Imran Ahmad of Rangers – The Portfolio of His Former Co, Allenby Capital, by 100bjd

Having been stimulated by Ecojon’s focus on Imram Ahmed I commented last week about his previous company Hoodless Brennan who were pretty notorious for boiler room tactics on AIM and Plus market shares. I was not suggesting any such situation with Rangers although in fairness the tactics of boiler rooms are to attack and pressurise private investors. There is usually never any institutional involvement in these situations for obvious reasons ie the institutions are not usually stupid.

Rangers fans, I am sure, are not stupid either, although they want to believe badly. Boiler rooms use hooks on people such as greed, pressure, threats etc and “believe badly” could be considered a hook in my opinion.

We have all been following the insane antics of Charles Green as he attempts to get Rangers fans believing in him. I do not have to name all his quotes otherwise I would be rivalling Tolstoy. I will quietly mention that it must have been difficult for Chic to first get involved with Zeus in february as he claims when I note that Imran only joined Zeus in April!

Imran left Hoodless Brennan to form Allenby Capital and had 80% of the share capital having invested £200k. He was quoted at the time as “wanting to do things differently”. A fair enough comment given the reputation of twice FSA fined Hoodless Brennan.

So I thought I would have a look at the Allenby portfolio and measure its success. Firstly however I was interested why Imran had sold his company. Companies house now reveals the two new joint owners of Allenby as being HB Markets PLC and Appleby Trust Jersey……..HB is short for Hoodless Brennan…..and Coybig revealed yesterday that Mr John Patrick Brennan was on the board of Simply Stockbrokers who are handling Rangers internet share dealing. I conclude therefore that Imran and Hoodless Brennan are still associated and working with each other.

Before I list the portfolio I have to say that I have tried to obtain the starting share positions on the portfolio and the latest traded position today. These companies are all AIM penny shares and have had plenty of advisers so Allenby are not responsible for some of the drastic figures I am going to detail. I mention dilution a lot in this portfolio and it basically means that when a company needs cash it has to create new shares to sell thus diluting the existing shareholders.

Rangers are a classic example in that the company has circa 22m shares with a value (set by Chic!) at £20m. He needs to create another 22m shares to raise cash (for what ever purpose) thus diluting the existing shareholders. On a general positions lots od dilutions are bad news as this means the companies need CASH and have to sell more shares to keep going or in a more positive view acquire or invest.

I will start off with the Allenby quoted portfolio-:

3D DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Health Care Equipment & Services 3DD

AFC ENERGY Technology, Hardware and Equipment AFC


AVIA HEALTH INFORMATICS Software & Computer Services AVIA




EVOLVE CAPITAL Financial Services EVOL

GEM BIOFUELS Food Producers & Processors GBF


ILIKA Alternative Energy IKA

IPSO VENTURES Financial Services IPS


LED INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS Technology, Hardware and Equipment LED



MOBILITYONE Support Services MBO

MONEYSWAP Financial Services SWAP

MTI WIRELESS EDGE Technology, Hardware and Equipment MWE






RTC GROUP Support Services RTC

SERVISION Technology, Hardware and Equipment SEV



TEJOORI Investment Services TJI


TRICOR Technology TRIC

URALS ENERGY Oil & Gas Producers UEN



3D Diagnostic Imaging – no profits ever recorded, share dilution of 3x floated at 6p now trading at 0.125p

AFC Energy – never profitable, shares diluted 3x. Placing in 2008 at 11p per share and currently trading at 35p

Atlantic Coal – never made a profit in seven years, 10x share dilution. Placed by Hitchens (ex employer of Chic) at 2p currently trading 0.305p

Avia Health Informatics – no profits ever recorded, shares heavily diluted, raised start monry at 60p now trading at 7.5p

Brady Exploration – no profits ever recorded, heavy share dilution, raised original funding at 115p…this is a long story. This company used to be called Capscon…do not go there!

