A Bookstore Bowing to the “Illiterati”? – Guest Post by “A Book Buyer”

The following post was sent to me last weekend. However after due consideration I felt that it was  better to await some official comment about the book, rather than simply provide an “anecdotal” account.

The website of Frontline Noir, the book’s publisher, now has an article on it titled “Clairvoyant Reviewers and other mysteries”. It is well worth a read.

It is appropriate now to post the piece sent to me by “A Book Buyer” last weekend.

To be fair, whether threats have been made regarding sale of the book and if these are simply in jest or something more serious is a matter which would be dealt with, should complaints be made, by the appropriate authorities at the due time. However, it is clear that, in certain bookstores, there was a perception that selling Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s book might cause bother. As the “Book Buyer” says, there was perceived to be, in some quarters, “potential” for disorder.

Instead, as the Frontline Noir piece makes clear, all that has happened is that the book has shot up the best seller lists and is on a fast track re-printing schedule.

And so to “A Book Buyer” and his piece written last Saturday.


Bookstore bows to the “Illiterati”


I have no interest in Scottish football largely because I find there is precious little football worth the watching.

I have tried to capture the sense of spiritual fulfilment attained by my friends by accompanying them to numerous football stadia but on each occasion I have reached the conclusion that I would have gained much more satisfaction sitting at home sticking pins in my eyes. No pun intended but I do not see the point of grown men surrendering their emotional wellbeing to a group of people who are at best often unreliable in their application to the task in hand.

I am however interested in the cultural milieu that surrounds the game of football and it has been with increasing disbelief that I have followed the implosion of the team formerly known as “Glasgow Rangers”. This sad and as yet incomplete story has confirmed my prejudices  (I call them reasoned arguments) about the corrosive effect which blind acceptance to a group loyalty has on our social wellbeing. And it is that social well being that I found had been greatly diminished when I went to buy a book.

Today I went to a bookstore to buy “Downfall” . I had expected the book to be on full display, possibly even a book signing but there were no copies of “Downfall” in evidence. I searched the bookshelves but to no avail. I asked the sales attendant if the book was in stock and “Yes” it was but not displayed in the bookstore. Copies of the book were in fact stored behind the counter and “Yes” I could buy one.  For the first time in a lifetime of book buying I finally bought a book that was, if not literally “under the counter”, then the next best thing to it.

However this is not a case of “Shame on the Bookstore”, they have a duty to protect their staff and customers from the potential of abuse and harm. Rather it is a shame on all of Scotland that our country harbours and nurtures such a  virulence that a bookseller is so intimidated by the potential for disorder in their store that they refuse to display a book. When will the book burning commence?

regards to one and all,

Book Buyer.



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  1. Burnsy

    I have, for a long time, been firmly of the opinion that the bigotry in Scotland will only begin to die down when the gates of I-brokes, so long a safe haven to encourage the growth of hatred, close for good.

    It won’t end completely, nor is bigotry solely in the domain of I-brokes, but it’s long been accepted that the terraces there have done nothing but help to magnify the hatred from their ‘fans’.

    When they go there will no longer be an institution for the MSM and the SFA/SPL to pander to, and the cheating, financial doping and shame brought into our game will go too…

    Maybe one day soon we’ll cease to be the the Most Bigoted Wee Country in the World…

  2. TheBlackKnight TBK


    I have it on very (VERY) good authority that the books were removed from display due to a high number of reflective items “que vicini”.

    I am told by someone ‘in the know’ that concerns grew after an ‘incident’ in the cafe area involving a glass of 7up and the reflection of the book cover. The glass itself, with an inverted cylindrical face exactly at 23deg had revealed a message to one unsuspecting bookworm.

    A complaint was made and the books removed. Normal service has since resumed as 2nd,3rd,4th and soon to be 5th print runs of this fast seller do not, I am assured, contain any message what so ever! I believe them! There is no message! None whatsoever! Nada! Nothing! Especially not in a mirror positioned at 23deg north…… 😉

    • mick

      @the bk your so masonic your last bit sounds like the statement from johnstone the other day full circle lunditude lol

    • eddie rice

      It has been Universally proved that there is a degree of uncertainty surrounding the cover of this book. Those who are circling hoping for the universe to expand and reveal a knowledge that was unbeknown before may be inspired to seek that which is never seen 😉

      Hope that clears things up.

  3. TheBlackKnight TBK

    If you don’t believe me look at #RFCDownfall!

