Mr Green Goes to Belfast

Charles Green’s world tour continues. He has visited Northern Ireland and North America, as well as telling the loyal fans in Scotland what he is looking for in taking his football team forward.

His recent trip to Northern Ireland, at the invitation of Rangers Till I Die Northern Ireland consisted of a number of visits. Mr Green is a tireless mover and shaker, and shook many hands on his journey across the Irish Sea.
Mr Green and his co-director Imran Ahmad visited, meeting with the RTIDNI, various Rangers Supporters Clubs and Linfield FC. This included the prospect of Rangers playing a return match with the Irish club.

Mr Green then met the First Minister of Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson. The purpose of this meeting, according to RTIDNI “was to explain to The First Minister, the disgraceful way that Politicians in Scotland have shown absolutely NO support for Rangers Football Club.”

A couple of points come to mind. Having a moan at Mr Robinson about Scottish politicians might be therapeutic, but how constructively does he think Mr Robinson can help him? It is not as though Rangers can move to play in Northern Ireland, is it?

Mr Green told Mr Robinson “If it was a Pie company going bust with the loss of Revenue to the local Economy and Job losses, Scottish M.Ps and Government Ministers would be bending over backwards to help”. Perhaps the workers in Hall’s of Broxburn might disagree about government backing to preserve jobs being given to every other business in trouble?

It could also be pointed out that Rangers seems to have, thanks to Mr Green’s intervention, survived with minimal job losses. Does Mr Green think that Mr Salmond should have lobbied the SPL to approve the share transfer from RFC (in administration) to Sevco? And how should the Scottish Government have helped the failing RFC PLC, owing millions of pounds in unpaid taxes?

According to the RTIDNI minutes, “Political backing for investment i.e Shops in Northern Ireland was also brought to the table and discussed, and after a lengthy discussion programme Mr Green informed us that he was extremely happy with the meeting and had found it very productive.” Quite how the Northern Irish Executive is to help Rangers within the rules surrounding European state aid would be a challenge!

Mr Green then met the Ulster Unionist Party Leader Mike Nesbitt. A cynic might wonder why, if looking for government support, Mr Green did not meet representatives of the other party in the executive, Sinn Fein. (Or maybe not)
Messrs Green and Ahmad met the fans’ groups and gave a presentation “on current affairs at the Club and their outlook for the future”.
As the RTIDNI minute said “Everyone was in agreement that our Clubs future was looking extremely good with plans of Hotels, Cancer Centre, New Shop, New Ticket office and renovations to Edmiston Club along with Football Academies in America, Asia and widespread Global Marketing.”

Can the hover pitches and casinos of gold be far behind?

Mr Green then answered some questions, though still all those he promised to answer at the end of June, within seven days, have not yet been clarified.
Mr Green’s “main problem was with The Leadership and running of the S.P.L. He said the Agenda from the S.P.L against Rangers F.C and their fans and their constant attacks upon our Club will not be forgotten. He then stated that whilst things are the way they are, the onslaught continues AND as long as he is C.E.O of Rangers F.C, Rangers will NEVER play in the S.P.L again. This was met with a round of applause from the Audience.”

Now, the cynic mentioned above might say that this proves Mr Green’s plans are short-term. Can a responsible CEO decide, in the interests of his shareholders, to refuse the chance to be in the top division? How does this fit his goals of financial success and European competition. As yet qualification for the Champions League via the SFL is not available,
Mr Green explained that “Rangers Shares will ONLY be available Direct from Rangers F.C. They will be sold at first to Rangers Fans and Rangers Fans only, as in Season Ticket Holders registered Supporters Clubs and Members of the Rangers Family. No other option for buying shares will be available.”

If so, Mr Cynical might ask, why appoint brokers and advisers with a view to being floated? Will the shareholders of the former Rangers be alloted shares for free, given them at a reduced rate, or simply allowed to buy in with everyone else? And does this stance mean that a Venture Capitalist wanting to invest £10 million would need to buy a season ticket first?

The report continues:-

A shortened Q&A then took place and was as follows.

Q1: What is happening about the money that is owed to Rangers by the S.P.L etc ?

