Rangers-itis – Is It Catching? A Guest Post by Bill

So what is it with Rangers and Ibrox that affects seemingly normal human beings with dementia which should only appear late in life? Much has been made recently about the “toxicity” of Rangers FC but no one would ever have imagined that it might not just be financial but physical as well.

It has long been known that members of the media have been infected by a strain of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease caught by the ingurgitation of vast quantities of succulent lamb but until now it was never suspected that there might be other ways for the disease to be caught.

In the past few months it has come to light that a number of ex-players were unfortunately infected by use of the drug EBT which had been refined using unsafe methods of production. There is some hope that these patients may be cured in the future but their treatment is likely to prove extremely expensive and may involve “hospitalisation” at some time.

Now, however, there are fears that a previously unexpected means of transmission may be rearing its ugly head. Several older ex-members of the Ibrox fraternity have started to pronounce nonsensical statements in national newspapers which has led researchers to propose that a less virulent strain of the disease may have existed for much longer than anyone previously suspected.

The latest victim, Davie Provan, at the young age of 56 has become the latest victim of this disease after the tragic cases of Mark Hateley, Ally McCoist, Paul Gascoigne and others.

Symptoms of the disease manifest themselves by a refusal to accept reality, the belief that it is the fault of others, a persecution complex which deludes the sufferer into believing that he is being punished when he is not while at the same time believing himself to be superior to everyone else.

The latest case can be summarized in the words of Mr Provan. They are in bold, with my comments/translation beneath.

Can this man be helped?

Dumping Gers in Div 3 was fools’ goal!

SCOTTISH football history is littered with idiotic decisions but the men who voted Rangers into the Third Division have just won the gold medal for stupidity.

SCOTTISH football history is littered with idiotic decisions but the men who condemned Rangers to the Third Division have just won the gold medal for stupidity.


In their stampede for the moral high ground they’ve bankrupted top-flight football in this country. Take a bow gentlemen.

In their stampede for world domination they’ve bankrupted top-flight football in this country. Take a bow gentlemen.


It’s difficult to know who to blame most. The cowardly owners of the SPL or that sanctimonious collection of SFL chairmen who sealed Rangers’ fate.

 It’s easy to know who to blame most. Sir David Murray, Craig Whyte the owners of Rangers, and the sanctimonious collection of directors who turned a blind eye and sealed Rangers’ fate.


See, it’s easy when you try, Davie, though all the crap about £20m and all the other guff you’ve picked up from your other mates won’t make rehabilitation easy. Still you all have 3 years to get over it all.

If it really is Armageddon time then there won’t be an SPL for you to get back to or else Scottish football will finally be flourishing without your corrupting presence and you may still be languishing in the depths of the SFL or perhaps even the junior leagues where you will surely end up when the money runs out in the next few months.

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33 responses to “Rangers-itis – Is It Catching? A Guest Post by Bill

  1. mick

    great post bill jim traynor and co are well to blame to

    A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.[1] Unlike hallucinations, delusions are always pathological (the result of an illness or illness process).[1] As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception.

    Delusions typically occur in the context of neurological or mental illness, although they are not tied to any particular disease and have been found to occur in the context of many pathological states (both physical and mental). However, they are of particular diagnostic importance in psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, paraphrenia, manic episodes of bipolar disorder, and psychotic depression.

