And this Week’s Succulent Lamb Prize Goes to…”GERS THREATEN TO SNUB SPL”.

Today’s Daily Express trumpets the latest news story about Rangers FC, under the restrained headline – “GERS THREATEN TO SNUB SPL”.

It gains a place in the “succulent lamb” Hall of Fame.

And this week’s succulent lamb prize goes to…

The piece is below and my comments thereafter.

What I would say as a preamble is that there appears to be a concerted, and so far very successful, media campaign coming from Ibrox. Whether the brainchild of Media House’s Jack Irvine or from in-house, it cannot be denied that after a summer of disaster and possible despair, the press coverage in the last couple of weeks has been remarkably positive.

As with the piece by the BBC mentioning the nine players coming to Ibrox on loan from Newcastle (which I wrote about here recently) the facts or likelihood of the events discussed are ignored.
On the other hand, as the Newcastle loan story would have encouraged fans, especially as season tickets were on sale at the time, do the facts actually matter?

As I describe below this latest piece seems to me to be part of the continuing campaign to boost the credentials of Mr Green as a “True Blue” by having him and the fans singing from the same hymn sheet.

If it is a deliberate strategy, then it seems to be working perfectly. If not, then it is still working perfectly!

Have a read at the article, and I will be back at the end…


“RANGERS may look to stay in the Scottish Football League even if they win three successive promotions. There have already been informal talks inside Ibrox about snubbing a return to the SPL as feelings continue to run high over the perceived treatment of the club.

And last night’s SPL announcement on the make-up of the tribunal to investigate alleged employee benefit trust payments between 2000 and 2011 has added fuel to the fire.

Lord Nimmo Smith, Charles Flint QC and Nicholas Stewart QC will look into possible rules breaches and determine any sanctions. While this has been expected, it has not improved the “persecuted, not punished” feeling within the club or the perception that Rangers have been the subject of a witchhunt.

As a result, the prospect of taking some sort of revenge has been mooted.

“People at the club will have long memories,” Express Sport was told. “They will remember exactly how they have been treated and by whom. Staying within the SFL and having nothing more to do with the SPL has been talked about.

“Clearly, there would be huge issues involved in that, but by considering putting their weight behind the SFL, the club feel the SPL could be left isolated in the future. It could be that the SFL turn out to be the more powerful body.”

By staying outside of the SPL, there would be no prospect of European football for Rangers but the fact rebellion is being discussed within the corridors of power at Ibrox demonstrates the depth of feeling within the club.


Hello again!

Why does this qualify as a “succulent lamb” piece?

As I mentioned above, it encourages the siege mentality which the fans and Rangers FC have at present. The article has nothing in it which could be shown to be false, and I have no reason to believe that it is anything other than entirely truthful, as far as the reporter’s comments and the quotes he mentions are concerned.

The prospect of Rangers FC winning promotion in the next three seasons, and then refusing to accept promotion to the SPL as “revenge” for their perceived treatment, is nonsensical. For one thing, as the piece mentions, there would be no Champions League if the team was not in the SPL. There is so much money to be made in the Champions League that the money men behind Rangers FC could not possibly contemplate a deliberate turning of the back on European income.

Equally, if at that stage the planned share issue has taken place and Mr Green and his backers have ridden off into the sunset carrying bags laden with proceeds from the flotation, will the resolve of the fans to have nothing to do with the SPL remain, if the manager or chairman tells them, as would be the case, that European income would allow them to improve the team more quickly?

For all the dislike of the SPL, and I suspect dislike is a moderate descriptor, would the majority of fans of Rangers FC be happy to see them winning the SFL1 every season whilst turning down promotion?

It is very easy to take a principled stand when the read decision, rather than the hypothetical one, is at least three years away!

It may well be that, as the Express tells us, there have been “informal” discussions about this issue. Being seen to have such discussions will not harm the perception of the new owners. And there is the added bonus of there being no need to make any formal declaration or decision now anyway.

The article then says, without explaining why, that the announcement of the Commission added fuel to the fire and has not improved the perception of a witchhunt.

If Rangers FC had objected to any of the members of the Commission, and the SPL had ignored the objection, then I suspect there might be some cause for concern. However I understand that the procedure involves the names of the members being nominated going to the club involved prior to the public announcement.

No one knows who the source of the Daily Express story is…

Equally the suggestion that, with the support of Rangers FC, the SFL might come to overtake the SPL, makes no sense.