  4. mick

    just as well you used a nomdeplom “book buyer” or you would have been the subect of a thread over at swallowswallow ,its shocking that a football club can become a monster of hate and deludment its even more shocking in a democracy that no politian has comw out and mentioned it lets hope that sevco go bust by xmas and the bulldozers move in as that is what should happen when a football team start to rule the country and its media sources ,also msm mainly the scottishsun should hang there heads in shame for giving in to a baying mob and would rather keep as a friend the monster of ibrokes over the rest of the nation ,good luck to phil and am in no doubt it will be a year of lots of awards for him ,a would just like to say to the book haters were are not at the back of the bus anymore were driving it and your not getting on ding ding ,the other day some said a was a philmacobite phil now has a name for his followers and lets hope he does a book about the horrible reaction of the sevcoians so the world can read what they are really like also it would be good if paul done a legal book on it highlighting the critical points and the laws around it that might or might not have took us to were we are today on it ,the whole country is laughing at the sevcoiains and there bully tatics are falling on deaf ears its games a boogie for them there not getting there heads round scotlands not for being bullied anymore

    • Burnsy

      “lets hope that sevco go bust by xmas and the bulldozers move in as that is what should happen when a football team start to rule the country and its media sources”

      That would be an ideal Christmas present, and mark the opportunity for our society to turn and improve, but I fear there are too many hell bent on preserving them and the malice/hatred and bigotry they represent.

    • cam

      A thread that contains the jibe Illiterati and then we have the above!,,,,the mind is boggled.
      The bigot who authored this copy and paste pamphlet has been dealt with.
      His and one of his amigos-Thommo- credibility have been ruined.A guy who slags off the MSM then does a deal with them??Integrity?
      I blame the schools.

      • ecojon


        If anyone is a bigot it is you and I have copied in a reply I made to you in another thread and anyone who wishes can read the matter in context and draw their own conclusion as to your nona fides.

        September 15, 2012 at 12:40 pm


        Oh the selective use of bits of someone else’s posting to suit your own agenda – I actually thought you were better than that but now I see that your jolly jape quips are just a front which you use to mask and hide your bile.

        You stated: ”Celtic fans don’t act in the same way” when in fact the full quote actually is “perhaps because they don’t act in the same way might be the answer”. Most fair-minded people would agree there is a world of difference between the quotes but to someone like you with a narrow vision you are capable of twisting anything to suit your own ends.

        As you are probably well aware I have often posted on here and pointed to the fact that Celtic has its nutters that I don’t agree with mainly because they attempt to use a football club as a vehicle to progress a separate agenda which has nothing to do with football. I believe that they are a much smaller percentage of the fan base than found at Rangers and I believe this is mainly down to club management attitudes and also a more distanced attitude by the vast majority of Celtic supporters.

        I see you make no mention of the other post in the same thread where I state: ‘There also may be questions of civil rights involved in the searching and photographing but I have the feeling that will probably be taken care of club rules and ticketing conditions.’

        That was me recognising the legal ‘issues’ raised by the Bears re the searching, questioning and phorographing that the Bears in the section were complaining of. Would it have suited your biased agenda more if I had totally dismissed their complaints and just said well the cops must have good reason for what they are doing. It may well be that the cops do have but my response was not to dismiss the Bear argument out of hand because an attack on the civil liberties of any group can lead to it spreading to others.

        I don’t expect you to understand my attempt to be even-handed as sadly I have come to the conclusion that this attitude is not one held by bigoted people who think not just that their argument or position is the correct one but that it is ALWAYS the case.

        To sum up: I will never laugh again at what I thought was your genuine humour – I now know what you are and it ain’t funny.

        • cam

          You like the blogger have already been outed and dealt with,Mick is to be admired for his honest in your face approach,he is a tank coming at you full speed whereas you are sniping from the bushes,undercover,sleekit.
          Consider yourself dismissed and free to carry on with your obsessive trawling.

          • ecojon


            You are the man who tried to hide his hatred behind a mask of jollity and all you really are is a rather sad-faced clown when the mask is removed.

            Carry on with your rants I much prefer them to your adopted humour – as now everyone can see what they are actually dealing with.

            I must be really getting up your nose big-time that you honour me with the accolades: ‘sniping from the bushes,undercover,sleekit’. At least I don’t wear a mask LMAO.

