Rangers FC Gets Its JJB Kit Off – Now Time for Sports Direct – by Ecojon

All change for Rangers who have had to get their JJB kit off and get ready for the unveiling of the new Sports Direct kit.

As usual the losers will be the fans who have already forked-out for new gear to help their club this year but as Mr Green said today: “The more that our fans invest in retail products, the more revenue can be generated and re-invested back into the club.”

So in the current love-in with the owner of The Rangers Football Club Ltd I am sure they will answer the call even though many know that they have little alternative as Green is the only game at Ibrox.

There is still confusion as to whether Mike Ashley will be taking a personal shareholding at Rangers but little confusion over the new kit supplying company.

It started life on 13 July 2012 as SDI Newco No.1 Ltd when it was registered as an English company at Companies House in Cardiff.

On the 14 August 2012 it changed its name to Rangers Retail Ltd.

The company has a shareholding of 100 x £1 fully paid-up shares and all were allotted with the sole company Subscriber named as: Sportdirect.com Retail Ltd.

David Forsey, 46, is a director with a Shirebrook, Derbyshire address, which is the HQ of Sports Direct.  The company secretary, at the same address, is Rebecca Tylee-Birdsall. Another director is Barry Leach, 46, with a Wigan address. All three were appointed on 13 July 2012.

No doubt the internet bampots will provide their own take as to who might lose their shirt in this move as JJB may have caught a cold having parted with £18 million up-front in 2006 in a 10 year deal which also paid £3 million a year.

JJB held exclusive rights to design, develop, source and retail merchandise associated with the club and it will be interesting to see whether Sports Direct will have similar control and only rebate a percentage of the profit to Rangers at the end of the day.


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56 responses to “Rangers FC Gets Its JJB Kit Off – Now Time for Sports Direct – by Ecojon

  1. Huh? JJB *sold* the kit, they didn’t *design* it. The kit is made by Umbro, whu would it be changing?

  2. ecojon

    I think it will be down to Sports Direct to decide what changes and that includes manufacturer. In any case because someone makes the kit doesn’t mean they design it. But if you tell me that Umbro is the sole designer of the Football Kit which their ‘label’ goes on then I’m happy to accept your information.

    You will also note my use of the word ‘label’ to draw a distinction between ‘manufacturer and the company they supply with finished goods. Many times in the past I have discovered that very respectable brand labels are produced in appalling conditions in 3rd world countries with workers getting paid buttons. I will of course state that I have no knowledge at this point in time as to any such profiteering by Umbro or Sports Direct.

    It is quite likely that any Umbro deal was with JJB as Murray sold-out the jerseys, in a sense, to JJB as he was keen to get his hands on readies up-front as the banks pushed him ever harder.

    Even if their was a side-deal with oldco and Umbro that is up in the air as well. It may well be that Sports Direct comes to an agreement with Umbro but it will be on price and at times like this Mike Ashley, as a highly successful businessman, will squeeze everyone involved till the pips squeak to increase his profit margin. That’s business and often any reduction in costs go all the way down the line and land on ordinary workers in the final analysis.

    • Glazert Tim

      The manufacturer is Umbro, however I understand that JJB had exclusivity on design rights (and ownership?) as well as how and what merchandise was badged with the Rangers logo etc. The design bit is the most worrying aspect if you are a Gers fan.

      Theoretically if JJB were to ‘enforce’ these rights they could state that the current design is in fact their intellectual property and that SD need to produce their own one.

      The Celtic striped top, albeit with slight changes is the intellectual property of Celtic not Nike.

      I believe however that the ‘handover’ to SD was negotiated and common sense would dictate that the strip design transfer to SD in return for a percentage of sales to sweeten the pill of being ousted.

      If JJB wasn’t getting a future cut they could theoretically have forced the strip redesign.

      It just goes to emphasise how SDM shafted them. Could you imagine Fergus way back selling the complete merchandising design rights to the Celtic Hoops device and logos, something happened and they couldn’t play in hoops until a new kit supplier comes up with a new design with hoops of different width and a slightly different logo. No? Neither could I.

      The one thing all top flight companies hold in the highest most protective regard is their brand. Certain colours, fonts, spacing and what it can be put on are contained within brand guidelines. Certain rights can be granted to third parties but normally on a strong legal framework, sometimes for short defined periods.