The SFA is not going to transfer its primary allegiance to the lower league set-up. That would involve them effectively demoting an entire division. That is not going to happen.

By the time that the Rangers FC gets back (league reconstruction excepted) to the highest level, it could well be that many of the people at the top of the SPL will have moved on to pastures new.

Dundee took no part in the SPL vote, and relegation could mean that three of the members who voted against admission of Rangers could be gone by the time the Ibrox club is back knocking at the SPL door.

No matter how long the memories, I can see no circumstance in which Rangers FC would decline the chance to be promoted to the top level of Scottish professional football.

If they were to do it, it would be either a tremendous exercise in integrity above financial interests, or else one of the most destructive grudges held in sporting history.

But the intent of the piece being given to the Express has, as far as I can see, been fulfilled.

Rangers FC fans today reading the piece as they head off to their next SFL3 match will be nodding their heads in agreement with the sentiment expressed by the unnamed source. They will feel that, after a long period, there is a leader prepared to stand up to the panjandrums of Scottish football.

As the sun shines on them today, they will feel at one with the ownership. The perception of Mr Green as a “True Blue” becomes stronger with every piece like this in the press.

If, in the summer of 2015, the rumours from Ibrox suggest that they will turn down the chance to play in the SPL in 2015-2016, then that WOULD be a story.

Three years in advance? It is not a story, but a piece of PR, no matter how good a PR puff piece it is.

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77 responses to “And this Week’s Succulent Lamb Prize Goes to…”GERS THREATEN TO SNUB SPL”.

  1. Truly Paul as you correctly point out its not worth even commenting on, the MSM have dropped so very far this particular piece of “journalisim” is worthy of a right up in the Dandy as thats where it belongs. The editor and writer should be dismissed for even considering publishing.

    • gopaul

      Richard Gough (sun on sunday) all is well for rangers…green a hero.. is also up there as succulent lamb , come back RTC all is not done! Not one word about dodgy companie house forms, mysterious investors, AIM floating (AIM???? 50% of companies floated last year failed)…

      Also some gers fans spouting that going into div3 will lead to a surplus (??) which will mean a war-chest (???) when gers return to SPL ??? unreal….. dodgy ebt plan swapped for relegation leads to war-chest (players on less money, so more profit, from lower season ticket prices, lower gates away, less viewers for sponsors… doh!)

      The fall out from dual contracts, and any champions leauge sactions (shirely they will follow if SFL find guilt with regard to dual contracts), and continuing fall in scottish football rankings…. shows its getting harder for scots footballers not easier on the world stage

  2. write up………..pished already but then it was an early start………..

  3. Coyler

    Some things never change – 1) a puff piece about The Rangers 2) Scotlands best ref can not see a penalty for Celtic when he is looking at the incident from a distance of 5/10 yards!!

    • Marching on Together

      Seeing as how the Celtic powder-puff players had spent the entire game falling and rolling about in agony every time there was a gust of wind in their vicinity it is no surprise that the ref thought that that was not a penalty. Cry wolf etc etc.

    • listentoyerda

      HE was actually 4yards from the incident! One crackpot commentator said “maybe he was TOO CLOSE TO SEE IT PROPERLY” loonies!

  4. JimBhoy

    Another non-story in the daily rags… Have they not learned anything from the past few months and been torn to shreds by the internet bampots… I barely read a newspaper these days… Too many sources close to Ibrox, Rangers insiders with fantasy comments. I think Rangers will see 5 seasons out of the current SPL…
    Whatever happened to reporting based of facts..!! Much harder to get than fiction and incredulous scandalous nonsense.
    Maybe the now quiet SDM was the only source who had the real facts, normally reporting from his Lambing stable slabbering over the gamboling flock.. Fine claret anyone?

  5. JimBhoy

    Paul have to take exception the the fact the word ‘Bampots’ fails your spellchecker… 🙂

  6. Glazert Tim

    “Are the MSM mint sauce? If so, does that make Charles Green a lamb shank?”

    Journalistic ‘elastoplasts’ such as these trully are the gravy boats of mint sauce to succulent lamb.

    For weeks I have mentioned that third division football news pushes SPL stories further down the running list, as an example watch STV evening news. I am not suggesting that STV are any better or worse than others, they are just jumping on the merrygoround after it was periodically stopped to clean up some shit that had been trodden in.

