’s a bigger challenge ahead now and I’m not going until the Rangers fans hear that music blaring out inside their own stadium. That’s the night I will know we have achieved something special.”

Good for him! And presumably these plans will be outlined in detail in the Prospectus?


Green has clashed with the SFA several times since taking over at Ibrox. And he could be heading for another collision with the governing body over money which the Ibrox club insist should have been given to them.

Rangers are furious about the latest money wrangle with the SFA, who sent the £200,000 cheque from the Adam transfer to Duff and Phelps – even though the name on the order was Rangers FC.

Here we come back to one of the fundamental points where I believe the sale of the assets and business of Rangers C PLC to Sevco Scotland Ltd is vulnerable as being a “gratuitous alienation”. It is clearly Mr Green’s position that, in return for the £5.5 million his company aid for ALL of the assets, was included all money due to the former Rangers, except for the court actions involving Collyer Bristow.

Mr Adam was sold by oldco. The right to a sell-on fee would normally have stayed with the oldco. However, Mr Green clearly believes that, as well as all the players, and the fixed assets now worth £80 million, and the £2 million SPL prize money which he then reluctantly surrendered, he had also “bought” the rights to this sell on fee!

The more he demands these payments, the more evidence mounts up that the purchase of the assets was not for an “adequate consideration”.

As far as the name on the cheque being “Rangers FC” that is irrelevant. Duff & Phelps will have been able to bank the cheque, as they will have bank accounts able to do so, as administrators of the former PLC.

Let Rangers Football Club Ltd (which is newco) proceed against the SFA either in the civil courts or via arbitration. Mr Green might even win – however, if he did, then it would be a Pyrrhic victory.

As I have discussed before, if the liquidator considers there has been a “gratuitous alienation” it is for the purchaser to show that “adequate consideration” was paid – not for the liquidator to show it was not.


That’s Green’s club and he believes his Rangers have now been done out of half a million because of the SFA, who are still refusing to pass on the £300,000 paid by UEFA for use of former Ibrox players, such as Croatia’s Nikica Jelavic, in the European Championship finals.

And again…

By my reckoning, when the various cash payments due to oldco to which Mr Green has staked a claim are added together, they total in excess of £3.5 million.

This means that, in return for paying out £5.5 million Mr Green thought that he was receiving:-

  • Fixed assets now worth £80 million
  • Players and their registrations worth between £8 million and £20 million
  • The history, goodwill and intellectual property rights of Rangers, which are clearly seen as priceless, although sold for £1
  • The SPL share and SFA membership
  • Over £3.5 million of cash due within the next few months

None of the players who played in the Euro finals were employed by newco. How on earth, other than by buying the rights to the money, did newco acquire these rights?

I wonder how significant it is that there are no direct quotes in this part of the piece. Is that to protect Mr Green from being summoned again for breaching SFA rules? After all, if he was publicly to say that his company had been “done out of” £500,000 by the SFA, then I suspect that would break a number of rules.

However, as there are no direct quotes, it is unlikely that the Compliance Officer will bother.



Mr Green has spoken to the press, or indeed to Mr Traynor individually. As you can see above, there are a number of matters he mentioned which appear inaccurate or at least requiring further clarification or investigation.

I have no doubt that Mr Traynor and his fellow seekers after truth would have questioned Mr Green vigorously on all these points. If so, why not report that he refused to answer?

In March 2011 RTC complained about the unquestioned regurgitation of Ibrox press releases.

In October 2012, what has changed?

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90 responses to ““Succulent Lamb” Still Alive and Well? – “Green won’t leave Rangers till they reach Champions League”

    • gary brown

      I heard today(and Im not making this up)that ticketus have bought the first 15,000 season tickets for this season and for next season as well and this is what the share thing is all about.Its to make up the shortfall.I dont know how to find out if this is true anybody else hear anything about this..comes from a good source…gary

  1. John Burns

    The Daily Record has done a ‘hatchet job’ on Celtic today as well as including the rubbish by Traynor.

    The Record and Traynor can do what they choose, however for the life of me I cannot understand why he is still employed by the BBC.

  2. TheBlackKnight TBK

    One slight flaw in Mr Greens hopes. I recall he vehemently pontificated that The *Rangers would never, NEVER, play in the SPL again.

    For The *Rangers to hear that tune ever again, it would require total reconstruction of the leagues. That may not happen until at least 2014.

    Coupled with the projected unopposed ascent through the current leagues (no laughing at the back) AND the small matter of 3yrs AUDITED accounts to obtain a Uefa Licence, it would be at the very earliest the summer of 2015 before any music played!

    I believe Mr Traynor is highlighting there may be “trouble at mill”!

  3. ecojon

    Unlike Rangers fans Celtic fans do do walking away. And this latest piece of Jabba nonsense will further deplete the Record’s Celtic-minded readership pool as well as thise who support other Scottish teams.

    Any sane person can see that the Daily Record editor has walked away from responsibility towards his readership, yet again, by today ignoring the story about the biggest football insolvency in the UK.

