I recently posted on Charles Green and bigotry but having just watched him on STV lunchtime news repeating his ‘agenda’ comment I am left stunned at the dangerous game he is playing and have revised my post in view of the growing seriousness of his stance in relation to Scottish football and the wider public.

If the SFA don’t take the strongest of action then the Scottish Government must immediately step-in to deal with this lunacy before we actually do end up with civil disorder.

Green stood outside Ibrox as supporters queued for match tickets and played and worked them like a Barra-Boy. (Btw as an ex-stallholder I am in a position to judge.)

Get them laughing and you can sell them crap and they laughed as he declared: ‘I’m going to get fined every week I suppose or I’ll get banned’.

He also launched a broadside against the SFA clearly referring to the bigotry charge he faces and defiantly claimed: ‘I think there is an agenda. For ever that lot are against us I’m not leaving because there’s no one has spoken for this club for three or four years’.

What a spectacle for the Boss and owner of a Football Club that used to believe it was one of the World Greats – I am only glad I’m not a Rangers fan or I would shrivel with shame. The man obviously has no idea of what the ‘Rangers Way’ actually means.

So what is he up to? Is it really all about selling tickets? Or, is it because his financial Master Plan is about to crash and he is challenging the SFA to bring him down so he can walk-away and blame everyone but himself.

The SFA must use its most severe of sanctions if he is found guilty of the charges facing him otherwise he will drag Scottish Football back into the Dark Ages as far as Bigotry is concerned. He may not know how dangerous a game he is playing but every Scot and the SFA do and he must be stopped NOW!

I am stunned by his antics and don’t think I have ever seen anyone who more perfectly ticks the fail box on the Fit & Proper Person test – This man cannot be allowed to continue to have a connection with Scottish Football.

Returning to his previous bigotry blast, Green raises an interesting question about his state of knowledge when claiming “bigotry” was behind Rangers being denied entry to the SPL. The SFA have already acted and brought a charge against the Rangers owner of bringing football into disrepute.

Green has publicly countered that he didn’t use “bigotry” in a religious sense, claiming: “The use of the word bigot, if you look in the dictionary from the French word bigoterie, is about people who have opposing views or aren’t prepared to listen.

“It’s only in Scotland it’s referred to in a religious sense. I wasn’t speaking in a religious sense.”

Had Green stuck to the ordinary meaning of ‘bigotry’ recognised throughout the English-speaking world and proven his case to the SFA then others could face legal action, SFA disciplinary measures and permanent ejection from football. Instead he preferred to create his own Scottish ‘cocktail’ which may turn out to be far too heady a brew for him to handle.

In my last post I treated the subject too lightly having a laugh at the ‘daft’ Englishman who didn’t know the Queen’s English and thereby I failed to fully recognise and forgot for a moment both the dreadful stain of Bigotry on our country and its potential for terrible violence and civil disturbance.

I fell into a trap of concentrating on Green’s claims about the meaning of bigotry. As a watcher of Green’s multitudinous vague and conflicting remarks I should have known better but the fog has now lifted.

Simple questions the SFA should ask Mr Green:

“When did you become aware of the special meaning of ‘bigotry’ in Scotland as defined by you?” If it’s before his ‘bigotry’ claim then he is condemned from his own mouth as he should never have used the word never mind at a football match and on a National TV interview.

If Green states he wasn’t aware of his ‘Scottish’ meaning of bigotry until after making the remark then his understanding of ‘bigotry’ when he made the remark must be that of a normal Englishman.

The English Collins Dictionary defines ‘Bigot’ as: 

“A person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp. on religion, politics, or race.” Synonyms are: “Dogmatist, fanatic, persecutor, sectarian, zealot.”

Interestingly while Green was travelling back from Brechin, Rangers posters – who knew what a dangerous gaffe he had made on TV – were already advancing the ‘Old French Defence’ – being themselves somewhat skilled in the art of Grand Master chess and also bigoterie.

OK, so now the SFA has an Englishman before it – albeit one with a long history of top level football and who might possibly have heard of the Old Firm Derby and who has been ensconced in Ibrox for months – but doesn’t know what ‘bigotry’ means to your average Scot or Rangers supporter. Porcine Aviation comes to mind but for the moment let’s accept Mr Green’s position.

I have searched a large number of respected British and American dictionaries and they all broadly echo the Collins definition and no mention is made of a separate Scottish meaning.

Being fair to Mr Green, I have examined ‘The Dictionary of the Scots Language’ comprising the two major historical Scots language dictionaries online and found absolutely nothing pointing to a special Scottish meaning of ‘Bigotry’.

I did find an article from the Press and Journal 1999: “Most people outside the central belt of Scotland just don’t understand why wee Craig Brown’s alleged warbling of a few bars of a well-known Orange song down a lady friend’s phone has set the tabloids raging for his resignation or sacking and led to the appellation ‘bigot’ being bestowed on him.”

At first reading it appears to bolster Mr Green’s case but as most Scots would know the Aberdeen-based P&J newspaper is just having a ‘go’ at the central belt and reassuring its readers that bigotry could never raise its ugly head in the more douce greenery of Aberdeenshire. 

There is also the point that the vast majority of the Scottish population lives in the Central Belt and I am reminded of the P&J front page headline announcing the sinking of the Titanic which read: Aberdeen Man Drowns.

I then had a brainwave and wondered if our Gaelic cousins could throw any light on the Green Defence and I turned to the online English-Scottish Gaelic dictionary where ‘bigot’ translates as ‘dalm-bheachdaiche’.

The definitions of ‘dalm-bheachdaiche’ are interesting:

1) One obstinately or intolerantly devoted to their own opinions and prejudices.

2) One strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and intolerant of those who differ.

3) One strongly loyal to one’s own social group, and irrationally intolerant or disdainful of others.

4) A narrow minded person obstinately and unreasonably wedded to a particular belief or creed

So perhaps Green has the glimmer of a defence in the Gaelic and all he needs to do is produce a Gaelic Loyal member as a witness. Or maybe not, as it is an English-Gaelic Dictionary and the definitions come therefore from the English.


To me it is neither here nor there what ‘bigoterie’ means in modern or Old French as Green’s use of ‘bigotry’ was in modern English albeit with an erroneous claim for a specialist Scottish meaning for which I can’t find a shred of evidence.

But for completeness let’s look at the etymological aspects of ‘bigotry’ – always remembering etymology doesn’t necessarily define a word’s current usage but attempts to explain its origins from hundreds and sometimes thousands of years ago and how the word and its meaning can alter over time.

