Charles Green and Craig Whyte – Connections or Coincidences?

100bjd contributed an excellent post yesterday, having analysed the portfolio of Allenby Capital. This was a company set up by Imran Ahmad, who sold up at Allenby recently to join Zeus Capital, and who has now quit that company to take on a full time role at Ibrox.

That piece raises the possibility that there could be links, either deliberate or coincidental, between Mr Green and Mr Whyte.

One of the companies to which Allenby Capital has acted as an adviser is Merchant House Group, which is very closely connected to Craig Whyte.

It is, of course, possible that Mr Ahmad had nothing at all to do with MHG in his time at Allenby, although, as the top man in the business, he might at least have been expected to be aware of this major client. Mr Whyte has been closely involved with MHG over a number of years, and the other office holders in MHG, such as Mr Holmes, have been close associates of Mr Whyte over many years.

Whilst this does not place Mr Green immediately in contact with Mr Whyte, it does provide a close link to him, and perhaps makes it easy to see why Mr Whyte was in position to effect an introduction for Mr Green’s consortium to Duff & Phelps.

As well as the financial adviser connection through MHG, Allenby Capital and Mr Ahmad, there seems to be a further connection in the legal field, if you pardon the pun (which of course won’t become apparent as a pun till later in this piece).


The Legal Connection

The Lawyer magazine reported in May as follows:-

Field Fisher Waterhouse has been instructed by Rangers FC’s would-be owner Charles Green, as the former Sheffield United chief executive negotiates an £8.5m deal to purchase the struggling Scottish football club.

Sport head Patrick Cannon is leading the Field Fisher team, working alongside corporate partners Christine Phillips, David Wilkinson and Amerjit Kalirai with support from insolvency consultant Robin Tutty and associate Shash Dayal.

Green, who is backed by a global consortium of 20 individuals from the UK, Asia and the Middle East, became the preferred bidder on Sunday (May 13) after US trucking tycoon Bill Miller withdrew his bid for the club, citing worse-than-expected financials and a negative response from Rangers fans.

Field Fisher’s relationship with Green dates back several years, after the firm acted for AIM-listed construction management specialist Formation Group when Green was chairman.

We will pass over for now the reference to the 20 individuals making up the consortium for Mr Green, as many of them seem to have melted away, like snow off a dyke.

Sevco 5088 Ltd and Sevco Scotland Ltd were formed by Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) on Mr Green’s instructions.

As the piece says, Mr Green has had dealings with them for some time, dating back to the Formation Group.

As Ecojon wrote on this site in July:-

Green has apparently been jet-setting across Europe in the last few days presumably in a last gasp attempt to raise funding before the end of the month when the purchase price has to be paid. Help has come from two financial advisors, Imran Ahmad and Brian Stockbridge, previously associated with Nova in Singapore, who are now directors with Zeus Capital in Manchester which claims to have invested in SevGers along with anonymous associates. The two have been given seats on the SevGer board indicating their pivotal importance to Green.

Charlie and Zeus have crossed paths before as the company provided advice to the Formation Group while he was in the chair and in 2009 they advised on the sale of Proactive Sports Management, which Mr Green had previously chaired, to Gresham Private Equity for £22m.

So not just a connection with FFW through Formation Group, but also with Zeus Capital.


FFW is a major player in the European legal field, focussing, as it says on its website on “companies that are highly regulated and those with intellectual property and technology driven business models”.

I am not quite sure where Rangers Football Club Ltd fits into the portfolio of “highly regulated” companies or where the “intellectual property” or “technology driven” business models come into play.

FFW is a large enough company however to be able to deploy experts in many fields and, as The Lawyer noted, experts in the areas of Sports Law, Corporate Law and Insolvency Law were all engaged by Mr Green on this task.

As a highly respected and profitable firm, it would not be a surprise for Mr Green to be involved with such a company as his advisers.

I wrote in May about a “six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” style connection between Mr Green and Mr Whyte. That “connection” came via links to John Michael Edelson, who twice stepped down as a director of a company as Mr Green took up the role, the companies being Gillpollco (No 1) Ltd and Sheffield United PLC.

Mr Edelson is now a Manchester United director and previously held directorships at Regenesis Group Ltd (substantial shareholder in Regenesis Holdings Ltd) and Worthington PLC.

