Green rides into battle with SFA backed by Goth Hun-slayers by Ecojon

I remember reading Rangers Media within hours of Charlie Bhoyo using the ‘Bigotry’ card at Brechin and had a good laugh when posters started defending him by arguing that ‘bigotry’ was an Old French word meaning disagreement and had nothing to do with religion. I think they full well knew what ‘bigotry’ means in Scotland and were on the case immediately attempting to mitigate the blunder.

I certainly never cease to be amazed at how football forums throw-up instant experts on the most arcane of subjects but I didn’t really give it another thought till today when I read Green’s defence to the SFA charge being aired.

I have now researched the etymology of ‘bigotry’ and, as with everything Charlie says, there is a grain of truth there.  But I think you’ll all be fascinated by the way in which Charlie has helped unearth ancient Hun history which might have been better remaining hidden.

On one level I viewed Charlie Green’s ownership struggle for Rangers as a mark of a guy with a huge set of brass balls and I’m not talking about the pawnbrokers – well not yet 🙂 Now I see him as a very weak character, forever characterised by his brass neck and an obviously well-thumbed Olde French dictionary, courtesy of his RM supporters and apparent mentors.

“Je m’appelle Monsieur Vert. Touts les mondes sont les bigots!” said an unidentified man outside the ground.

As we all know Green faces an SFA charge of bringing the game into disrepute by claiming “bigotry” was behind Rangers being denied entry to the SPL.

He made the inflammatory and dangerous remarks in a BBC interview before the Rangers’ Ramsdens Cup tie kicked-off against Brechin on July 29 by stating: “Some of it has been driven by bigotry, some of it’s been driven by jealousy and some of it’s been driven by all the wrong motives.”

Now, in what would win an Olympic Back-pedalling Gold, Green pitifully claims that he didn’t use the word “bigotry” in a religious sense and added: “The use of the word bigot, if you look in the dictionary from the French word bigoterie, is about people who have opposing views or aren’t prepared to listen.

“It’s only in Scotland it’s referred to in a religious sense. I wasn’t speaking in a religious sense.”

Oh really Charlie Bhoy? You are the owner of a Scottish Football Club – a section of whose support lives and breathes bigotry. You have had a long association with football at a high level and must be aware of what lies behind the passions which drove the Old Firm Derby. Your fans sing sectarian songs about being up to their ‘knees in the blood’ of their enemies to demean those of a different religion – have you never thought to ask what bit of French History that is connected to?

Of course you haven’t. Because you are wriggling and twisting trying to do anything that will help you escape being found guilty of ‘bigotry’ – who knows a criminal charge might follow.  But much worse for you is how this will affect the AIM share flotation – do you think institutional investors will believe you are a fit and proper person to be bringing a company to market if found to have played the bigotry card without a shred of evidence? Especially if they believe it was all just to sell seats as many claim.

You say that it’s only in Scotland that the word ‘bigotry’ is used in a religious sense – that is utter nonsense – but firstly let me ask: Where were you when you made the remark? Scotland! Who did you tell?  BBC Scotland! Where did you make the remark? Just before a football match at which there were later a number of arrests for sectarian offences!

Scots mostly know from childhood exactly what bigotry means in practice and that’s before we get to school and learn foreign languages if you’ll excuse my French  🙂

So let’s look at one of the many almost identical dictionary definitions of what a ‘Bigot’ actually is using the: English Collins Dictionary.



A person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp. on religion, politics, or race

(16th Century: from Old French: name applied contemptuously to the Normans by the French, of obscure origin)

Synonyms: Dogmatist, fanatic, persecutor, sectarian, zealot

Well, that’s fairly clear and accords with what I’ve always believed is the meaning of bigotry as used in Scotland.

But you’re right Charlie there is a French Connection although I must confess to be totally lost as to why Normans being treated like sh*t by the French should suddenly pop into your  head before a football game. Heaven forbid that there is some Jacobite Connection in Brechin which formed part of the Auld Alliance with France.

So what exactly do you think bigotry means Charlie as I think your telling Ibrox porky-pies when you say bigotry comes from the French bigoterie used to describe: ‘People who have opposing views or aren’t prepared to listen’.