The Online Etymology Dictionary (OED) is a good starting point and seems to be where Rangers posters started and finished their research by establishing the French Connection. Let’s see if we can take things a bit nearer the present day.

The OED states: Bigotry: from French bigoterie “sanctimoniousness,” from bigot (see bigot).

Sadly Rangers posters seemed satisfied with this etymological fragment and didn’t hit the ‘dictionary’ button to discover the modern meaning of ‘bigotry’ viz:

1) Stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

The ‘What is Bigotry?’ link states: “The extreme hatred of one group resulting from severe prejudicial attitudes. There have been many examples throughout history of this anti social behaviour.”

I don’t know if it’s a relief or not – probably not – to see that it isn’t a peculiarly Scottish phenomenon as claimed by Mr Green.

However, back to the OED and its ‘dictionary’ button reveals that in this day and age ‘bigot’ means: “A person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.”

The etymology of ‘bigot’ suggests a connection to the Visigoth tribe who vanquished the Huns back in the mists of time although this is now regarded as doubtful. ‘Bigot’ apparently comes from 12th Century Old French and was typically used as a term of abuse for Normans with some French etymology sources claiming they frequently used the oath ‘By God’ although others contest this connection.

Charlie might be on flaky ground, of course, for when God enters religion is seldom far behind. The Normans (North Men) originally Vikings from Scandinavia used their tried and trusted tactics of harrying coastlines and river valleys even besieging Paris by sailing up the Seine in 885AD.

In 911AD Viking chieftain Rollo was defeated at the Battle of Chartres and in the ensuing Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte he pledged feudal allegiance to French King ‘Charles The Simple’ and became titular head of the Principality of Normandy.

You might well ask what this piece of Old French history has to do with Charlie’s SFA case. Well, in the absence of any better explanations, I believe the Catholic French use of the derogatory term ‘Bigot’ towards the Viking Normans was possibly based on the fact that they were rampaging Pagan invaders.  If correct, it means the term has a negative religious connotation at its very root although over time the meaning was lost as the now Catholic Vikings intermarried with locals.

This assimilation could explain why the meaning was lost as Normans still existed but they weren’t Viking Pagan Normans they were French Catholic Normans.

Getting nearer to the modern era 1598 saw the first English mention of ‘Bigot’ meaning ‘sanctimonious person, religious hypocrite’ and then ‘Bigotry’ from the French ‘Bigoterie’ meaning ‘sanctimoniousness’ following in the 1670s . 

There appears little direct evidence for this Channel hop but a link can be argued between the French Wars of Religion (1562 and 1598) which saw the rise of the Protestant Hugenots in France that by the end of the 17th Century saw 200,000 of them fleeing France to escape religious persecution from the majority Catholic French population.

Tens of thousands settled in England and Wales and this could explain how ‘bigotry’ entered the English language which is fatal for Charlie’s attempt to dumb-down its actual meaning which is, as we all know, brutal intolerance towards religion and whose dangerous tentacles spread to race, politics and other issues.

Hopefully one day we might overcome all these challenges and the word will cease to have a meaning and completely disappear from the English language.

Perhaps the SFA are ‘Big’ enough to take that critical first step towards ensuring that Scotland’s Sporting Integrity remains a shield capable of resisting and defeating bigotry!

If they find Mr Green guilty as charged and chicken-out of an appropriate punishment then they really will be judged as not fit for purpose by just about every sane and decent football supporter in Scotland including a lot from Rangers, who have to be careful about issues such as this as we all know, but are desperate for leadership on this issue.


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  1. Frank-W

    He’ll do anything to sell ST’s, bottom line, that is what all his utterings are about.

    • ecojon

      Again I misjudged Charles Green and actually believed what came out of his mouth but again the lips of the snake-oil charmer told a different story.

      Let’s remember what he said when he blackened the character of every Scot: “The use of the word bigot, if you look in the dictionary from the French word bigoterie, is about people who have opposing views or aren’t prepared to listen. It’s only in Scotland it’s referred to in a religious sense.”

      I have already conclusively proved that he is talking nonsense about the meaning of bigotry which has the same vile meaning throughout the English-speaking world.

      I didn’t bother to look at the modern French meaning knowing the word ‘bigot’ entered the English language in 1598. I did note however that the Online Etymology Dictionary explained that ‘Bigotry’ from the French ‘Bigoterie’ meaning ‘sanctimoniousness’ followed in the 1670s.

      I failed to research the modern French meaning of ‘bigoterie’ and took Mr Snake Oil’s words at face value and didn’t look for a forked-tongue.

      However, fellow poster Leonard has jostled me out of my complacency and pointed out: The prestigious Collins Robert French-English Dictionary definition: “bigoterie nf (péj) (religious) bigotry, pietism.”

      (péj) means pejorative which means: ‘Having a disparaging, derogatory, or belittling effect or force’. So ‘bigoterie’ en Francais, as opposed to en Vert, means: Religious bigotry used in a disparaging, derogatory, or belittling way. What a far cry from the incorrect statement of Mr Snake Oil – People who have opposing views or aren’t prepared to listen – which suggests reasoned debate or walking away from any discord.

      However, let’s take a second opinion, always good when counting your fingers, after a snake-oil encounter.


      Bigoterie: Strict and narrow-minded belief in religion and its rites.

      Seems to me the French must have caught this Scottish disease as well. By their words ye shall know them!

      • bfb

        Marvelous exposition of this chancer incidentally and wholly as anecdotes I have encountered talk of bigotry among Southern Baptists, Greek Orthodox schismatics, Hindus, Copts all using it in its normal English sense- It is no more Scottish than President Obama- it would be funny is one has not been asked what one school went to and that being nothing to do with education.

  2. TheBlackKnight

    well on the plus side and in his (Mr Green) defense, at least he (Green) didn’t call them (The SFA/ The SPL/ The Chairmen/ The SPL Club fans) sectarian “bigots”.

    That really would have ‘confused’ things…………., up here.


    Brilliant read Ecojon!

  3. Carntyne

    I have no doubt that the SFA will continue to facilitate The Rangers pathway to previous glory, and any ‘charges’ brought against Charlie Green or Ally McCoist will be, as in the past, mere window dressing with no real sanctions being applied.

    This may not matter if the rumours of financial difficulty surrounding the New Born infant prove to be accurate.

  4. Martin Gray

    Charlie will walk away after being warned on his future conduct, IMO they will say it was his first offence and did not realise the potential for trouble.
    Sweep sweep as normal.