    I for one hope this story is actually true. I have posted in the past that I felt sorry for genuine Gers fans in light of all the percieved shysters historically, presently and prospectively being at the helm there.

    Charlie speaking unto the masses, the PR machine seeding ‘good news’ stories and ‘riteous indignation’ pieces a la ‘it wisnae us’, ‘everyone is against us’ and the ‘SPL need us more than we need them’ only goes to show two things:

    1. Season ticket sales are needed big style
    2. Their potential market now is the lower scrapings of the barrel

    Many friends and colleagues of Rangers support are currently embarrassed and worried in equal amounts when I speak to them. These are people who don’t adopt the automatic WATP response and who still don’t trust Charlie. Whilst they ‘adore’ the sporting achievement of Ally, and that he stayed during the nuclear blast, still don’t really believe he trusts Charlie either.

    Interestingly, none of them have bought their Season Cards yet.

    The concern here with the CG and Ally seige mentality and the PR surrounding it is. It attracts a certain custom, if I know a fair few fans who haven’t bought into the CG revolution and most on here will also know other who haven’t, WHO IS buying in. Anyone at all, or those kind of fans that the Rangers and Scottish Football can do without?

    I might be wrong and I hope that the genuine and honest fans are in the ascendancy at Ibrox. But when you seed an audience with such rhetoric, many examples from history shows us that it attracts its fair share of loon balls and if they aren’t watered down with honest fans soley focussed on football rather than politics and religious difference, the mint sauce becomes all the more tangy. If tensions are concentrated more during their term in the SFL, then I for one dont want that in the SPL full stop, from any team.

    And yes, there are baw heids at Parkhead too and we need shot of them as well before anyone mentions this. As if anyone would.

    • ecojon

      @Glazert Tim

      Your piece about the decent Rangers supporters not buying season tickets accords exactly what I’m picking up from Rangers people that I am pally with.

      Another interesting thing is on the Darkside on Thurs/Fri there were all these posts from people asking how to get to Ibrox by car, where to park, and how to get there by public transport and quite a few of them said they had bought STs. Looking at their details they had registered very recently on boards and weren’t in their teens.

      So who are these people that don’t seem to know where Ibrox is? Why have they suddenly been sparked into life to buy STs. If the answer is the obvious one I’m thinking and football is a seconday reason then gawd help us all. Or are they part of the PR campaign? All very intriguing.

      • Glazert Tim

        Some of the Rangers forums were complaining the other dat that they couldn’t buy online with a message saying something along the lines of ‘sold out’ and could not get through on the phones for love nor money.

        This might explain the massive queue outside Ibrox. If you can’t get one by net or phone, then it’s a case of Mohammed to the mountain. Oh and whilst you are at the mount, hear the sermon on the mount by Reverend Green.

        There’s some serious PR machinery running here and every stop is being pulled to sell ST’s.

        However, he might be able to hoodwink some but your average Glasgow punter has an inbuilt bullshitomerer and for most it’s ringing like leggos boxers boxers after a night on the lash. Well every night really.

      • Glazert Tim

        Sorry that should be one boxers. He keeps a spare pair in his inside pocket.

    • Al ross

      Could the inability to take ST money online reflect the banking facilities they have in place ? Be interesting to know if the ST’s bought at Ibrox were paid by cheque or by card.

      • Marching on Together

        When Treasury Minister David Gauke MP spokje out about it being immoral and connected with tax dodging, paying anyone with cash, he was clearly talking about Rangers fans.

    • TheBlackKnight

      “I might be wrong and I hope that the genuine and honest fans are in the ascendancy at Ibrox”

      According to my friends (those who classed themselves of the previous Rangers) not one has returned or will return (at this stage).

      They don’t believe it is the same club and the moronic element have increased (especially) with such ‘good value’ season tickets!

  7. Marching on Together

    Albion Rovers will refuse to take the field in any Champions League Finals they qualify for, as they believe that the Champions League should only be for the champions of the country, and not the teams who finshed 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

  8. campsiejoe

    The cheerleaders never cease to amaze me
    Sevgers should not even be in business, never mind playing in the 3rd Division
    But that doesn’t stop the MSM printing crap like that Express article

  9. Stuart

    Is there a mechanism in the SFL rule book that allows a club to decline promotion if they have finished top of their division? If not, will an exception be made for Rangers?