The Online Etymology Dictionary throws a little light on the mediaeval French origins of ‘bigotry’ but it is important to understand that Etymologies aren’t definitions but explanations of what words meant hundreds and sometimes thousands of years ago.  I know you’re getting on a bit Charlie but this is ridiculous you’ve got to keep up to date or Ashley will whip the jerseys and the club off you before you can say AIM Flotation.

The French word ‘Bigot’ first appeared in the 12th Century and was the name apparently given to a tribe in southern Gaul. There is a phonetic argument that the word derives from the Visigoths (Goths) who lived in the Danube Delta but were pushed westwards by attacks from the rampaging Huns led by Attila.

But in 451AD the Huns were defeated by a Visigoth-Roman coalition at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains and following another rout four years later they lost all voice in the changing face of history. Seems that history really does repeat itself  🙂

The Huns at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains

At some stage native French people used ‘bigotry’ as a term of abuse against the Normans who were originally Vikings who had colonised the area of France which later became Normandy. I have been unable in the short time available and without access to original sources to test this, but I believe the antipathy between the French and Normans might well be rooted in the fact that they originally were of different religion.

But the history of language moved on and by the 1590s ‘religious hypocrites’ were known as ‘bigots’.

I know your club is heavily into history Charlie but you’re not that kind of a guy as I remember you saying that if the CVA failed then every year of the club history before that was wiped out.

However, I do trust that if you actually are relying on the etymological history of ‘Bigoterie’ in Old French, which most sources declare as ‘unknown’, that you have hired a top Etymological Expert and not the resident RM experts. Otherwise, you are onto prunes I’m afraid.


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24 responses to “Green rides into battle with SFA backed by Goth Hun-slayers by Ecojon

  1. mick

    @ecojon bravo bravo what a great read and history lesson fantastic ,so there you go charlie bhoy stick that in you pipe and smoke it .

  2. TheBlackKnight TBK


    I believe the ‘french’ is Chapeau 😉

  3. Quality EJ, I gave up on him some time ago as you say IMO he is empty vessel and truthfully I don’t believe he has a set on him either, ignorance is bliss they say, well clearly it is in this ***case………….. Waiting for the police to step in, he committed on as I understand it national tv the same crime as many of his followers were arrested and charged with at the same match…….where is his charge sheet??

  4. Greg72

    @Ecojon You said in your above post ‘but I believe the antipathy between the French and Normans might well be rooted in the fact that they originally were of different religion.’

    I understand that what became the Duchy of Normandy was founded in the late 10th Century by Rollo, who was ‘Norse’, or a ‘Northman’ or, indeed, really a ‘Viking’. I’m more than happy to agree with your comment if the ‘Normans’ were pagan when they arrived in what became Normandy. However, if they were Christian when they arrived, I don’t think that that is the case. This, of course, is all very interesting to those of us who have an interest in history! I’m afraid that what I wonder about is who advised Mr Green prior to his making his ‘definition of bigotry’ statement! I have this vision of hordes of PR people frantically scouring any information they can access in order for Mr Green to say something!

    I think what I am really saying is that Mr Green’s statment is ‘pathetic’!

    • Ernesider

      Rollo was given lordship of Normandy on condition that he accepted the over lordship of the French king and converted to Christianity. He was baptized in 912. Despite this Normandy was for a long time afterwards regarded as a haven for pirates and cutthroats by the rest of France.

      • ecojon

        @Ernesider – yea can see that as a possibility for the contempt based on fear of law-abiding citizens. It may have been that the pirates and cut-throats weren’t religious either and therefore might be part of a religious explanation or inference.

    • ecojon


      I did think that it might also be linked to the Protestants Huguenots and there was certainly a fairly large contingent in Normandy who escaped from the oppression of the majority French Catholic population.

      At least the contempt would fit – problem is I have had difficulty in establishing the time scales but I certainly take your point about whether the Vikings were pagan or Christian. An area that is worth a bit of study but I now have more of a feelings for the Huguenot possibility which, of course, is certainly based on religious bigotry or perhaps even bigoterie 🙂

      As to Mr Green saying anything else I would recommend he does a quick course in Swahili as that is what I usually lapse into when pished according to anyone that knows me and no one has a clue what I’m saying and neither do I or at least I can’t remember next day.