    • ecojon

      @Martin Gray

      I think the SFA will need to take it more seriously than that as he has thrown down the gauntlet and I think you are underestimating the bigotry element.

      His line: “I am going to get fined every week, I suspect, or I will get banned.” doesn’t really allow them the option to sweep it under the carpet – even a blue one.

  5. ecojon

    I see that STV actually toned-down the language used by Green but he is an unexpurgated version and it’s amazing how he really does have a fixation with the French language. Not sure what the French is for walking on the ceiling right enough although I could tell you what illness it’s a symptom of but that would be unkind.

    But when trying to figure out the French for the phrase I remembered a sign on a French train from the ferry which, although I could translate it, I couldn’t figure it out well not till I arrived at my destination 🙂

    Excuse the bits that are wrong: Ne pas monter la siege avec ses pieds!

    I can see it now – strange how the aging mind works – which Green has already shown


    “We’re not having, excuse my French, people taking the pee out of us anymore,” said Green. “It’s finished.

    “I will give you an example. This morning, I had a phone call from the SPL telling us we can’t put our old games on the website because we don’t own the archive rights.

    “’And by the way, Charles, don’t get angry. You shouldn’t think we are being vindictive, it’s just what the agreement says”.

    “Tell me how I took that? I was walking on the ceiling. I think there is an agenda.

    “There’s still battles to be won. I shan’t let you down. I said to someone earlier that when everyone was against us, we stayed. People are now warming to us and we are staying.

    “But if we leave fans to one side for a moment, while ever that lot are against us, I’m not leaving. There’s no-one spoke for this club for three or four years. It’s not had anyone standing up.

    “I am going to get fined every week, I suspect, or I will get banned.”

    • He is as I have said for 3 months now an empty vessel, RANGERS FC had an opportunity to change the future, they have in this person sealed the future as far as any Scottish public outside the blue haze is concerned. I only hope that the sentence handed to them is the correct one for cheating. Automatic expulsion no appeal they are a continuing embarassment to Scotland and its time they knew and understood that.

  6. Leonard

    According to the Collins Robert dictionary,”bigoterie” refers specifically to religious bigotry. The man wouldn’t know the truth from a hole in the road.

    • ecojon


      Hi could you give me the url of the reference as I’m just getting it as ‘sanctimoniousness’

      I’ve posted this earlier but in the wrong place doh! I’ll be walking on the ceiling next 😦

      • Leonard


        I’ve got the paper version of the dictionary:

        “bigoterie nf (péj) (religious) bigotry, pietism.”

        I hope this helps but I’ll have a look to see if I can find the online version.

        Stay off the ceiling.

      • Leonard

        Here’s a link to the online page which, as you say, gives only “sanctimoniousness”. That word, however, has clear and unequivocal religious connotation.

      • Leonard

        Le Dictionnaire online:

        “Définition du mot :
        bigoterie , bigotisme

        Nom féminin singulier
        croyance étroite et bornée dans la religion et ses rites”

        Strict and narrow-minded belief in religion and its rites.


      • ecojon


        Long time since I used a French dictionary but am I right in saying that pej is the contraction of pejorative?

      • Leonard

        Péjoratif – derogatory or pejorative. Bang on.

      • ecojon


        I just love words 🙂

        Think I’ve sussed the ‘sanctmonious’ connection – apparently it’s a synonym for Pietism (from your paper definition) which is a noun and means:

        1. A movement, originating in the Lutheran Church in Germany in the 17th century, that stressed personal piety over religious formality and orthodoxy.
        2. The principles and practices of the Pietists.
        3. Intensity of religious devotion or feeling.
        4. Exaggeration or affectation of piety.

      • Leonard

        Mr Charles, therefore, is thoroughly buggered (from the French “bougre” originally meaning a heretic from Bulgaria!).

  7. Craig McKee

    Love this blog but I think it has wandered away into a childish and petty area with this one.

    Any fool can see what Green is doing and it is working to an extent but there is a difference between punishing him for his clear violation of SFA protocol and zealously trying to prove a point. This feels like the latter and that is an area that should be left to the less well intentioned parts of the media.

    • ecojon

      @Craig McKee

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion – I’m afraid that the naked use of ‘bigotry’ as a marketing tool is neither childish nor petty at least not IMHO.

      I had also revised the Blog before seeing the lunchtime news as I posted it across last night. All I did was update the front end.

      I’m afraid that I take exception to anyone saying that only Scots have a special religious hatred connotation with the word bigotry. That was was the post was setting out to do but to then ignore the latest rant would have been an act of cowardice worthy of the MSM.

      • Craig McKee

        I would always encourage anyone with an opinion to air it but if wou do you must be prepared to have it disagreed with, myself included.

        I’m sure that if you reread my post that you will agree that in no way have I insinuated that Green loosely throwing around the term “Bigot” is in any way childish or petty and will also note the general tone of contempt I hold Green in. If I didn’t make my point clearly enough then I apologize but throughout the long process of trying to wade through the cynical nonsense being spouted by Murray/White/Green the one thing “we” have refused to do is to get down to their level and play their games.

        The post above feels like fallen right into trap that Green has set.

      • ecojon

        @Craig McKee

        Each to their own – I take the direct frontal approach and am not a pragmatist. I will not accept anyone telling absolute porkies about Scots being the only people in the world who use the word bigotry with a negative religious connotation.

        And I will not allow somebody who is obviously ignorant of the damage that can be done by playing the bigotry card to continue unnopposed. Have you actually been to the darkside and seen the frenzy of support being whipped-up for Green and sectarianism. It’s as bad as I have seen it in a long time and it’s obviously connected with the angst of everything that supporters have been put through in the last 18 months or so.

        And as to traps I think you give Green to much credence – he is in a fiancial hole and I reckon today’s spat was probably caused by Ashley playing the reluctant bride. Of course if there’s a coin to be turned Ashley won’t walk away he’ll just screw Green down a bit further. Het that’s business.

        This could continue for three years but I really don’t think it will because I just don’t think they have got any major cornerstone investor on-board yet and the £1 million here and there will just disappear. I am not saying Green is a mug business-wise as you only need to study his business career to see what he’s about.

  8. ParmaHamster

    No rights to show old games? Why is that, Charles? Here’s a weeeee surprise for you Chuckles – that club no longer exists and those rights passed to the SPL.