Cellcast – made a maiden profit last year for the first time since its inception in 2005. The really interesting thing about this company was that they announced that their brokers name had changed from HB (Hoodless Brennan) to Allenby……….A name change!!! Very odd and a matter of public record via Reuters News Service. Oh yes the shares are diluted 3x and their profit was the first in seven years. The original placing price in 2005 was 75p. Todays price is 1.05p

Emprassario Group – Profitable company, share dilution 2x, current price 23p original placing price of 28p in 2009.

Evolve Capital – Well this one will be good! No profits since 2008 inception. Raised capital at discounted rate of 5p in 2010..the price at the time was 1.75p! This company owned a majority shareholding in the infamous Astaire Securities who were heavily fined by the FSA for share misuse regarding one of their clients……WORTHINGTON NICHOLLS PLC…..remember Craig Whytes pension fund fiasco………conclusion of course that all these players Whyte, Imran, Hoodless Brennan and Astaire are all linked… indisputable!

Gem Biofuels – No profits ever since inception, share dilution, placed originally at 12.5p trading today at 1.38p……….hang on stop press Share is SUSPENDED

Global Lock Safety International – Fairly profitable, current share price 4.5p, originally placed at 13p

Ilika – no profits since inception since 2010, current price 38.5p, original placing price of 51p

IPSO Ventures – no profits since inception in 2007, shares diluted 3x, currently trading at 1.55p and originally placed at 85p

Jellybook – 2011 floatation at 10p now trading at 5.08p

LED International – Hugely unprofitable in four out of the last five years. Share dilution 4x. Floated at 10p now trading at 0.295.

Medilink Global – This company was suspended this year for three months for late filing. Current share price at 1.75p, was floated at 18p

Merchant House – Craigiebhoys own company, never made a profit in seven years, share dilution of 10x trading at 0.0425…. Dying any time now.

Mobilityone – marginally profitable, no share dilution, currently trading at 3.50p originally floated at 12.5p

Money Swap – entered AIM in 2011 at 5p now trading at 2.75p

MTI Wireless Edge – profitable Israeli company entered AIM in 2006 at 39p, currently trading at 5.75p

Nasstar – one annual profit in seven years, placing in 2008 at 28p now trading at 11.62p

Niche – total disaster now cancelled on AIM

Noventa – seven years of losses, share dilution 2x, share price on float was 8p, now trading at 3.38p

Palace Capital – share dilution x2 , suspended last year. Placing in 2011 at 2.25p currently trading at 2p.

Proton Power Systems – no profits since inception in 2006, share dilution 30x, float price in 2008 was 80p

Resource Holding Management – profitable company trading at 15p after floatinf in 2008 at 10p………….RESULT!

RTC Group – I did not know that rangerstaxcsae had floated although as you can see anything is possible on AIM! Seriously this company is undiluted and reasonably profitable. It is trading at 14p having floated at 85p

Servision – modestly profitable, shares diluted 3.5x trading at 4.12p having floated in 2006 at 21.37p

SML – Heavy loss in first year, started trading at 5p and now at 4.5p

Tejoori – BVI based company with staggering losses over seven years. Cannot find the float price although this stock was trading at 100p in 2008. Currently 0.50p

The Weather Lottery – no profits in seven years, dilution of 10x, floated at 8p now trading at 0.125p

Tricor – this is a company with a history of boiler room claims against it. Leo Knifton, well known in the art was a director here. The company has a history of suspensions, law suits against directors and has a share dilution of 300x….not a misprint.

Urals – ugely unprofitable company, share dilution of 4x with a float price of 190p and currently at 4.88p with lots of very angry investors

Vane Minerals – no profits in seven years, share dilution of 3x. Floated at 12p now trading at 0.865

XG Technology – There are three companies with similar names here. Floated last year at 0.25$ currently trading at 0.35p

Well there you have it. Welcome to Imrans World………………………a complete semi regulated disaster are full of the same people turning the ordinary punter over almost without exception.

Please Rangers fans ask the right questions based on as much information as you can get. The decision is yours although i do not personally think that your team have a great record here.