      When SDM did it, money was the primary objective to get out of a hole and the brand was a commodity to be prostituted. Yes all other clubs do something similar to an extent but Celtic, Man U etc don’t sign over ‘design rights’.

      The design rights issue above is based on news reports so there is a fair chance the facts are shite and Rangers insisted they retained ownership once designed. However you normally do this when actually paying the designers money for the work. In this instance Rangers were getting paid for free access so I expect the design rights did lie with JJB.

      If true, that was a HUGE risk and mucho stupido.

      • ecojon

        @Glazert Tim

        I’ve been trawling old copy and I’m pretty sure JJB did buy brand and possibly logo rights for the period of the agreement. Rangers official statement today also mentions: ‘Rangers will have greater control over the range, price and design of products’ which tends to make you think they definitely didn’t have complete control of the design and I suspect it was very little.

        Also interesting how Sports Direct explain the deal as: ‘We are pleased to be forming a retail partnership’. Words are important as we know and I wonder whether ‘retail partnership’ in the cold light of day when the dust settles will equate to: ‘Rangers Retail, a subsidiary company of The Rangers Football Club Ltd’.

      • ecojon

        @Glazert Tim

        Oh meant to say that I don’t think there’s any doubt that JJB who probably had four years control of brand/logo for kit use would have been well sweetened to walk away which in their current financial situation would suit them as the deal has probably been costing them money in the last couple of years.

        Quite ironic that Rangers history was nearly lost by Murray if he signed those rights away because they would have needed to design a new crest or whatever for four years to fill the gap. It’s a funny old world 🙂

  3. ecojon

    Just looking at the Rangers PR release and an interesting snippet is: ‘Rangers Retail, a subsidiary company of The Rangers Football Club Ltd, has been formed with SportsDirect.com’.

    I am quite surprised then that the two directors and Company Secretary at Rangers Retail Ltd are all senior employees at Sports Direct and the complete shareholding at the company formation was held by Sportsdirect.com Retail Ltd which has been in existance since 2002 although it has undergone a couple of name changes since then.

    So as far as Companies House documents are concerned at the time of incorporation Rangers Retail Ltd was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sportsdirect.com Retail Ltd. There is no Ltd company listed under the name SportsDirect.com at Companies House.

    Darkside website rumour is that 51% of the new company is owned by Rangers and 49% by Sports Direct although this is not information held at Companies House.

    As usual, in these circunstances, I turn to my old grannie and her reassuring words: ‘Aye, it’ll aw cum oot in the wash’.

  4. Why shouldn’t The Rangers Football Club Limited arrange their kit deal with Sports Direct? After all, they are a brand new company and any deal brokered between Rangers Football Club PLC (IA) and JJB has got eff all to do with them…………right, Charlie Green???

    (note to self….Sports Direct are now out of bounds)

  5. ecojon


    Green things he is a wide boy but I think Ashley is the real deal. There’s the quote about him supposedly from a banker: ‘That he parks his tank on other people’s lawns’ when he’s trying to get a deal done.

    Well since he became involved in owning a football club he knows how mucg it costs to relay a pitch so I reckon he won’t be parking his tank on Ibrox Turf. No I think a much better position for him is the Rangers Megastore 🙂

    • Glazert Tim

      Eco. Have you noticed any time we slag Charlie Boy off the thumbs down get rolled out?

      Do you think he reads this blog and takes exception? Perhaps we are being watched?

      Wait there’s a car pulled up outside……..and what’s that red dot on the wall? It looks like a las………BANG!

      • ecojon

        @Glazert Tim

        It’s his PR company – their presence in various bits of the internet has been fairly obvious for weeks and none more so than on the dark side where they are posting non-stop eulogies in praise of Green and Ally.

        The latest project they appear to be working on is a new fans website where they can punt the real Rangers line as they know the official site can’t actually say what it wants to say or iy would bring the wrath of the SFA et alia down on it.

        They are trying to whip-up support for the new project with promises of all sorts of live-feeds and goodies from the offishal club which are mick’s pies in the sky – at least we know where they’ve gone now 🙂

  6. mick

    great read ecojon,jjb are suffering bad in the soccer section of the market and it looks like they are left asking bdo for legal advice, the strips greens selling belong to a new company a wonder if he even had chats with jjb due to the cva ,he was aware of shirt sale the day they got liquidated it is just another company being shafted by green and the ,it will be intresting to see what jjb,s legal team think of the phoniex newco and what contact d&p,s had if any with them as a creditor ,also if jjb own design rights sports direct could be liable if the designs are similiar ,all the 9 players to newco from newcastle was all shampoo its lie after lie .am seeing it as a other migrane for bdo to sort there is just to much liability involved in the whole deal .