C.G: “The S.P.L are refusing to hand what is due to Rangers and the fight against these disgraceful decisions was still ongoing.”

However, no one seems to have asked in what way the fight was ongoing, Nor did Mr Green confirm why the money was due to “Rangers”. One assumes he means his version rather than the one owing millions in debt. Mr Green’s position seems to be, although it would help if he confirmed it, that, in his view, he bought and paid for that prize money and therefore he wanted it. This however goes against the statement by Duff & Phelps that Sevco agreed to forego the money due as it negotiated membership of the SFA.

Q2: Would Rangers Consider putting a Team back into the N.I Milk Cup ?

C.G: “This had already been raised by the Youth Team Coach and would definitely be looked at in the future”

Q3: Would Rangers consider bringing out an Orange Top ?

C.G: “Yes, they have a number of designs and are coming near agreement with Adidas”
Good to see the important issues being addressed by the supporters,
Q4: Will you continue with the fight against all Rangers enemies out there as you have been doing ?

C.G: “Absolutely and with everything in my body, I wasn’t a Rangers Supporter when I came here but I am Now”
Now I might be a bit pedantic here, but how on earth do comments like this square with the duty under Scottish football’s rules of showing respect etc? Especially after his bizarre “not proven” verdict from the SFS one suspects Mr Green feels he can get away with saying anything, and who is to doubt him?
Q5: Would Rangers Consider flying the 4 Home Nations Flags alongside the Flags already above Ibrox ?

C.G “I don’t see why Not as the contribution and dedication of Rangers Fans throughout the U.K and the world is second to none and should be recognised”
The next day, after a visit to sites for a prospective Rangers store in Belfast, Mr Green left the province..

How did his views go down amongst the Northern Irish faithful?

“All in all we found Mr Green to be very honest and upfront and along with all the other Supporters thought his plans were excellent. Therefore on behalf of Myself and R.T.I.D.N.I We would like to give our FULL backing to Mr Green and his plans for Rangers F.C.

WE Support fully, his stance with regards to the hatred towards our club and the Agenda by The S.P.L/S.F.A and fully back him every step of the way in his fight against the haters of Rangers F.C and their Fans.

We also Support fully the plans on the way forward for Rangers F.C and we would urge ALL Fans, Fan Groups Clubs etc etc to Support The Share Scheme (I.P.O) which will be put forward by Rangers F.C. and to buy Shares when available.

We believe that Mr Green is the real deal and has the Full Backing of R.T.I.D.N.I and we would urge ALL fans to do the same. We would also urge ALL Northern Ireland Fans, Groups and Clubs to join with us to form a new grouping more representative of N.I. Rangers Fans to not only have a big say at Rangers, but to organise a good convention every year.

So, mission accomplished for Mr Green – fans onside and supporters groups rallying behind him.

I do not want to rain on his parade, but it looks as if the entire visit was designed only to garner support for the fast approaching share issue. Mr Green seems to have learned the lessons from the tenure of his predecessors. Messrs Whyte and Bain did not generally tell the Rangers fans what they wanted to hear. Accordingly they lost popular support. Mr Green is doing the opposite. I do not mean that he would automatically go along with anything suggested by a large enough number of fans, but either (a) he is now a Rangers fans and wants to give them what they want or (b) he wants them to buy his shares.

I leave it to readers to decide what is more likely.

From here Mr Green has returned to Scotland and produced more details regarding his plans, some of which seem to contradict what he says here, but nonetheless I am sure any errors were entirely innocent on his part.

What will be interesting is how the Prospectus for shares will address issues where he is giving the popular responses now, but where the business case justifies the opposite. Whilst it is easy to tell the world that he will not bring Rangers into the SPL whilst he is CEO, what is the betting that, if he hangs around long enough, they will have won promotion, and at that stage he would be able to announce that the SPL had changed enough, as had enough of its members, to allow Rangers back into the SPL, only, of course for the good of the honest men of Scottish football who stood up for Rangers, and for Rangers itself.

As I have said before, and have heard from reliable sources, Mr Green is a super salesman, able, it seems, to sell anything to anybody. He is working damn hard to close this deal now – can he pull of the last big job?