    And also because this is the first admission from the SPL that you own a NEW club. That Rangers Football Club as you think you know them are no more, defunct, deceased, kaput. You own Sevco 5088 or whatever you want to call them this week (copyright Firhill announcer last Saturday) and you have no say or influence in the matter as this is an issue for the SPL. That’s right Charles – the SPL of which you are no longer a member, and God and justice willing will not be a part of for many years to come while you persist in playing to a gallery of knuckledraggers and halfwits, as opposed to the genuine Bears who desperately want to see something new rising from the debris.

    • ecojon


      I actually wondered if I was over-reacting and phoned a few rangers mates and they were more shocked than me. And that was on the STV words and not the full-throttle ones. I think he really has lost all credibility and possibly his mind – the fiancial pressures must be hitting home.

  9. ecojon


    Hi could you give me the url of the reference as I’m just getting it as ‘sanctimoniousness’

  10. Thanks ecojon, well researched and written.

    One poster wrote that he thought it was a bit petty to go into the subject in such detail, and I was kind of agreeing with him until I realised the site I was reading it on. Such detail just covers all the areas someone like Green will try to use in his defence, so well done.

    The crassness of Green’s comments still disturb me though. As an exiled Glaswegian brought up amid all the religious hatred – which, by the way Mr Green, historically was instigated mainly by those who supported the old Rangers and which the club found it quite profitable to continue – I am disgusted by his playing of the sectarian card.

    It is bad enough anyone having first-hand experience of such rubbish spouting his words, but for someone who has no historical link with west/central Scotland or its the culture, to use it as a crass marketing tool is unforgivable. He is a disgrace to Englishmen everywhere, and I for one will try to ensure that his words and deeds follow him wherever he goes after this little venture (given his CV, he must be due to bugger off again soon, is he not?).

    Can no civil action be brought against this sad idiot?

    (PS. ecojon, it has always been my belief that it was the Dundee Courier, not the P&J, which ran the headline ‘Dundee Man Feared Drowned’ after the Titanic. However, I do have a treasured P&J front page cutting from the late1980s/early 1990s covering the incident when a passenger jet’s cockpit window blew out in mid-air, nearly taking the pilot with it – it read ‘Pilot Almost Sucked To Death At 23,000ft’)

    • Andy

      Whilst i dont agree with greens comments, i beleive he is bating people on both sides, a. To sell tickets and b. to wind up the opposition to such an extent that they end up doing themselves a diservice.. I have been to many old fiem games from a relatively young age and never expierenced trouble or witnessed any acts of violence in connection betwn fans based on which side they are on. I may have lived a sheltered life to some extent, but i dont beleive the problem is as bad as is made out in the press etc and certaiy not worthy of its own law. The people that carry out the acts of violence are cleatly bad people and hide under the bigotry as an escuse for their violent tendecies.

      I beleive the majority on both sides are mot bigots, i dont pay any relevmce to those that beleive their is some big conspiracy going on and that if more people stood up and ignored the bigoted comments from whoever makes them should not be made news worthy!

      Greens comments are oy stupid because people in this countey five rhem the highlight and time of day they dont deserve!!

      Remember the sfa set a precedent by not punishing romanov for branding them worst than the mafia…is that a worse statement, is in my book as it is directly offensive!!

      • ecojon


        The only person who has carried out a disservice is Green who has labelled all Scots religious bigots by stating that we are the only people in the world who use the word bigotry in a religious context.

        The real effects of bigotry seldom fully manifest themselves in the light of day at football matches where there is invariably a strong police presence inside and outwith the grounds.

        Perhaps if you did a tour of hospital casualty units after certain games then you range of experience would be widened as to what actually takes place even in this day and age.

        You state: “The people that carry out the acts of violence are cleatly bad people and hide under the bigotry as an escuse for their violent tendecies”.

        I agree with quite a bit of that but the real villains when it comes to sparking-off bigotry led violence are those who light the fuse and that is why people in positions of authority have an especial duty to behave and most certainly when the owner of a football club plays the bigotry card in public, at a football game and on TV he has failed in that duty.

        I don’t think you ever deal and stop any ism by just ignoring it – they all have to be challenged and made to see that their attitude is not acceptable in public. If they want to rant and rave do it in private at home but not where decent people congregate.

        And you are right the decent supporters of Rangers and Celtic far outweigh the nutters but that doesn’t allow the nutters free reign, When that happens the majority become cowed and I have many Rangers mates who no longer go to games as they start to mature and think about what is going on. No team is greater than the public good IMHO.

        Listen the Mafia are in Italy and American films so Romanov displayed either what a dick he was or how poor his English is with that statement it never had the potential to cause widescale violence.

        Green’s does – that’s the difference. I am opposed to bigotry but believe it or not I understand the history that created it. Green doesn’t but uses it to make money and strangely enough when the Bears come out of hibernation he might regret his words. But they are his words and just as if he were a fascist or racist he must be held to account for them as they are not acceptable in a modern society,

      • I agree with most of what you say Andy, but one look at online comments – not least those posted after certain ‘mainstream’ stories on the Daily Record and The Herald websites – would reveal that not everyone is as clear-minded as you, and there are many who are still swayed by – and even thankful for – Mr Green’s ‘argument’.

        Indeed, there seem to be enough people out there clearly still living by this out-dated way of thinking, and I believe THAT is sufficient grounds for a civil case against Green’s comments. It just does not MATTER that he is talking out of his backside, or that most right-minded people know that he is doing so (or why) – it’s just wrong, possibly an incitement to civil unrest, and he should be brought to book for his words.

        Also, I do not believe ‘mafia’ quite causes the same offensiveness as bigotry (and as far as I can tell, Hollywood never made much money, if any, out of making heroes out of bigots of the type Green alludes to). In fact, given the history and decisions made by the Scottish footballing authorities over the years, quiet a few of us could argue that Romanov’s comments may not have been too far wide of the mark. Anyone remember ‘Don’ Ernie Walker?

      • Andy

        @ecojon & charles

        Take your points that the comments were provative to the wrong type of person and it is just a word not to be used in any context by anyone within authority in the scottish game with exception of calling for its end. And i do worry that havin bought my season ticket at 400 pounds for third tdivision he may have sold a few to those i would rather not see anywhere near ibrox…i guess il find out on saturday.

        But words meaning nothing if no one is listening…i felt celtics stance of the comments were not worthy of comment was the perfect response!!

        I dont think charles greens off the cuff comment is going to spark any public unrest especialy i it is treated with the disdain it deserves….te message then would be that you have made a fool of yourself..