Mr Edelson is described on Wikipedia as:-

“He is an angel investor, venture capitalist and philanthropist who has been instrumental in creating numerous cash shell companies on both AIM and PLUS. As a result of these, he was nicknamed “The Shellmeister” by Richard Rivlin in an article in the Sunday Telegraph in 1996 and the nickname has stuck to this day.”

As I wrote in May:-

When Mr Edelson stepped down as director of Worthington PLC in July 2010, he was replaced by Peter Townsend, a director of Regenesis Holdings Ltd (not Regenesis Group Ltd). Regenesis Holdings owns 14% of Worthington PLC.

On 12th August 2010, a company shown as based in Geneva acquired a 7.54% shareholding in Worthington PLC. This amounted to 890,000 shares. The Company is Liberty Capital Ltd, Route de Trelex 8, 1266, Duillier, Geneva. The contact name is Craig Whyte!

Worthington PLC has a connection too with Mr Whyte as it is an investor in the Jerome Group PLC Pension Fund. On 12th March 2012, CQN reported that the Pension Fund was a claimant of sums held by Mr Whyte’s former solicitors, Collyer Bristow, in the name of Rangers or Rangers Group. It was suggested by Worthington that the Fund was looking at lending money to Rangers and that these funds had been released by the solicitors without authority.

As a final cherry on the cake, the sole director of Regenesis Holdings Ltd is Mr Wulstan Earley. If you search this blog you will find a number of mentions of him and his brother Aidan Earley. Indeed the Earley brothers are involved with Banstead Athletic Football Club, which benefited from a £250,000 payment from Rangers prior to it entering administration!

So, in the footballing Kevin Bacon game, I start at Charles Green, move to Michael Edelson and thence arrive at Craig Whyte. If being pernickety, you would force me to add in Peter Townsend of Regenesis/Worthington as an extra step.

Bearing in mind that Mr Green has said he has only ever met Mr Whyte three times (and I hasten to say I am not doubting him when he does so), that might have been through bad luck as they move, or seem to have moved, in similar circles.

Does this mean anything negative about Mr Green? Of course not. What about his consortium of 20 people?

Until there is transparency and clarity regarding them, then no one, especially the Rangers fans, will know.”

Where do FFW come in to the equation?

Clearly they are trusted advisers to Mr Green. Would it be surprising that other parties also made use of their services? Of course not.

Might it raise an eyebrow to discover that FFW in 2009 were involved in a substantial dealing involving all of the following? In 2009 the four parties mentioned below were linked in a contract for subscription by Regenesis for shares in Liberty.

  • Craig Whyte
  • Regenesis Trading Ltd
  • Aidan Earley
  • Liberty Corporate Ltd


Regenesis Trading Ltd is a company, now dissolved. Its two directors were Peter Townsend, mentioned above too as a director of Regenesis Holdings Ltd and Wulstan Earley, brother of Aidan Earley. It was owned by three companies – Regenesis Holdings Ltd, Chariot (UK) Ltd and Corporate Services Associates.

Chariot (UK) Ltd is a non-trading company, where the present directors are Wulstan and Aidan Earley. Martin Eberhardt and Peter Townsend are former directors.

Talking of dilution of shares, the 2009 accounts, being the most recent I can access, show that there are over 90 million issued shares, with a nominal value of 0.01p each. Chariot (UK) Ltd is an AIM listed company.

Corporate Services Associates Ltd is a company of which Peter Townsend is a director. It has net liabilities of nearly £400,000. However most of that is owed to Mr Townsend. In any event, it does not seem to be doing much, other than owning shares in other Townsend related companies.


Liberty Corporate Ltd is a non-trading company. The sole human director is Thomas Whyte, Craig Whyte’s father. It is owned 100% by Liberty Capital Ltd. That company is apparently owned by Craig Whyte and is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.


Tied in with all of the above are Cairnwell Investments Ltd, a company where Mr Whyte was director. Merchant House were also inextricable involved, with loan funding passing from one Whyte related company to anther.


Cairnwell, in turn, is closely linked to Pritchard Stockbrokers – recently insolvent.


