Rangers FC and the SFA/SPL – No News is No News

Here is one for the conspiracy theorists – have a look at the SPL website. As it stands, there is no mention of Dundee and Club 12 is still listed in the league table and fixture list.

This is despite the press release from the SPL on 16th July following its AGM where it was stated:-

“It was agreed that Dundee FC would be invited to fill the space vacated by Rangers FC in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.”

Maybe someone should check that the invitation turned up at Dens Park! We all know what it’s like to ask someone to a gathering or party, but they fail to arrive as the postal system lost the invitation.

How embarrassing for all concerned if Kilmarnock run out at Rugby Park on 4th August, and Dundee don’t show up, as their invite got lost.

Maybe Neil Doncaster could ring Dundee FC to tell them the good news.

Now pop over to the SFL website.

Under Division 3, you might notice that only nine teams are listed. The missing one is The Rangers FC. That team is owned by a member of the SFL and has been invited to play in SFL3 this season. Why is it not on the website, as it is entitled to be until an SFA decision to refuse to transfer membership to Sevco Scotland Ltd.

Under the listing of clubs for the Ramsdens Cup, guess what. No mention of The Rangers FC, even though it is in the draw and due to play on Sunday.

The fixture list for the Ramsdens Cup has the following entry for matches to be played on Sunday:-

“Sunday 29th July 2012

First Round North-East

15:05 Brechin City v                                        Glebe Park“

However, Rangers is listed on the SFL website in the roster of clubs in the League Cup.

The entry for Rangers on the SFL site shows that the team is only playing in one competition this season – the League Cup.

Under Division 1, there is no mention of Dundee, but their place has been taken by Airdrie.

I mentioned conspiracies above. I doubt that this is “evidence” of any last minute plans to place The Rangers FC into the SPL, for example. Instead I suspect it is a very good demonstration of the complete and utter confusion in which Scottish football has been placed as a result of the Rangers mess. Not all of the blame for that rests on Rangers, by the way, although most does. However, the football authorities have managed to make a complete dog’s breakfast of dealing with this situation.

The negotiations continue today at Hampden, as long as the correct people have been invited back today (a reference to the North Korea/South Korea error there yesterday).

If we are to believe Mr Green, and at no time has he given anyone reason not to do so, it would appear that the only remaining stumbling block is the issue of the so-called “dual contract” investigation.

The SPL said the following about this on 18th June.

“At its meeting earlier today, the SPL Board considered a number of issues relating to Rangers FC.

EBT Investigation

The SPL Board heard a report from its solicitors following the investigation into payments to, or for the benefit of, players allegedly made by Rangers FC outside of contract.

The delay in concluding the investigation was caused by an initial lack of co-operation from Rangers FC.

The investigation has now been completed and, in the view of the SPL, there is a prima facie case to answer in respect of its Rules.

Disciplinary charges will be brought when the future status of Rangers FC is clarified and prior to the start of season 2012/13.”

So the relevant factors, as at the middle of June were as follows:-

1                     The matter was investigated by lack of co-operation from Rangers FC delayed it.

2                     The investigation has concluded.

3                     There is a prima facie case to answer.

4                     Disciplinary charges will be brought prior to the start of the season, and when the future status of Rangers FC is clarified.

The “status” of Rangers FC has been clarified to the extent that it and its owners are no longer members of the SPL. They are Associate Members of the SFL, with an invitation to play in SFL3.

The football authorities seem to be treating The Rangers FC as a continuation of oldco Rangers, and Sevco Scotland Ltd wish The Rangers FC similarly to be treated as a continuation of oldco Rangers.

The fans of The Rangers FC are in no doubt that the team they support continues.

Perhaps I am asking a naïve question…what are they “negotiating” about?

Some have argued that action effectively against oldco Rangers by removing past titles would be a useless penalty, should the facts justify it. The response would be that the vehemence with which such an idea is opposed clearly shows that the fans, and Mr McCoist, feel that would be a serious punishment.

Fanciful ideas have been floated that stripping of titles would lead to compensation claims by other clubs, deprived of titles or prize money, or even by fans and shareholders of other clubs.