  2. mick

    am laymen bill but this video explians it well (with a twist of humour of course)
    your 100% right its an illness the media are making every 1 negative and making the country think halve empty rather than half full

  3. mick

    its not about money its about cheating the taxman the vid below should help the deluded amounst us grasp a better idea of why this has all come about

  4. mick

    bill the medical word Creutzfeld-Jakob disease is well academic a thought a would copy and paste it for any1 sruggling to understand it

    The first symptom of CJD is rapidly progressive dementia, leading to memory loss, personality changes and hallucinations. This is accompanied by physical problems such as speech impairment, jerky movements (myoclonus), balance and coordination dysfunction (ataxia), changes in gait, rigid posture, and seizures. The duration of the disease varies greatly, but sporadic (non-inherited) CJD can be fatal within months or even weeks (Johnson, 1998). In some people, the symptoms can continue for years. In most patients, these symptoms are followed by involuntary movements and the appearance of an atypical diagnostic electroencephalogram tracing. Most victims die six months after initial symptoms appear, often of pneumonia due to impaired coughing reflexes. About 15% of patients survive two or more years.[10]

    The symptoms of CJD are caused by the progressive death of the brain’s nerve cells, which is associated with the build-up of abnormal prion proteins forming amyloids. When brain tissue from a CJD patient is examined under a microscope, many tiny holes can be seen where whole areas of nerve cells have died. The word “spongiform” in “transmissible spongiform encephalopathies” refers to the sponge-like appearance of the brain tissue.

  5. mick

    is the above mentioned the reason every1 is calling sevco fans zombies ?

  6. mick

    is it cjd or a delusion disorder thats the debate tonight (are msm liabile for this via courts)?????

  7. Martin

    Bill, Bill, Bill, I don’t know who you are but I’m glad you are having fun.

    Can I say something? Really I’m serious!

    If I understand this, you have a problem with the Sun. Some things printed in the Sun upset you. Maybe you found some similar things elsewhere. I get it, you are so angry!

    But Bill,

    Didn’t the Sun claim that Liverpool fans caused the Hillsborough disaster?

    Didn’t the sun claim to have won the Falklands war.

    Am I to believe that anyone in the modern world reads the Sun and finds a useful beginning for a blog.

    I’m sorry but your post is silly and not worthy of other posts on Paul’s Blog.

    • Bill Fraser

      Martin, Martin, Martin. I think you have a problem with the fact that many who read the Sun or the Record take it as the gospel. Are you trying to tell me that Davie didn’t say any of this? Are you telling me that the page 3 girls aren’t even women? Or are you a Rangers fan who is willing to accept responsability for all the cheating that has gone on over the years and will suffer all the penalties that go with it? Well, no you aren’t or else you wouldn’t bother posting here. You’re just another of those brain-dead orcs that claims “It was a big guy who done it and he ran away.” You lot are really pathetic

      • mick

        calm down bill and do the conga lets lighten the bebate with the trophy stripping video

      • Martin

        Dear Bill,

        perhaps perhaps perhaps I am a brain dead orc, who would run away, but certainly not one who would run away from you.

        I have not cited women, though you clearly have chosen to align yourself with a news paper that thinks page three is fun.

        In fact I support celtic and far from being brain dead I find myself capable of rational thought.

        I don’t doubt that ‘Davie’ made the comments that precipitated your ill advised post. I question only the medium, one which you seem to have failed to understand.

    • ecojon


      Personally I don’t read the Sun and have never bought it – I do read it online but would never take anything it states at face-value without checking it elsewhere.

      As to Provan’s views they would still be the same no matter what newspaper they appeared in. I don’t agree with them but Provan doesn’t interest me enough to write a post on him but Bill does and I don’t say that as any condemnation of Bill’s post which has a humorous side to it..

      Provan appears to espouse part of the new ‘history’ being fabricated around SevGers whereby Murray is air-brushed out and I see one of his greatest failings his decision to sell the club to CW. This may be overtaken by the EBT issue but I have taken the position on that that we should await on the HMRC decision before dealing with the matter in footballing terms.

      The trophies are going nowhere and can be removed at any time if that is the decision and I don’t believe that it was worth disrupting Scottish Football as long as the principle was established and accepted by SevGers that they will be subject to an investigation in due course and some say 10th August is the first meeting in the process. I have very mixed views on this whole issue and am still forming my final position on the matter but want to hear the facts before doing so which for me is what the HMRC and SPL investigation unearth, if anything.