      Can see it now at Hampden: Green: Well you see bigoterie is actually an old Swahili word that means peace and joy to all. Oh yea 🙂

      • Stuart

        It is a mistake to think of France as being a unified country in the 10th century. The Royal Domain territories didn’t extend out all that far from Paris. Even though influence and a degree of control gradually extended by means of feudal obligations, most of what we now know as France was for practical purposes controlled by largely independent dukes and counts, several of whom were as powerful as the king. The north was always the most determinedly independent part of modern France. Brittany and Flanders as well as Normandy.

  5. mick

    a think the sevco are a stain on our country there live on sky doing nazi salutes surely the licence should be took back ??

  6. Glazert Tim

    This absolutely fantastic! Intelligent discourse.

    We are having an in depth discussion on a Saturday night about semantics and 10th Century French history, on what is ostensibly a legal blog but with a huge focus on Rangers demise.

    Meanwhile in a parallel universe on Rangers blogs they are having intellectual arguments whether if you find a milk bottle in a hedge, don’t disturb it as it might be a cows nest, if Dennis the Menace is possibly a Tim as he wears a stipey jumper, if Popeseye steak should be banned from Tesco as it’s possibly bigoted. Wait a minute, that might have been jiggoted!

  7. mick

    @glazert tim you wont need a fish tea this week your brian will be well funtioning after all the history lessons here tonight lol

  8. Richboy


    This is not a Nazi salute but a Roman salute as practised by Mr De Canio ex of Roma FC. Mr Jardine explains that Rangers fans can use this salute due to their close connection and love of all things Roman.

    • Greg72

      There is really not a lot one can say to that!! 🙂

      • Mick

        Most people on here have a high iq and can designer my typo mistakes easy ,not matter the amount of times it’s mentioned a would never let that stop me saying what a feel do canio is as wrong as the young lads doing it in the pic also there grandads will be turning in there graves as most of us had family who fought the nazis so to claim your British then do a nazi salute leaves me bewildered

      • mick

        @greg72 theres a lot 1 could say on that issue but a think it would deserve a topic of its own 🙂

    • Glazert Tim

      What a fall from power for those saluting. One minute you’re in the Third Reich, next you’re propping up the arse of the Third Division.

  9. mick

    @glazert tim it looks like they will be there for a long time after todays show :-0

  10. Por Cierto

    Gid Moaning,

    I was just pissing by and I noticed your piss in your bog.

    Eet is about my good fiends the huns.

    Fir giddiness sake eet is ok fir to use the weird bigot.
    I hve been to ibrokers minny times and I have herd them sink in French.

    Je ne pas the sung, butt eet stars with the wierds “Allo Allo”

    Sugarley eet is ok to sink thees sungs and eet is no Bigotry.

    Mare Sea
    Officer Crabtree
    French Polieman.

  11. martinmcm1

    To give Green the benefit of the doubt, what he was saying was “Some of it (the opposition to Rangers) has been driven by bigotry (people who have opposing views). So people opposed to something have opposing views to those in favour – very insightful Charlie!!!!!

    • ecojon

      Bigotry is not people with opposing views. People with opposing views debate in a civilized manner. Bigots end up to the knees in the blood of those they disagree with. Maybe you’re making a clever point but it certainly has sailed over my head.

  12. geddy Lee

    I think Green got carried away there and let his Ibrox Nuremberg Speech writers insert the accusation of bigotry, knowing full well the Sevconian hordes would latch on to it like a leech.

    With that one ignorant, offensive outburst, Green has completley re-invented himself in the eyes of the increasingly paranoid fan-base. He’s begining to realise he is out of his depth and at the mercy of the knuckle draggers who have attached themselves to his new club.

    He has also learned watching McCoist, that it’s not what you do but what you say that determines your standing in the eyes of the Sevconians. McCoist, thanks to his hand wringing , foot stamping tantrums, is now virtually “unsackable” despite his truly awful record as a “manager”.

    Remarkable state orf deluded affairs.

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