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68 responses to “Imran Ahmad of Rangers – The Portfolio of His Former Co, Allenby Capital, by 100bjd

  1. Martin


    cap doffed – respect!

  2. mick

    Imran is a buzz listen to his calls with tommy gold him and brian are interbambot sensations.

  3. mick

    100bjd your well good at the posts keep up the good work



    “and Coybig revealed yesterday that Mr John Patrick Brennan was on the board of Simply Stockbrokers who are handling Rangers internet share dealing.”

    Just to be clear, I read it on another site. So you should check and make sure it’s 100% true, just to be sure. 😉

    • Cockney Rebel

      John Patrick Brennan was registered as a Director of Simply Stockbroking Ltd by the FSA on 28 April 2010. He holds a CF1 (CEO) Approved Status.He is also a Non Exec Director (CF2) of HB Markets PLC – first registered at FSA on 16 November 2009. His FSA refernce number is JPB01106.

      Source: FSA Register

      • COYBIG

        @Cockney Rebel

        Thanks for finding, and confirming it. 😉

      • FSABoy

        Hi, you have misinterpreted the fsa register on John Brennan. Firstly CF1 is not CEO is if Director (CF1 is CEO), secondly if you look at the entry again you will see it has (AR) after it which indicates he is a director of an Appointed Rep of Simply Stockbroking and not Simply itself. The company he is actually director of is called TradersOwn and they provide a social media share dealing website and Simply provide the share dealing platform on that site.

        From FSA Reg

        CF1 Director (AR) SimplyStockbroking Limited 28/04/2010

    • 100bjd

      Thanks and a good point. I have now checked and can say that John Patrick Brennan is not a director of Simply Stockbrokers. He is unequivocably the major shareholder in the company via his control of Beaufort Associates. Better to be twice removed from the deal! Unfortunately Simply’s latest return in Companies House tells the tale.

  5. i would like to know how the original investors make a profit out of this share issue. if they bought 20 million shares at £1 each and then the company sells another 20 million at £1 each that values the company at £40m. that’s more than Celtic’s value a team with cl, spl and the money that goes with that status. they on the other hand sfl and not much else cant generate the profits required to push up their share value or have i got it wrong

    • 100bjd

      The investors have not invested £20m. This is the figure Chico thinks half the company is worth. The investors have probably invested circa £7m CASH. Chic only has to cover this figure to get into the black with his investors. His way to pay the investors the £7m cash plus profit is to have an oversubscribed share issue. I.E. The original investors will be prepared to sell their shares (at the £20m for 50% valuation) to the masses so they will get theur shares. The investors then exit with a healthy profit and no money is seen to leave the building. So if you get 150% take up of the shares then the original boys will kindly sell. Why do you think that Chic was promising that EVERY rangers fan would get their shares! Obviously because he wants to sell everybodies shares. The punters, as i have tried to describe earlier, will get mugged and Chic will be off with his bonus regaling all his mates with the deal schematics. I hope this explains.

      • i thought they couldnt sell their shares for 1 year due to some aim rule

        • 100bjd

          There is no AIM rule regarding lockin. What happens is that your NOMAD (nominated advisor) usually presses the shareholder to sign a lock in covenant to encourage new investors that the funding investors do not sell out the deal leaving the new investors high and dry. Watch what the prospectus says for your answer. Even if you sign the lock in covenant you can still beat the system. An excellent example was the Chic inspired Panceltica which bombed big time. However the major winners were Chic’s man Paul Fraser who was paid $12m dividend cash on floatation and then sold his 14% share, despite a lock in, because of a life threatening disease. Thankfully Paul recovered his health and he is now an exceedingly rich man unlike all the other normal punters who lost everything. These boys know how to play the game…..its their game!

          • 100bjd

            Following on from my last point I have posted before that Chic is not being paid in equity (shares). He is being paid a cash bonus immediately. Shades of the Paul Fraser immediate dividend here. I equally made the point that Chic’s deal was not diluted……he is to receive 10% of the enlarged share value. Clever and fairly hidden away but hugely important.

      • ecojon

        @ bjd

        So does that mean there will never be aprox 40 million shares but only approx 20 million shares?

