Rangers FC Membership Update – “Done Deal” or “Dead Duck” – Right Now, Who Knows!

This morning saw the following statement emanating from Ibrox:-

Charles Green, Chief Executive of The Rangers Football Club, said: “We have reached agreement with the SFA and SFL on all matters but not with the SPL.

“As a result, talks are continuing to secure our SFA membership which we are hoping to receive today.”

The Daily Record, under the “exclusive” banner, reported Stewart Regan’s reply:-

“It could possibly be settled in 24 hours but there are still a number of issues to resolve and it will require a lot of action from our lawyers.”

Tonight at 5.35pm STV.tv posted a story from which the following comments are extracted:-

“STV has learned that the SPL investigation into payments made to Rangers players that were not declared in league contracts remains an issue.

The SPL has already stated that there is a prima facie case to answer and should Rangers be guilty of breaching the rules over undeclared payments the sanctions available include the stripping of titles, which Rangers manager Ally McCoist has said that he would firmly oppose.

Though Green had hoped to conclude the membership transfer on Wednesday, it is understood that the issue will not be resolved and will continue on Thursday.”

The BBC’s sources tell a different story tonight at 6.45pm:-

“Broad agreement has been reached between the Scottish Premier League and Rangers following further discussions over Scottish FA membership.

Nothing has been signed as yet but BBC Scotland has learned progress has been made and all parties are now hopeful that a deal can be done.”

So that is all clear. Everything is agreed with the SFA and SFL, but possibly not with the SPL.

All that remains is for the lawyers to tie up the loose ends, or for there to be a signed agreement or something else entirely…

Has there been agreement between the SPL, SFL and Sevco Scotland regarding television rights?

Has there been agreement by Sevco Scotland to accept the SPL findings in the disciplinary process regarding “dual contracts”?

Has the SFA Appellate Tribunal, which the SFA stated last Friday needed to be re-convened to finalise the SFA disciplinary process, been fixed?

Have Duff and Phelps agreed to whatever they, as part of this five-way agreement, were supposed to agree to?


STV.tv at 7.15pm reported:-

Sevco are understood to have reached agreement with the Scottish FA over the acquisition of the membership.

However, chief executive Charles Green is understood to be unwilling to accept a condition of the transfer which would allow the Scottish Premier League to punish the club as part of an outstanding investigation.

Possible sanctions if the SPL finds the club guilty include stripping titles won during that period, something Green is unwilling to accept.

So we do have some answers. Sevco Scotland Ltd have not moved their position.

Have the SPL and SFA blinked?

We await the proverbial white or black smoke coming from Hampden Park to announce the decision.

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18 responses to “Rangers FC Membership Update – “Done Deal” or “Dead Duck” – Right Now, Who Knows!

  1. Sod this Paul, bisy now watching N. Korean reaction to tonights fiasc. Hope it was LOCOG and NO SFA involvement or else there may be No scottish footy ever ! …. These guys are nuts and don’t take prisoners !
    Know any good bunkers ?.

    • The North Korean women’s football team have walked off the pitch at Hampden Park in Glasgow after their images were shown on a screen beside a South Korean flag.

      Kick-off was scheduled for 19:45 BST. The game started over an hour late.


      Oh dear…

      • mick

        the sfa are a shambles ,defacing the nkorea flag is major incident but back to the topic am sure the north korea wont nuke us its just msm make that out so your para of them and think they are a threat to justifie trident dont get coght up in it all.after all the drama of business in the west am beginning to see capitialism as bad as communism so there all as bad as each other ,back to the annotation am betting on black smoke friday not because am goth but because why no joint press conferance delivering transparcy its all hush hush thats a bad sign (its not a holy conclave so theres bound to be unruley disorder which will lead to delays )

      • I know Kim Jung-Un has a mccoist-ite waist line, but no pie jokes Mick at such a politically sensitive time – might just be the tipping point. Right now he has a new toy – sorry wife, so maybe he’s distracted.