This is important because of the identity of the solicitors who acted in connection with the subscription agreement. We can be certain that this firm was involved as their name is disclosed in the relevant documents – it goes by the name of Field Fisher Waterhouse.

So we have FFW acting for Mr Green and in connection with companies he has been involved in over recent years.

Similarly we have FFW acting in 2009 in relation to a deal involving Mr Whyte, and for at least one of the four parties, three of which are closely linked to Mr Whyte, with Mr Whyte himself being the fourth.


Does any of this imply wrongdoing by Mr Green, Mr Whyte or FFW? Of course not. These parties move in circles which mean that what might at first sight seems unusual is simply coincidental. Bearing in mind the various rumours, extravagant and trivial, flying around about this situation, any connection is going be carefully scrutinised.

As I wrote in May about financial and share issues regarding Rangers, and will repeat now:-

“Until there is transparency and clarity regarding them, then no one, especially the Rangers fans, will know.”


Posted by Paul McConville


PS I see Mr Green has issued a statement promising that the Prospectus will reveal all. I will write about that soon.


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  1. JohnBhoy


    The Universe is 13.7 billion years old and populated by majestic celestial phenomena. Unfortunately, here on earth there are individual beings, with a gravitational pull towards one another, whose main objective is to make money out of others. Tawdry.

    • cam

      Thats not a nice analogy,,its a bit unfair to Coyote Pete.I know that a being of his mass exerts a large gravitational field and that he will suffer having ultras wearing masks and balaclavas in his support to hide their identity,just to make a buck.
      But on the whole(of the moon) i find your comments fattist and unworthy.

  2. ecojon


    “There has been renewed speculation and media comment recently regarding the current shareholders in The Rangers Football Club. A full list of current shareholders will be published in the share prospectus which will be issued within the next few weeks.

    “A lot of attention has focused on investment funds which have taken a shareholding in the Club to date. For example, I would like to clarify that in the case of Blue Pitch Holdings, the legal beneficiary is Mazen Houssami and not Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Capital.

    “Mr Naqvi is a personal friend of mine and I approached him early on in the process about a shareholding but he has not proceeded on the basis that the investment fell outside the core geography he invests in.”

    I noticed that a couple of Gulf financial newspapers had run stories that Naqvi had invested £2 million in June and it looks as though that may have stung him into action – I wonder whether he is still taking calls from his friend?

    I have been also wondering whether chico’s good friend Ashley at Newcastle is also still taking calls from Green. Almost bizarrely chico coughed-up on his discussions with SFL3 that they had agreed to Ashley being able to invest. I have to admit that Ashley is not a personal friend of mine but, even from afar, he has never struck me as the type of businessman who mouths-off without good reason.

    Is he going to invest in Rangers, like the three billionaires who appear not to have a tenor between them for the rangers cause, or is it chico trying to talk-up the flotation. And surely if Ashley was going to invest in Rangers it would be a carefully handled PR pitch as it might make some connected with Newcastle think he was on the road out there. That’s why I don’t understand chico flying solo especially as Ashley being the one putting in the cash should get the lion’s share of the PR.

    • COYBIG


      I think we can expect a few more quashing of rumours etc. from Charlie. As he’s drip-feeding The Rangers fans home truths, before hitting them with the Prospectus.

      As far as Mike Ashley and Sports Direct’s involvement goes, it will probably be the same as Dave Whelan and JJB had with the oldco. The only difference being the terms of the deal. I expect Sports Direct will get a bigger percentage of the revenue, than JJB ever did.

      • ecojon

        @ Coybig

        SportsDirect might not get a bigger share of the revenue but I have no doubt they’ll get the biggest share of the profits 🙂

        • COYBIG


          Ooooo! Pernickety. OK – A bigger percentage of the profits, from the revenue generated, from the merchandise sales. 😉

  3. awesome ..bring them down let justice be true to form.