            And as your delusion that I troll anywhere it shows how little you know about me as I wouldn’t spend one second on any Rangers site trying to present a separate opinion from the mob-mentality which rules. But as usual you just twist and lie and make it up as you go along.

            I also like mick’s approach – of course I know that you actually detest him and what he stands for and so does mick I am quite sure. The main thing that you totally miss with mick is that his compassion and concern spreads over so many topics far beyond football anywhere in the world there is oppression – it puts your narrow-minded sectarian Ibrox-centred focus in a very clear light.

            • cam

              Trawling as in sniffing around for tittle tattle that you can dress up as neutral comments that invariably have a wee sleekit dig at the mighty Gers.
              Trolling as far as i’m aware is some internet term.
              There is no hate in my heart,but i like to reply to the deluded amongst the bhoys just to give their rudder a wee correction.
              Detest Michael? Impossible, i don’t know the guy.Disagree with much of what he says but i’ll leave hatred in your own capable hands.
              Agent Blue has inserted me amongst you as a Trojan correction virus.As we continue our debates you will find yourself pausing between typing,difficulty in concentrating,rage levels increasing.
              This is the first stage,soon you will be frequenting internet sites involving crossbows and hunting knives,some subjects also visit rubber fetish sites so i recommend you delete your web history regularly.
              The final stages usually result in the subject being found at his pc naked with a Jaffa inserted in his nether regions,so if you find yourself hanging around the fruit section in Tesco i suggest you seek help.

            • mcfc


              You no idea how ridiculous and unstable you sound to normal people – seek help.

      • Ernesider


        “He who will not reason, is a bigot; he, who cannot, is a fool and he, who dares not, is a slave.”

        Sir William Drummond of Logiealmond (1805)

        Take your pick.

        • cam

          The only part of your post that is your work,,,”take your pick”.When you have an original,cutting,witty retort then load,take aim and fire,otherwise begone.

  5. Bill Fraser

    Unfortunately the “Illiterati” would like it to go on public record that they voluntarily left the SPL and asked to be housed in SFL 3 due to sectarian persecution to which they were subjected. Whether the history of Scottish football will be rewritten is yet to be seen but the victims (I’m sorry as I know how much the word “tims” upsets them) are fighting back to see their honour restored. Lot’s of kisses from Glasgow (if you don’t agree with them).

    • Burnsy

      Voluntarily left?? That’s made me chuckle… You lot keep telling yourselves that.

      Victims?? The arrogance… The only victims are the small business holders left out of pocket and the UK Taxpayer left having to cover the funds stolen by your, now dead, club.

      The only people in the footballing world who actually believe your propaganda a rhetoric are indeed “ra peepul”, everyone else smirks and chuckles at your delusions…

    • Yeah, voluntarily left the SPL by applying for membership, pleading to be admitted, and taking it to a vote before being utterly humiliated and rejected in a miasma of tears, snotters and threats.

      I voluntarily don’t go out with Mila Kunis.

      Bill’s got it spot on 🙂

    • Bill Fraser

      Interesting to see how many people have voted on this post without even taking the trouble to read it properly. Before you vote look at it again and you may just discover that it isn’t written by a Sevco bigot but by someone who totally disagrees with their mentality.

    • Thomas

      Bill….your ….team…..are …..dead….you ….are….an….ancient…..bigot…..bye….your ….grandchildren….will….support ….Celtic…….sleep….well.

  6. mick

    heres another of phils storys dallas gate

  7. mick

    this what happens when they get upset this is what alex calls the fabric of our nation

  8. Excellent, Book Buyer, couldn’t agree more (about our collective shame – I think the football’s been quite decent). .

    Btw, Phil’s publishers may have missed a trick with the cover design – it should look like a brown paper bag with the ‘real’ cover poking through ;0)

  9. mick

    stand up to the bully and remember the past or we could end up back were our forefathers began scotland is becoming universial the bully is trying to stop it

    • Ernesider


      “Whoever wrote the above, wrote it well,
      For the same is written, on the gates of Hell.

      • mick

        Just 20 minutes from Cork on the Bandon River lies the flourishing town of Bandon, a gateway to the scenic beauties of West Cork. Bandon was a walled town founded in the time of Elizabeth I as a bulwark to protect the English conquest from the neighbouring Irish – a Protestant colony our ‘outpost’ in Gaelic terrain. In 1608 Richard Boyle received the lands of the expelled Gaelic Chiefs (the MacCarthys, O’Mahonys, O’Driscolls, Desmond Geraldines)and planted lands with English Protestant settlers. Over the town gate was written “Turk, Jew or Atheist may enter here, but not a Papist”. A local bhoy is said to have added: “Whoever wrote this, wrote it well – for the same is written on the gates of hell”.