    • Marching on Together

      Yes, rip up enough seats from Ibrox to take the seated capacity below 6000. Then they are not eligible for admittance to the SPL.

    • 19 games from 4 divisions all over Scotland = 47306 fans, 1 game at Ibrox = 49118 fans.

      • Den

        Rangers got more fans at Ibrox than the rest put together.

        Will it still be true next week ?

        What is the significance of that statistic? oes it change anything that has gone before or have a bearing on future decisions?

      • Den

        Why do you think it is VERY significant?

        • Personally, i think it is that one club (no offence intended to East Stirlingshire) attracted more fans than every other senior game in the country. Obvious, had Celtic been playing at Parkhead – this statistic would not exist, but that was not the case and i would suggest that perhaps the Rangers fanbase are more important to Scottish Football that some may suggest.

          Will those fans still be there in December when Rangers are 20 points clear of their ‘rivals’? I supose only time will tell mate, but that is something that could be said for any team – especially Celtic. Should Celtic be sitting plenty points clear in the SPL come the cold December months – will Parkhead see full capacity? Again, only time could tell us the outcome of that. I think many football supporters in this country have significantly underestimated the significance of both Old Firm clubs fan-base.

          We had the ‘sell out Saturday’ idea – which inevitably failed, although kudos to those who turned out on the day and made an effort for it. What we ‘Sold Out Saturday’ at Ibrox yesterday and after all the long,tedious Journey to where Rangers are just now – i find that in some way significant. My own opinion, no problems if others think otherwise – as i say,only time will tell the longevity of such support. Especially at those prices.

      • Den

        Everyone knew that Rangers and Celtic carried the by far the biggest support in Scotland.

        I would expect that when one of the teams was not playing or at a smaller ground the other team could have claimed the same often in the past.

        I agree that the depths of Winter is a testing time for fans but that is the case every year. Tight competition will draw better attendances but how do we engineer that while retaining any semblance of fair play.

        The crowd at Ibrox is perhaps a good omen for Rangers and suggests that there may be a future for Rangers, if you could be optomistic that Green and Co. were in it for the long term.

        Rangers and Scottish Football have to accept the reality and move forward from here.

        • I doubt highly that Green & Co are in it for the long term. I think yesterdays attendance was the initial support being the first game etc. The fact the club have sold over 40’000 season tickets would suggest that Ibrox should be a busy place this season – but you know yourself, it does not often work out that way. I, for one, have a season ticket but will perhaps not make a single game this season due to work commitments/ cannot be arsed/ having far better things to do. Someone, will often use the ticket – i only purchased it to keep my seats that i have had for quite some time and like.

          I agree that EVERYONE needs to move on, that is the football season up and running – Rangers are playing in blue,at Ibrox and in the football league. We should start to discuss the football now as opposed to last seasons problems. But we won’t, and the reason we won’t is because sadly, these issues are far more interesting than the competition on the field will likely pan out.

          Should Rangers have gone into this season with a team of youngsters out to prove themselves then there would be some form of competition. Rangers have a team that could compete in the SPL turning Division 3 into a complete farce.

          Do division 2 teams want promoted this season? Or would they rather hold out and get Rangers next season for the cash,,,,, then hopefully get promoted to the 1st division with them so they can have two years of extra income?

          I may be being pedantic with that point above, however – it would not surprise me if this was a situation that has run through several chairmans head.

  10. From the rag that still calls itself ‘the world’s greatest newspaper’. Says it all

    • Marching on Together

      Apparently Princess Di was in touch with Charles Green advising him not to go back into the SPL until Mohammed Fayed was given a passport.

  11. mick

    the illution to con the deluded is as strong today as its ever been ,you think after murray and whyte news coverage they would be wide to it ,msm is giving them more media cover than ever before its sick i for 1 wont be buying any papers agian ,mike ashleys up getting the shirts sewed up thats all .all the players comeing is a dream and the sevco are swollowing it big time

  12. Ernesider

    What a silly story to publsh.

  13. Glazert Tim

    Think that’s bad journalism, wait until the sunday papers and the copious amounts of pish contained therein appear.

    We will be force fed tales of how Ally and Sevger can draw a crowd bigger than the whole SPL put together and will no doubt cobble bits from the Express and claim as ‘exclusive’.

    It is funny however that these ‘exclusive’ stats are released on a weekend whereby Celtic et al are all away from home. Hmmmm!