As far as any case against “Rangers” goes, this would simply be a claim in the liquidation, and therefore pointless and valueless.

It would be a vindictive and irrational act for the football authorities to order Sevco, as a condition of membership, to “repay” other teams.

The one factor that might give other teams a chink of light, and could cause Mr Doncaster to panic even more, would be what happens if SPL titles are removed from Rangers. If their place is simply left blank, and the records disclose no champion that season, then there is no issue.

However if Rangers is removed from the league table, then everyone moves up one place. The SPL pays the prize money. In that event the SPL could find itself faced with claims for extra prize money for at least any competition affected over the last five years, and possibly longer.

I have not done the sums, but I suspect that could be a sizeable amount, and the SPL will not be able to get it back from “Rangers”.

At the finish though the negotiation process re the SPL investigation seems a simple one.

1                     Is, as requested by the SFA, Sevco Scotland Ltd willing to accept the outcome of the SPL disciplinary process as regards EBT use at Rangers FC?

2                     If no, then the membership is not transferred as the necessary conditions are not complied with.

3                     If yes, then there might be room for discussion as to whether or not there might be penalties affecting the existing team, such as expulsion or fines, in the event of a guilty verdict.

4                     The decision of Sevco determines effectively if there will be anyone there from “Rangers” to contest the charges. If Sevco accept they are a part of the process, then they will fight Rangers corner.

5                     If they do not, then the proceedings continue with no contradictor.

I am sure though that the wise men in the meetings have found much more than that to speak about.

We shall see what today brings – my own thought, based on nothing other than unsubstantiated speculation, is that the membership will be transferred and that the SPL investigation will quietly be forgotten about (or at least that is what all parties to the meeting will hope for).

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  1. It will absolutely NOT be forgotten, if they believe they can whitewash this away then they are saddly mistaken, justice will prevail over cheats and old bully boys will not force their will on anyone. United we stand…..we will not fall or fail.

    • Jonbhoy

      Second that ! If we allow the SPL to sweep this under the carper after the previous statement that they have made on this , then we will all be complicit in the deception.
      We must not ( and I’m sure you will stick on this case Paul !) allow Domcaster et al to simply let this wither and die on the vine.

      • Slugger O'Toole

        Is Ali McCoist anxious to avoid any investigation because of involvement in the illegal payments scheme ? The SFA and SPL will have to punish Rangers otherwise Scotland and its teams will be punished by UEFA and FIFA . If there is no punishment by the SFA and SPL then I expect other Scottish clubs will take action and complain to UEFA directly…..that would be hugely embarrassing for the Scottish authorities….they will certainly not be allowed to forget this…..

    • Unfortunately justice never prevails unless those at the top want it to. What i find hard to believe is why do the football authorities need rangers to agree to them being investigated. No club would agree to them being investigated under any issue. Whether new, old or continuation an investigation doesn’t need all parties to consent to it.
      Thou not understanding to issues completely that which surrounds the situation, juve was stripped of titles during the Calciopoli. FIGC didn’t ask juve if it wanted to agree to it being investigated.

      • Agreed, in principle I don’t believe according to current articles of association they require to “agree” however the problem lies in the “continuation” of the old club and the confusion spread by both RFC/sevgers SFA/SPL/SFL, muddy the waters and hope that no one sees what is going on…….without pressure from site like this all this would have simply been swept away. MSM and authorities don’t want to get images or hands dirty and so it goes on. There are far greater santions available under current “penalties and these include expulsion and suspension form the league, I suggest that these are what the new co are actually affraid of as the acceptence of the outcome of the independent Tribunal can impose these sanctions which would in effect kill the club, the loss of 5 red stars is nothing compared to this and sevgers fans need to understand this.

      • That should read “don’t ” require to agree, trying to work here as well……………….and apologies for al the seplling mistakes

      • Ed Dunne

        ‘Without Fear or Favour; That is all that is asked for here.The rules are in place. Use them. Thats what they are for. Simples..

  2. TheBlackKnight TBK

    If (and I do mean IF) Rangers are guilty of deliberately misleading the Football Authorities with the “sneaky pay” issue, and the Authorities to not act appropriately the game will be over in this country.