  4. mick

    great read paul once agian its nice to see your not tireing with it all ,phoenix trading is the only way of discribeing it .theres a new word a learned tonight de-facto director this was a good discribtion of green taken part in the sfa dramas of old co ,Gratuitous Alienation is devo there for all to see but its weather BDO will want to brush it all under the carpet or do whats right for small creditors ,theres romours circling on line that BDO are in on it only time will tell ,phoenixism is viable and real discribtion in my eyes via ticketus as they owned the tickets that the bears are now buying if tu are behind it then it devo phoenixism as it was not a loan they were owners of tickets witch is a asset and if 1 penny of there money has been spent to get money back lost in deal then it ticks all the boxes of phoenixism if any1 linked to oldco has money in newco then its a phoenix also theres romours that murray and king might have been backers of ticketus via offshore its a web of deciet so lets all keep up the good work on behave of stake holders in oldco and see if we can get them some justice ,greens here to fleece them and they cant get a platform to voice there opion which is sad

    • cam

      after careful analysis of your postings, language experts in association with keyboard clattering detectives have come up with two profiles.
      1; You are a computer program using an prototype OS derived from an amalgamation of the sites you spent all of your time on.
      2; A laptop was dropped into the baboon colony at Knowsley Safari Park

      • JohnBhoy

        Mick’s beat narrative is a poetic stream of knowledge and insight. More power to his elbow. You confuse the lack of artificial language constructs with poor writing skills. On the contrary, it rich in style and meaning. There are those who will only ever see a field of muck and miss the meadow of flora and fauna (I threw in some alliteration, and parentheses, to satisfy your craving for proper linguistic devices).

        • ecojon

          @ JohnBhoy

          You know there was always something about mick’s posts that struck a chord in me and now I know what it is: It’s actually the underlying rap and mick is The Glesca Marley 🙂

        • Adeste Fideles

          i always imagine mick as some sort of 60’s beat poet on open mic night.

          with a whiskey in one hand, a ciggy in the other, and a copy of “on the road” in his sports-jacket pocket, he stands in a smoke filled room, delivering stream of consciousness monologues on rangers and pies while a free-form jazz combo plays in the background.

          umm…maybe that’s just me. 🙂

      • mick

        @cam thanks for reading and commenting on my post ,why are you not as detailed in the subject matter would this go agianst your ideology of follow follow ,you dont seem to have a great attention span as you always revert to a kind of polite slagging match rather than faceing the facts your here as you have no platform that is telling the truth and everything you read elsewhere is designed to make you believe greens the real deal

  5. carl31

    FFT verdict is known and if it was in Rangers’ favour we would all know. Expect spin …

  6. Budweiser

    @ Paul,

    Like Mick I believe that ticketus are the true ‘movers behind the scenes’ in this whole sorry saga. According to C.W. on BBC , DM desperately wanted out [because of impending hmrc case and probable penalties on his company!] Lloyds didn’t care where the money came from, as long as they were paid. CW AND TICKETUS had already agreed to a deal to finance the buyout. So everybody’s happy? Why didn’t ticketus question CW’S financial credentials? After all , in the bbc interview ,craigie said,in response to “wealth off the radar”-“billionaire” reports in the [traynor] media,” all they had to do was phone me”. Surely an investing co. like ticketus would have done ‘due diligence’ on CW? Why would they possibly accept his ‘corporate and personal guarantees’ after looking at his financial credentials? I mean we are not talking pennies here.We are talking £25m! Ticketus had to have had more guarantees than cw’s-trust me i’m a good bloke. EVERYBODY .according to CW KNEW that there was a 95% chance of administration and a good chance of liquidation,yet they all still thought there was money to be made. Ticketus backed the blue knights until they ‘couldn’t reach agreement’.IMO Ticketus are the only constant in this affair, and they are determined to recoup as much of their investment as they can. and why shouldn’t they? If the are the ‘shadows in the background ‘ I say good luck to them and hope they get their money back.

    • ecojon

      @ Budweiser

      I know this may sound a bit simplistic but I have often wondered about Ticketus whether they and their English lawyers made the fundamental mistake of believing that they had security over the tickets as they would have done under English law.

      Obviously, as soon as they got a whiff of the legal differences on the matter Ticketus would have been in full metal jacket mode doing anything they could to ensure they got their money back. This would have started long before the Scottish courts found against them and quite possibly before Rangers crashed.