      So forgetting Murray doesn’t mean EBTs will be forgotten. And as for the continual whine about Blue Knights injecting millions of hard-earned cash into the Ibrox black-hole having seen how Murray has been reviled I think I would keep my money in my pocket.

      • Martin

        Your friend Bill has chosen to insult me and by extension chosen to insult anyone who rightly questioned his blog.

        What say you ecojon? What do you say Bill?

        here is a fine test?

  8. mick

    @martin ,its not just the sun its the whole msm its nice of bill to take time out to creat a debate about it ,the sun is a illution from the real goings on in the world also you could tag most papers like that,people should blog about the rubbish there so negative and the are holding back the nations iq and creating a pesimistic mind set amongst there readers ,

    • Martin

      No Mick,

      in this case it is Bill who has posted reactionary nonsense.

      I don’t like it in the papers and I don’t like it here.

  9. mick

    your right bill the sun and most other versions of papers like it dulls peoples out look in life and is full of lies

  10. Martin

    Well now, gentlemen, Bill, ecojon,

    no thoughts? no words in reply? I’m just an orc. Am I so difficult to dismiss?

    • Martin

      I note sadly that my final comments on Paul’s excellent blog ‘the Brechin ultimatum’ passed without reply.

    • mick

      @ martin every1 is entitled to there say but you mentioned liverpool and the falklands thats off topic were debating the sun and its sport section ,even your most harden rfc fans are feed up with all the lies they print ,no 1 on here is dismissing you ,your thoughts are welcome also it takes time for people to respond to comments bills not insulting you hes given it to you stright thats his thoughts and just like your or mine is thoughts are his thoughts its nothing personal but ave got to side with bill here as you started it
      I’m sorry but your post is silly and not worthy of other posts on Paul’s Blog.

      you gave him an over the top critical review and you named called first silly is names calling .also not worthy of other posts thats harsh ,so basicly you have killed the debate with that ,pauls blog commenters are anti msm they slag us off for asking questions off them ,paul has no set criteria for bloggers its anything gos as long as its related to topics and thoughts that match currant issues,martin you ridiculed bill tonight thats why he thinks your a orc or closely becoming 1

    • ecojon


      Perhaps you should actually read before engaging your mouth – I won’t ask you to think as I hae ma doots aboot that having read mick’s definition.

      Have a look at my post: July 29, 2012 at 9:18 pm in response to your post at 9.01.

      I observed radio silence with regard to your 9.24 as I came to the conclusion that it did not merit an answer particularly in view of the length of my earlier response. Write something stimulating and I will reply if it interests me but I tend not to be interested in one liners and closed minds. I also have other more interestings things to do like watching Frost – you could learn a lot from that guy btw.

      If I was interested in opening minds I would have gone to night school and got my brain surgeon’s qualifications but I wasn’t, so didn’t.

      In short write something of interest and I and possibly others – who I don’t speak for – may or may not respond to you. You haven’t even said whether you agree with Provan or not.

  11. mick

    bill am just glad that some1 out there feels the same as i do about the sun its nice to know am not alone

  12. ecojon


    Just in case you return I am now going to bed as my darling fancies an early night and that most definitely trumps Frost – so over and out.

  13. ADM

    Just belatedly catching up with this frankly sad exchange. Very much want to read what Paul has to say on what’s in a name for Rangers – my own view being that some people have put a lot too much weight on the phoenix company regulations – so will restrict myself to a couple of comments.

    Email is a crap medium for conveying any kind of nuance and blog commenting is just as bad if not worse. Too many trivial disagreements blow up among people who are in truth quite closely aligned. People frequently write in a hurry and say things they later regret or, more commonly, say things in a sufficiently ambiguous way that others misinterpret them. Bill and Martin, if you met I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if you got along.