    Add to that, the ‘difficult’ situation where various Rangers officials/directors etc held very high office in the governing authority during and beyond the questionable period. If (and I mean IF) that authority were in any way Complicit in any illegal or underhanded activity, which lead to a particular team they had, or previously held an association with, the game will be over in this country.

    If the SFA do not act on what, at this stage points to cheating and deliberate falsification of documents, the game will be over in this country.

  3. Not that s correct to pre suppose or second guess but your IF requires to be smaller not larger emphasise, evidence in public domain from a variety of sources indicates that they clearly have breached the regs and the continuing fear of further sanctions aka punishments is further evidence……so very small “if” more likely and appropiate when IMHO.

  4. Fisiani

    In football terms the improper registration of players is a cardinal sin, Precedence dictates severe consequences.
    Punishment is not required simply consequences.
    They simply cannot dodge this bullet.
    They could possibly be given registration by the SFA despite the rules.
    The bullet will hit in the next few hours, days or weeks.

  5. redetin

    The individual players who accepted “loans” via the EBT cannot absolve themselves of their responsibility to pay tax. Any player or official who has accepted such a “loan” on the certain knowledge that they would not need to pay it back must have though “too good to be true”. Any reasonable person would question such a payment.

    • If that was the case then you would see the decimation of all UK leagues, Chelsea and MU were the initially culpable of introducing these schemes, why do you think all the changes have happened where MU will be registered in the Caymen Ils? When HMRC finally finish with the “big tax case” then precident is set one way or another and EPL will also have to look at the contract issue as well. This is just the top coming off which is why RFC are running scared.
      The situation is still not clear concerning other SPL teams including my own CFC but I for one will go on the record now and say that if CFC or any other club has used/misused these contracts then they should all equally face the same santions and if they have current knowledge about it they should come forward today and declare this openly.

      • ecojon

        @ michaelk1888

        Well said Michael and I totally agree that any club using these, including my own Celtic, should be investigated and if found guilty then punished appropriately.

        Clean clubs are strong clubs and so are their players and fans and, of vital importance, their history – past, present and future.

    • The discretionary trust which I believe is the vehicle used to “pay” the players is fully explained by the finaicial advisor effecting the trust documents. They will have signed to say that they have had it explained in full to them and that they have received all appropriate documentation. Is this never took place, which i sincerley doubt then the FA or CA is culpable however in 200+ cases this is not realistic. These individuals were ALL explained the “benefits” of this scheme by at least one legally appointed person.

    • Mick

      Tur right reditin the tax man all chase them for the full amount tbtc is different from the one whyte created ,the fact it’s taken a will means there is drama although a don’t think it will lead to them being anywhere other than div 3 due to licensing laws they are the biggest shambles ever the sevco,my main theory is that they could be sitting black mailing each other about past deals and also a think sevco are punishing above there wight as they are not 2month old yet so they hold no bargaining chips also we don’t know what bdo will say there should be a tempory licence given until its cleared up so there’s less problem to revoke it it smells dodgy and always will they cheat the game for years they are truly scotlands shame sick and deluded the sfa are a joke to am scunnered there allowed back let’s not forget Alex s statement the fabric of our nation there also sick and deluded the whole world thinks there a joke and a think they are a backwards cult ,it’s like getting caught stealing but wanting to keep the goods there’s lots of other things a would like to add but am not letting them make me sinner and also a would not want to spoil the page

    • Grabthegrass

      As I understand it, those receiving the “loans” even if they are interest free, still pay some tax as this is regarded as a benfit in kind. At currnet implied interest rates it works out something like 1.5 to 2% of theloan, but is paid annually. Of course it takes a long time to get to the 40% most would have paid and all the time inflation takes it’s toll, but it’s not scot free provifding that they are a UK tax payer. Many of the other EPL clubs have now settled with Hector and have paid off their tax bill. It was only Rangers that seems to have had these trusts going for a long time and for lots of players. The trick with EBT loans is when they get written off. The EBT loophole now seems to be closed, but the loans to directors scam (See Jimmy Carr) is still alive.

      The big footballing no no is that there were two contracts, one without the EBT payments and one with.