    • Has BDO taken over from D&P at Ibrokes yet to finally liquidate OLDCO/NEWCO? not saw anywere yet to suggest they have,if not when will they finally go to Ibrokes & sort out mess?need to quick? before the shredding gets started imo.thanks.

      • Robert

        Yes- What steps need to be taken for BDO to be formally appointed and start the liquidation of the oldco?

        Is there anything preventing this happening?

      • mick

        bdo have a press office in london a called them a few weeks ago and they said the glasgow office is not involved and the london office is dealing with it you are within your rights as a stakeholder in scottish football to call and ask them you can leave info as well related to miss deeds .the bdo seem very nice and aproachable they talk back and answer questions while d&p,s just listen thats a sign of wronging doing its the end of month for bdo to step in why a dont know

  7. mick

    asset stripping lol bang gos the shirts lol

  8. mick

    “gratuitous alienation of assets” greens setting up companys left right and center sticking this here and there trying to make the deal unstoppable thats what hes up to msm are running with jjb are ok about it all and are happy to off load them ,greens a slipper character the amount companys hes opened up proves hes a crooked shark when it comes to carcusses he strips it to the bone

  9. ‘Catch a mug and bite his lug’ . . .Green and Sports Direct have seen the size, depths and gullibility of the sevco supporters and like David Murray before them will virtually ‘sell the gers-ies’ for another quick buck before the whole thing again goes pear shaped. Look out for the ally mccoist ‘action man’ figure in the shops this Christmas with the pull-string voice saying -”who are these peepil?”. Honestly, I can’t believe that this group of bigoted knuckledraggers fall for their scams every year hook line and sinker. . .it’s great!

  10. Thomas

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!
    They’ll get a few pennies more at The Ibrox Store.
    If Sevco fans dont want to raise simple questions hell mend them, let sleeping Octopusses lie, in its garden!

    Hell Mend Them!

    • Glazert Tim

      Hell mend them indeed!

      However, I suspect a number of the rank and file are indeed asking questions but if the media aren’t publishing or broadcasting that fact widely, then others will not follow (follow), or be prompted to do so.

      This is a sad reflection on the conditioned information the fans have been used to for decades.

      If a University were to propose an experiment on a few hundred thousand individuals by limiting the information they receive, have a falsely possitive spin put on everything and expect the participants to pay for the privelege, it would not pass the ethics approval.

      Anyone familiar with the Ray Bradbury classic Fahrenheit 451 will see similarities in the media coverage of Sevcoacademical.

      Nonsensical positive news piped into houses via TV. The pictures and info have become irrelevant, the message is all important.

      Firemen have responsibility for starting fires (of books) rather than put them out. In this case journos make up facts rather than report them.

      The truth and literary content of classic book texts are memorised by outlawed individuals who recite them to other generations to preserve the truth and integrity. In this case it would be the internet bampots.

      If you get a chance read it. It’s a short story but a classic. And for clarification, fahrenheit 451 is the temperature book paper burns at and if Charlie Boy continues on this course, it is the temperature that season books, contracts, money, memos and Leggo’s breath burns at if exposed to naked flames.

      To any fans of the blue camp reading this. This is not a dig at Gers fans, it is a warning that whilst years of rivalry dictated that green was bad, a gap of three divisions and no old firm matches doesn’t change things. In this instance Green is REALLY bad and whilst he doesn’t have white hoops, he will turn out to be a pain in Ranger’s fans hoops if they don’t keep him in check.

      • Thomas

        Splended GT, I got the 451 thing, amazingly.

        I agree, well I did months ago that the real Rangers fans were being mugged off!

        I will seek the info you have suggested.

        I heaeducated RFC Fans every day, still hating Lennon and loving Murray.

      • Thomas

        fat thumbs, I hear educated RFC Fans every day giving it “we’ll get you back?” so, they’ve learned zipp!

        Hell mend’em?

      • Gortnamona

        “educated RFC Fans”???