    Think there will be such a glut of lamb this weekend, it will ensure the Kebab shops of glasgow will have plenty of rendered scraps to make donner meat.

  14. alfredo

    Weak article Paul, The Express cannot be considered to be a “newspaper”. Sits alongside the Daily Record, The Sun and Daily Mail for investigative qualities, bins aside. Maybe with the sad demise of The Beano / Dandy in paper form, will lead to a surge in sales for these other comics. Nite nite Albion, fine work as ever.

  15. there’s a very simple way of finding out the veracity of such a, if you’ll pardon the phrase, pile o’ p!sh – has any other news outlet run with it?

    Thought not

  16. Jason

    It’s become hilarious in recent weeks. We’ve had Sally, Green. Murray all come out and defend the wagons over the SFA charges with their “freedom of speech” garbage but aren’t the fans amazing (give us yer cash). Then we had Sally saying “there was no one speaking up for us” but aren’t the fans amazing (give us yer cash). Now it’s escalated to ” nothing was ever our fault and everybody else was to blame so we’ll stay in the SFL” but hey, the fans are amazing (give us yer cash). The season has started and the world has not fallen apart as predicted – expect more dross from the MSM in the coming weeks, especially when the true reality of situation facing The Rangers Football Club begins to sink in.

  17. JimBhoy

    Paul there still seems to be plenty of succulent lamb around, the only difference is now it is served up with a Yorkshire pudding…

  18. Gobsmacked

    This reminds me of Groucho Marx comment on being black balled (application to join rejected) by White’s Club in London, when he wrote to them in reply,
    “I would not wish to become a Member of a Club that would have me as a Member”.

  19. Think you will find someone guessed my password, perhaps ‘Rangers1’ was not the safest one i could have picked, now changed. Cannot delete posts sadly 😉

    • Garry,

      Posts deleted.

      Hopefully order restored!


      • Cheers sir, all is back in order. That’s twice it has happened recently,first my twitter (which i no longer use) and now this. Slightly naive on my own part to be honest. Such is life,I would hope most people would realise it was some what out of character unless one had indulged in drinking turpintine at 11am on the Sabbath

        • Garry,

          As Den commented in his post, which I deleted because, in the absence of the ones sent fronm your account, but not by you, it made no sense, you appeared to have undergone a Dt Jekyll and Mr Hude like transformation.

          Glad to see it was simply a prankish jape by some flibbertigibbet!

          And I find turps are best saved till after 6pm. 🙂


          • Best of it is,i actually know who it was that wrote them. A ‘friend’ of mine, so to speak….

            • mick

              na meáin a roghnaigh chun dul an bealach céanna glas, frith celtic agus pro sevco a brónach go raibh siad an deis a athrú agus a bheith universial nuair a fuair leachtaithe comhoibriú d’aois, go raibh seans ann agus an leag sé ar ais, beidh na gníomhartha sin teacht ar ais chuig huant iad mar beidh glas a dhéanamh mar an gcéanna le murray agus Whyte agus beidh an blagairí a fhágáil ag gáire ag agian iad a dul a bheith óir greann nuair sé gos tits suas

            • It may very well go ‘tits up’ as you suggest – however, what else can Rangers supporters do but back the only horse in town?

              Beggers cannot be choosers in this world. Green, for all his faults, is the only man that had the audacity to take on the Rangers ‘challenge’ and without him, there would be no Rangers at all. Therefore, when the club was liquidated – it could not get any worse, so Rangers fan had nothing to lose by backing him

            • lawheid

              Really Garry? You seriously believe Green is good for Rangers (newco)?! This guy is putting up a front in order to make of with the millions from ST money, by spouting all manner of garbage about bigotry.

              Put it simply, he’s worse than Whyte and SDM, being connected to Whyte himself as well as wanting to float the TRFC Ltd on the AIM, which is no better than gambling in a casino.

              In case you don’t believe me, have a look at this article:


            • I am not saying that he is a good thing for anyone other tan himself. What i am saying is that there is no choice….there was no alternative to Mr Green therefore; for any hope of their team surviving in the immediate future – they have no choice but to back him.

              Mr Green has been remarkably cute in his PR to the Rangers fans; he also appears to have wet the mouths of the media who -once again, have done absolutely no digging into his plans or indeed his ‘investors’.

