Peterhead v Rangers FC – A Graphic Representation + Today Rangers FC’s Worth = £50m

In honour of the first game by the Rangers Football Club in SFL3, I thought I would look at some of the interesting statistics from the game. I have listed each team, with the age of the player and international caps. After that I have some pie charts (in honour of mick) showing graphically what I am looking at.

And do not worry – I am not seeking to step into the Chick Young style pundit shoes, so you will not see this statistical analysis every week!



Paul Jarvie, 30, No caps

Scott Ross, 21, No caps

Ryan Strachan, 22, No caps

Callum MacDonald, 29, No caps

Graeme Sharp, 28, No caps

Jamie Redman, 26, No caps

Dean Cowie, 25, No caps

Scott McLaughlin, 28, No caps

Steven Noble, 24, No caps

Robbie Winters 37, 1 cap for Scotland

Robbie Winters – the man with most full caps (indeed the only full cap) in the Peterhead team

Rory McAllister 25, 2 caps for Scotland Under 21, 2 caps for Under 20

Subs Used:

Bryan Deasley 24, No caps

Stephen Maguire 25, No caps

Martin Bavidge 32, No caps

Subs Not Used:

Marc McCallum 19, No caps

Roy McBain 37, No caps

Average Age of Peterhead Players – 27


The Rangers FC:

Neil Alexander, 34, 3 caps for Scotland, 1 cap for B team and 5 for Under 21

Kirk Broadfoot, 28, 4 caps for Scotland, 3 cap for B team and 5 for Under 21

Dorin Goian, 31, 44 caps for Romania

Carlos Bocanegra, 33, 106 caps for USA

Carlos Bocanegra, the most capped player in the Rangers FC squad

Andy Little, 23, 8 caps for Northern Ireland, 1 cap for B team, 4 for Under 21 and 11 for Under 19

Ian Black, 27, 2 caps for Scotland B

Lewis Macleod, 18, 13 caps for Scotland Under 17

Lee Wallace, 25, 6 caps for Scotland, 9 caps for Under 21 and 3 for Under 20

Lee McCulloch, 34, 18 caps for Scotland and 1 cap for B team

Dean Shiels, 27, 10 caps for Northern Ireland

Barrie McKay, 17, No caps

Subs Used:

Kevin Kyle, 31,  10 caps for Scotland and 1 cap for B team

Francisco Sandaza, 27, No caps

Subs Not Used:

Scott Gallacher, 23, No caps

Robbie Crawford, 19, No caps

Kyle Hutton, 21, 1 cap for Scotland Under 21, 7 caps for Under 19

Average Age of Rangers Players – 26

The graphs are below – they will take a couple of seconds to appear. Rangers FC is represented in Blue and Peterhead in red.

Here came the pie charts.

Sorry! Wrong chart! Correct ones will appear below!

Today was undoubtedly a bad day for the Rangers FC, but, as Mr Ahmad, the Director, declared at the RFFF meeting, the company was worth £50 million “on a bad day”. On that basis, the value can only increase so the three billionaires apparently interested in investing should do so now to stop the price of investment going up before they get involved!


Was this playing on the Rangers FC team bus on its way back from Peterhead?


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15 responses to “Peterhead v Rangers FC – A Graphic Representation + Today Rangers FC’s Worth = £50m

  1. Auldheid

    Ok I’ll bite. Who ate all the pie charts?

  2. Every week please Paul……………just watching CFC – bhoys against men and holding their own against top top quality in Real Madrid at 2-0 absolutely no embarrassment, no attack but solid midfield and defense, things are getting better.