        • Ernesider


          Got that story from my father. He attributed the couplet to a Catholic servant of Dean Swift’s called John who was forced to wait outside the town while the Dean conducted his business. But I don’t think he ever regarded the story as exact history

  10. mick

    wee lilly tells them like it is

  11. or maybe the book wasn’t selling that well ?

  12. gerry31

    “If the plan works don’t change the plan.
    If the plan doesn’t work don’t work the plan harder change the plan”

    I don’t remember where I read or was told this but it’s something I’ve often borne in mind when trying to reach an objective. 

    It’s relevence here is simply that the illiterati’s plan works, in it’s own way. 

    Their plan is one of simple intimidation. Threats which are often backed up with action. Disagree with them, even by means of rational debate using evidenced arguement and you’ve got a problem. They tell you so in advance!

    Let me immidiately accept that not all sevco fans are the same but it has to be said that the ones who shout longest and loudest tend to hold sway. Predominant within that group is their new owner & current manager.

    Aided and abetted by a press whose basic logic accepts rangers guilt and culpability then agrees with the hard of thinking that they have been treated unfairly. 

    Most recently we see the MSM check legalities of Juninho’s EBT (at least they’ve now learned to check facts) and on finding it within the rules of the game and law of the land, proclaim that fact to be an example of double standards!

    Why do they behave like this. Are the reasons born from prejudice, greed or both, who knows!

    Although booksellers don their hardhats and flackjackets when asked if they sell ‘Downfall’ I take encouragement from the fact that they still do. 

    Regardless of that, I’m sure sociologists around the world will be soon have vibration white finger from frantically clicking away at their keyboards writing dissertations on Scottish societal neurosis and why non fiction books have to be hidden from public view under threat if attack. 

    Mad. But still poetic and literal justice making Downfall a best seller. And proof that for all our shortcomings, Scots aren’t so easily bowed afterall.        

  13. Alexander Kerr Murphy

    Hi All,

    I am still struggling to accept that a Book can be more or less Blacklisted in Scotland in this day and age, it seems ridiculous, but at the same time I think it is unacceptable to pander to all religious factions, can you kill someone just because someone else made a Film or Cartoon of your religion, Ha, in Islam you can, sorry I digress.

    I have read Incubator by Phil over and over again, I, as a Catholic and Celtic Supporter find it Offensive, it is not a reason to Burn a book, but in all honesty, even though it is meant to be sarcastic, I can understand why others can be offended.

    I must admit that although I hail ( Hail ) from an Irish Catholic background, born and bred in Scotland, I have never encountered any non Football related Sectarian abuse, indeed, the only time I was called a Papist was in Cambrigdeshire, England, and do you know what, I am a Papist as I am a member of the Church of Rome.

    I have also at times, called my Friends Orange BXXXXXXds / DOBS/ Idiots / Castlegrey Skull Zombies, Tax Dodgers, ect, ect , ect, but all in good humour, no malice involved.

    RFC / SEVCO legalities, I leave to Paul, commensense, I rely on my own principles.

    BDO will pick the bones, maybe over 5 Years, CG is the best Stand Up since Billy Connelly, the most worrying aspect for me is Ally Mc Coist, a prolific goal scorer, good commentator, all round good guy, who, now, for some reason has become a Bigot, this from a Man who had the grace to carry the coffin of TB into a Chapel, we all remember Him and Walter, they took an unprecedented step, broke down so many barriers, what or who has made him the person he is now ?


    • ecojon

      @Alexander Kerr Murphy

      I’m afraid that sadly Ally is driven by money and he has to dance to Green’s tune or he’s out on his ear it really is as simple as that.

      • Alexander Kerr Murphy

        I bow to Superior Judgement, but if all CFC Fans think about what AMC and WS did for TB, it is not comprehensible where we are now, AMC has enough money of his own, the problem is, I think, Ecojon, is what can change a Normal Mans mind so much, that is the scary part that I cannot comprehend

        • ecojon

          @Alexander Kerr Murphy

          You raise a pertinent point and I now wonder whether the happy face that Ally has portrayed for so long was actually just a mask to hide behind. I must admit that I started to wonder about Ally after the flare-up with Lennon when he obviously said something deeply offensive.

