Green and Whyte – Unlike Ebony and Ivory, Not In Perfect Harmony – Me at Scotzine

Andy Muirhead at Scotzine was kind enough to put up my piece there a couple of days ago.

I looked at the initial shots exchanged, figuratively, between Messrs Whyte and Green, and noted that, for all of the apparent disagreement, there were actually some common points in what each had to say.

Feel free to click on the link here to read the rest of it.



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27 responses to “Green and Whyte – Unlike Ebony and Ivory, Not In Perfect Harmony – Me at Scotzine

  1. ecojon

    @ Paul – Hope you don’t mind me dragging this up from end of previous post – it might tell us where Craigie 🙂

    October 21, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    Abraaj chief emerges as leading Rangers shareholder

    The Times

    Blue Pitch Holdings, a vehicle controlled by Abraaj Capital chief executive Arif Naqvi, is the largest shareholder of Rangers Football Club with a 15.68% stake, according to details of the Scottish franchise’s top investors published following pressure from fans’ groups.

    Other prominent investors include Margarita Funds Holding Trust, a fund believed by Rangers to be based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which holds 10.19%, and finance company Zeus Capital. A consortium of almost 19 investors, led by Rangers chief executive and venture capitalist Charles Green, acquired the club out of liquidation in June for £5.5m.



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    October 21, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    WTF – Almost 19 investors? Is that 18 + a Zombie 🙂



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    October 21, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    Turks and Caicos is ranked at 39th position on the 2011 Financial Secrecy Index.

    This ranking is based on a combination of its secrecy score and a scale weighting based on its share of the global market for offshore financial services.

    Turks and Caicos has been assessed with 90 secrecy points out of a potential 100, which places it towards the top end of the secrecy scale.

    Click to access TurksCaicosIslands.pdf

  2. ecojon


    Where does the SFL and SFA think they are? Ermmm Fit & Proper?

  3. Glazert Tim

    We always ask openly at the end of each revelation on this site,”Why is no one asking these questions of Mr Green?”

    Basically as they are all ‘shit feart’ of losing viewers and readers. I fear the two BBC exposes have used up all the brave pills available at Pacific Quay.

    I would love for someone on here or even a brave journalist (there are some but not widely available in the Scottish MSM), to turn up at one of Charlie’s press conferences.

    I wouldn’t ask for any incisive questioning. nor would I expect a long rousing speech questioning the real truth behind the finances.

    All I ask is that after Charlie has milked his bullshit and baffle gland dry and ‘rid raw’, that someone would stand up and use the official Glaswegian term of disbelief at full volume:

    “Aye Charlie!….. Yer Maw!”

    Then walk across the front of the press stage.

    Would love to see Sky, BBC and STV try and edit that out.

    • mick

      @ecojon its a well dodgey tax haven suspended from the commen wealth

    • ecojon

      @ Glazert Tim

      I think what holds most journos back and most internet posters on is that after that happened you would need to leave Scotland and possibly the UK and stay away from any country where certain Scots might holiday or where their team might play football.

      And not for one moment do I make the slightest suggestion that Mr Green or any of his management team would in any way be involved but the story would immediately switch to who is this guy and your pic would be run on TV and the papers – If you know this man phone us on! There’s no prob if you are a single guy but if not would you put your loved ones in danger?

      Even chico knows the fear of having to switch safe houses every night to escape a section of his angry support. It is real, it is sickening and it’s getting worse again after decades of slow but steady improvement and every politician and newspaper editor and the SFA is burying its head in the sand.

      • cam

        Dinnae fret,,wee Shug Dallas and his family survived the hate mhob and even wee Willie Collum(what a great name)
        Is Dallas the only referee to have been assaulted at his work?

      • iain

        “Even chico knows the fear of having to switch safe houses every night to escape a section of his angry support. It is real, it is sickening and it’s getting worse again after decades of slow but steady improvement and every politician and newspaper editor and the SFA is burying its head in the sand.”


        Do you think even the venerable Eco even believes that guff?? 🙂

        In saying that….I wonder if he’s still telling us the 495000 who were at Ibrox at the weekend were all a “new kind” of supporter who had to ask directions to the stadium?