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29 responses to “Mr Green Goes to Belfast

  1. Alison Rathbone

    You missed out JJB sports who went into administration are one of the creditors owed almost £20,000 pounds by Rangers oldco

  2. Macduff

    As with you Paul, I have said before and agree that Mr Green is an astute businessman, who knows his audience extremely well.
    ” Are ye gonna give us orange tops?”
    ” Great, here are my bank details, I’ll buy your shares.”
    Even more amazing is the declaration that Newco won’t play in the SPL. Not on any planet in the cosmos, would Newco having won the first Division, then refuse to join, yet people are buying this.
    Was it PJ Barnum that said ” Get your white Salmon here folks, guaranteed never to go pink….”

    Once he has his tidy profit and moves on, I wonder how deep the support will be then… I can’t wait for that chapter.


    It is easy to convince the desperate, as they are desperate to be convinced.

  4. ecojon

    I saw a news report I think on Saturday re the Orange strip and apparently that has now been vetoed at least for this season.

    But what was it he said to RTIDNI:

    Q3: Would Rangers consider bringing out an Orange Top ?

    C.G: “Yes, they have a number of designs and are coming near agreement with Adidas”

    You can almost hear the sewing machines being revved up. Probably just as well for chico that he will probably be long-gone before another season dawns at Ibrox.

    • merciatic

      I’m not joking here by I expect the next Sevco top to have a sash! Seriously. Maybe a diagonal stripe down the chest and up the back.

      Maybe a red hand (OK I’m joking now). PAISLEY pattern (see what I did there?)…


    Posted by Barcabhoy on CQN tonight.

    18:25 on
    8 October, 2012
    I suggest anyone interested in the Rangers Tax Case and issues surrounding the FTT and dual contracts has a look at this.

    It will also end any arguments being put forward by the MSM on Image Rights.

    This is an official FIFA mandate and therefore sits above national or continental rules, which in any case normally mirror this

    I would urge all interested parties to read in particular sections 4 and 6.

    A brief summary would be RFC are in serious breach, and Celtic have done nothing to fall foul of the regulations

    In light of the news on Sudan and Zambia, Fifa are going to have to deal with a scandal greater than any they have faced before

    David Murray and Rangers should be shortly facing a FIFA punishment beyond anything they have ever handed down previously”

    Can one of the ‘legal eagles’ on here verify or denounce that please, thanks.

    • ecojon

      @ COYBIG

      All seems relatively straighforward,

      But the bit on Image Rights which states: ‘As a recommendation and a principle the individual player may exploit his rights by himself . . .’.

      If this is done through a Ltd company then I cannot see that the club can tax and apply NI at source. So there is no separate payment made to the player and therefore no breach of single contract rule/all payments declared rule.

      However, the group or whole team use will probably still come under the agreement that the FA has just reached with HMRC that all players are graded from A to G (I think) to calculate deduction at source payments for image rights. These individual gross and nett payments would be known to the club so they could report it annually to the relevant association which keeps it within the rules.

      So it looks as though there are no probs for image rights payments and as part of the agreement with the FA HMRC hasn’t gone for back money like the did with EBTs because a previous court judgement put them on very shaky ground over image rights. Hector just wants some tidying-up and regularising and to know exacly what the whole thing amounts to fianncially so that politicians can make a decision as to whether to change tax regulations to claw-in extra money if it looks worthwhile.

      Traynor will need to go and search again I reckon because this one just won’t fly and, in any case, if it did it would IMHO hurt Rangers more than Celtic even although our players are definitely better looking 🙂

      I don’t have a SFA or SPL standard copy contract so I just don’t know what affect any of the clauses in the new Fifa one might have which will affect Scottish football – it won’t be retrospective and won’t affect Hector’s tribunal appeal on Rangers though.

      • ecojon

        And on Sudan-Zambia not an EBT in sight and victory cancelled with 3 points deducted and awarded to the other team for one unregistered player. Makes you think eh?

  6. Well put together Paul, thanks.

    The trip was a few weeks ago, I think (I’m sure I read a link – from mick? – on the RTIDNI minutes), so the ‘not proven’ SFA verdict had yet to happen. Anyway, it seems typical of the man that he gets away with things due to the particular timing of his utterances – and, of course, that he normally talks to people who just want to hear a certain point of view.