          I now look at him and listen to his mouth music and wonder what tunes are playing in his head – it certainly appears to have little to do with football given his team’s on the field away performances in the SFL. Perhaps as I have previously suggested he should concentrate on football and cease being either the Rangers ‘saviour’ or sole carrier of the club ‘flame’.

          • Martin

            Refering to people as bigots is not such a simple matter.

            Bigot like racist are not things which you either are, or are not.

            Rather they are best considered as a kind of continuum. At one end of the line is a peace loving inclusive believer in multiculturalism, who respects the rights, beliefs, sex and sexuality of all people regardless of race, or nationality ( I hope I covered most things there). At the other end is a rabid monocultural genocidal maniac.

            Whether we like it or not we are all on this line somewhere (hopefully closer to the first case than the second)
            It is allways useful to consider were we are on this line, and perhaps more importantly in which direction we are moving.

          • cam

            Check documented footage feely available of Lennon spitting on a Gers scarf,and mouthing inflammatory comments as he receives his ordering of at Ibrox.
            Look at his saliva spewing bust ups with referees,research his comments in the tunnel at Ibrox.He is widely regarded by Celtic fans as a hero for defending his club and his demeanour strikes a chord with the majority.Then do a comparison.
            Seeing any differences?
            Why do you think the family of the late great Tommy Burns would invite Ally to carry that fine mans coffin?
            Go back to your favourite topic and have a dig through his bank statements,sift through his bins for anything you can present, in your peculiar little way,that could be construed as shady.
            Ally McCoist had a more lucrative tv career if money was his god.Any suggestion that he dances to Chico’s tune can be disproved by his frequent announcements regards the direction the mighty Gers are headed.
            Like Walter, Ally has far too much dignity,class and self respect for an internet sweetie wife to question.
            Each post of yours lately has drawn away your veil.Revealed as a Gers hater of the first magnitude,it would be more noble and honest to adopt Micks approach to the doing down of the mighty Gers.

    • Bill Fraser

      This brings back memories of the “Satanic Verses”; it was a totally awful book but Rushdie made a fortune from it because of the bad publicity. When will these idiots get it into their thick skulls that the more they try to ban something the more others want to have it?

    • Good grief mick – can’t believe the amount of venom from people who have NOT READ the book on a site provided for people to give their own REVIEWS! I did notice that there were some Rangers fans apologising for the bullying of the Sun, so there’s some hope at least. I bet amazon are wondering what’s going on… cheers for the link

      • mick

        @kenmcc its a massive reponse both negative and positive its sad phils been made out a bigot hes not its only sevco fans and the west coast of scotland media that are throwing that line hes a member of all the press unions and has a good record of work in the print industry but because hes proud of his irish roots they hate him hes became glasgows most famous writer over night lol your more than welcome to do a topic on the reaction to the book for us to debate you being down south it would be balanced an intresting to see what the rest of the country thinks and feels on the sevco bullys and the tax cheats

        • Hi Mick, Sorry, been away from the laptop since yesterday.

          Actually, an immediate answer to your question is that most people couldn’t care less – mainly because the subject has hardly been covered in any great depth by anyone outside Scotland. (I wouldn’t know as much as I do know now if I hadn’t got a laptop & broadband last year and was able to watch BBC Scotland via my Sky+!)

          As I’ve said before here and on Phil’s blog, Alex Thomson is the only England-based journalist of any note who has taken notice, and almost all of his work has been on his own Channel 4 News online blog (although he did have a broadcast report on C4N a few weeks back). Apart from that, I think Roy Greenslade’s piece in the Guardian Media about the Sun dropping the book is probably the only significant reporting of what has been going on to have been read in these parts.

          Apart from that, England – and especially London – is pretty much sticking to its age-old habit of being completely uninterested in anything that goes on elsewhere (to be honest, the same could be said for some people in Glasgow!). Personally I think most southern media types also just hear the Celtic/Rangers subject matter and lump it in with messy sectarian issues that they’d rather not get involved with (could well be part of the reasoning of any Sun execs in London when ordering the book to be dropped).

          Also, I do think sports outlets, especially – Sky Sports and BBC’s Football Focus are the most glaring examples – seem to be sh!t-scared of talking about why Rangers are in Div3 in any depth.