      • Budweiser

        @ Ecojon

        Yes. That scenario would explain the frantic goings on during the bidding process, with ticketus lining up and falling out of various consortiums.
        I do however love the ticketus ‘then. now.forever’ conspiracy theories eg D&P, CW,TICKETUS, conflict of interest etc. all agreeing very early on, on how to make the most money from the rangers situation. The only fly in this particular ointment that I can see is the Bill Miller bid. He seems to be ‘out of the fold’ in having no visible connections to either ticketus cw or d&p. Perhaps D&P had no option but to accept his bid?, albeit through ‘gritted teeth’ and were quite happy when the bid was withdrawn. .Whatever, i still can’t believe that ticketus have quietly faded away as,like chico, they will protect their investment/investors.

      • 100bjd

        Of the schematics of this whole deal the role of Ticketus is the one I find most difficult to fathom. I am inclined to believe, like you, that they tripped up over Scottish Law and simply got greedy and made a mistake. Maybe the conspiracy theorists are right although I don,t think so. I even looked at tax losses on Octopus as an option although that did not work either. I also had a look at the fees for arranging the deal and there might be a bit of mileage in that one.

  7. Great work, Paul. JohnBhoy is spot-on: forensic.

    I know we should not be surprised at the linkages, even though they remind me of the ‘old school tie’ networks that were rife back in the ’50s and ’60s (and we all know the media’s role in helping those cosy cabals). These days, it would seem, it’s all done via offshore and shell identities, and protected by lawyers and laws, particularly libel.

    But that’s all conjecture, and sadly, it’s probably all it can be. The main thing here is that your last line is as true now as it has ever been, probably more so:
    “Until there is transparency and clarity regarding them, then no one, especially the Rangers fans, will know.”

    Following from this, two things continue to absolutely flabbergast me:
    a) Hardly any of this has ever been presented by the mainstream media – after all, this and several other parts of this increasingly tawdry tale would be a godsend for papers looking to attract more readers (it’s perfect for the Sundays) – nor does anyone seem to want to ask about it on the public’s behalf (even the BBC when granted an ‘exclusive’ interview with Craigie boy); and
    b) The vast majority fans of the club continue to be not in the least bit bothered that these questions are not being asked, never mind answered, and are content just to take to message boards and newspaper online commenting facilities to bad-mouth anyone and everyone who just raises the very idea that all may not be as Mr Green says it is – as if shouting about it will make it all OK – and trying to make out that 30,000-plus watching bottom-league players gouge and kick each other on the park is somehow the ultimate Scottish fitba experience.

    Sure, somehow the flotation will be presented as some sort of success – a fantastic result, especially given what has happened to the club, etc. But it’s so obvious that the stage is being set for the same problems that caused the death of the ‘mighty Glasgow Rangers’ to be repeated. If no one supporting the new club (which it is, sorry guys) can’t be bothered to demand some clarity and transparency, I’m afraid they just deserve whatever is coming.

    As a Scottish football supporter, I’d always wish the best for decent fans who have been treated like mugs by successive owners of their club, but I’m finding it increasingly hard to care for even decent fans of what passes for a Scottish football team calling itself ‘The Rangers’.

    • Ash

      Your final paragraph sums up many peoples’ views. Apologies to Cam if my apostrophe is in the wrong place and makes this unbearbably tedious to read.

    • cam

      At last the penny drops,,,trust me Gers fans don’t want the obsessed to “care” about us.We just want to support a team kicking a ball (hopefully with skill) towards the opposing onion bag.
      We don’t need looking out for by philanthropistics in green and white,its our hard earned cash and it helps the economy if we spend it on fitba.The fans don’t care about weirdo’s in suits gibbering about shares.The wee freak Whyte’s, mother must be proud, raising a thing like that.
      Everybody and their auntie knew that there was some “novel” accountancy proceedures going on at Parkhead until the Bunnet stepped in.Did i care? No.Do i care what happens there now? No.
      Don’t concern yourselves with us,move along,be happy,dress up,do the Michael Flately thing,decorate your hoose,build an extension,buy a big telly but stop peeking over the fence at yer neighbours and sweetie wifing.Its not manly.
      PS. not bad for a wee deid team…a world record 49,000 folk turn up in their clubs darkest hours to follow follow! Try and turn that into a negative.