        Punishing him by the sfa may only lead to empower tho feeling of resentment of those who actualy beleive the nonsense…

        Not that he doesnt deserve to be reprimanded but making an issue out of it may cause more harm than good….and insay that as someone that has no interest in bigotry having any place at ibrox and always have done, tho that doesnt stop me enjoying beating celtic any less 😉

      • Andy

        Sorry reply was for kenny not charles, my apologies

    • ecojon

      @Kenny McCaffrey

      You may well be right about the Courier but it may also be the case that the P&J had a Dundee edition back then – btw I didn’t realise that you were that old 🙂

      I must confess that over 40 years ago I actually did trace the front page of the P&J and it didn’t have the ‘Man Drowned’ story but then it wouldn’t if it had been in the Courier.

      However, I think it is actually a myth in any case, Still it is a good tale.

      In Green’s original Investor prospectus he said he would be going to AIM Flotation in 3rd/4th quarter of this year from memory – predicated on the CVA being successful. Obviously all has changed since then but his craziness today outside Ibrox really took the biscuit.

      It is still a dangerous act to fan the flames of bigotry in this country and could have serious consequences and I really hope the sooner he runs out of cash the better and there might still be some assets to rebuild Rangers. After an AIM Flotation I think it will be goodbye to assets which will be replaced witha lot of paper good only for burning to get a heat.

    • ecojon

      @Kenny McCaffrey

      I replied but wrong place down below

  11. Ernesider

    “There is an ancient story about how in 911 Rollo, a viking, received
    Normandy in fief from King Charles the Simple (an event that caused lasting enmity between the French and the Normans) but refused to kiss the king’s foot at the ceremony. He allegedly said: “Ne se bigod,” that is “Never, by God.”

    From that time, as the story goes, the mocking nickname begod, later bigot, stuck to the Normans. Although many eminent etymologists still think that such is the origin of bigot, they are probably wrong.”

    Anatoly Liberman author of Word Origins…And How We Know Them.

    His full thoughts on the word can be found at the link below, though I must confess that I was little wiser as to the origin of the word when I finished reading.


    • ecojon

      @Follow the money

      On the top of the replies I’ve added another comment on the French aspect which I admit to neglecting but Leonard put me right on – must be getting soft in my old age 🙂

    • ecojon


      It’s a great story and I had a real good dig into it butthink it’s apocryphal sadly 😦

      I foundered on the use of what was obviously a Germanic language term and couldn’t find anyone that explained why Pagan Vikings would be using a Christian term. You have to remember that Christianity came late in the day to Scandinavia probably because of geography and the fact that they tended to lop the head off strangers.

      Maybe an expert in Old Norse/German might be able to make the connection.

      Rollo only converted to Christianity in 911 so again I’m not convinced but maybe we should ask Mr Snake Oil as he is a real whizz with words.

      One good bit in the ‘By God’ story was that Rollo refused to kiss the King’s foot and ordered one of his men to do it and he is supposed to have liften the King’s leg in the air and brought the foot up to his mouth whereupon the King fell on his asp. 🙂

      • Cregganduff

        Don’t forget that ‘Old Rollo’ was the Daddy of them all. Great great great grandfather of William the Bastard (Conqueror) and thereby ancestor of the present English royal family and hundreds more European crowned heads in between.

      • ecojon


        Wonder if there’s still time to kiss a few feet. Perhaps not, I’ll get the man servant onto it 🙂

  12. He got it wrong again …
    Bigoterie /16th century France . Denoting a superstitious RELIGIOUS hypocrite.
    I now expect him to visit those OO clubs in N.Ireland, deliver some rousing speeches and organise fortnightly away days to Ibrox.

  13. Bill

    I’ve been a fan of this blog for a long time and enjoyed it’s normally balanced and unbiased stance ,however this posting merely confirms Charles Greens point . jealousy and bigotry seeping from every paragraph.

    • ecojon


      What been speaking to Charlie then?

      • Bill

        Hope your not going to sart calling me childish names now .

      • ecojon


        I think that if your read posts of my on here you will have difficulty in finding any bigotry of mine and certainly few would be regarded as childish although I do confess to having a sense of humour and actually laughing at some of the more ridiculous and pompous who walk among us – and that includes the dinosaurs,

    • Cregganduff


      Personally speaking I am just interested in the etymology and the history and as for Charles Green pathetic little rant, I have heard much much worse many times before.

      As for your comments about jealously and bigotry. Can you not hear the tinkling of breaking glass?

      • ecojon


        When I was a very callow youth and became involved in politics my mentor or that should be mentress 🙂 was a granny from Fife who was a staunch Co-operator with a strong marxist economic underpinning.

        What she continually dinned into my head about often very eloquent politicians was: ‘Don’t listen to the words – Listen for what isn’t said’. I have found that peral of wisdom has served me well in life in all sorts of situations political and not.

  14. ParmaHamster


    Not for the first time we hear someone come out with the crock that is “There is an agenda against Rangers..”. Those expecting the SFA to develop a set and haul Mr G in for this have clearly forgotten the utterings of the then-newly-appointed chief executive of the SFA in 2008 when he made similar comments in a book entitled “It’s Rangers For Me!”. I don’t recall anyone (outside of the Celtic support) asking Gordon Smith any questions then. I don’t expect anyone (outside of fans of clubs other than Sevco) to chin the great chieftain of the Yorkshire Puddin’ race about his comments either.

  15. BARRA is a beautiful wee island in the outer hebrides where my blood is from,so please call him a barrow boy and not a barra boy

    • ecojon


      How’s about we compromise and call him a Barras Bhoy?

      • ecojon


        I hope you don’t mind but as Barras Bhoy seems to have offended some of the silent majority here I will use it always in future when speaking of Green and I will coat it liberally with snake oil,

  16. JimBhoy

    @Bill You serious, really? Have you taken in any of these blogged comments…

    RTFC and Green are a perfect fit… I have some good Rangers’ pals and they hate him because they know he is soon to be part of the historical triumvirate that will see the final cessation of a once great club.

    What team in the SPL would be envious of Rangers squirming in Scotland’s lowest league, struggling to compete with some of the poorest teams in the country. What club chairman listens to Green without rolling their eyes and shaking their head, ‘cos he hasn’t a clue, either or that he is a genious and knows exactly what he wants out of TRFC.

    You have just insulted every blogger on this page by calling them bigots, are you Charlie in disguise..!!! 🙂

    I wonder how many TRFC fans hate the man just because of his surname, that’s the mentality of all this..