      • Al Ross

        I was thinking more of Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, the only good bit in the truely awful movie they made was the tagline on everything of from memory ”Do you want to know more”. Basically you got sucked into the official line or brain washing as the boys at Langley called it.

    • Cuillin Dreams

      One of the principal characters of Fahrenheit 451 is the wife of the fireman who spends her waking hours watching reality television in the deluded belief that her interaction with the programme producers has an influence on the path that the programme stories take. Of course she does not – it is a hook to keep people watching.
      Bradbury foresaw the rise of television and the wider media as a device for the manipulation of the masses which would ultimately leave them in an intellectual and economic staightjacket – tethered to the illusions being spoonfed to them thus preserving civil order.
      Any similarity with Sevco and the MSM is purely coincidental I ‘m sure!!!

      • Glazert Tim

        Purely a coincidence indeed!

        The film adaptation was a touch on the ‘trippy’ side but if they ever made a remake, I could see Jabba assuming the role of the Firechief, raiding the homes of internet bampots, burning their laptops in front of them, wiping a false tear from his eye with the corner of Daily Record.

  11. SDI Newco No.2 Ltd. of the same address in Shirebrook as Rangers Retail Ltd. (formerly for a few weeks SDI Newco No.1 Ltd.) was incorporated on 26 July 2012. I’m not sure if this is connected or relevant, particularly as with many of these ‘start-ups’ the SIC (Nature of Business Code) is None Supplied. Then again, that may not be important to Companies House. Perhaps CH will create a new SIC for the general category of ‘Wheeling and Dealing’.
    Again, I’m not not sure if this company was registered in New York, Paris or Peckham but get your dosh ready to invest – No income tax, no V-A-T……

  12. @Ecojon. Re. your post at 8.18 pm on 22 Aug.
    The active company SPORTSDIRECT.COM RETAIL LIMITED of the same Shirebrook address is listed at CH – Incorporated 21/07/1997 via 2 name changes – Company No. 03406347.

    • ecojon


      Yea I saw that one but that’s a long standing major Sports Direct Company – the one I mentioned which wasn’t listed was the one mentioned by Green which was Sportsdirect.com which is the company he says he formed the joint venture company – Rangers Retail – with. Green further stated Rangers Retail is a a subsidiary company of The Rangers Football Club Ltd,

      Rangers Retail seems more like a trading or brand name to me as it isn’t a limited company although it could be a partnership I suppose. What we do know is that Rangers Media Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPORTSDIRECT.COM RETAIL LIMITED which has two senior Sports Direct directors as its directors and the company secretary of SPORTSDIRECT.COM is also company secretary of Rangers Retail Ltd. Public Records also show that 100% of the shareholding of Rangers Retail Ltd is held by Sportdirect.com Retail Ltd,

      So I see an overwhelming Sports Direct connection with their new company but nothing of a Rangers hue listed in Companies House records.

      So what is ‘Rangers Retail’ is really the question of the month and in what form does it exist as Rangers Retail Ltd does not appear, according to Companies House records, appear to be a subsidiary of The Rangers Football Club Ltd.

  13. JimBhoy

    Rangers – The men who sold te jerseys (Part 2), step up Mark Daly.

    • mick

      @ecojon the whole net is thinking that whtye and ticktus are behind green over the last couple of days its everywere in comments zues and octypus ,we still never got info in msm about the secret backers or a statement from sfa about fit and proper although the topics on here were first to highlight it to us all, it now looks like one of the main things being discussed

      Revelling once again in conspiratorial mania, I suggest that the plan to send Brian Stockbridge north to mastermind a takeover bid was hatched by Zeus Capital — and whoever they were working on behalf of — within DAYS of Duff & Phelps beginning the RFC PLC RIP administration process.
      Stockbridge was in Glasgow throughout the whole of the takeover pantomime.
      Now he’s working quietly behind the scenes on behalf of his paymasters while Chuckie Green creates a noisy distraction.
      And if I had to put odds on who was giving Stockbridge his orders, I’d have very short odds on Ticketus.