        • 100bjd

          Chic is selling 22m shares. Dependant on the prospectus he could sell the existing shareholders stake. This is why the NOMADS (nominated advisers) set up the rules of the offering. As Neil points out the shareholders lock in can be used in this area so all Rangers fans should be looking for that at least. In a situation where he has an oversubscribed position as in the recent floatation of WANdisco Plc, the global collaboration software company has secured £15m in an oversubscribed flotation valuing the company at £37m on the London Stock Exchange’s junior slope AIM.
          The Sheffield and Silicon Valley-based company’s shares began trading at 8am UK time this morning with the price per share set at 180 pence. Initially, the company had hoped to raise £10m from its listing of 20,552,110 shares.
          This WANdisco scenario is where Chic is trying to get to. In an oversubscription the nomads plus Chic create what is called a placing list. This list effectively allows existing shareholders to cash their shares in an orderly market position to allow new shareholders to have the shares they have requested.

  6. Burnsy

    Jeezo buddy, that was one hell of a post… Hats off to you indeed.

    If the Sevco fans fall for Chuckles’ latest scheme then with the wealth and quality of information, such as this, available to them, they will have no-one to blame but themselves!!!

  7. Portbhoy

    Paul you put some amount of work into finding out about these carpet baggers.My main concern is not with the Rangers support who look like they will go blindly into parting with there cash,but with the fallout for Scottish football if things turn sour.

    • Martin


      of late I’ve started to conclude that Rangers do not have supporters.
      Instead they have followers.

      They seem to be quite big on following.

      The ultimate fate of the follower, to use CW terminology is to be ‘moneytised’ 🙂

    • ecojon

      @ Portbhoy

      When things turn sour 🙂

  8. ecojon


    What can one say except: Gawd.

    I wonder if Zeus saw that?

    What an absolutely brilliant exclusive!

    Defo: Internet Bampot Clatterer of the Year Award IMHO 🙂

  9. mick

    @ecojon 100bjd is well on the ball what a read Imran must be well loaded all those companys took to the cleaners a bet he has real of the radar wealth

  10. mick

    Field Fisher Waterhouse keep popping up all over the present companys octupus and ticketus and as confirmed by a worker at octupus zues

  11. redetin

    100bjd – great post.

    As a small time punter in AIM (funding my small caps via blue chip dividends) I am just getting to know the territory. The rampers and de-rampers spreading the rumours, the roles of the market makers, who make their money off ae the difference between buy and sell prices and the chumps that line up to be scalped. All play their part in this game; woe betide onybody that thinks they are going to have an “investment” in something called Rangers.

  12. johnboy5088

    Last time I checked shares in Merchant House Group (Whyte is a major shareholder, Allenby Capital are nominated advisers) had been suspended on AIM.
    As were shares in Tricor, who have been appealing against a massive VAT fine for alleged fraud of the “carousel” variety. Heid bummer at Tricor is allegedly Chan Fook Meng, a frontman for convicted bank fraudster Rafat Rizvi. Meng and Rizvi were also involved in Nova Resources (formerly Tembusu Investments). Charles Green was Chairman there earlier this year before leaving to join Sevco. He was replaced by Chris Morgan, who was later named as an “investor” in Sevco.
    When you compare the corporate histories of the people currently involved in Sevco with those on the board of Celtic FC PLC, it’s a bit like Barcelona v Shysters United.

    • 100bjd

      Absolutely correct. I am sure if i drilled into the Allenby portfolio I would produce even more interesting stuff. Try checking out some of the Hoodless Brennan stuff………off the wall stuff really.

  13. COYBIG

    A interesting blog, by :!/2012/10/ticketus-must-own-new-co-rangers.html

    Especially this wee bit:

    “Sevco 5088 Ltd is an English Company, formed by Field Fisher Waterhouse. 35 Vine Street, London, EC3N 2AA, incorporated on 29.03.2012.

    Field Fisher Waterhouse are the Solicitors of Octopus, owners of Ticketus.”