    And that record claim comes from the D&P corporate US website which lists the Rangers administration as its only noteable event for the company in 2012.

    Instead we are treated to another Jabba fantasy – he doesn’t put the single most important question to chico which is: How do you propose to get into Europe if you refuse to join the SPL?

    And BTW Jabba no actual competent journo would accept any nonsense about Euro Super Leagues or a new name for a newly reconstructed upper-tier as providing a pathway to Euro stardom.

    It might also be worth asking chico to explain why, when all we have heard for months is about his longed-for retiral to France, he is condemning himself perhaps to 20 years of waiting for his Tune of Glory although by then he will probably need to visit the House of Hearing to be able to hear it.

    I am unsure whether to laugh or cry at what the Daily Record has become and it descends into its death throws with Space Cadet Rennie in charge as circulation plunges with a vengeance.

    Never ever make the mistake that the absence of any threats of a boycott – as is the trademark of some of the Ibrox support – means that action won’t follow with thinking readers either ceasing to buy the Record or taking an alternative.

    I never thought I would see the day when I would accept that the Sun was more in tune with bringing the real stories to the people of Scotland than the Record.

    It really is a sad day to watch the death throws of a once great campaigning newspaper where it seems that Jabba can determine the editorial line to deflect from the biggest story in Scotland which has import way beyond football and, in particular, the narrow hate agenda of a tiny section of football supporters.

    We have some of the most serious allegations I have ever heard revealed by Mark Daly and the Record refuses to carry the story or, heaven forbid, take it further and get to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    That is what the Daily Record used to do when It was the Voice of Scotland and today it has been relegated to becoming a fingerbowl for succulent lamb himself.

    • John Burns

      Agree 100% – the question is – how is he getting away with it – has he complete editorial control at the DR?

      I am as surprised as you that the Sun is at least making an attempt at balanced reporting.

    • Glazert Tim

      I think PRAVDA had a more balanced editorial ethos than the Daily Record.

      If you popped past the Record offices last night there was a long convoy of tankers containing what I suspect to be ‘Turd Polish’

  4. Aten

    I wonder what happened to Mr Green’s pledge that as long as he was there Rangers would never play in the SPL? Does he expect a restructuring of Scottish football that would allow SFL clubs to be eligible for champions league football? Or is it that he realises that his pledge might have a negative impact upon his share flotation.

    • ecojon

      @ Aten

      I would think that it would be incumbent upon the Nomad handling the Rangers flotation to ensure that the SPL pledge is contained in the admission documents and prospectus as it has a direct bearing on the future finances of the company.

  5. Geddy Lee.

    I’m sure traynor and the other Sevco hacks have assured Green they will protect him to the bitter end, thus these constant changes of position we see from Green with each new rant.

    It’s quite sad that the fans themselves have not chased this buffon by now , especially when you consider how they have been treated by successive owners. Then again, it’s no wonder he keeps coming out with such errant nonesense when the whole of Secovia and their pet media hacks, swallow swallow it all hook line and sinker.

    Mark Hatley’s latest gushing piece on the man, printed in Traynor’s wretched rag, has Green on a par with Fergus Mc Cann. No mention of the plethora of unfullfilled promises, like the stoater he spouted to the ex pats in the US…..

    “We will be signing a deal with Adiddas in a matter of days, projected to bring between 30-40 Million into the club”

    Oh no, none of that for “Big Mark” in fact no mention at all of all the false dawns, just a stomach turning article praising the man, who he admits he has only met once and that was for “5 seconds” LOL.

    I wonder if agent Whyte has any recordings of Charlie boy up his sleeve. Heaven knows what Green says to his fellow conmen behind close doors.

    I take it also that Green has changed his mind about playing in the SPL after his latest haverings about the CPL. I love the way he assumes “the rangers” will somehow be able to qualify almost automattically when and if they ever return.

    Someone needs to remind him just how badly they perform in Europe, especially with” Share Millionaire” Mc Coist at the helm. LOL

    • ecojon

      @ Geddy Lee

      I genuinely doubt if craigie would have bothered with the monkey as he only deals with the main men. I highly suspect that he will have plenty of tapes with green’s organ grinder although I suspect we might need to wait until they are produced as evidence in a court of law to hear them.

      As usual I will state that I have no personal knowledge of any crime being committed by anyone involved in the Rangers debacle and rely solely on my own ears and powers of deduction to reach informed conclusions as to what has and is taking place.

    • 100bjd

      To mention Green and Mc Cann in the same sentence is on the same scale as “off the radar wealth”……….some people never learn

      • ecojon

        @ 100bjd

        Wee Fergus most certainly had off the radar wealth. It was off the radar because he wass just that kind of person and didn’t boast or need to show it and conspicuous consumption was an anathema to him.

        As to wealth yes he has personal wealth and might well have been able to finance Celtic on his own but he had his consortium from abroad and I’m not sure, even to this day, if they were ever revealed.