      If you want to pick pockets, distraction will play a key role in your tactics. Get a pal to barge into someone or hold up a cute baby and, while the punter’s concentration is elsewhere, you can nip in for their wallet or purse.
      If you’re the victim of such a crime, you will pledge that you’ll never fall for such a blatant ruse again. Now, that would be really stupid, wouldn’t it?
      Which brings us to the Sevco franchise.
      Thanks to Sir Minty Moonbeams and wee Craigie Whyte, the club formerly known as Rangers was comprehensively killed off, before its followers swallowed the myth of a phoenix-like resurrection.
      Now, with Chuckie Green leading the cheerleading and rabblerousing, they are applauding like seals that have been thrown a basketful of fresh fish.
      Not a word will they hear against the straight-talking Yorkshireman and his bizarre collection of investors – Mazen Houssami (Lebanese lawyer working in Dubai), Pierre Haddad (Lebanese businessman based in Monaco), Elias Kaisar (Lebanese businessman based in Monaco), Jude Allen/Javed Abdullah (Malaysian hotelier), Chris Morgan (replaced Charles Green as director of Rafat Rizvi’s company Nova Resources), Glenmuir Holdings and Alessandro Celano of Blue Pitch Holdings.
      Trying to find a link between them all is hard work. Sevco is being run by Green (with his Manchester and Rizvi connections) and the Zeus Capital pair of Imran Ahmad and Brian Stockbridge, who have worked alongside the Ticketus owners Octopus Investments in the past.
      Celano has links to Morpheus Holdings, a London firm whose directors include Giles Green (son of Charles?) and Andrew Murray (perhaps related to Sevco chairman Malcolm?).
      But perhaps a key link was established in June when Merchant House Group (which Whyte remains a key shareholder of) announced that its new adviser was Allenby Holdings – linked to Sevco CEO Ahmad and Octopus Investments.
      The same announcement to the Stock Exchange added that a significant loan had been made to Merchant House Group by Beia Capital Holdings.
      Through director Simon Schmidt, this firm specialises in procuring investment from the Middle East (which includes, of course, Lebanon and Dubai).
      And listed as an associate is one Patricia Haddad. Remember that surname?
      So off we are expected to head down murky foreign avenues littered with tales of bank fraud, cigarette smuggling, airline catering and so on.
      But why?
      There are, I admit, intriguing connections between all the names mentioned so far. But the more I look, the more I’m convinced they are ostensibly red herrings.
      Because the real story lies much closer to home.
      Behind the whole Sevco shenanigans lies, I’m convinced, Whyte and Ticketus.
      All of this will become clearer once BDO begin the liquidation process of RFC PLC RIP.
      Which may be why Duff & Phelps are taking as long as possible to finish off their highly paid administration work.
      That may give Chucky Green – fresh from duping 33,000 mugs into giving Ticketus back some of their cash – time to get a share issue off the ground.
      And hope that the mugs don’t notice, in the small print, that a major part of the former RFC PLC assets were hived off to Rangers FC Group (owner: wee Craigie ) prior to what was left being passed on to Sevco.
      If this transaction did indeed take place (which I strongly suspect – otherwise, why would Liberty Corporate have a Floating Charge over the RFC Group assets?) it stands a chance of being challenged by BDO as “gratuitous alienation of assets”.
      Cue a lengthy court case. By which time the stupidest fans in the world may well have had their pockets dipped for a second, or even third, time.
      But do yourself a favour – don’t waste your time warning them

      it looks like “gratuitous alienation of assets”. well might apply

  14. JimBhoy

    TRFC on the proverbial crest of a wave just now and going to win 4 competitions this season apparently and all this money flowing in…. When the going gets tough and they get turfed out of all the cups and lose a good few points to SFL3 teams we will see the true colours. Carve up by all the shady businessmen Green seems to be well acquainted with.

    Question I have was the Tennents sponsorship deal re-negotiated as it was with the old company?

  15. mick

    if the shirt deals been done who got the catering contract ???

    • ecojon


      They need to find the pies first 🙂

      • mick

        @ecojon after all the articles on the deal your good self highlighted people on line are now asking questions on it it is the lack of clarity that is well intregueing ever1 armed with all the info from the articles its great to see other bloggers getting there teeth in to it ,the whole deal smells of rotten pies oldco1s

  16. cmh64

    I don’t think it will be long before new logos go up on the roofs at Ibrox, closely followed by a stadium name change ‘to attract investors’. Watch this space….