  6. Mick

    I suspect that we have nothing to fret over, as all of these matters are being overseen by the brilliant football administrator Campbell Ogilvie.
    He will know how to proceed.

    • Mick pie

      Thers two micks lol the orcs will think we’re conspiring to make the licence mess up loblue sign is mick pie good point mick ogilvie and sfa are orcs deco agree there they should be disbanded and a new fiarer board put in place he’s a ebt back hander receiver also there’s a lot went on we don’t know about but it will come out in end there all sick in the head and deluded and in div 3 so that’s some justice but not enough there’s

  7. ecojon

    I happen to agree with Paul that the matter will be fudged and we face the position well laid-out at:
    TheBlackKnight TBK
    July 26, 2012 at 9:17 am

    But the issue doesn’t disappear because if HMRC later declare the payments to be ‘illegal’ what happens then. Even if the SFA turn a blind eye I would imagine there will be complaints to Uefa/Fifa from Scottish clubs who lost-out.

    They would quite correctly be able to say that the home country association was bringing the game into disrepute by not acting and I reckon action would be ordered from Switzerland.

  8. Dhougal

    I think an outside body ,FIFA UEFA, should be investigating this debacle ,especially with Ogilvie still floating about and his interests in ………the club with no name ! Start o the season a few days away ,i mean what do the fans sing ? ,Follow,follow we will follow…………….?No doubt ,with their “imagination” ,they’ll make up their own songs . Keep at them Paul Superb

    • Grabthegrass

      Has it really come to the point where we expect UEFA to actually do something?? Thankfully the SPL and SFa have meade too many ppublic announcements to completely back dow, but if they’ve thought through the consequences of taking titles away and re-adjusting past tables in terms of the monetary part, then they may be blinking behind the hands cupped over their face.

      • Marching on Together

        There is as much chance of UEFA doing something as there is of the massed ranks of Ibrox singing with one voice “We’re sorry we cheated”. UEFA won’t even investigate clear examples of its match officials having been bribed in its own tournaments.

      • the only thing UEFA/FIFA are good for is telling the government not to interfere with the decision of the local footballing authorities. Whatever decision SFA make, it seems UEFA won’t step in, unless the local government disagrees with the outcome, and pop up the usual ‘we don’t like government interference so will band all scotland’s activities until the local government stops interfering’. That or if the SFA decides not to punish Gers, the other clubs decides to sue at SFA at local courts for not dealing with it, they’ll stick there neck out and say “you cant use the local courts, we’ll stick you in the sin bin till you pull out of court”

  9. Keith B

    Two parter from a very impressed long time lurker;

    There is one group of individuals that have so far escaped scrutiny (as far as I can see, though perhaps i’ve just missed the discussions) – namely the players’ agents.

    You would expect that players take advice from their agents with respect to the mechanics of being paid – especially if their employer is suggesting novel methods of payment. Ignoring the legality, or otherwise, with regard to the UK’s tax laws of the EBT schemes, and focussing solely on the dual contract questions that have arisen from these schemes, surely this is the agents’ area of expertise. They must have known that these payments ran foul of the registration rules. Agents require to be licensed and even have to undergo an examination. What, if any, investigation is being carried out into their part in all this?


    Maybe someone could answer this one for me; RFC(IA) only holds on to its SFA membership via its SPL share (correct?). I have read here (and in other places) that RFC(IA) sold all its assets (including the SPL share) to Sevco. Irrespective of the SPL chairmen not ratifying this sale, did RFC(IA)’s SFA membership not lapse the moment that sale took place? Or has that sale not yet taken place?

  10. Uefa reported to be awaiting outcome, and i think a compliance officer visited ibrox sometime in march (possibly connected or not ?). Porto also awaiting outcome as Ricksen played in their CL match, so cannot see how can be sidestepped.