    • cam

      What about your pet Thomo?,,,surely you could program him,get the cameras rolling and watch that battle hardened veteran wave his bit of paper aloft with the name of the skelper written down!
      Oh hang on that was just a ploy,he knew it was a spoof!
      Get Mick in for that gig,,,now that would be a riot,,”Chico whit aboot gaeing they aliens untaxed gratuities?,thats deffo dodgey”
      “I’m sorry Mick i didn’t understand that”
      “Well whit aboot that floating charge stuff in the pies?”
      “I’m a black pudding man myself Mick”
      stage whisper,,,”Eco did he jist get rasceist wi me therr?
      “Kin you stait catagorillacally that yir no an octopussyite?”
      “What i do in my hotel room is no business of yours Mick!”
      “Rite wan merr thing,,,,how cum Bomber Broons goat better claes than you?”

      • Cam, stop making a spectacle of yourself. I bet you are a delightful chap but you’re acting like the nuisance at a posh city bar. Can’t you see that blogs like this are the only defence for working class Rangers’ fans like you who are being conned by nasty sharks on the fringe of the financial sector? The dumb-top Jocko media is a rotten party to your class’s betrayal..The only money newco puppeteers can attract is from naive supporters. Wise money shuns the hide and seek provenances of complex “coalescence” outfits – like Green/White/Invisibles Inc. Believe me, if a killing could be made a fair few Celtic operators would be willing financial backers for a Rangers redevivus. Your round old son! Mine’s anything you can’t advertise on a dirty shirt..

  4. ecojon

    The Zeus Capital website states that Imran wasn’t at Zeus until April 2012 but chico has previously stated being approached by Ammad to become involved in rescuing Rangers back in February 2012.

    STV’s spoiler, to Chris McLachlan’s Whyte exclusive, asked chico whether it was true that CW had brought him to Rangers or introduced him to D&P.

    Chico, being chico, didn’t actually answer any of the two questions but replied: ‘No, he didn’t introduce me to Rangers. That’s not true and that’s not correct. I was introduced to Rangers by Imran Ahmad through his introduction by Zeus.’

    At this last comment, if you check it out on STV iplayer, you can almost hear the cogs in chico’s heid grinding. It was obviously a question which posed some kind of difficulty IMHO.

    So did D&P, presumably when casting a net to find possible saviours, contact Zeus Capital – why did they do so and when?

    We then need to ask why and when did Zeus contact Imran Ahmad and what his relationship, at that time, was to Zeus Capital. We then need to ascertain when exactly Imran contacted chico and the nature of their scheme and how it fitted with Zeus Capital’s intentions for Rangers.

    Did anything change in the master plan when Imran Ahmad became MD of Zeus in April as I feel sure that such a powerful position would weigh heavily on the SFA and SPL deliberations surrounding Rangers. Now we know that the biggest investor isn’t an investor and the second-biggest is based somewhere but according to no less an authority than The Times of London – Rangers isn’t sure where.

    From memory, I thought that sevco entered the Rangers bidding process very late which now surprises me if Imran and Zeus Capital could have been involved with D&P since February 2012 or possibly earlier.

    It’s been an abiding pattern with this story from the beginning that any answer seems to spawn dozens more legitimate questions ad infinitum. I have my own views on what that might be but perhaps best if I keep them to myself for now 🙂

    • cam

      Must be murder standing behind you in the chippy,,,all those questions,is that fish farmed?are those chips GM? where do you source your salt my good man?What i need to ascertain sir ,is the validity of your ketchup.
      Here’s a thought for you.
      With or without RFC cash cow,Chico is gonna retire soon with more real money than you have ever won at Monopoly.
      While you’re left rambling on in here he will be sipping margaritas! and penning his memoirs of his time in Glasgow and listening to the wailings of the always cheated never defeated.

      • So Chico has become a god in your eyes? Be careful what you wish for. There really are some who cannot see the woods for the trees!

      • Ernesider

        Charles Green’s memoirs of his Rangers’ days.