    • mick

      you have got to laugh at them they created the inferior product phrase now they have no direct debit and shop at sports direct you must have heard people befor saying am not having that bag its a cheap shop ,am not in to bags myself but most people are via msm and glossy mags telling you your only cool if you spend lots and have rope on the handle of the bag ,the spend a tenner for every fiver was to make you feel inferior 10 year on there dead and shopping at sports direct for tribute items of a cloned club lol motto is dont live beyond your means ,its better to shop at primark 4 times a month than going to armania once a month and getting a tshirt ,the oldco created a monster with the we are the best and now theyare at inferior shops karma ozymandias and a down right good laugh ,it will be nice to see them down at cruse for jeans to match there sports direct tshirts a bet it will make them well inferior ,you know what glasgows like with shopping bags lol am more matiland maself and tkmaxx names mean nothing its whats under neath or never judge a book by its cover lol

      • ecojon


        Well personally I’m 100% into recycling and I always go out shopping with my Armani bags in my pocket to fill at Tesco 🙂

    • ecojon


      Came across this which will bring a smile I think :

      Sky Tyne and Wear understands the Olympic torch has not made a lap of the pitch at St James’ Park because advertising boards had not been covered up. The relay was instead redirected around the Sir Bobby Robson memorial statue.

      Newcastle United’s stadium was renamed Sports Direct Arena in 2011 and prominent rebranding was installed around the ground. St James’ Park is an Olympic venue and will host football matches during the 2012 games. Previously Olympic organisers said they would not allow the Sports Direct Arena name to be printed on any tickets.

      A spokesman for London 2012 said: “It will be called St James’ Park and all the venues that we’ve contacted for staging events do not have promotional material. “The Olympic rules are that you do not have commercial branding. As part of the agreement with venues we would cover up or work around the naming in the venue.”

      • cmh64

        Ecojon: I’m told they did cover up the massive logos on the roofs for the Olympics – apparently it looked hilariously awful !
        That’s what I’m expecting to happen in Glasgow. It’s a different national league to the existing Sports Direct Arena, so I doubt there’s a problem with the name in that respect. I don’t think it’ll happen straight away given how tense things are already, but he has a foot in the door now and it’s only a matter of time. I believe Green said Ashley’s input wouldn’t be in terms of buying shares – I ‘d put money his influence increasing and on naming rights being the second half of the deal.

      • ecojon


        Surely you know that Green will be rebranding Ibrox – the interesting thing about the Sports Direct branding at St James’ Park is, according to Newcastle fans, provided by the club with no charge made against Sports Direct. Maybe Ashley has factored in the same deal for selling Rangers Kit – Sports Direct North would look fine – honestly 🙂

      • ecojon


        I really fancy Ashley as the owner after Green departs – the key will be the AIM share flotation I reckon. If that bombs then Ashley will be in right away. If it doesn’t it might be a bit longer depending on what happens and what the shareholders do about issuing further shares and what not.

      • cmh64

        Ecojon: We’re thinking along very similar lines here. I can’t see MA letting go now he has a foot in the door. It wouldn’t surprise me either if he is the owner after Green heads for the hills.
        It’s correct that Newcastle didn’t get any extra money for the name change. As he was already owner it was up to him, but the ‘justification’ was that it would demonstrate the advertising potential. I expect this situation to change too: Ashley draws all the flak, then sells the naming rights on – for a price- once people are resigned to the idea. It’ll be interesting to compare his approach in the 2 places.

  17. mick

    @jim and ecojon PeterLawwell has done so well till now via the tv deals am more than confident he will get the best deal for us also he is going about his business very quietly so the orcs cant get a reason to start on him a take my hat of to him silence is golden as they say

  18. Foritza

    Ashley had/still has an interest in buying Umbro. Don’t be surprised if they sign a long term kit deal with them after he assumes control.
    I have been to Shirebrook, their Head Office after SD bought a company i worked for. Forsey is the money man and Ashley’s trusted no 2. Their company goal is to control 51% of anything they sell. The ‘parks his tank on other peoples lawns’ quote refers to the fact he owns shares in both JJB and JD Sports.

  19. JimBhoy

    I go to Asda with a bootfull of bags for life but never take them out… Bag for life anyone?

  20. mick

    there all conmen am shocked ten minutes on google and am thinking sports clothing mafia monopolising the whole country lol


  21. mick

    they do ebt,s lol

    “Within months of taking over Sir David was hit by negative headlines after it emerged he had accepted a £1.5m personal loan from Mike Ashley the founder of Sports Direct”
    read the whole story here

  22. Never heard of that although i really enjoy reading stuff about Sports direct. Thanks anyways. Bye, Patricia.

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