        But the way it ran was they left all decisions to the wee man because they had worked with him many times before and made money.

        And the thing about Fergus was transparency – it wasn’t just a con-phrase with him. It was him. By and large: He came, he did what he promised and he left with what he said he would. Many Celtic fans at that time were very unhappy at his financial direction for the club.

        But I think most have realised as the years have passed that if ever the phrase: ‘Cometh the hour: Cometh the man’ needed a human face to it then Fergus would fit the bill even though he could be a dour-faced, tetchy, irrascible git at times – especially when angry or excited 🙂

        So Celtic fans should look at Rangers supporters and pity their bad-luck at getting chico and than their lucky stars we got the wee man who would have nothing to do with bigotry from any quarter. It’s a pity that Charles Green decided to take the easy route to profit but it will prove to be the most expensive in the end long before any Euro anthems play at Ibrox.

    • SPL, CPL, the tubes were knocked out of the Ramsden Cup. Ten year minimum before Sevco Wanderers get sniff at Europe, by that time there will be no Ibrox or Murray Park. Time share Hampden and back to running up and down ‘jock Wallace’s Hill’ at Gullane Sands. To try to compare Chico Green with ‘The Bunnet’ Fergus McCann is just downright insulting.

  6. JimBhoy

    @Theblackknight http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/leaguedivision3/4610374/No-way-back-Gers.html

    Even their supposed Ally has suggested restructuring is not gonna happen…

  7. Vincent

    Aint a damned thing changed. And thats tge truth.

  8. One Flaw in Charlies plan might be that by the time Rangers are eligible to play in the CL, there will only be 1 place for Scottish Teams due to Scotlands Rankings in UEFA..

    • ecojon

      @ Philip Spicer

      A bigger flaw might be getting out of the SFL or even SFL3. I think they will be lucky to do it in 3 straight seasons mainly because the transfer ban will work against them.

      Then there is a big problem of cash when they have to make the jump from SFL1 to SPL (which I’m sure by then will have been renamed GER1). Where are they going to get the sums of money involved to ensure they can afford the players needed to win the SPL. Another flotation or sale and lease-back of the stadium?

      And all the time Celtic have the strong potential of continuous European football strengthening the club in financial terms.

      The other thing is the AIM Float – he can’t admit that he is refyusing to join the SPL as I think the AIM Market is capable of rejecting his proposal on that ground alone. And he would need to declare it in his flotation documentation.

      There is also a slight problem about the 25% (I think) extra wages that he is paying which he should have cut and which he has publicly been quoted on. Investors will want to know why this hasn’t been cut and again I think would need to be mentioned in the flotation process as it seems a strange position for a CEO to adopt in financial terms.

  9. I was angry when I read this on the Daily Record website. Please note: I once worked for this newspaper, but I will never buy it again. If I could have got a hold of Traynor I would have wrung his bloody neck! This is not journalism – this is pandering to the low of the low. I’m afraid Traynor and his like are no better than the Greens, Murrays and Whytes. And that brings me to Media Hoose – what are they playing at? How low can you go in the PR business? Selling your soul for a lotta bucks! Spinning out of control. Passing on information you know is not true. Irvine, Smith and Cassidy, all former ‘journalists’ are now showing their true colours. And to think I used to call them colleagues!

    • ecojon

      @ mattl2

      The thing I find fascinating with Media House is the Hotmail email – if everything was totally above board why would you need to send an email in a seemingly fake name from a provider of anonymous emails.

      Why not just send it in the name of the company as per normal along with the normal lfootnoted egal caveats which you would think would provide more legal protection for the sender.

      It makes you think that ‘deniability’ might have been required for the email and, if that is the case, it begs the question: Why? Surely there was no need to hide this meeting between Grier and Whyte and subsequent involvement of Media House? Or was there?

      Just some more questions to be added to the ever-growing list. If I was into conspiracies I might ask myself what levers Media House could exert on the Daily Record editor to allow Jabba to write the p*sh he did.

      The realities of Scottish journalism where the guys and gals at the coal face get threatened and their bosses and betters masticate on succulent lamb. But for how much longer?

      • Maggie

        @ecojon & mattl2
        Smell of desperation in the air ! Feels like the end of days!
        What did you expect guys on the day of the Alex Thomson blog and following the Mark Daly continued revelations.Though totally agree that it is above and beyond the usual churnalism garbage.
        Glad you mentioned the Media House Hotmail e mail eco,also struck me as somewhat irregular shall we say 🙂
        BTW How dare Hateley refer to Fergus as The Bunnet,that’s a term if endearment reserved for friends and Celtic family only.

        • ecojon

          @ Maggie

          Yea Hateley who only met him once fleetingly. You would think any editor doing his job would say get me somebody that knows the guy FFS.

          When I think of the people I have only met once that I could write a story about and get paid my mind boggles 🙂

          I always referred to him as Mr McCann and that was because I always had the greatest respect for him as a person and a businessman. I will not tell you how I referred to the alternative at the time as it might well still be actionable 🙂

          • Maggie

            Well it is the Daily Record after all. Why let proper journalism get in the
            way of PR flummery…….. “As told to”Clark Kent mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet.