    Martin, are you the same Martin who did the running commentary on the Brechin game? Thanks for that, made me smile. However, I thought your reaction to Bill’s post was a bit over the top – don’t think you’ll find many people around here supporting the Sun, and I don’t think that was Bill’s point. Without it being it by any means the best guest post ever on here, Bill’s post did make some reasonable points about Davie Provan’s comments. However, it seemed to touch a raw nerve with you – as a suggestion, think twice before posting if you’ve been annoyed by something, or re-read your post a couple of times.

    Bill, thanks for the guest post – I hadn’t seen Provan’s comments but had seen allusions to them elsewhere, and I agree with much of your analysis of them. To be fair to Martin, it does have an angry edge to it which perhaps detracts from the point. Anyway, I understand that it’s hard to take when people take pot shots at what you’ve written but again I’d suggest you – like Martin – could think about taking a step back before replying when you’re angered by what someone else has said. (Incidentally, I’m assuming Bill Fraser in the comments is the same Bill who wrote the guest post – apologies if not.) As I say above, I thought Martin’s reaction was over the top but then your response I fear just escalated it – calling someone you’ve never met a “brain-dead orc” isn’t helpful.

    Bill and Martin, I hope neither of you take offence at my suggestions – apologies if so. I hope you both continue to post – we all have much to learn from each other.

  14. ecojon


    I think you give very good advice about responding when agitated.

    When I’m really hopping mad I actually sleep on it and as I’m sure you well know – the morning light often puts a different complexion on things.

    On the odd occasion when I have failed to follow my own advice I have ALWAYS regretted it.

  15. Martin

    My apologies to all and Bill in particular, got a little carried away there.

  16. Bill Fraser

    I didn’t get round to answering earlier due to pressure at work so I shall now try to answere some of the points.

    Martin, you are the one who brought up the whole point of the article being in the Sun. I totally agree with you that it is a joke but it doesn’t change the fact that Davie Provan put his name to the article and is therefore answerable to any criticism which may be made about his comments. Having spent an enormous amount of time on P&B and RM in recent months I am aware of the total denial of any wrongdoing by supporters of the club. My calling you a brain-dead orc was an immediate reaction to the siege mentality so evident in Rangers fans and which you also exhibited.

    I wholeheartedly apologise for my reaction to your post and fully appreciate your right to your opinion. Perhaps, however, former and present Rangers players would do well to reflect before putting pen to paper or even giving random thoughts to anonymous copywriters who transform these into what as now become a never-ending stream of sanctimonious garbage. People are fed up of reading day after day that it is the fault of everyone on the planet except Rangers FC. If this carries on much longer then some doctor somewhere will prove that this really is a medical condition and not just a joke concocted by my twisted mind.

  17. Martin


    my view is and has always been that the former owners of Rangers are entirely responsible for the clubs troubles. The current owners (if that is indeed what the are) are responsible for producing a new set of problems that we can all reflect upon as it unravels before our eyes.

    There will be all kinds of crazy comments printed in the press (they have to fill those pages somehow) the more sensational the better they like it.

    Most Rangers fans that I talk to are smart enough to see the truth of the matter regarding the previous owners and are unlikely to be persuaded by the nonsense put forward by the current lot. They are also, quite dismissive of anything to be found in the Sun or similar rags.

    There are those, I agree, who will lap up any comments by former or current players, even if it is in the Sun. By all and every means get stuck in! Show it up for the nonsense it is. I applaud you for it.

    Alas, those who buy into what they find in the Sun will not be listening to you, or me, any time soon.

    • ecojon


      It isn’t just the Sun they buy into – it is quite educational to read the posts on RM – it actually shows what is an almost unbridgeable chasm between a section of the Ibrox support and I would say the bulk of the Scottish Football supporters who view football as a sport and pastime to derive pleasure from and not as a weapon to propel hatred.

  18. Martin


    I should have said that I’m not a Rangers fan and have no siege mentality.

  19. flump

    When does the EBT bus arrive?

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