    • Mick pie

      Thers two micks lol the orcs will think we’re conspiring to make the licence mess up loblue sign is mick pie l

  11. mick

    its industrial cheating financial doping at its worse if they except the licence of old co they could end up exspelled lets not play down the severity of it all uefa and sfa have a criteria and the last sitting on the case said is up there with match fixing what else is happening in scotland am beginning to think what else is out there that we have not uncovered its shocking ,the firemen large payoffs then back in there posts with in acouple of months this whole country smells weres theres the handshake theres bent brown envolopes simple as that its sick to think theres cronic poverty in glasgow but yet these people with suits on think they can just do what they wqant will the man that does 8 hours pays his taxes picks up the big fish bill not at all it kaos in this country once you leave payee its all curupt a feel for manul workers its sad the papers pro rich need celtic and rangers to fight or they would ask questions one day the will unite and the big capitalists will shit them selfs the poll tax was the last all glasgow battle ,the devide and conquer and at the same time steal all the resorces ave my theory head on today ,theres not many rich rangers fans the majority are 8h payee there big wigs ave them deluded and are conning them to hell its sad hopefully looking at it they will see the bigger pic no 1 cares about the working class other than them selfs its sick the sfa have turned our national game in to a sport for middle class like rubgy its 100 pound for kids boots that sums it all up

  12. ecojon


    Definitely a hive of activity.

    The main news story is:

    St Johnstone will tonight attempt to overturn a two-goal deficit when they face Eskisehirspor . . . .

    No mention of Rangers or SevGers ———— Silly me, why should there be, they ain’t SPL clubs and it’s still debatable if they belong anywhere as yet.

    • mick

      the sfa might want them done for to cover up there own miss deeds ????they had info on tax financial reports fit and proper long before we did

  13. mick

    if a was in london a would go and shout it from speakers corner !

  14. Grabthegrass

    Breaking News – The BBC have updated their website and “The Rangers FC” are now shown in Div3 and Dundee in the SPL. Do the website people know something we don’t?

  15. ecojon

    Still to pass the time some more hilarity 🙂

    Brechin City hosted SPL side Inverness Caledonian Thistle on Tuesday night, in their last pre-season friendly. Wonder if Rangers will make it back in time from Olympiakos for Sunday?

    The home fans were looking to see a performance that would bode well ahead of Sunday’s highly anticipated clash with Rangers, in the first round of the Ramsdens Challenge Cup. The City players didn’t disappoint with a 2-1 victory.


    Brechin City: Michael Andrews, Johnny Stewart, Johnny Brown, Paul McLean, Ewan Moyes, Garry Brady (Gary Fusco, 60), Ryan Stewart (Gerry McLaughlan, 60), Craig Molloy, Andy Jackson, David McKenna, Derek Carcary (Scott Dalziel, 60). Unused substitutes: Alan Trouten, Ben Tough.

    Bibbies: Ryan Esson, Graeme Shinnie, Owen Jones, Billy McKay, Ross Draper, Richie Foran, Andrew Shinnie, Josh Meekings, Aaron Doran, Shane Sutherland, Matthew Cooper (Martin Laing, 45). Unused substitutes: Antonio Reguero, Nick Ross, Jason Oswell, Connor Pepper.

  16. Davo

    The MSM, aided by bullish statements and claims by McCoist, Green et al, still don’t appear to have grasped, or be prepared to report on, the distinction between what has happened to Rangers as a consequence of their administration/liquidation, as opposed to what could happen to it as a result of breaking SFA rules on player registrations.

    More, much more should be made of this distinction every time this whole mess is reported upon. If any club, solvent or not, breaks the rules on registering players consistently over a considerable number of years, they will have all manner of punishments thrown at them, I am sure. The consequences (not punishments) Rangers have faced so far because of administration/liquidation are irrelavent to that.

  17. cmh64

    I’m getting quite annoyed on behalf of all the teams that can’t prepare properly (at all?) for the new season because of an utter farce of a situation not of their making. The SFA could have sorted this out properly ages ago but don’t seem to have the nerve. Does the lack of confirmation imply that if Sevco don’t get their license then everything reverts back, and the SPL is one team short? Does the gap remain in SFL3? Are we going to have to go through all of this again?

    • cmh64

      Does anyone know what safeguards Brechin will have for the costs incurred in arranging Sunday’s match if it doesn’t go ahead? I assume they will have had to fork out far more than they normally would. Are they stuffed, or will the SFL have to cough up?