      • Joseph

        They’re all in it together. The old pals act. Probably find in the case of Irvine that he was responsible in some way for the promotion of a youngster who now holds a prominent position on the paper, or that his old pal still works there. As Irvine has been around the newspaper scene a lot he is calling in favours. They don’t have the guts to tell him to get lost. Pathetic. Places like Meda House, with their lies and half truths, are mischief makers, and they don’t give a damn who they hurt or bring down. How they can sleep at night beats me.

  10. 100bjd

    Rushing around between meetings to note Chics complete volte face. I wonder if my post yesterday regarding going to an off site crisis meeting instead of a Talk Sport opportunity was near the mark…….or maybe and more likely more good stuff/sales pitch for the Rangers fans and possibly some pressure on AIM who will definitely not be happy with Chic’s deal. His next plan will be a five year contract and attempt to get sacked for the TUPE. He is on the wrong end of the deal now and definitely not in control. Sometime ago I posted about David Grier being the skilled architect behind the original deal, although Craighiebhoy does have some third division cunning, and now I think Imran is the boy calling the shots. I still think it is all going to end in tears

    • ecojon

      @ 100bjd

      Yes perhaps chico has been told there will be no pay-off for him unless he sticks it for as long as it takes which I don’t think will please him greatly.

      Still he will have plenty of time in the midst of a Scottish winter, as he travels the airts and pairts of Scotland, to dream of sunny France and retiral sometime in 2030 with a bit of luck 🙂

  11. dan

    This is indeed going to end in tears, and all the Jabbajabber on God’s earth will not be able to prevent it. The Record is now officially a joke, closing its blog because of ‘abuse of staff’, as it did. That’s Jabbajabber for questioning his integrity, journalistic skills, gullibility, and general arslikan when it comes to dealing with the men at the top in IOUbrox.

  12. I knew that nice Mr Traynor would take Paul’s article and Mark Daly’s revelations and delve even deeper to provide us with a withering analysis of the situation. But alas I was wrong.

  13. Believer

    Not surprising to see Marky Bhoy and the Bhoys Broadcasting Corporation receiving praise on here… What is surprising is the BBC giving an ear to a proven liar, a liar they exposed not long ago and who subsequenly banned them. All of a sudden they are in bed together. Daly and BBC Scotland aren’t interested in the truth, only the undermining of Rangers FC at every turn. If that means slaughtering Whye one minute and promulgating his ‘woe is me’ the next then so be it, the agenda remains the same. The timing of these exclusives stink to high heaven. With the Rangers share issue looking promising, you could have put the kettle on for this latest attempt to de stabilize the re emergence of RFC. This story is being run for one reason only, to undermine said share ssue, the legality of Rangers’ ownership, and ultimately finish RFC for good! Attack Whyte-Rangers suffer, promote Whyte-Rangers suffer, the game remains the same. As for Thommo rearing his head again re tonight and more of his ‘hysterical attention seeking nonsense’ as Tom English would put it, he’s better sticking to seeking social justice for football fans demonized despite suffering terribly at Hillsborough (though he himself partakes in this type of tarnishing re Rangers fans, worse still, engaging in mocking references to victims of the Ibrox disaster with his Dalek comments. I guess dead fans only matter so long as they don’t wear blue jerseys Alex? All in all, the dehumanization of Rangers fans is so common place now, it is akin the how the Jews were treated in Nazi Germany in the 30s. Demonize a perticular group of people for long enough and it becomes a social norm. Tolerance? Fair and equal Scotland? As if. Love your neighbour as yourself, Pray for those who persecute you.God Bless

    • Please tell me this is a joke.

      • ecojon

        @ Violet Carson

        It’s funny I have been a Unionist all of my life and personally fully support retaining the Union. I am also a proud Scot, believe I’m a patriot but not a Nationalist.

        However since Rangers collapsed and a madness has engulfed what appears to be a ‘new’ Rangers support, and older level heads seem to have walked away at least for the moment, I am daily becoming more convinced that Independence might actually help break the tribal ties that seem to bind and motivate this particular section of the Rangers support to a vision which has no plave IMHO in a modern Scotland.

        And when they compare their current lot to the fate of European people of the Jewish Faith who were murdered in millions that really takes the biscuit and proves to me that they are stark staring mad.

        Sadly Rangers fans have shown that they can, only too easily, dehumanise themselves and they need to address that particular trait before casting around to blame others for it. Of course they are not helped in breaking-out of their cultural straight-jacket because they voluntarily seek not to be part of the broader society but to remain a clique within it where membership is restricted by adherents subscribing to a mixture of loyalism and protestantism which the Church of Scotland would find hard to recognise.

        It is part of life that society, as a whole, does tend to see a minority clique, with mores not held by the general population, as being separate and therefore it is not regarded as important to the majority of people.