          I do think that this is a massive shame, not least because, if the whole debacle was properly told to a UK-wide audience, some of the ridiculous comments that we hear from Ibrox and read from various delusional commenters, would be shown up for what they are; they’d probably be too embarrassed to voice such crap on a UK-wide platform. We really need programmes like ‘The Men Who Sold the Jerseys’ (or updates or better still, a series on the subject) to be shown to a UK-wide audience,

          Finally, for all the pat on the back we give ourselves for getting to the truth on blogs such as this one and RTC, and slag off the mainstream media, these are still blogs – people don’t happen upon a blog the same way as they come across a really informative and important edition of, say, Panorama. I actually believe a lot is being allowed to go on because most of it is happening online – stick it in average, decent people’s living rooms and I think we’d see a massive difference in people’s attitudes. Spread the word as widely as possible, I say.

    • ecojon

      I would recommend all readers to check-out the link and read the posts and it has a ‘thumbs’ facility 🙂

      Obviously some from here have already left their mark and I quote:

      Mr. S. Keenan says:
      B Kennedy. Have you ever heard of ad hominem?

      Another comments:
      Ultra_Fox says: Don’t use Latin phrases to these fans. Half of them struggle to use English!

    • cam

      I didn’t listen to wee Lily,don’t like her ,think she’s a wee slapper,but i think i know what to expect.
      I have no probs with your sentiments at least they are honest unlike the wee sweetie wife who is beeling at being outed.
      Now please continue with your fantastic posts, they are some of the best in here.

  14. PaddyK

    I used to work for “the large bookseller”. Unless company policy has changed they are prepared to sell almost any book. I remember selling The Anarchist’s Handbook and How To Make Ecstasy (loads of this came back when people buying discovered you actually needed to be a chemist with access to a full lab and the chemicals needed). More likely the book has been selling well and that the latest print run has just arrived on the shop floor.

  15. mick

    @paddyk harper collins we have 1 in glasgow its massive

  16. tommo

    The oppression of any people for oppinions sake has rarely had any other effect than to fix those opinions deeper and render them more important

  17. Budweiser

    After the publication of ‘downfall’ and the subsequent withdrawal of the serialisation in the sun,a poster on the P MC G website,obviously of a rangers persuasion, mockingly suggested that the sequel should be called ‘RESURRECTION’. I don’t think chasboy would be happy with this. Chambers Dictionary;- RESURRECTION ,-‘ A rising from THE DEAD’. However form the same source ;-RESURRECTIONIST,-‘ A person who stole bodies from the grave for dissection’ seems an apt description. So what should the sequel be called? I thought that ,given the present situation at rangers, REGURGITATION, would fit, but on final reflection and given the religious connotations,i have plumped for ‘REFORMATION’! Any other suggestions?.

  18. Paul McGinty

    @Alexander Kerr Murphy

    A few years back the people who run my local corner shop suddenly started to close the shop for an hour on a Friday afternoon for prayer’s – they had previously not done so. Given at the time that there was a perceived shift in public attitude towards people of their faith I believe they simply took refuge in the one thing that unified them – their aforementioned faith.

    Fans of RFC, in difficult times, have simply done the same thing and taken refuge in the one thing that is common to them – their football club.

    When all is said and done, in troubling times, people will always fall back upon that which unifies them. Whether that be a commom identitiy, faith, cause or nationality.

    Ally McCoist is a Ranger’s supporter as well as their current team manager – I expect he possibly falls into the description above. His pronouncements are therefore possibly partly that of a supporter and on the other hand as an official of the club.

    So that this post does not stray entirely from that of the OP – I do have Downfall on order with Amazon and will peruse it’s content in the near future.

    • ecojon

      @Paul McGinty

      I don’t think any right-thinking person would decry supporters of any team rallying round it in difficult times and thus give support as well as receiving support in the process.

      I think the problem with Rangers is that a lot of the ‘gathering round’ that has been displayed is centred not solely on football but on other more corrosive aims.

      However, to return to ‘Downfall’ I fear that the people who, in some ways, might have most to benefit from reading the book are the least likely to do so. But I believe that quite a number of more open-minded Rangers supporters will read it and make their own minds up about the contents.

      As to Muslim prayers on a Friday, which is a special day for them, it may well be that they felt ‘pressure’ to attend to religious duties coming from religious authorities attending to the maintenance of faith of adherents – this of course isn’t peculiar to Muslims but can be found in some shape or form in most religions.