  3. TheBlackKnight TBK

    Lol Paul. The pie chart reminded me of

    Are you David Thorne 🙂

  4. mick

    Thanks for the mention Paul am so gratified at that ,The bdo is well taken there time ,that statement 50mil on a bad day to me should call for a goverment agency to step in and investigate its a under value sale,a was jokeing with the wife the hidden factor in todays match was peterhead players had aberdeen angus pies witch gave them a vitaim b 12 rush while sevco were bagged up with mcghee mince 1s ,jokes aside after viewing todays match i would say scottish soccer is underestimated by the msm to keep the public at the bigger teams a just hope the lower league teams can do that in every live match its amazing to watch and am sure the spl managers will be snapping up the star men of these games in the not to distant future

  5. charliedon

    I see “super Ally”, after today’s scrambled draw against the mighty Peterhead (no offence to the Blue Toon), says that he needs players coming in. Fielding 8 full internationals was clearly inadequate and he must need another half dozen or so. This might enable them to be competitive in Div 3 and presumably compensate for what a crap manager he is.

  6. Brian Duncan

    Is it time to concentrate on the Bhoys? Can’t remember when I last read a blog discussing Celtic, we seem obsessed with The Rangers. I for one want to forget them. Expose cheating yes, discuss their every breath no.

  7. JimBhoy

    My big Rangers mate was disgusted by the performance and score yesterday, he sits the blame firmly wily SugarAlly. I missed the game as my boys team are at a weekend tournament, however if Ally’s only plan to move forward is to throw as much resources as possible at the problem then he is no coach and has a flawed approach to competing with the diddy teams. In my job as a manager with staff all over the world it is good to have a bit of resource fat to cover for the unexpected but at the end of the day you need your resources/players to know what is expected of them and for them to deliver quality and be flexible enough to cope in adversity and become stronger because of that, ably backed my their manager… My mate said SugarAlly had the crossed arms, huffy look all day and barely uttered a word of encouragement…

    To summarise I think Ally’s honeymoon period could come to a conclusion sooner that the Ibrox God may know…

    Anyways I have a cup semi final to plan for unfortunately with a very much depleted squad, down to the bare bones as they say and up against the big boys…Bring it on!!

  8. Gobsmacked

    Well it looks like the pies are back on the menu at Ibrox. Mr McCoist pointed out that this was not going to be a Cake Walk ……. the cake must be all finished. That aside I thought his comments on his team’s display was fair.Your article mentions the amount of caps but how many Gers can fix a burst pipe or fillet a fish ? Gers could use a good plumber to plug the holes in that defence.and maybe an electrician to get wired into the opposition !

  9. Stuart

    When we thought that the original transfer embargo would leave Rangers relying almost entirely on the young players already on their books, some of us suggested that division 3’s seasoned professionals might prove to be tougher opposition than was generally being assumed. I admit that I had not supposed that a Rangers team composed mainly of experienced internationals might seriously struggle in any games at that level.

    However all is not yet lost. There are 105 points still to play for, and over two weeks in which the squad can be further strengthened by signing half a dozen or more additional international quality players as well as 9 loanees from Newcastle United.

    All should be well come the end of the season. They should definitely have the strongest squad in the division come the play-offs!

  10. Project Walliams

    Stoap bagging Ally. Maybe it isnae him thats the problem
    Brain Duncan is right, forget T’Rangers.
    We should be asking the hard questions –
    Why aren’t we asking why Craig Levein hasnae picked any Peterhead players in his scotland squads?

  11. tam

    so ally not figuring peterhead play at home in blue tops fields his team in hastily arranged training gear which i notice bears 5 stars.newco rangers have no titles or trophys to their name so whats 5 stars about ?.surely mr green can afford to shell out for new newco away gear

  12. Pingback: “Newcastle’s Ashley ready to buy Ibrox share” – A Study in Succulent Lamb | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  13. geddy Lee

    Tam, I noticed the STARS had made a comeback too. LOL

    They were no where to be seen against Brechin.

    Either they have not got the strip back from the wee washer woman they haven’t paid in weeks, or it’s another bout of foot-stamping defiance from FC Sevcovia.

    Note how the MSM refuse point blank to mention it. LOL

    Talk about heads in the sand.

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