        The normal approach would be to attempt to include the minority in the wider society but this can be very difficult particularly when the clique remains wedded to historical events from hundreds of years ago and wishes to retain its unsullied character through self-chosen isolation.

        I have no problem with this as long as the group realises that they have no more rights as individuals than the rest of society and that simply through their declining numbers that their influence as a clique will continually wane as society gets on with the business of integrating and building a true multicultural base built on acceptance of other creeds, religions, races et al.

        But it has to be a two-way process or it won’t work and at the moment there is nothing but defiance and opposition from a vocal section of the minority. I expect this will continue to lessen as it has done so steadily for the last 20 years and they truly will not only be able to love their neighbour but may be able to marry them irrespective of the religious faiths held by the neighbour.

    • Maggie

      @ believer
      Did you proof read this before posting?
      Did you actually intend to compare the alleged “dehumanisation”
      (gross exaggeration if I ever I read it) of Rangers’ fans as being akin to how the Jewish people were treated in Nazi Germany!!!!!!!
      Dear God,What is wrong with you ? Are you so far gone as to compare the self destruction of a twopence halfpenny football club to one of the most outrageous humanitarian tragedies of all time.
      Go read a book or watch a film,I suggest Shoah the documentary by
      Claude Lanzmann.

      • ecojon

        @ Maggie

        You can always tell when they are hurting and this lot are hurting badly.

        • I have just re-read believer’s piece. I had thought at first read that it was the work of a deranged, uneducated moron, but, if you look carefully the writer is educated. In nazi Germany the people were led by educated fanatics, Hitler even wrote a book (which I have read and would not recommend). Should we be worried? And, I am not convinced that an independent Scotland will as a matter of course get rid of these people. I was serious about the police

          • cam

            Do you think the police should take notice of the ever more frequent usage in here, of the term “hun” to describe RFC,its fans,players,manager players in other teams ex Rangers players,managers of other teams who played for Rangers?
            And before you spout the usual double standard hypocrisy of”its ok to call them that its just banter”, have a look in the mirror and be honest.
            If the word fenian was used to describe CFC, players,managers etc,etc then it would be an international incident.

          • ecojon

            @ Violet Carson

            I accept that different people can have different reactions to disturbed posts like that. Personally I answer them once and then ignore them forever. If you wish to take action then it is up to you although I would not discuss that aspect of it on here.

            If you do report the matter to the police then come back with a fresh name. If you do not wish to contact the police but feel you cannot ignore the matter then contact Paul direct and explain your concerns.

        • Maggie

          @ecojon and Violet Carson,
          This takes hurting to a completely different and grossly offensive level,
          I’m in agreement with you Violet I also wonder if the police might be interested.

          • ecojon

            @ Maggie

            TBH – Carstairs might be better as it sounds as if one of their patients is missing. But don’t worry too much it’s just the trolls returning. They have obviously had a new PR induction session – can’t you spot the commonallity of phrasing? Still when there in here providing amusement then they ain’t harming themselves.

          • ecojon

            @ Maggie

            Pls see what I have posted to Violet Carson if you are still concerned.

      • I genuinely meant ‘is this a joke’. That it appears not to be is deeply worrying. Are there really supporters who feel that comparing themselves to Jews under the nazis is in any way justified. I really am shocked that people can hold such opinions. And I am shocked that someone actually ‘liked’ the post, though I suspect that was the writer. The people who contribute most to this site seem to me to be self-confessed internet bampots and good luck to them. But believer is something else entirely. I wonder if the police might be interested. I hope he subscribes for IPO shares – all of them.

        • ecojon

          @ Violet Carson

          I doubt if it was the writer because someone as deranged towards fellow human beings as that will never be able to even beging to like themself. The TU was probably meant to be a TD 🙂

    • cam

      Well said,,,expect the weirdo’s, led by smiley man to get their wee sad thumbs out.An organised concerted PR job led by haters of the Gers,but they don’t like it right up them.
      The clown Thomson will be borrowing from his new “pal” the bigot and putting his tuppence worth in with his spoofs,ploys and lies and hate language.
      Mr Daly and the Bhoys Broadcasting Cabal could, if the will was there, investigate many juicy topics in Scotland,but their agenda is trying to cause as much damage to RFC as possible.
      The time and effort in running this blog alone belies its random nature and a student of pyschology could earn his degree by analysing the motivation behind it.
      The army of obsessed freaks in here whipping themselves into a frenzy, fuelled by hatred and the chip on the shoulder mentality of,,, to borrow from the “journo in a clown suit”,, an underclass, reveals the true nature of the beasts.
      Luckily for Mr Schuster it is a bit far to travel to put his windaes in,,,but then again hatred is a potent fuel.

      • Ernesider

        Yes Cam

        Another conspiracy against the Mighty Gits. Aren’t they lucky they have you around to safeguard their interests.

      • @cam

        “The time and effort in running this blog alone belies its random nature and a student of pyschology could earn his degree by analysing the motivation behind it.”