      As to Ally, I fear hard lessons might lie ahead for the cheeky chappy. He has yet to learn that in his position he cannot allow the passion of being a supporter to rule his mouth. It would also seem to me that he should be concentrating on his team and their SFL3 tactics rather than the politics of the SFA/SPL which are quite rightly the province of Green.

      Ally will be here in Scotland I suspect long after Green has departed as will the Rangers support – it is interesting to see how many of that support are calling for him to be kicked upstairs and a new manager appointed.

      Football fans can be very fickle and Ally needs to concentrate on results on the field and despite his genuinely heroic work, in keeping the flame of hope flickering in the Ibrox support for months when no one else stepped up to the plate, it won’t save him if Green thinks Ally can’t get Rangers out of SFL3 because if investors get that idea then the AIM Flotation collapses.

  19. John Burns

    The fear of the Ibrox mobs in the west of Scotland are not dissimilar to the fear of the Muslim mobs who are killing and plundering world-wide – both want to crush free speech because it does not suit them – both look to blame others instead of their own misguided, and in the case of the Muslims, their tyrannical and despotic, leaders.

    • duggie73

      I think you’re talking pish, but you’ve worded that so badly it’s very hard to tell.

    • duggie73

      Against my better judgment, I’m going to keep worrying away at this.

      The way you structured the post, it looks like you’re ascribing a motive to fear itself…which is unusual enough a thing to do to expect that you didn’t do so except by mistake.

      If you’re saying that the primary motivation of WofS and Arab world mobs is their opposition to free speech, or that such opposition is the best characterisation of how they’ve gone wrong…well, that’s just pish isn’t it?
      Few, if any, people would say that the primary problem with murder is that it denies the victim their right to free speech, few, if any, commentators have described street protests as primarily a demand for greater repression.

      If you did mean “anti-free speech fear” in the same kind of sense as “selfish gene”- that by acting against free speech, fear is a meme that makes its propagation more likely, ok mibbes, but it feels like one helluva stretch to take that as your meaning from what you posted.

    • tiredofallthisrubbish

      Can we please refrain from speaking about “Ibrox Mobs”. There are no “Ibrox Mobs”. This language does not help the debate.There are lots of disillusioned Rangers supporters some of whom have chosen to express their pain in overtures of threat. This does not make them a mob ready to rampage through Scotland. And to suggest even by implication that they are akin to genuine terrorists is particularly offensive and simply juvenile. We have a complex and for all a fraught situation to deal with here, lets try and behave as adults.

      • ecojon


        No ‘Ibrox Mob@ – tell that one to Manchester!

        • tiredofallthisrubbish

          You are one of the posters to this blog that I admire for the clarity and precision of your contributions and comments. That said I am concerned that constantly tainting Rangers supporters with the “mob” smear does nothing to progress this situation. I hate the Manchester mentality more than I can say. You can if you wish conjoin that with Barcelona and all the other travesties that have been visited upon the world by these mindless thugs. But like it or not they are a minority and whilst their conduct tarnishes the whole they do not represent the whole. It is therefore important that we, who do not subscribe to the mantra of superiority, take a step away from the generalisations and focus on the particulars, hence my request to not speak of mobs. To do so alienates the good guys of whom there are many. I know and am friends some of them and indeed value their friendship. To class them as a “mob” does them a great injustice. owners

  20. Bob

    Here is a link from timeline of author himself

    It looks to me that the book is openly on sale.
    It rather appears that the author’s ego has got in the way of his self-generated advertising myth. Quelle surprise!

  21. What is this world coming to?

  22. Rationalist

    A plague on both your houses. As an ex rangers supporter I hope Rangers go bust as that means there will no longer be any point to Celtic’s existence and then Scotland can finally emerge from centuries of bigotry. Ok, Green will probably make a bob or two from asset stripping but that is a price worth paying.


    “Rather it is a shame on all of Scotland that our country harbours and nurtures such a virulence that a bookseller is so intimidated by the potential for disorder in their store that they refuse to display a book. When will the book burning commence?”

    What a load of old twaddle. Angela Haggerty, in her guest blog clearly shows a picture of the book as part of a rather large WHS Smith display where they have it as their book of the month.

    Have there been any attacks on WHS Smith or their staff by raging Rangers fans? Well, have there?

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