    So, does anyone know if this is true?

    • mick

      yes it is thats the switcharoo to avoid scotslaw and preserve ticketus as a main creditor also it cancels out the ruling made by lord hodge as them not being a owner its all a web of deseit to get ticketus there dosh

      • COYBIG


        So, it wasn’t Charlie Green or Zeus who started up Sevco 5088 Ltd, it was the Solicitors of Octopus(who own Ticketus), Field Fisher Waterhouse?

        If that’s true, then it’s obvious what’s happening. Which begs the question, how can The Rangers fans not see it?

      • COYBIG

        @TheBlackKnight TBK

        Is this what I was ment to look at:

        “Legal Advisors
        Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
        35 Vine Street
        EC3N 2AA”

        And then compare it with this:

        “SEVCO 5088 LIMITED
        35 VINE STREET
        EC3N 2AA

        • TheBlackKnight TBK

          No, I think you covered that previously.

          FFW are Octopus Lawyers (who run the investment vehicle Ticketus)

          Note also the team members who have links to Octopus and, strangely, Newcastle Utd 😉

  14. Martin

    Sometimes Charlie gives sound advce.
    A rough translation, ‘be careful Rangers fans, you might get burned’

  15. mick

    what a cant figure out if all the moneys going to ticketus how are the going to pay for messi for dominance in the new super league ,not to mention the 1mil a month cash bleeding newco

  16. mick

    so after today we can conclude at some point when it all comes out who at the SFA dont a fit and proper test and what if the fsa and bdo stop the float and rfc end up back in admin surely they cant wriggle out of this 1

  17. Night Terror

    Cracking research there, 100bjd.

    The warnings and reasonable conclusions are there for whoever wants to see them.

  18. Dens Park

    Reblogged this on spurtle and commented:
    “We have all been following the insane antics of Charles Green as he attempts to get Rangers fans believing in him. I do not have to name all his quotes otherwise I would be rivalling Tolstoy.” lol 🙂

  19. JohnBhoy

    Ally thinks Charlie has a cunning plan. Oh dear.

  20. Eely

    Only one way to describe that post: Tremendous dynamite.
    Cap well and truly doffed.

  21. mick

    @johnbhoy a had to laugh the night sally said he wants answers to why they went in to admin did whyte not state it was sallys bad results the malmo game was the killer blow no euro dosh sallys got his head in the sand sally killed oldco with his poor manangement skills .

  22. JohnBhoy

    15th Oct 2012. BBC Sport Scotland. Ally believes the difference between Charlie and Craig is “night and day”: “Charlie has kept me up to speed with absolutely everything and I am convinced”
    21st Oct 2011. STV Sport. Headline: “Ally McCoist Supports Craig Whyte”… “He’s been great, absolutely smashing. I spoke to the owner as I always do and we had a good chat”.
    It breaks your heart.

    • mick

      @johnbhoy there all the same crooks in suits out to fleece the sevconians ,sally killed them with poor euro results ,he was sucking up to green murray and now whyte the mans a clown once green gets his dosh for ticketus he will bolt and sally will be left to explian to fans now that will be worth viewing only he has dosh in it this time sally must stay as who else could the whole of scotland laugh at on a saturday the only good thing about him is he unites scotland in laughter

  23. mick

    rangers last match in europe before they were liquidated due to 15 years of financial doping and the biggest sporting cheating scandal in football history

    dont forget theres a tribute team sevco who have adopted the name rangers and play queenspark tomorrow its not the oldest darby in glasgow as its Queens Park’s first game at Hampden in October 1873 was against a team called Dumbreck FC who were based in Glasgow…that would be the “original” Glasgow Derby then so just like the team they are cloned from they seem to lie a lot this sevco tribute have not to be taken seriously

  24. mick

    hopefully they will spin a web round ibrokes the mora and take the 3 points

  25. Dannybhoy1976

    Excellent post 100bjd, and some great research! You have to wonder where are all the posts from lucking sevconians who are usually quick to shoot their mouths off about everything they see as being against them?