        Scroll back to the top of the page & take a look at the right-hand column; there you will see a list of the several hundred topics on which the host has blogged, which kinda blows your argument right out of the water…

        Come to think of it, don’t recall seeing your name appear in the comments of the recent post on Spartak Moscow, or planned changes re corroboration in the Scottish legal system etc etc. Or do you resort to a nom de plume to keep your true identity secret?

    • JohnBhoy

      @ Believer

      Rangers fans… Jews… Holocaust? Here’s the number for the Samaritans – 08457 909090. You are in desperate need of confidential emotional support. Good luck.

    • JohnBhoy

      @ Believer

      P.S. I understand that the Samaritans accommodate group therapy so you may wish to take Cam along with you. Once again, good luck. We’re all rooting for you.

    • Joseph

      …and there speaks the voice of an ignoranct Ibrox supporter. Tunnel vision.

      • ecojon

        @ Joseph

        This tunnel vision must be quite common in Ibrox as all your hear Ally saying is he keeps seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • I have never read such tosh as this throughout this whole debacle. To compare the self wrought destruction of Oldco/Newco and the treatment of their obnoxious fanbase with either the fate of the victims of the Nazis or what happened to the poor football fans at Hillsborough or of The Ibrox disaster is repugnant. Your club fecked up all on their on, your fanbase are violent intolerant bigots, who for whatever reason have been allowed to promulgate such a storm of hate at Neil Lennon that in other countries your club would be looking at parts of their ground being closed. And then you have the cheek to have a go at people for not being Christian enough toward you. Away and cuddle my Celtic supporting arse, you fecking hypocrite.
      And as a wee aside you are all fecking strangers from the truth. I wonder if you recognise that phrase?

    • Ernesider

      The sectarian thugs who follow Rangers have a lot in common with the Nazis and nothing whatever in common with their victims.

  14. COYBIG

    Why would The Rangers, be due any money from Charlie Adam’s transfer, from Liverpool to Stoke? He wasn’t contracted to The Rangers, but rather Rangers, who are all but liquidated. But there is another, more obvious reason, why The Rangers, or even Rangers for that matter, would not be due any money from Adam’s transfer from Liverpool to Stoke.

    He was transferred from Rangers to Blackpool, for £500k, plus 10% of any future transfer from Blackpool, if it exceeded £500k. He was later transferred from Blackpool to Liverpool, for just over £6m, and Rangers got their 10% from that.

    When Adam transferred to Liverpool, any clause Rangers had on his transfers ended. Or does Green think Rangers are due 10%, of every future transfer Adam makes? If he does, then he’s an idiot. And for Traynor, the head of Daily Record Sport, to also think that? Well, that’s just embarrassing.

  15. excellent article paul,it is really good to view honest opinions and very very enlightening blogs from all the people on your site,truth and justice must prevail in the case of SEVCO/ TRFC, AND IN MY HONEST OPINION THIS SITE ALONG with p.m.g, a.t. r.t.c.and c.q.n. provide what is necessary to keep up to speed on what’s actually happening on all fronts of this the greatest sporting disgrace of the 20th/21st centuries, a wee question for all the bloggers on this site and yourself of course, DO SEVCO HAVE TO PAY TAXES THIS SEASON, OR ARE THEY ON A FREEBIE, PLEASE ANSWER SOMEONE,& do you see audited accounts for season 2012/13, cos I CAN’T.

  16. James Traynor’s constant mockery of impartial journalism is based on his weighted view of sports reporting and its effect on a certain demographic in the Scottish population. This is a man who could never have a ‘Damascus’ moment … apparatchiks never change! and ably demonstrated by his continued veil of protectionism over the MurrayIbrox years . So thoroughly imbued by what he promotes and writes, he would find it impossible to step outside his own self belief and take an honest look at the real world view of his articles. When spin, lies and half truths come so copiously and effortlessly to someone bereft of a moral compass, why change? Your cultural heritage is already assured Jim.

    • ecojon

      @ Follow the money

      In a sense I believe you imbue Jabba with too much ability. I think he is simply a brass-necked thicko with little writing skills and an inability to source actual exclusives which has led to him being in thrall to the likes of Murray as he dutifully spouts the PR line of the day required of him.

      He is merely soup de jour to accompany the succulent lamb and he is being caught out more and more which means his days are numbered and soon he will no longer be allowed to partake above the salt.

      • Ernesider

        Traynor puts me in mind of Michael Foot’s famous description of Norman Tebbit a ‘semi-house-trained polecat’ but who can deny that he has achieved his proper destiny suited to his natural talents as spokesman for Rangers.

        God made them and he matched them.

  17. JohnBhoy

    Jabba is no more a journalist than I am an astronaut. His job is to research (probe, ask questions, get the facts, check stories, etc), write a balanced copy and, by doing so, inform readers. A desire for knowledge, thirst for the truth, courage, credibility and trust are all at the heart of such a role. These are not empty, abstract traits: many good journalists have died upholding these qualities. He has none of them.