      • mick

        cam yous give out free tickets so it looks full for investors get real will yous still go in the winter its the biggest club in scotland is a sales gimmick you are deluded and green is well laughing at yous am loving it

        • cam

          yup i got in yesterday with 500 free tickets on the understanding that i moved around quickly to make it look as if there were more of us!
          12 free pies each,the ones that went missing! and a free 1000 shares,,,Chico is a lovely guy,,,,Santa in disguise.
          The pubs full of Bears in good spirits,the banter flying.We will still be there in the snow, work permitting,, spending our salaries,giving the missus peace,boosting the economy.
          You can sit in the hoose,trawling freak sites,spouting mince under your pseudonym with deliberate typos.
          It reminds me off being a wain riting cheeeky letturs wi yir left hand so yir mates didny no it wis you.
          Go and fill your heid with someone elses thoughts and regurgitate it in here to your virtual pals,,,thats why Parkheids half empty,,,your all here in these freak sites!!

          • COYBIG


            “Go and fill your heid with someone elses thoughts and regurgitate it in here to your virtual pals,,,thats why Parkheids half empty,,,your all here in these freak sites!!”

            More people have been at Parkhead this season than at Ibrox. Way more people in fact. So, in other words, your little taunt is redundant.

      • @cam – thanks for proving my point. Oh, and please learn to write properly yourself before slagging off other people’s writing.

        • ecojon

          And when we run outa laughs oorselves alang comes a wandering Ibrox minstrel boy to keep us all amused cos he canna stand to watch Rangers TV repeats of all the glorious moments this season which prove that Ally isnae a manager and never will be.

          It will be quiet in hear I reckon for a while after the next Rangers collapse but it’s a bit like the subway to Ibrox another Cheap Leader will follow on and the serried ranks of Bears will dutifully dig deep and again hand their cash over for the honour of also following on.

          Just look-out for that still-closed Ibrox station where a look-alike chico ticket collector is trying to sell old Ticketus season tickets to the soon to be deluded again. And all we will hear is the Old Cry – there wis nay alternative – this is the only circus in town.

          And before ye know it the old share certificate will be oota ra frame and replaced by the latest XYZ Rangers Ltd – ah always knew that frame would be good for something and a could light the fire wi ma £500 share certificate but ah canna afford the coal – price ah buying shares these days is scandalous 🙂

      • Ash

        Help the economy? Explain please. Non payment of taxes, leaving local businesses out of pocket potentially creating long term problems for them and certainly shorter term cash flow issues while the cash flows offshore doesn’t appear to me to do a great deal for the economy,

        Unfortunately what happens at rangers affects other teams. Personally I’d prefer it if they ceased to exist. Better a poor league than a corrupt rigged league.

        Note. Not a Celtic supporter, diddy team and junior team supporter.

        • cam

          Did the fans do any of that? How much tax has Rangers as a club paid over 140 years?How much money has been ploughed into the economy due to the existence of the mighty Gers?
          We dragged the rest of the clubs along in our scattercash years and if it hadn’t been for Murray mints the Kellys and Whites might still be operating the magic turnstiles and the straw would still be on the pitches in winter.
          Certain individuals,not the fans, did the crime.We the loyal mental Bears will do our time and keep smiling along the way.
          Nowt wrong with diddy teams,,,we’re one!

          • Ash

            …but the tax paid recouped in spades by the tax not paid. What about the other creditors?

            The “scattercash” years dragged everyone down, not along.

          • COYBIG


            Murray et al where ‘the club’ you idiot. And just because you paid your taxes over 100 years doesn’t mean you can freely not pay them for at least a decade.

            If you substituted ‘Murray’ for ‘Rangers minded people at a certain bank’, then your arguement might hold some water. The magic turnstiles as you call them, where in affect all over the whole world, even Ibrox. Why? Because it was dads lifting over their sons that made the actual attendances bigger than the official ones. So please, don’t repeat a daft comment like that again, it just makes you look even more of an idiot.

            The Bears are smiling? Well everyone else is struggling to find any, so well spotted. Yes, some might be full of the “We’re pure luvin’ it doon in Division 3 man, so we ‘ur” mantra. But deep down, or not even that deep to be honest, you’re all wondering – is this what it’s come to? Falsely claiming world records, and celebrating the fact we managed to beat a part-time team at Ibrox, as if we’d won the SPL.