    Away and bile yir heid..!!

  17. John Kerr

    Porcine Aviation…absolutely brilliant. Thanks

    • ecojon

      @John Kerr

      Sadly it’s not mine – I saw another poster use it but I can’t remember who. Will Spartacus step forward?

  18. NumbNuts

    If the SFA fine CG, can they make sure the fine outstrips the income from the season ticket sales drummed up by a CEO who shamelessly uses bigotry as a means to create business and a fan base who shamelessly respond to it? #anothersaddayforscottishfootball

  19. Bill

    “You have just insulted every blogger on this page by calling them bigots, are you Charlie in disguise”
    No i haven’t ,the only one that could be insulted ,but shouldn’t be ,is the guest writer . Not being a supporter of either side of the Old Firm leaves my comments open to the looneys who think i am either supporting one side or condemning the other . I just think the writer was self indulgent and biased..simples .

  20. Auldheid

    What is the French for “dick?”

    That the SFA even allowed this guy to sit at the table tells you all you need to know about them as an organisation staffed by little peepul.

  21. Stuart

    There is a lot of content on here about dictionary definitions, Scottish meanings, and French meanings, but some things have to be experienced to really understand them.

    I write as someone who grew up in Perth and thought that I understood all about Scottish bigotry… until I moved to live and work in Ayrshire and discovered that my previous life just hadn’t prepared me for the level of bigotry I discovered there.

    A man in Green’s position needs to be very much more responsible about his public pronouncements, but I do suspect that he hasn’t yet experience enough life in Scotland to have realised exactly how much fire he is playing with.

    • ecojon


      I will wrily say that I was luckier than you in being raised in the west of Scotland 😦

      I think it would be easy to dismiss Green’s knowledge of the situation but he’s the guy who was on the run flitting from a different safe house to safe-house every night as he was in fear of his life.

      Surely that should have sparked some brain cells that he was in a dangerous ‘place’. Btw in case you don’t know about the story he wasn’t on the run from mad Celtic supportes he was on the run from one section of Rangers support and apparently being hidden by another. Although a journalist has dismissed the story as utter p8sh and said Green was staying in relatively top-class hotels.

      So who knows?

      • Stuart


        Sort of my point really. How much can you really experience of the local culture either from cowering in safe houses or dispensing succulent lamb from the comfort of a top-class hotel?

      • ecojon


        The only thing that Green has got going for him is that he won’t be here that long and then it will be back to his luxury home down south where no doubt he’ll become something of a minor celebrity on the succulent lamb dinner party circuit regaling shocked southerners of the strange ways of the Glasgow Bears.

        He might even give give them a few songs but the words will need to be changed a bit so that a certain song will become a French farm scene where the happy bears are up to their knees in cabernet grapes 🙂

  22. Well done, ecojon. A lovely article with a beautiful balance of wit and seriousness. I’ve read all the comments, too, and found them informative and purposeful.
    However, some commenters seem to believe that Green’s comments should not be taken seriously or that we should just ignore them and not bring attention to bigotry in our society. I totally disagree! I am a product of a mixed marriage – Protestant on one side and Catholic on the other. During my upbringing, I came to know what bigotry meant on a very intimate and personal level. Whereas many of my uncles and aunts were tolerant in the extreme and let familial love wash away previous distrust and hatred, there were still others who nurtured the differences and talked about ‘them’ and ‘us’. I had hoped time would eventually allow these hate nurturers to die off and leave society a more progressive place to live. However, having spent nearly 40 years teaching in secondary schools, I saw children who must have been the product of these hate nurturers and sadly saw new generations of bigotry emerge. I believe the solution is NOT to sweep any signs of public bigotry or plays to sectarianism under the carpet. On the contrary, it must be brought out into the open and its vileness denounced. Only when our young people see that our society will not allow this evil to perpetuate will they embrace tolerance and understanding. Much work in Councils such as ‘Nil by Mouth’ is making sure progress. Do not let this man pull us back into the gutter for the sake of thirty pieces of silver.

    • ecojon


      Thank you 🙂 I agree with you 100% that the only way to deal with this is to shine the light in all the dark corners and that includes Celtic as well as Rangers.

      I have a lot of time for Fergus for what he did financially and for his honest transparency in that area but what I really admired about the guy was that he had no truck with bigotry. In fact he is probably the opposite to Green in so many ways.

      I watched a lot of the Olympics and the opening and closing cermonies and was so pleased to see the foreign press coverage which was mainly really enthusiastic and it was great to see just how a multicultural society can actually click for the better of us all.

      But when are we actually going to tackle and drain the cesspit of bigotry which poisons Scotland – but your are right, first it must be dragged kicking and screaming into the light of day and dealt with so we can move onto a brighter future where energy is expended on positive and useful initiatives and not the sterile plains of battles that should have been long-forgotten in a modern society.

  23. iain

    Few points on this latest piece of nonsese article

    1: The hyperbole of the first few paragrahs was hilarious! The Scottish government needs to step in?? Giidness me! 🙂 ( I simply couldn’t manage to read any more of the guff than the first few paragraphs)

    2: Green was correct of course…the decision was down to bigotry

    3: Has teh premise of this blog (that its about Scots law…or even the intricacies of football rules and regs) been forgotten and now merely a vehicle for any “guest poster” to vent his spleen on Rangers? Is it merely no more than a Sellick fans forum? It seems so.

    • iain

      Oh and one more

      For “rabble rousing” and “dabgerous remarks”….Green has nothing on Lawwell and Lemmon during the close season last summer on their whistle stop tour of Irish and Scottich republican slop houses

      • Ernesider


        You really are a sad sick person. You are trying to drag this debate down to the only level you can understand or operate on, a sectarian mud slinging contest. Well no thanks. And I believe to use an old expression, you are more to be pitied than scorned.

    • ecojon


      Maybe if you had managed past the first few pars you might have found some food for thought but there again probably not. But thank you for showing that after reading only a few paragraphs that you actually felt motivated enough to post. I look forward to seeing what evidence Green has for the SFA,

      And as to Messrs Lawwell and Lennon I feel confident that if they had said anything along the lines alleged by you that you will have reported them to the proper authorities, with the relevant evidence, as you are obviously someone who takes their public duty very seriously indeed.

      • iain

        What did Lawwell mean when he said:
        “If Strachan isn’t voted [as manager of the year] it will be for reasons other than football”?

        • Iain,

          Feel free to write me a “guest post” about the examples you are aware of where people have voiced similar opinions to that of Mr Green but not been subject of disciplinary action.