    A journalist is also in a position of power. The power to influence events. It is a heavy responsibility we have entrusted upon them. It is to this aspect of journalism that Jabba has been singularly drawn. He is using his position in the Fourth Estate to influence events. However, the absence of the aforementioned qualities gives us a coward whose ego and sycophancy stops him from doing his job. Instead of acting as an advocate for the ordinary citizen he is pursuing his own succulent agenda. Shame on him.

    • ecojon

      @ JohnBhoy

      I’ve just had NASA on looking for you – can I send them your contact details? 🙂

    • cam

      I’m quite sure that as we speak the Bhoys network will be doing its utmost to do a “Dallas” on him,remember the first directive in the propaganda war is to control the hearts and minds,,,,go on bhoys go get him!!!!

  18. Andy

    Come on guys, are you really so blind to see that Charles Green ‘were not going in the spl’ was nothing more than one of his rants to help encourage those that follow the ‘seige’ mentality nonsense to buy shares….

    Really?? That is an entirely hopeless comment to jump on….we all know in 3 years (pending if McCoist can get his finger out) that all going well Rangers would go straight back into the SPL without a momentary glane back at our new ‘friends’ in the sfl. The rewards of potential european are the only sell to any long term investor, and even if Green wanted to, there is no way Rangers would decline promotion if acheived!!….so why are so many labouring the point on here?? , his comments now will probably be forgotten by all but a few on here by the time promotion came round…

    The chances of reconstruction as rightly pointed out by Steve Thompson (I beleive I predicted this earlier) are remote as the SPL cannot agree, never mind getting all the SFL and SFA on board…..It seems SPL clubs are willing to take short term pain to ensure ‘sporting integrity’ but are unwilling to do so for the good of a game as a whole…I may be being cynical but just an observation…

    Whilst I hope D&P, Whyte and Murray are left out to dry in all of this, I think the gratitous alienation point on here and sale reversal predictions are still fairly wild, as the book price on a balance sheet is irrelevant if the market isn’t willing to pay the price. Its rather easy for D&P to prove this, because it was the best offer on the table, and everything had been for sale to anyone with the cash from Feb 12, so this really is an unlikely scenario, the market drives the price, not what you want or think your assets to/are be valued at.

    Rather interestingly, as the MIH group just about sells of most of its assets, with DM no longer holding any cards, can someone please advise if HMRC/BDO could pursue DM personally for any potential resultant liabilities?…or would DM have had to put some personal guarentee down for this to happen, which Im sure he would not have done..

    • cam

      Andy,i again,salute your indefatigability,but your efforts to use reasoned argument is wasted in this nuthouse,,,they HATE us!
      At work you can hear the little wind up soldiers spouting a mish mash of the p*sh spouted in here and their other branches of the HRFC club.
      When i walk past the DSS i see and hear the hatred oozing from their pores(yes it makes a sickly noise).
      The fact that tens of thousands of good hard working honest folk and their kids continue to turn up to support their team is killing them inside.
      I just treat them as a particularly bad seasonal outbreak of midges,,annoying but irrelevant.

    • ecojon

      @ Andy

      I hear what you say but from a look round various Rangers fan sites today it would seem that a lot of Bears are still adamant they ain’t goinf back to the SPL. Personally I’ve always known that Charlie was just leading on gullible Bears by feeding their sense of injustice on the SPL issue.

      But the reason he has had to so publicly change his tack IMHO is he wouldn’t have got his AIM Flotation as long as he stuck to his No SPL Line unless the financial consequences of that was spelt out either in the prospectus or admission document. That’s what has caused the volte-face.

      However, I do tend to judge people on the statements they make and the number of times they repeat that statement – I hardly need state that chico scores badly on this one as with many other promises.

      I am certainly awaiting the further revelations to see whether the sale might be reversed and personally I think that decision is near the tipping-point but not in terms of gratuitous alienation but rather on what D&P were up to and with whom. Could be some very actionable tapes to come.

      I accept that the market sets and may even drive a price but the important concept is that it is not a ‘rigged’ market and as I say I will await further developments before coming to a decision on that but I think a blind man could see where it might lead.

      As to MIH I could tell you a lot of stories on that one but won’t 🙂 However Hector has the experts on-board who will be able to unravel what is required when the time comes.

      • Andy


        I do admit he says a lot more than he appears to actually do….though perhaps that is a good thing….I still really can’t make up my mind, and will continue to play the ‘wait and see’ game…if it all goes wrong then theres little I can do to stop it, save finding tens of millions of pounds…

        Jim Traynor, seems to just get paid a load of money for spouting his opinion as opposed to actually doing any journalism, but there we go, I think he’ll probably be there until he decides to retire.