  2. josephmcgrath112001809

    Who could blame the North Koreans for walking off? If they had gone ahead under the ‘enemy’ flag they would suffer the consequences on their return home.

  3. Sir Reginald Loudpants

    i’m sure we’d all be happy to play on if an english flag was shown before the game.

  4. mick

    a live like a son of jesus so am not afraid of anything and hold no fear about being nuked and meeting my holy maker the nuke theory makes me more faithfull

  5. Gobsmacked

    Has Mr Green been watching Vicar of Dibley reruns. Will you accept loss of titles (of a Club you are not ) No, no, no, no, no, no …..yes. Super and myself tried our best……. now what are your bank details for the old Season Ticket lads.
    Anyway, I am definitely sure that the license issue possibly, might be maybe nearly resolved tomorrow. Blink blink.

  6. mick

    if any 1 is wondering about black and white smoke is its what happens when my faith find a new pope al let you read it for your self here its a real good read and shows you the people who creat our holy father for us its done at the sistine chapel at the vaticain a wont say no more so,s not to spoil the read all info here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papal_conclave,_2005

  7. mick

    that was great paul the smoke pic your spot on with it (dean regan lol )

  8. The North Koreans are a proud people and have a proud tradition which cares more about Sporting Integrity than most of the west ever did. They do not believe in Capitalism and have no time for the economic anarchy nor the false values of the western world. They have every right to walk off the Hampden park tonight as this flag represents everything that they are against. Stupid Olympic committee and stupid Hampden park.

    • Mick

      The. N Korean people are cowed recipients of a regime of fear inflicted by their leaders who have brutally oppressed and butchered them for decades. I imagine that defections are being prevented by threats made to athletes relatives. Given half a chance they would all leg it to the consumerist South Korea to enjoy the freedom of liberal democracy that we also experience in Scotland

  9. cmh64

    That’s one way of ensuring they won’t have to worry about negative worldwide publicity from lots of angry Rangers fans marching on Hampden. They can turn the license down now.
    What a farce.

  10. Thanks again for the update Paul.

    Let me get this right. Rangers are refusing to have titles stripped – among other penalties that could be imposed by the SPL, but let’s just deal with this one. Does it follow that if they get their way, the history etc of Rangers FC transfers to this BRAND NEW CLUB? How brazen can you get?

    And can we assume, that if they do get their way, there will be binding contract/agreement that stipulates that SevGers ARE the old Rangers – at least where ‘history’ is concerned? Jesus, Mary, Joseph and every character in the New Testament.

    Will someone tell me how they can get away with this – and still creditors are owed millions? Shameful.

    There is one small crumb, though: at least what we have here is the first time, in a back-handed sort of way (ie, nothing legal), that this ‘club’ (new or old? it’s too confusing) has actually acknowledged some sort of guilt – why else would it object to the SPL’s conditions?

  11. Grabthegrass

    So basically we’re back to the problem we’ve all had for the last three days which is we don’t know what has actually been agreed with the SFA and the SFL (no mention of paying existing fines or other football debts) and Green/ Sevco is willing to take this to the wire to try and prove his worth to the supporter base.

    From his perspective it’s worth a try, but I think the SPL and SFA would suffer for ever more if they allowed a club to pre-determine what their punishments might be, so I can’t see the SPL blinking on this one. Even if they do it still has to get past the SFA board does it not? When is this august body going to meet – Friday at 4pm?? I don’t think so.

    I do hope they finally release the agreement though, all in the interests fo fairness and openess.

  12. ian lewis

    Only Rangers would want to pick the sentence before they go on trial.

  13. Marching on Together

    If the SPL management agree to no proceedings against Rangers for the EBT contracts, then there will be an uprising against them that will see them sacked PDQ.

  14. p groom

    last business day arrives and no end in sight. all down to sfa. ignore sevco’s bleatings, issue the licence.. you have to think the guys supposedly in charge of this process have no idea of the tidal wave of scorn outrage vilification litigation that is going to engulf them should they have to announce no decision, probably from inside the hampden bunker.

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