          It’s an open house!

      • ecojon


        If it bugs you that much email him at Celtic Park but perhaps you should provide the evidence of his statement and as we all know that the MSM aren’t to be trusted I trust your evidence is more tangible.

        If not I doubt you’ll get a reply but Mr Lawwell has a very big club to run in Scotland’s Premier League with a run in Europe as well and he would love to go and sell some season tickets in the streets but he feels that might be better left to Barras Bhoy Charlie with his snake-oil gifts.

        Lawwell is just too busy running Celtic who can afford staff to sell tickets.

      • Cregganduff


        If he did say it. He probably meant what he said.

  24. Jacko

    From the BBC website story about a Queens Park player’s silly posting on facebook. When will these footballers ever learn about their postings on facebook, twitter and the like /


    Rangers, who won the Scottish title a record 54 times, lost their place in the Scottish Premier League when a new company had to be formed to run them after the original could not be saved from administration.

    An interesting piece of additional information in a story about a facebook
    posting. An attempt by the author, unknown, to re-itterate that rangers then and rangers now are one and the same ? Reinforcing the opinion that a “company” that ran rangers was what went bankrupt and a new one had to be formed to run the same rangers. Same rangers, same titles, same history.

    A brave attempt Mr BBC reporter. We beg to differ though.


    • ecojon


      And hundreds of small businesses hammered – some probably bust and others probably laying off staff and be lucky to get washers by the time D&P have hoovered up anything Whyte misssed.

      Hopefully next time the businesses won’t be as badly hit by learning a lesson and getting paid up-front.

    • iain

      Surely the Queens player (and any other player/official going forward) will use the Lennon defence?

      “Aye it;s my account but prove I posted it”

    • Jacko

      AIas I regret to say I missed something so obviously factually wrong in the extract I took from the BBC website report I quoted.

      “a new company had to be formed to run them after the original could not be saved from ADMINISTRATION”

      Surely Mr BBC reporter you meant LIQUIDATION. Administration did not necessitate a new company. Further appallingly bad reporting from the BBC or a deliberate attempt by the reporter to avoid the fact that the company will be LIQUIDATED ? A new company need not have been formed simply because of administration. Ask Motherwell, Livingston, Dundee. The new company was only needed because of the impeding, now say after me Mr BBC reporter, L I Q U I D A T I O N.

      We really expect better from Auntie beeb.


    • Glazert Tim

      If I buy a 4 berth boat and put it on the Forth and Clyde Canal, can I:

      A. Call it the Titantic claiming the old boat bearing that name couldn’t continue due to severe damp issues
      B. Charge people 300 quid to be transported to New York.
      C. Ask Kate Winslet to pop round for some naked portrait posing.

      Evidently yes, according to the BBC approach. Bet it was Billy Dodds that wrote ( sorry scratch that) dictated it to the Beeb.

  25. Brian Jeffrey

    Even giving him the maximum benefit of whatever doubt there may be as to how what he said ought to be properly intepreted, even removing any religious connotation, what he said was offensive and deliberately so. He was playing to a particular constituency for the single purpose of selling season tickets. He publicly, deliberately and defiantly cast aspersions on the integrity of the chairmen of the clubs who voted against him and of the governing bodies who run our game. If that is not bringing the game into disrepute then we might as well just all give it up as a bad joke.

    The bottom line is that he still doesn’t get it. Rangers cheated their way to whatever success they had in the last 20 years. They bought success with money the didn’t have whilst other clubs, operating within their budget, had to watch them gloat all the while about how “They were the peepul”. But hey! Wake up and smell the coffee Mr Green, they got caught!

    Reparation for all that has gone before must surely begin with a little humility, but no… what we get instead is arrogant rant after arrogant rant designed to appease the Rangers’ fan base. That is a very dangerous game to be playing when there is so much still at stake in terms of potential disciplinary proceedings still to come. You would think that this is the time to start mending fences and making friends, but no…. rather it’s a case of lets make sure they all know who we are: “We are the peepul ye know!”

    • ecojon

      @Brian Jeffrey

      At the end of the day Green has no interest in Rangers other than a financial one and even if he manages to get the club to the point of an AIM Flotation I just don’t see it being successful.

      He has no interest in the history of the club other than when needed to whip-up the fans into a frenzy. They must be helluva worried about their future outlook they are so-wedded to tainted titles. I have to be honest and hope Celtic declares it doesn’t want any stripped titles. They are as toxic as the cheats who bought them.

      Just amend the records to show that titles/cups were removed because of financial cheating by Rangers and as far as I am concerned justice will have been done.

  26. Glazert Tim

    When I heard this today, my touretteometer went of the scale. Reading between the lines he was saying

    “There’s an agenda against me. I got screwed over by these three officials claiming they caught a real nasty “Class 5 Free Roaming Vapour” in the funtion suite. I had to fork out £5000 or they were going to put it back in there. Ally wasn’t happy about the Greggs buffet being ruined either.”

    No wait a minute, that might have been Ghostbuster on Sky Plus when I was having a quick cat nap and drifting in and out of slumber.

    Either way, like Ghostbusters, this fantasy has been repeated constantly every year since the eighties. Both have thin and predictable plot lines, a green villain and comedians holding all the main roles.

    They thought we had contained all the nasties until arsehole officials meddled, let them go and tried to deny the need for further action by honest, nerdy but professional meddlers.

    On a serious note, he REALLY REALLY i desperate for ST money and needs to STFU before it all kicks off.

    • ecojon

      @Glazert Tim

      I truly believe he is showing all the signs of someone becoming demented with pressure – probably financial. If I was Ashley and inflated contract details were being bruited about the way they were then I would go TA TA.

      And I think he did that but he may well come back after having screwed Green down a few notches. One thing for sure, Ashley will take more cash out of Ibrox than he puts in and that’s how he is a billionaire – SIMPLE!

      I know it was billed as a season ticket queue but it was probably match tickets.

  27. Plughole

    30,000 x £250 = £7.5 million
    Charlie better get his skates on and get the flotation organised quick. If he’s still to pay the balance to D & F, fund the on-going costs and fund the flotation, he needs to do it quickly as the money won’t last long.
    Will he price the shares low and make sure he’s got buyers ready to start pumping the price? Has he created enough publicity to entice fans to buy some and support their club? Has he created enough publicity amongst short-term investors who maybe think there’s a quick buck to made from the gullible? (e.g. Facebook). This has still got a bit to go, but the rants, the back slapping in the queue and the ring master performance maybe suggest he’s just about to pack up and skedaddle, leaving a very empty arena. The guy’s a complete riot, even Craig Whyte must be impressed at what a chancer he is.
    How long is ‘imminently’?