    But I’m becoming increasingly brassed off at the amount of people pointing out Green’s ‘genius’ or similar for his salesman abilities, etc. To me it is just the base, low native cunning that most salesmen will recognise – and few of even the best I know would have the brass-neck to accept it as ‘genius’. OK he’s good at selling, but please, enough of the Einstein comparisons; he’s a middle-aged, dodgy Yorkshire businessman with a shady CV running a Scottish football club – hardly a job for a Mensa member anyway!

    No matter, the sales shtick does seem to work so far. Never the less, I find the visit to NI very worrying, and it speaks volumes for the culture in Scotland that I’ve seen no such worries expressed by anyone in the Scottish media (as I’ve said here before, no one down here in England seem to be interested, more’s the pity). While Green, bless him, is just being completely honest about exploring the areas of ‘core support’ enjoyed by the former Glasgow Rangers, I’m not sure how welcome a revival of a vehicle for old animosities is going to be for people who have spent years forging a peaceful society over there. Of course he didn’t meet politicians from both sides ‘across the divide’.

    Let’s be honest, while Green no doubt just sees it in marketing terms, if he really was the deep thinker a lot of people are telling us he is, he’d shy away from rabble-rousing in parts of the world where such words do not just end in tasteless chants and songs, but much, much worse. I mean, at least when Murray brought out the orange strip he had the good sense to try to pass it off as being in honour of their Dutch manager! Now it’s just the subject of a meeting with a sports company. Thanks Chaz, that’s just what Scottish football needs.

    As the Rangers fan whose comments JimBhoy kindly gave a link for in your last post seems to imply so very eloquently (I’ve put the link in again below), surely this new club provides the opportunity for creating something Scottish football can be proud of – not something that just harks back to irrelevant, age-old sectarian sh!te.

    • The problem is Kenny, without the age old baggage that accompanies Rangers FC, T’Rangers FC have no reason to exist. Green recognises that and is exploiting it. I agree it’s not genius but from a salesmans viewpoint, it’s an open goal.

      More’s the pity.

      Excellent post by the way, IMHO.

    • Mick

      Hi kenny thanks for a mention you know my bam pottery is prolific and my aim this winter is bench mark clattering it’s tough for the more professional amongst us to juggle there own life’s and at the same time keep up with all or demand for truthful news that’s we’re the commenters can come in a play a wider part by doing articles for Paul to post .things are moving along at a steady pace but over the next couple of weeks a think we’re going to have a lot of articles to debate so it will be hectic and the debates will be intense and as per usual full of banter and passion if any1sees anything of interest do a short paragraph copy and paste the article with it send to Paul via web add at top he will vet it and if it’s related to debates am sure he will up load it for us to debate over .greens a pure chancer am wondering how much of the cash at the gate he’s took already lOl

  7. ecojon

    saw this on a site and had to post it as it says it all 🙂

    Football Share Gifts – Gift Details

    This is your chance to have your say in the future of your club, receive annual reports and invitations to the teams AGM’s.
    Teams Available

    Only Celtic is currently Available, This is due to Rangers going into Administration.

    Other teams are privately owned and therefore it is not possible to own shares in these clubs.

    • My sister paid £30 to buy a share in Celtic for my old mans’ Christmas from an organisation such as this and got stiffed.

      I know nothing of Footbal Share Gifts and mean no slight on them, but proceed with caution.

      • ecojon

        @ Althetim

        I wasn’t recommending purchase and in fact the site in question is ‘out of stock’ on Celtic share deals. It was more of being a little naughty in the sense that how come the never-ending club shares are unavailable and worthless – why didn’t they just continue or be converted into new Green shares on a 1:1 basis. As they say: ‘What’s shure raday might not be shure ramorra’ 🙂

  8. I’ve said before and will say again, I have huge admiration for Charlies M.O. I am in sales myself and his pitch is perfect. His customers not only have a need for his product, they have a desparate need for it and Charlie has got it taped (his product being a continuation of Rangers FC(1872 version)). A dream scenario for a sales person.