  18. mick

    Rangers have received hardly any punishment to date, most of the mess that they are in is a direct consequence of their own actions / inactions. Despite what McCoist and others keep bleating about, they’ve had next to no punishment imposed by anyone, so far.

    Banned from Champions League
    No they’re not banned, they failed to qualify as they never submitted their accounts as per the rules.

    Docked ten points
    Any club entering Administration during the football season faces a automatic ten point deduction – and it did not alter their final league position.

    Rangers were relegated from the SPL
    Rangers were not relegated, they are in Administration, could not agree a CVA, and are facing Liquidation. Rangers will be wound up and cease to exist, so cannot play in any league.

    Sevco were relegated from the SPL
    Sevco were not relegated, they were not, and have never been, a member of the SPL. As a brand new company, they were refused permission to start off at the top tier of Scottish football.

    Sevco have been relegated to the 3rd Div
    Sevco are a brand new company, they have never been a member of any league, and have not been relegated by any league. They are starting in the 3rd Division, as all new Senior Clubs are expected to do.

    Banned from Europe for three years
    No, they’re not banned, any club wishing a European Licence must provide three years audited accounts. Sevco are unable to meet that requirement, so can not qualify until they do have three years accounts.

    Fined £160k
    Actually yes, this is a punishment. It was imposed by an independent tribunal, for bringing the game into disrepute over non-payment of approximately £13,000,000 of Tax and NI, potentially a criminal offence.
    To put this “punishment” into perspective, this fine is less than Hearts have been fined for Romanov complaining about corruption, and anyway, Rangers / Sevco haven’t yet paid it!

    Rangers have been punished for EBT’s
    No they haven’t, the football authorities are not even investigating this. They were sent a “bill” by HMRC which they appealed. This appeal has been heard by the FTT, and both parties are currently awaiting the outcome.

    Rangers have been punished for Dual Contracts
    No they haven’t, the SPL have said that there is a case to answer (irrespective of any decision on legality / illegality of their use of EBT’s) on the use of undeclared dual contracts, meaning they would have fielded ineligible players, but to date this has not been actioned.

    So far the only punishment Rangers / Sevco have received is the £160k fine – that they haven’t actually paid..! Everything else they are claiming is a “punishment” is actually completely self-inflicted, and a direct consequence of their own conscious and deliberate inactions, or actions. 😡

    If anyone wants to repost, quote, copy, or cut & paste this, feel free. Just don’t start believing what McCoist and the lamb munchers are claiming about being punished,
    this is a hearts fans view from a hearts site

    • ecojon


      very clearly laid-out mick. Only thing I would raise and it isn’t meant as a criticism is that: Sevco wanted to buy the history of the club from the administrators and some of the so called ‘penalties & punishments’ flow from that decision which is just ignored by SevGers. As we say on this site: ‘You can’t have your pie and eat it if someone has already stole it’.

      • mick

        @ecojon should this mean they company that owns the history should pay the tax and other out standing bill and small creditors its been chopped and sold seperate to green a sence a con in it all ,also a small creditor could go to civil court and leave it for judge to say ya or nae ,thats if its not a tesco by then

      • mick

        if it went to civil court and small criditor says sevco bought history but avoided debt and judge says yes it could be a great oppertunity to end phenoix companys via a judicial precendence then it would never happen agian in scots law that would mean an end to bad business deals via liquidation forever in scotland

    • Think you are wrong on new club expected to start in div3 … maybe its just wording, but as i see it they would be allowed to submit for entry in div3. Fact is SFL clubs voted to allow direct entry as the SFL waived the accounts ruling. So actually, newco rangers have been granted beneficial treatment and should be gratious to SFL and member clubs for allowing that rather than deriding all and sundry.

  19. mick

    the fact romanov is find more for showing a degree of upset that he was cheated is ludicurious to say the least

  20. Jon

    My research went a little deeper and I posted it on RTC last night.

    According to the SFL website, Peterhead are not playing anyone on Saturday August 11 yet according to the Peterhead website they are at home to Stranraer for an SFL 3 match but according to the SFL website Stranraer are in SFL 2. Stranraer also feel they are in SFL 2 (although they need to alter the banner on their fixtures page) and claim to be playing host to Arbroath. The problem here is that Arbroath claim to be visiting Airdrie United who claim to be hosting Dumbarton in SFL 1

    It’s an utter shambles. No-one seems to know for certain who is playing who.

