A Busy Day for Craig Whyte? Sued by his Glasgow Defamation Lawyers Too!

I must say, yet again, that after the original tip by Duplesis re Inverness, the Scotcourts website has again come into its own!

A wee check, and this came into view.

As well as the bankruptcy petition in Inverness on 3rd October, another case is listed for that date, this time in Glasgow Sheriff Court.

21 Bannatyne Kirkwood F – v – Craig Whyte Bannatyne Kirkwood France & Co – ms fs




This is down as a Summary Cause claim by BKF, well known defamation specialists, and the lawyers instructed by Mr Whyte to sue the BBC after the first BBC Inside Story programme last year (how long ago that now seems).

A Summary Cause means an action for between £3,000 and £5,000.

However anyone expecting to see him attend court is likely to be disappointed. Unless he, or a lawyer on his behalf, has lodged papers at court stating that the action is to be defended, or that he admits the claim, but wants time to pay, then the case will not call, having been dealt with administratively.

The fact that this case calls on 3rd October as does the sequestration petition is coincidental.

It does however show that Harper Macleod was quicker off the mark with their action, as they are at the bankruptcy stage, whereas BKF are just starting.

I imagine this means that Mr Whyte does not intend to continue with his case against the BBC!

It is, to pout it mildly, unfortunate to be in court pursued for payment of debt by two of your former layers on the same day.

Carter-Ruck and Partners, the English libel experts, had for many months an entry on their “Recent Work” page stating that it was acting for both Mr Whyte and Rangers regarding the BBC Inside Story programme. That entry is no longer there, at least as far as I can see.

Maybe Mark Daly’s next programme could be entitled “the Rise and Fall of Craig Whyte”?

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6 responses to “A Busy Day for Craig Whyte? Sued by his Glasgow Defamation Lawyers Too!

  1. Chris G

    This archived Newsletter [PDF] on Carter-Ruck’s website states that Carter-Ruck advised Craig Whyte re: the BBC documenary:

    Click to access newsletter_winter2011.pdf

    “Rangers FC
    Ruth Collard advised Rangers FC and its Chairman, Craig Whyte, in
    respect of the BBC Scotland programme “Rangers – the Inside Story”,
    broadcast in October 2011.”

  2. mick

    they have dropped the civil case as it would encriminate them all when the criminal case which is in the pipe line comes in to play 100mil come on pf hurry up and serve some indicments the whole country wants the truth via criminal charges at the high court

  3. miki67

    Bluff, bluster and bombast…..the rangers….ay ready…..the house of cards always starts to fall when the Joker stops being funny.
    Whyte is a criminal, as are all the vulture capitalists in this venture. Not funny at all. The sums of money squirelled out of the country are more than paltry to a nation of Scotland’s population.

  4. Northbhoy

    So smoothie Whyte, like the rest of them just slides away !
    What price the rampant lion of rangers.

    well spotted Paul
    Well done Paul

  5. carl31

    Glad to see you’re not using the Private Eye nickname for Carter-Ruck and Partners…

  6. Ernesider


    You wrote – ” It is, to pout it mildly, unfortunate to be in court pursued for payment of debt by two of your former layers on the same day.”

    I believe Oscar would have described it as carelessness.

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