    An orange strip? Apart from the shameless exploitation of Rangers fans during Dick Advocaat’s disasterous (in a financial sense) tenure, where did that figure in Rangers FC’s history? What possible reason would Charlie have for offering up the possibility of an orange T’Rangers strip to the RTIDNI?
    Rhetorical question.

    The Sheep formerly known as Bears are being led a merry dance. Tears will be shed, hair (or wool) will be pulled and teeth will be gnashed when the Sevco flavour Rangers crash and burn, which the surely will. It’s not as if they haven’t been warned.

  9. ecojon

    Definitely rhetorical question 🙂

    However if orange strips are worn by Rangers I believe it would be seen as anachonistic, probably offend some people and generally be viewed as a PR disaster by the more modern Scotland we now have because all normal people know the colour has no part of Rangers history and know exactly why it is being worn.

    • martin c

      Agreed also, and with the same brush as already reported the whole rangers brand is tainted with triumphalism, might is right, imperialism and is sorely out of fashion and why globalisation is only going to be effective on those who already support Rangers. (this is paraphrasing another poster, i can’t remember who, where or when so apologies)

  10. NumbNuts

    The reference to orange strips must be an error. They are not still honouring the dutch players of the Advocaat regime are they? 😉

  11. Mick

    Great reads Paul today greens saying we will get more info in the next week about the share issue he desperate to claw money in as the 30mil miller black hole is well kicking in also tickets and whyte must be putting him under presure also the spl monies belong with old co also greens well playing with fire no water what happens he’s a crook in a suit and will walk loaded

  12. merciatic

    I think Green must be confident that there won’t be an SPL and why he can say he will never join. We have saw already that deals were being done and I am sure league reconstruction will be at least attempted.

    Why do Green and Ogilvie want to meet now? Is there some documents at Ibrox Ogilvie would like to direct Green to to get rid of? I find it suspicious.

    How can something said on record bring a not proven verdict? Surely it either is or isn’t? They are saying they don’t know or aren’t sure whether what was said was disreputable or not.

    I truly was astounded at the comment about Scottish politicians.

    • Mick

      The goal posts are being shifted to suit greens sevco maybe it’s time the spl clubs flexed its muscle with some kind of peaceful fan protest to out campell ogilvie and his crooked pals there as arogant and desperate as ever

  13. Thomas

    Outrageous suggestions Paul!
    I met ‘Brother’ Green in Airdrie just the other day just up from the Shirrif Court, lol 967.
    The man kissed both my children while explaining the all the deeds that they have done to The Peepol.I paid him top dollar for 4 jars of Orangeboom Snake Medicine and wished him well, he mentioned on his leavin that Admirral have signed up to provide Orange carpet bags coming soon, just like his!
    I gave him my wedding ring as downpayment, he

    • Mick

      Am not able to copy and Paste this week but if you put in Tsfm there’s a sound article from barca bhoy 1of our great clatters who like myself is here for the long ride to out the truth it’s the FIFA docs. minimum requirements of registration well worth a view .green must be sweating and a think he’s having the dark side of rfc on board to intimidate the process of justice about to unfold its a tusunama tidal wave and it’s going to soak the lot of them and sfa

  14. rik

    old news but hes still a F4nny.

  15. Robert

    With regards to the comments made in this blog relating to media payments.

    A player’s contract is only required to cover payments (of any description) made for playing football (or training) for their club, it is not required to cover payments made for non football playing activities.

    Thus payments for the players media rights do not need to be included in the player’s contract.

    However, in simple terms, if a player is receiving a payment of a certain amount from a club, then to minimise income tax and national insurance, the percentage due to playing football is minimised and the percentage due to media rights is maximised.

    The problem is that HMRC have had serious issues with the high percentage of media rights claimed which they regarded as excessive. As a result, the ratio of playing payments to media rights payments have had to be adjusted to levels which are acceptable to HMRC for a number of football players.

    The consequence is that if the playing to media rights payments ratio is modified, then the player will be paid a different amount for playing for their club, that that which is recorded in their contract and thus the rules will have been breached the rules.

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