        As for Celtic in europe, I think it was a great effort, we had to suffer the ‘anti-football’ remarks when we earned a draw a number of years ago, but what do people expect, if they want to see back to the wall defending then they should come and watch Celtic or Rangers week in week out. NL set his team up perfectly and in fairness managed to get up the park a few times in the first half…in fact had it not been for samaras injury (celtics only out ball) then they may have been able to releive more of the pressure in the second half. A much needed boost for Scottish football have Celtics european performances been this year, and no one can deny that as a fact…will they make it through, theres a good chance, I think Benfica away will be the decider.

  19. lordmac

    THE ARE OTHER tunes In Ibrox by RANGERS fans BUT it will not be that of the Champion league on GREENS WATCH.

  20. jimCB

    Uncle Jim is following the party line. He knows that is in his interests and the interests of his readers. It’s pathetic. THEY HAVE NO SHAME. In an unexpected glorious week for Scottish Football the DR manages to find a way to take the shine off the scottish Champions display. Is that editorial policy ? Oh yes we know it is. Sad people.

  21. ecojon

    @ jimCB

    Sorry buffons like jabba and his Space Cadet editor are incapable of dimming let alone taking any shine of the achiements of a Scottish team in Europe this week. By the time Rangers hear the anthem again jabba will be well-retired and munching grass, possibly foie gras, but certainly not succulent lamb as he won’t be on exes.

  22. carl31


    So Mr Green’s job was only meant to last for a year at most? Good of him to confirm that!

    This line, rightly critical of Green, seems not to be JT’s and doesnt appear in the linked article.
    Is it your’s? Should it be bold?

    I first read it as JT’s but thought, ‘that can’t be right’.

  23. cam

    Plans for a cyber assault by myself and my fellow inmates, on this blog were foiled by trooper Knox spotting a satellite dish pointing straight at our secure room.
    Realisation of the enemies access to hi tech monitoring equipment has forced us to shelve our dastardly plan to have me unleash a torrent of ramblings during the next Albion Rovers home game.Agents stealthily placed could then have a right good giggle at a big tall geezer frantically trying to moderate my insanity whilst attempting to study the wee rovers deployment of the diamond formation.

  24. cam

    It is with great sadness and joy?? that i make my final posting,,,it has all become too much reading this nonsenses and for health reasons i must leave you now,,,i feel like you have all become my friends over the last few months and hopefully we can have a re-union meeting!
    Paul has been a good sport permitting my insanity and hopefully he gets out of this business with his marbles intact.
    I must go,,,i can hear Zadok the priest.

  25. Believer

    The subsequent posts merely prove the point..’get rid of these people’ etc. I mentioned ’30s’ Germany, ie before the war. They were labelled with the blame for all society’s ills of that time a country under a tyrannical regime. The unspeakable horrors endured by the Jewish people afterwards is obviously beyond comparison. The comparison is Rangers fans are targeted from all angles as if they are the lowest common denominator in society, degrading them as a people has become acceptable.The proof is in the pudding. Siloutted gunmen taking potshots at them in banners is acceptable at foottball grounds. Widening the circle , a Celtic fans chief can freely state online he wished thousands of workers had perished simply because of their denominational background. All of a sudden online hate crime isnt an issue. A born again christian preaching for peace, tolerance and social inclusion and people mention the Police. Who?, the Stasi? Are we behind the iron curtain pre ’89 here? As Alex Thomson said himself, there are people in this country that want Rangers FC obliterated, so i say it again. So much for tolerance. Our creator doesn’t discriminate-Whosoever,shall call upon the name of The Lord, shall be saved.

    • ecojon

      I would take your pills soon

    • martin c

      @ believer

      complete drivel . . can’t be bothered saying anything else.

    • martin c

      @ believer

      this is complete drivel

    • Maggie

      Please,I beg you,take ecojon’s advice,and also seek some sort of help.
      Don’t insult our intelligence by backtracking and trying to justify your
      outrageous comments.Do you actually know any Jewish people?
      Have you any idea of how offensive your opinions are to Jewish people,and right thinking people everywhere? Obviously not.
      I’m still trying to process this self justifying diatribe,and for the life of me I fail to comprehend your thought processes.
      You’re looking for tolerance,Oh the irony of the intolerant seeking tolerance. .Nosce te Ipsum.

      • Yes, shame on Traynor. Your job as a journalist is to probe until the truth comes out. He just accepts what is put in front of him without questioning. This is a disaster for the Daily Record for no longer are people fooled by this so-called reporting. He aint no Jim Rodger (God bless the wee Record man from Shotts, even though he was a Rangers supporter); Roger Baillie, a former sports reporter with the Record who didn’t mess with the truth, and Martin Frizell, of the News of the World, an honest journalist who gave it to you straight.

  26. Pingback: Charles Green: I won’t leave Rangers until I hear the Champions League anthem | Scotzine

  27. Adeste Fideles

    This years Only An Excuse is going to be EPIC!

    And around 4 hours long to fit everything in.

  28. Ruckcroft7

    I will be listening to mr greens thoughts on all things Rangers on TalkSport radio between 10 and 1 Friday with Richard Keys and Andy Gray….could be interesting to hear him grilled by those 2 Colossus of independent journalism

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