              The same could of course be said for the SFA. There appeared to be, prima facie, a lot of humming and hawing around Charles Green & his ‘investors’ when the takeover/SPL will they wont they debacle was going on. After a few days though, when all had settled down – the SFA seemed to ‘settle’ on that front and no more was asked.

              So, do i think Charles Green is the best thing for Rangers? No – I think he was the ONLY thing for Rangers.

            • Lawheid

              The ONLY option? What the American bussinessman Bill Miller or the Sale Sharks owner Brian Kennedy?

              Came across a Telegraph article (3/5/2012) Miller’s near takeover of oldco Rangers and found two interesting paragraphs:

              “Mr Miller’s proposal is the only unconditional bid we have received. The bid proposed by Mr Miller is greater than any other and provides the best return to creditors.”

              “Very importantly the bid avoids the need for liquidation. All too often the term liquidation has been bandied about during this process without a clear understanding of what it actually means. ”


              The details of his statement for taking over RFC 13 days prior to attaining preferred bidder status, especially of Ticketus:


              And why he then withdrew his bid to take over RFC (8/5/12):


              Seems to me Bill Miller was the real deal for RFC. Don’t know about Brian Kennedy though.

            • lawheid

              Green wasn’t the only option. What about Bill Miller or even Sale Sharks owner Brian Kennedy?

              This Telegraph article (3/5/12) tells of Miller achieving preferred bidder status, with 2 interesting paragraphs:

              “Mr Miller’s proposal is the only unconditional bid we have received. The bid proposed by Mr Miller is greater than any other and provides the best return to creditors.”

              “Very importantly the bid avoids the need for liquidation. All too often the term liquidation has been bandied about during this process without a clear understanding of what it actually means. ”


              Details of the statement that he made 13 days prior, especially of Ticketus:


              And the reason as to why he didn’t take over RFC:


              It seems to me that Bill Miller was the real deal. Of Brian Kennedy I don’t know.

            • lawheid

              Can this post be deleted please?

            • gopaul

              me thinks he was the ONLY choice for D&P in a on-going business sale… and even that looks like green may have acted on both sides on the sale… which would be bad.

              D&P did not look at the non-on-going sale, fire-sale – and gers could still have come out of that as a newco – but with more solid funding, and possibly a buyer like kennedy who would have a bank and credit card facility … to protect season tickets..

            • Many thanks for that link Lawheid – excellent read, and contains good further readig (why hasn’t anyone from the meeja done the same? No, don’t answer that)

            • ecojon


              I’m going to download the book tomorrow as it sounds great.

              Here’s the description of the book on Amazon:

              ‘This is the story of a football club that, in the 1990s, harboured the UK’s biggest white-collar fraudster. This same club was almost bought by someone who couldn’t decide whether to be a man or a woman. It also had as chairman a man subject to an international arrest warrant, then another chairman who remains to this day a fugitive from the law, who in turn was succeeded by a man with connections to Libyan arms dealers. To this ensemble make space for the Gurkha Regiment, Interpol, the ‘Rat Pack’, the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic, protein-rich algae, a collection of classic motor vehicles, 29,000 piles of dog excrement, a huge Indian city and a tiny Scottish village. Based on years of research by its two authors, Fit and Proper? details the history of the boardroom of Sheffield United Football Club, focusing particularly on the foibles of the men who over three decades from 1980 tried, and largely failed, to turn the ‘Blades’ into a profitable business and a successful club. Instead, the city that gave the game to the world is home to a club that has now become the footballing arm of an international property development company. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.’

            • Den


              A very bleak analysis of the situation there.

              If the only horse in town is an asset stripper then you can chose not to risk any more of your money. This course of action (or inaction) may mean the end of this incarnation of Rangers. Backing him will just be throwing good money after bad with the same consequences for the club but more wealth for him.

            • Perhaps, and you may in time turn out to be 100% correct- as i say, i would not say Green is in any way shape or form a ‘hero’ as some may.

              It would appear that, as Charles Green IS the only show in town, then no amount of action will stop him. It is a vicious circle – if fans want to watch their team they must back the club,and in turn green, with their cash. If they do not – the club would have folded by now.

              If Green only wants the cash to pay the wages for long enough to destroy the club for his own ends then it would seem that the final outcome is inevitable – death.