        Suggested title: “How I Fleeced the Morons”

        Subtitle: “Taking Candy from Baby Bears”

      • JohnBhoy

        SDM laid out the carcass for the vultures. The body that was Rangers is dead and its reincarnation, The Rangers, is borne from the sperm of those same scavengers. The MSM are ineffective bystanders in this rocky horror show.

        If the good fans of the old Rangers want to change their new club for the better and avoid the treachery of the past, they have the power to do so. All they require is the will. And do not confuse obedience with loyalty: slaves are obedient; loyalty is earned. Gloating over Charlie’s largesse at the expense of your club is a novel approach to demanding the latter.

        I’m now beginning to understand what really caused the downfall of Rangers.

    • Marc

      Have you really been googling Zeus and Imran to find a link as well as watching CG interview back on STV player to pick out any telltale movements?


  5. cam

    Poker nites over,troops heading home,we all had a wee laugh at the latest fantasies!Time to let Paul get to bed,poor guys gotta moderate my ramblings in case my medication doesn’t work or the troops wind me up too much and coax me into total insanity.
    I hear the real Gers men are watching with growing interest and once the 3 ponies of the damp squib get finished then moves will be afoot.

    • There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    • charliedon

      I think that, on this occasion, your ridicule and trivialisation of the blog and postings is quite out of order.
      In my opinion, there are very serious doubts about the people holding the power at Rangers and if I were you, or any Rangers supporter, I would be very worried by the revelations being discussed here. What is disappointing is that it’s not Rangers supporters who are discussing this or seeking any answers. They are instead simply following blindly whatever the Green God pronounces as he leads them down a dead end alley. (Or should that be dead end Ally.)

      • Marc

        The problem is this blog is written by a Rangers hater,for Rangers haters and you’s think we should listen and be worried?
        After all you’re just worried about your fellow fans eh?

  6. martin c

    This is from Sundays’ Herald and I think this is a pertinent question to put to the owners of ticketus?

    Paul Anderson
    Totally agree Mr Graham. Why would Ticketus commit about £25m to purchase future season tickets when the future of the club itself had serious questions hanging over it? The so-called Big Tax Case was well known that it could sink Rangers well before Whyte appeared on the scene
    to spend his pound buying Murray’s share of the business.

    It would be pertinent to know whoever authorised the loan, what risk category did they put Rangers in for defaulting with the liability of the BTC.

    • ecojon

      @ There are just so many questions. Personally over the months, indeed, years I have slowly come to the conclusion that the real prize here was delivering a debt-free asset-rich club preferably still in the SPL and therefore Europe which would keep turnover high.

      When this plan was hatched I doubt if AIM flotation was seriously considered and I have never worked out whether the Ticketus deal was part of the Master Plan or an event along the way. In a sense it doesn’t really matter which but it certainly turned into the elephant in the room which could see the D&P deal with the consortium being unpicked.

      There are just so many questions now being raised about how the current deal was put in place and the role of D&P and its predecessor company along with Whyte and Zeus Capital certainly need explanation and it can only be hoped that Lord Hodge is seeking just that.

      Chico is a front-man brought on board by Ahmad but I am less clear about the connection with Ahmad and Zeus Capital in relation to the deal and decision to bid for the CVA and then the Rangers assets.

      But as I have said here many times and as my granny told me on countless occasions: ‘Jist you wait and see, it’ll aw come oot in ra wash.’

      And I have to repeat it – Your main shareholder has never been a shareholder and your 2nd largest shareholder – known as Margarita – may dwell on an island off the Miami Coast although Rangers aren’t sure.

      Let’s hope the SFA and SFL were more careful in their due diligence to establish ‘fit & proper’.

  7. JimBhoy

    I just hope the Green and White find the “perfect harmony” against the world’s best team tomorrow. If we play with the confidence we had in the Moscow game we could get something out of the game for sure, well that an a major piece of luck and better defending. HH…

  8. ecojon

    @ JimBhoy

    I think we might get something at Parkheid – but tomorrow? Although no shame being beaten by Barca – could be worse we might have drawn Sirling Albion 🙂

  9. JimBhoy

    @ecojon 1-1 draw in barca, 2-1 to the bhoys at Celtic park… Gotta aim high..!!

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