    The connections being made in your post and the comments section are glaringly obvious, and it surely spells more bad news for sevco, but just where are the follow followers given that they’re never far away with their blinkered arguments, the silence here is deafening!!

    • 100bjd

      Thanks for that. I think that the Rangers boys who have seen my posts on here and in RTC will know i am independent. At the end of the day I do not like to see working class Scottish people getting duped and lose their money. Some of my points are indisputable and Rangers fans need to ask a few more questions…especially of Ahmed. Chico seems to have their ear but it is definitely Ahmed and Stockbridge that is behind the deal and now they know a little bit more about these people. In the words of the WHO “Dont get fooled again”.

      • ecojon

        @ 100BJD

        When will the property assets leave and how will it be achieved – I supposed they could just keep getting charges against then especially now that they are valued at £80 million.

        • ecojon

          @ 100bjd

          I meant to mention that chico always claimed that he would be getting his 10% commission on the share sale as his payment. But last week it was carried that he would be gettig 10% shareholding. Couldn’t figure out if honest mistake possibly by journo, a bit of puffery to make shares seem a better bet for the Bears – if they’re good enough for chico they’re good enough for me.

          Or is there any financial benefit to be paid in shares rather than commission esp taxwise?

          • 100bjd

            Nothing beats cash so I am thinking journo error. One thing to remember with AIM shares, however, is that there are some tax benefits regarding inheritance. I would not imagine that is the case here and Chic can go and live in Belgium for a few years and pay zero capital gains if he wants.

            • ecojon


              Well he does keep talking about heading to France 🙂

              Have you given any thought as to what shares might be priced for flotation?

              The other thing about this flotation, if it goes ahead, is that after paying off original investors (£7m) + their profit (£3m) + flotation exes (£1.5m) + chico commission (£2m) + bar & club (£3m) Rangers have spent £16.5m out of anticipated £20m flotation. So what happens next as the £3.5m surplus won’t see them through till the next season ticket sales. I have guesstimated figs as best as I can.

              And I keep trying to get my head round this (for the moment forget about the 22m paid and issued shares which have gone to the original
              consortium and let’s just say it’s 20m – does that mean that if he sells these 20m shares @ £1 each to Bears or whoever in the flotation that the company still holds another 20m of shares and what name or company name or indeed company would these be in.

              And what is the next step? Is it another flotation? When do the stadium and training ground get ‘sold’ and leased-back to the club. And if the shares of the original flotation were shorted what affect would that have on subsequent share floats – I can see there would be dilution which could drive down the price.

              Also looking back I see that Green stated that Zeus was a shareholder and that so was Ahmad. I have thought that some shareholders won’t sell right away like Mather or the youth development guy or even Glenmuir or the Ruau Group.

              Sorry to appear so thick but I just can’t get the links to join up in my brain 🙂

  26. mick

    So I’ve never done anything like this before in all my time on KDS. But I thought you might like to know the following things which I’m led to believe are true…

    1) The result of the huns (R.I.P.) appeal against the Big Tax Case has been decided.

    2) It is now out of the hands of those involved in the Tribunal.

    3) The huns/Murray/whoever already know the result.

    4) They lost.

    5) The next week should be interesting.

    Yes I know we’ve heard stuff like this for the last year. And yes I know I’m probably setting myself up for a fall. So take my post with however many pinches of salt you wish. I’m merely passing on what I’ve been told – the information came independently from two sources, both of whom would be in a position to know such things.

    sourced at Generic Sevco thread #1; What’s that coming over the hill is it a tax case? Page 518

    its real and factual any1 that follows the thread will notice the name change what a week were in for next week whyte then the btc lol

    • JohnBhoy

      You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town. Santa Claus is coming to town.

  27. Zombie


  28. JohnBhoy

    Hundemic: collective noun for mass cognitive dissonance.

  29. Ryan-BJK

    What a load of drivvle!! Ur a scaremonger mate writing nonsense for the hoards of toms to read lol it’s actually sad this is all you can do with your time maybe “your club” could find you a job u Cretan!! Watp

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