  21. ADM

    SFA and SPL have somewhat painted themselves into a corner here. They’ve worked hard to try to keep Rangers in senior Scottish football but they’ve also been very clear that some past actions will be investigated and, if Rangers are found guilty, then Sevco/Rangers will be punished. (This latter point is Sevco’s choice; if they announced themselves as an entirely new club, there would be no logic in punishing them.) I just can’t see how the SPL can back down on the dual contracts investigation after everything that they’ve said so I think that will proceed. If they’re found guilty (as TBK says, it is still “if” not “when”), then I think they might get away with losing the relevant titles – the standard penalty would apply, which is forfeiting the matches in which they fielded incorrectly registered players. However, if the BTC also finds them guilty, I would have thought that’s a bigger deal and should entail a disrepute charge, which brings us back to the SFA’s disciplinary procedures. Never find the difficulties of getting through the season financially, it’s getting hard to see how Sevco/Rangers can get through the season without being expelled.

  22. ADM

    As an incidental, it is a fact that Rangers haven’t paid their £160k fine from the SFA? I’ve seen it asserted as fact but then I’ve also seen it questioned – don’t think I’ve seen a definitive take. If not, will the SFA really let Sevco/Rangers pay sign-on fees and transfer fees? If, as doesn’t feel unreasonable, the SFA refused to register any players for whom any fee has been paid, until the outstanding fine had been paid first …

    After all, £160k is some pie fund…

  23. Then the question of whether the sale from D&P has been formally complted (july 31 is last day) . Can the licence be transferred without proof of actual ownership !.

  24. p groom

    the impasse seems to be due to sfa threatening sevco by demanding they accept punishment for ebts and waive their rights to appeal before sfa will issue a licence OR is it due to sevco threatening sfa by demanding that ebt investigation be dropped before they will consent to be issued with a licence? surely neither stand has anything to do with the issue of a licence. both sides are acting unreasonably and sfa the more so because their behaviour has allowed sevco to introduce their own conditions. sfa should now issue the licence (assuming they are satisfied all other legitimate conditions have been met) thus allowing sevco to play and leave it to the appropriate bodies to proceed with ebts btc ltc embargo etc . sfa must withdraw ridiculous proposal to deny sevco’s rights to appeal any or all of them. since this seems an obvious solution to me I can only conclude there are other issues , tv rights spl settlement money etc which too many people are finding it very convenient to link to licence issue as bargaining chips. as always the football authorities seem to like letting too many issues get in the way of settling any one in particular with the result decision making becomes time-pressured. never a good thing.

  25. Don

    Far be it from me, a mere mortal, to presume to have the slightest insight into the mysterious and complex workings of Paul McConville’s frontal lobes but I am sure he doesn’t for a moment truly consider, despite appearing to suggest so, that the matter of the SPL investigation into the EBTs loans/payments will be, for some, conveniently forgotten. The clue is in Paul’s last sentence in parenthesis. The very public ventilation of the subject to date, together with the many vociferous followers of this and similar blogs (shouldn’t say similar as there are none quite in Paul’s league) will ensure this is the case. What I am not so sure about is, if the EBTs are eventually found to constitute a serious breach of the rules relating to contracts, that the sanctions imposed will reflect what many believe is an appropriate disposal

  26. james

    Still dont get it ! why are the SFA still having daily meetings with Sevco. why are they even agreeing to these meetings. who’s paying for these meetings.
    All SFA had to say from start was ” come back when & only when you agree to the terms ” – why are they even “negotiating ” .
    Seems to me SFA need their aris’s kicked on this one !!

  27. p groom

    phew its finally over and well done to sfa this time for sticking to their guns and refusing to let sevco dictate the process. sorry ali but please stop throwing your toys out of the pram. you are looking increasingly silly and no amount of empty rhetoric is going to get in the way of due process. you should be concentrating instead on your job and it is by no means certain that sevco will waltz through the divisions as some seem to think. guess who will be taking the flak if things go pear-shaped….

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