            • cam

              Trust me,we sit and have a right good laugh at the Cellic minded sites and when things get hard to Bear we watch super Coop videos and Laudrup.
              In our darkest moments we always keep the clip of the two cellic fans greeting the news of Robbie Keane signing to save the day,,,,when the boy wi the yellow top starts up we are lying greetin wi laughter,,,,it never fails.
              Its not a hardship at all being in Div 3 as it keeps us well away from your lot and the rage virus.
              When we won three in a row we played crap but it was better than the free flowing “Barca” mince .Now we’re playing even worse and its still a great day out.Now toddle along and try to stay outa here when you’re playing the best club team in the world.

      • youtubeyou

        shouldnae even be in div 3….

      • COYBIG


        I think I speak for everyone else on here when I say, I couldn’t care less what you spend your money on. Although, I suspect you haven’t been anywhere near Ibrox, let alone handing over any money whilst being in the vicinity.

        But lets not let the reality get in the way of your little speech. Charles Green has done the same as Craig Whyte did, i.e. bought a club for a nominal fee, then used the fans money to pay off a debt. And when The Rangers runs out of money, a la Rangers, the deja vu will sink in. The only differences are the accent and the fact that Green’s trying to get more money out of the fans via a share issue.

        By novel accountacy proceedures at Parkhead, I assume you’re refering to the suggestions there was more people in the ground, than the official attendances stated? Do you not know that happend at every football ground throughout the world. Why? Because dads lifted their sons over the turnstiles. It even happened at Ibrox, shock horror!

        I think you’ll find anyone looking over the fence, is only looking for a bit of comedy. And I must say The Rangers, Ally in particular, have willingly obliged to provide the laughs.

        Yes, 49,000 fans for The Rangers first ever home league game is impressive. But I wish you would stop reading the Daily Record et al. Because it’s not a world record. I don’t know wether you consider that a negitive, but it’s not ment to be, rather just stating a fact.

      • GWG

        hey pal~~~~ the “facts” of the matter are, Craig Whyte’s involvement would have worked given time, but you have a shit manager that didn’t deliver the European mega bucks to pay for the ever spiralling debts (Not The EBT’s) but the every day debts that was killing you.
        So what has improved since Brother Greens Travelling Salvation Show rolled up Edminston Drive… NOTHING!! you still have a shit manager that is the worst in the business and he would struggle to get another club IN THE 3rd division. You still have debt.. millions of pounds of it owed to Brother Green / Whyte / Ticketus and all the so called investors that will very soon flush you for every penny you care to donate to “THEM”
        I’m not a Sevco supporter but most of my “in-laws” (outlaws) are and the general opinion from most of them are they know they are gonna be fleeced but their love for their club over rules their heads

  8. JimBhoy

    @Cam nice one, personally i couldn’t give a flying f**k about rangers, i just wish Chico would shut his gob..! I hope the IPO is successful and he gets to go sit on a beach far far away… Unfortunately I think there will be more @ssclowns in his image soon to follow to rape the once great club. I am sure there were plenty of obsessed loyal bears when the Celts needed the bunnet.

  9. mick

    @every1 if green entered the stage spoutting he had 3 billionaires in the bag at start why the sudden rush to float ,its all lies hes skint and bleeding cash at the rate of 1mil a month scotland scubbered the deal by say no to sevco in spl ,even if the they got in it would have been more blood as it costs more to play spl than 3divs so at the end of the day rfc sevco are doomed as its a football model evolved from cheating now it has to stand on its own to feet and pay tax this will kill it ,its like me selling jeans in a shop put under the counter a do armani jackets(fake from china) ,the jeans dont sustian the shop but the jackets cover all the over heads and leave a tidy profit but 1 day customs comes and takes the jackets so am left with the jeans that dont cover costs and dont make a profit ,green knows that sometime soon there will be no money thats why theres a rush to get the money in pay tu and then he will ride in to the sunset leaving them skint with lots of bills to cover

    • ecojon

      @ mick

      was that a tenor bag the three billionaires were in as someone’s oan some kind ah exotic substance it seems 🙂

      • mick


  10. ecojon

    Spiers must be feeling the heat as he concentrates on Whyte and gives Green a pass and displays a woeful lack of the forensic insight a journalist must possess to be accorded the title: ‘GREAT’.