              It is not possible to have a mass whip round to buy Rangers, no one of any financial wealth or backing appears to have the desire to buy the club either – so all that i am saying is that Rangers fans may as well ride out the Green reign and see where it takes them because they have little option. Even if that means feeding the very beast that will inevitably eat them.

              Bleak? You are damned right…….

              Any idea of a fans takeover, Bomber Broon et al are fanciful. No one is really all that interested and those who are (The fans) are far to disorganised and divided among themselves to save anything at this stage.

            • midcalderan

              Gary: Re ” It is not possible to have a mass whip round to buy Rangers, no one of any financial wealth or backing appears to have the desire to buy the club”

              For more a few years now, Rangers pals down he pub have been saying “There’s too many millionaires sitting in the main stand at Ibrox for Rangers to go bust”. Why would they not try to save the Rangers. What did they know?

            • THere are plenty millionaires sitting in the main stand, but most of them are millionaires for a reason – and that is probably why they did not want to touch Rangers.

              The oldco was financially gubbed for want of a better word. There was absolutely NO chance of saving that. The Newco is all Mr Green and his investors handywork, and to date – they have done a good job convincing the world that all is good and well.

  20. Den

    I thought it was out of line with your other posts !

  21. mick

    @every1 its not hard to name call but what you have to remember is this blog is made up of legal minds and academic people from all round the world thats why a refuse to name call and swear as people will tar you with the same brush as the deluded.also its read by older kids so its not nice to pass on daftness to the young readers

  22. mick

    @garry “drinking turpintine at 11am on the Sabbath”are friends with bomber brown lol

  23. mick

    back to the topic lads what a lamb press culture were in this season div 3 or 4 tier has taken over all the papers greens filled the back pages agian with a there drunk or doped speech ,still no mention of the conditional licence rules being broken or hows hes going to fill the black hole that miller mentioned when he said no to the deal from d&p,s also is the licence ilegal via eufa rules it all stinks to me and is a new version of scotlands shamefull stance to save a club that has world wide tarnished our countrys image in sport and business ,Also it is putting of investment.

  24. mick

    an MSM i Albain tarraing coiligh cait ní nuair a ithe agus ag ól fíon uan fíneáil ann mar shamefull a Albain mar sevco

  25. mick

    @garry a wonder if msm will still be blowing greens trumpet in the winter when the crowds dwindle and they start to get put out the cups by div1 teams also its getting close to the ebt,s and we dont know whos heads will roll around that its going to be some buzz for the whole of scotland to see the true depth of the 15 years of cheating also we have the continentail teams to be paid uefa and fifa will step in if any drama surronds the payment

  26. mick

    they could just say enogh is enogh were not been taken for mugs no more and throw the towel in and support there local team ,After 15 years of cheating and living like its the truman show its became a laughing stock of the football world also its devloped a kind of cult sect type of mantiallity which makes them more laughted at its not fair on them and its not fair on the rest of scotland as they have developed a delutioal disorder ,when you become delutional you develope a violent side if any1 says your wrong there deluded and its a real medical disorder thats why they bully and threaten every1 that says anything about them they dont like ,the msm are well to blame mostly the west coast sports pages its sad and a stian on our country the sfa should have not gave green the licence as its not a nice team and its only made them more delutional

    Delusional disorder is an uncommon psychiatric condition in which patients present with circumscribed symptoms of non-bizarre delusions, but with the absence of prominent hallucinations and no thought disorder, mood disorder, or significant flattening of affect.[1] For the diagnosis to be made, auditory and visual hallucinations cannot be prominent, though olfactory or tactile hallucinations related to the content of the delusion may be present.[2]

    To be diagnosed with delusional disorder, the delusion or delusions cannot be due to the effects of a drug, medication, or general medical condition, and delusional disorder cannot be diagnosed in an individual previously diagnosed with schizophrenia. A person with delusional disorder may be high functioning in daily life as this disorder bears no relation to one’s IQ[3], and may not exhibit odd or bizarre behavior aside from these delusions. According to German psychiatrist, Emil Kraepelin, patients with Delusional Disorder, remain coherent, sensible and reasonable[4]. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) defines six subtypes of the disorder characterized as erotomanic (believes that someone is in love with him/her), grandiose (believes that he/she is the greatest, strongest, fastest, richest, and/or most intelligent person ever), jealous (believes that the love partner is cheating on him/her), persecutory (believes that someone is following him/her to do some harm in some way), somatic (believes that he/she has a disease or medical condition), and mixed, i.e., having features of more than one subtype.[2] Delusions also occur as symptoms of many other mental disorders, especially the other psychotic disorders.