  28. ParmaHamster

    I see the troll’s back. With added whataboutery.

    Jack’s clearly paying more attention tonight.

  29. JimBhoy

    @Iain i cannot recall the quote and not sure i agree with it ‘cos NL won the league fair and square last season no questions asked (well by any reasonable man), maybe the much maligned Lawell was suggesting the Celtic manager had been thru a tough couple of seasons, most of which was pretty much unrelated to football…. Some peepul who purport to enjoy football should take a good fekin look at themselves (mostly from their bunk bed and cell bars)…
    If there is a lesson to be learned from recent events, bullying will never win, moreso ‘cos the recent upsurgence in Internet bampots raising valid questions will be the precedent for Scottish media going forward, not soft journalism trying to scandalise headlines, made up or 3 day old timid bollocks to sell a paper…. The masses have spoken… The once silent sh!t- fed majority have a say and those who rely on the old technology obligatory media deserve the grave they will dig for themselves…

  30. JimBhoy

    @Bill you stated ‘ jealousy and bigotry seeping from every paragraph.’ I believe most of the pars i have read in this page agree in a lot of ways with PMcC and I for one cannot figure your angle here…. I haven’t heard a peep from any other chairmen/managers recently around the Green stupid bigot remark nor the Ally, they will never take our trophies remark, like Ally makes a whole load of difference, big paid manager in sfl3 with half a clue…

    So who are the bigots ( apart from that taig McConville of course 🙂 ) I wrote earlier that TRFC want desperately to get to the SPL yet they are keen to deride the people who run the show, wtf!!!! Good tactic. Always with Rangers and TRFC cake and eat it, times they are a changing my friend, jump on the bus or be looking up the timetable when the movers and shakers limo turns up to take them out of jockland.

  31. geddy Lee

    JimBhoy, sadly it is not just the SPL the FC Svcovia fans are deriding.

    On the VILE Bear’s Den forum today, we have a thread called “Playing for scumland” .

    In it, they are cueing up to vent their spleens, not just at the SPL but also the SFA, the Scotland National side and all it’s fans, the SNP , Glasgow City Council (Both “taig”controlled apparently) and Scotland the country it’self. Indeed many of them are reacting with horror at the though tof being know as Scottish. It’s still “British” and British only for these self loathing wretches.

    Any decent Sercovian who reacts with horror at this hatred for their own country, is subjected himself to the most vile of abuse. They have worked themselves up into a dangerously paranoid, hate filled state, that is just dying to express it’self in violent civil disobediance.

    This is why Green must be brought under control, his cringing appearance before the punters yesterday is simply helping these idiots perpetrate this “Victimisation” trip they are still on. he needs to be shut up as a matter of urgency before he really does cause a riot.

    Ignorance is such a dangerous state of mind in Scotland , as can be seen from the astonishing outbursts on FC Sevcovias fan forums. How they have not been shut down yet by the Police is remarkable.

    • ecojon

      @geddy Lee

      He’s going to sit among the Ultras apparently at Ibrox and they are gleefull about it. Trying to figure out whether he’ll do the Bouncy and what songs he’ll sing with the hot money on dancing or kicking-in Celtic fans heads.

      It really is quite surreal as if you are on a separate planet with aliens on the loose. My Rangers mates who are all professional people just don’t want to talk about the situation as they are ashamed and interestingly they ain’t renewing season tickets. I think we are about to see a very angry mad squad at Ibrox and it bodes ill.

      Green will make his money disappear and we’ll be left picking up the pieces – I just wish he would go bustor get rich as quickly as possible and disappear to minimise the damage.

  32. geddy Lee

    I see Dundee Utd are denying that FC Sevcovia have payed them the money owed despite Green’s claims to the contrary.

    Don’t tell me he’s a pathalogical liar into the bargain. Surely he can’t possibly pass a “Fit and Proper assesment if that’s true. You can’t have owners constantly lying to their own fans just to sell more season tickets. Not even in Scotland.

    The Football authorities better get this one right or chaos will ensue.

  33. Peter

    I remain unconvinced by Charles Green’s explanation of his meaning of “bigotry”. He says it’s only in Scotland that it’s taken as being a religious bigot. This is tripe. We may call each other bigots, meaning a religious bigot, in Scotland because that’s the main thing that happens up here. Other types of bigotry are, I would say, less prevalent, but if someone was racist up here, I would say they were a bigot too. Is Charles saying we don’t have a word for a racist bigot up here?

    • ecojon


      He let his mouth run away with him again and he now realises how dangerous a situation he’s in. Any kind of censure will badly affect his £30 million planned AIM Flotation. It’s not the financial penalty from the SFA that bothers him it’s what might happen if they judge him not fit and proper. If that happened most decent shareholder IMHO would think seriously about investing in a company run by someone castigated by the top Football Asscn in Scotland in such a manner. Of course he may well be cleared of any wrongdoing.

  34. portpower

    There`s still one question that has`nt been asked here. Charles Green, can you speak French?

    • ecojon


      Well if he can it’s babby French cos when he tries to say oui oui it comes out pee pee which is suppose means he talks p*sh or should that be peesh 🙂

  35. cantdisguiseurhate

    Yawn…I would tend to believe that there is no definitive, despite scrambling about to suit whatever side of the case you want to make. As did Green.

    What a waste of brainpower to concentrate on such pettiness,

       [big-uh-tree] Show IPA
    noun, plural big·ot·ries.
    stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.
    the actions, beliefs, prejudices, etc., of a bigot.

    1665–75; bigot + -ry, formation parallel to French bigoterie

    1. narrow-mindedness, bias, discrimination.

  36. p groom

    meanwhile…re unpaid money to dundee united. letter from spl seems damning until you read that the money would be payable from an amount due to be paid to rangers. however green agreed that no moneys would be paid to rangers in respect of awards due for last season. logic says it must follow that there is now not an amount from which spl can pay dundee u. hence the sum owed to them is still due from rangers. lets see.

  37. Bill

    Re “I believe most of the pars i have read in this page agree in a lot of ways with PMcC ” .
    You seem to have missed an important point ,this was a guest writer who wrote this piece ,and not Paul McConville ,whos posts are balanced and humerous ,and the reason this blog is on my bookmarks ,or didn’t you read it ? .

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