    Spiers said: ‘What perplexed me about the midweek fuss over Whyte was this great non-issue about whether it was Whyte or Imran Ahmad who first introduced prospective buyer, Charles Green, to Duff and Phelps. Whyte claims he did the introduction. Intriguingly, Green, while vehemently denying it, also seemed to half-corroborate Whyte’s story, at least in saying that it was Whyte who “introduced me to the administrator.

    ‘But what does it matter? Who cares about this aspect of the story? Amid the great Rangers self-destruction, what does it matter who stood over the first Green/Duff and Phelps handshake? Whyte, to a degree, will remain a mystery. But one thing is for sure: he made an utter mess of his strategy to “pull it off” in terms of re-emerging with a debt-free Rangers.’

    Seems from where I sit that the people in the shadows may well have achieved their goal of a debt-free club re-emerging.

    Spiers has had plenty of time since the interview was aired to spot at least one shade of grey (and I’m not talking about chico’s suit) in the story that is worthy of investigation.

    I’m not surprised that Spiers is ‘perplexed’ over the non-issue of ‘who introduced who’ to D&P in a London greasy-spoon in May 2012. What is much more important is who introduced D&P to Imran Ahmed and when.

    The Zeus Capital website states that Imran wasn’t at Zeus until April 2012 but chico has previously stated being approached by Ammad to become involved in rescuing Rangers back in February 2012.

    STV’s spoiler, to Chris McLachlan’s Whyte exclusive, asked chico whether it was true that CW had brought him to Rangers or introduced him to D&P.

    Chico, being chico, didn’t actually answer any of the two questions but replied: ‘No, he didn’t introduce me to Rangers. That’s not true and that’s not correct. I was introduced to Rangers by Imran Ahmad through his introduction by Zeus.’

    So did D&P, presumably when casting a net to find possible saviours, contact Zeus Capital – why did they do so and when?

    We then need to ask why and when did Zeus contact Imran Ahmad and what his relationship, at that time, was to Zeus Capital. We then need to ascertain when exactly Imran contacted chico and the nature of their scheme and how it fitted with Zeus Capital’s intentions for Rangers.

    Did anything change in the master plan when Imran Ahmad became MD of Zeus in April as I feel sure that such a powerful position would weigh heavily on the SFA and SPL deliberations surrounding Rangers.

    From memory, I thought that sevco entered the Rangers bidding process very late which now surprises me if Imran and Zeus Capital could have been involved with D&P since February 2012 or possibly earlier.

    I wonder how many other parties in the bidding process were treated to the chinese equivalent of succulent lamb 🙂

    I know I have asked a lot of questions and it is a great pity that the MSM have abandoned any notion of professionalism by asking simple questions and being able to inform Rangers Fans of the history involved and also Scottish taxpayers and Rangers creditors who caught a serious dose of bubonic plague over the collapse of Rangers.

  11. mick

    @cam div 3 scotlands newest club not there on merit due to no accounts or open invites for applications after oldco were put out of league and had there licence revoked for non compliance with the rules its a even field now and by eck yous are struggling by eck cam your a lovely fella tellin them tims for green

    • cam

      My glass is half full,,,just think at least 10 years for the refs to do their job without fear of assault.Its nice to see Lenny smiling and relaxed.

  12. mick

    a great read that for any1 wanting to bruch up on this weekends new terminology ,shadow shakers and movers is not a real phrase thou

  13. mick

    am just flicking throw the sites and look whats popped up

    Weatherseal sponsor spl, Octopus Gave 12.5m too solar panel companies last year, launder launder.
    its a web of bent money every were we look

  14. ecojon

    @ mick

    Gawd’s sake mick don’t let the Bears know that the money being ripped-off from Ibrox is sponsoring the SPL 🙂

    They might need to boycott to freeze the cash-flow.

    • mick

      a think thats amazing lol am a right up starter this bright sunday afternoon ,cams back and not mentioned whyte hes blocking it all out

  15. We already know of the company Merchant Corporate Recovery Group and its connections with Mr Whyte. It would be a coincidence, but not beyond the bounds of possibility, that someone of a similar name could have companies with similar names.

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