    The DSM-IV, and psychologists, generally agree that personal beliefs should be evaluated with great respect to complexity of cultural and religious differences since some cultures have widely accepted beliefs that may be considered delusional in other cultures

    simplely the best watp world record beaters all these statement proof what am saying the are all mentally ill its sad but true its created a nation of zombies which at the moment is feeling edgey and under siege thats what buying the record does to you and being a rangers fan and all this is so a few in suits can line there pockets with there season ticket money

  27. mick

    @garry you seem quite deluded with it all ,what happened to the blue knights ? d&p,s picked green as whyte or ticketus are behind him via zues capitial its all a scam scotland feels the bad vibes from it why cant you its a cloned team to make money and for certian suits to make a quick killing but its all failed due to no spl and the black hole bill miller seen ,thats why theres a msm drive to sell tickets as they dont want sevco going under as it would be the end of most of them

    • Oh i am quite sure a lot of what you say has truth in it, and that is not my problem. My problem s with the constant generalisation of Rangers fans – and more to the point, the often offensive descriptions that you feel obliged to dish out – most of which use extreme and derogatory description.

      Not just on this particular post,but in many posts over a long period of time.

      Your opinion on the Rangers matters are all very well, and they are your to hold and discuss however some of your colloquialisms are quite simply not something that sits particularly well with me. Most of them go without being denounced, however i would suggest that should i partake in a similar descriptive route for fans of other clubs i would be quickly rubbished. I do not,and therefore i do not particularly expect to have to endure it in my own direction.

      • mick

        @garry am the most mildest person you could meet to say am “extreme and derogatory”is bang out of order gezzer ,the fact you said that about me means you have may have the disorder.

        To be diagnosed with delusional disorder, the delusion or delusions cannot be due to the effects of a drug, medication, or general medical condition, and delusional disorder cannot be diagnosed in an individual previously diagnosed with schizophrenia. A person with delusional disorder may be high functioning in daily life as this disorder bears no relation to one’s IQ[3], and may not exhibit odd or bizarre behavior aside from these delusions

        a take no offence from you garry all a can advise you is to stay back from msm and forget about football as its beginning to take over you mindset ,rfc is an illution to con half of glasgow of there hard end cash the bloggers have proved this the whole country has had enogh of the bulling and threats no 1 likes it any more its over scotland is putting it all behind them and moveing on striveing for universialisim and takeing its self to a new level on the world stage its ozymandias for rfc ,also all the cheating has crashed the unionist vote in the referemdem as scotland now sees it as a rfc thing .also rfc are more para now than us celtic we have proven its aall correct in what our fathers thought for years about the bias issues yous now have a siege mentality yous are well on the back peg 6nil done with 2 mins of added time

  28. mick

    @midcalderan good point why no knight take over what do they know what we dont “the barca nuclear theroy maybe” we just dont know what we will wake up to with this its well the story that keeps giving and giving dont forget not all the cards are on the table so theres still a couple of aces to come .

  29. Ernesider


    Re – ” Why would they not try to save the Rangers. What did they know?”

    It must have been obvious to them that the economic model on which Rangers had been based for over a decade was unsustainable.

    That debts were very large and potentially enormous. To the extent that only the mega-rich could deal with them.

    That a long and deeply unpopular period of austerity and fiscal reality was needed to get the club back on a proper financial footing.

    And last but by no means least. The infamous mob that follow Rangers, who would turn on a new owner with rabid viciousness if success was not instantly forthcoming.

  30. Carl31

    Whilst its true that clubs and fans of any hue can’t have it both ways, those of the Rangers persuasion seem to be stretching rationality a fair bit further than others.
    Add to that having it both ways in a real ‘bending of the rules’ sense seems to me to be considerably more beneficial to the Rangers than other clubs, given that its only the sporting debts that have been agreed to be paid.
    Further, the various numerous clubs are simply asking to be paid what was owed – not extra punitive sums or even a bit of interest.

  31. Pingback: Could an SFL2 Team Refuse Promotion If Two Visits By Rangers FC Was More Lucrative? | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  32. Henry

    Paper exist to make money. It’s no surprise this bias happens.

  33. auchenshug


    Your stuff is generally terrific. I never miss it. But, why honour this offal with an analysis?

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