One Day Closer…Rangers FC’s Race for A Licence + RFC’s new Slogan – “Bring a cheque and join the team!”

A quick roundup of news from Ibrox as Rangers FC approaches at top speed the deadline for a licence being granted.

The phrase “subject to SFA membership” has started to appear on Reality hitting home?

Where are they with membership? Mr Green and the BBC disagree.

What about Mr Kennedy’s offer from three weeks ago?

How did Rangers sign new contracts with players a few weeks ago, if they can’t do so now?

What does Mr McCoist want to sign SPL players, and, if membership is issued, will Mr Green allow him?

What is the Sevco/Rangers new battle cry?

And some good news, as the head of youth development at Ibrox talks in glowing terms of his leading lights and their ability to cope in SFL3.


“Subject to Securing SFA Membership”

The official Rangers FC website has taken now to adding the above phrase into its pieces.

For example, in explaining that the League Cup match with East Fife has been moved back a couple of days it states:-

Subject to Rangers securing an SFA membership, Ally McCoist will lead his side against former team-mate Gordon Durie’s men.”

Cynics might suggest that moving the game from 4th August to 7th August is designed to give another couple of days for Rangers FC to sort out its issues, but thankfully no one who reads this blog is a cynic!

At the end of this piece is the coda:-

“Ticket information will follow when available.”

Bearing in mind this is a game due in less than two weeks, it is symptomatic of the disarray at Ibrox, which Mr Green would attribute to the football authorities, and which many others would blame on Rangers FC itself.

The website also reports that Andy Little is ready to sign a new contract.

“Subject to SFA membership being concluded, Rangers want to be in a position to complete the paperwork so that the Northern Irishman can come straight back into the plans. “

Everything at Ibrox is now “subject to SFA Membership” being transferred.

What About the SFA Membership?

Yesterday also brought positive news from Ibrox about the SFA membership transfer.

The website reported as follows:-

“RANGERS Chief Executive Charles Green hopes SFA membership will be secured within the next 24 hours. Part of the deal will be a signing embargo for a year from September 1 but it means Rangers can sign players now ahead of the new season.

He said: “We are making good progress. I spoke to the chief executive of the SFA, Stewart Regan, this morning and that went very well. I have also just spoken to Neil Doncaster and I will be meeting both of them later today.

Messrs Regan and Doncaster await the arrival of Mr Green.

“I’m really hopeful now that within the next 24 hours we can have this thing signed and sealed.

“Most of the things are now clear to all parties. As far as I am concerned now we have no outstanding issues with the SFA. It’s now purely process and documentation.

“We have no issues with the Football League and just some minor points to resolve with the SPL and I’m hopeful we can to that today.”

This morning’s news coverage is also proclaiming that the membership announcement is very close. However that seems only to be based on what Mr Green had to say. He may well be right, but the characterisation of the negotiations by the BBC’s Chris McLaughlin seems rather different.

As he wrote late last night:-

“Rangers appear to be no closer to securing Scottish Football Association membership despite confidence from newco chief executive Charles Green.

Rangers have been in negotiations since last week and there have been further talks between the new club, the SFA and Scottish Premier League. But a source close to the discussions told BBC Scotland that they are no further forward.

The new club need membership before they can start the season on Sunday. The main sticking point is Rangers’ insistence that they are not prosecuted following a dual contracts investigation.

According to Mr Green Rangers FC have no issues with the SFA, and the statement from that body on Friday (with which of course the Rangers FC chairman promptly disagreed) suggested that it was only a matter of the paperwork.

The SFL too are unlikely to have issues with Rangers FC, having voted to admit them.

However the so-called “dual contract” issue, where a prima facie case has been established and where the SPL has said it will proceed with disciplinary action, remains unresolved.

As I have said many times, Mr Green can dispose of that issue in a one-line sentence, but he cannot do so as it would alienate almost all of his customers.

If he states that, whilst playing on the stadium where Rangers played, and in the same strips, and under the same name, Sevco Scotland Ltd owns a team which is a new entity, and is unrelated to the old team, then the SPL can continue with an investigation, but would be unable to penalise Sevco Scotland Ltd.

That would be seen however as a craven surrender by Mr Green, and for football and business reasons he can’t take it.

If the SPL decides to drop the disciplinary process regarding this matter, then its explanation for doing so would be very interesting indeed. Maybe Mr Green, or Mr Regan or Mr Doncaster could enlighten us on what they actually discussed together?

New Players at Ibrox?

Returning to the story about Mr Little signing a new contract, this can also be linked to the piece about Ian Black and Craig Beattie, formerly of Hearts, training at Murray Park.

Mr Green commented on both stories as follows:-

“Andrew Little is coming back to the club. We’ve agreed terms with him and hopefully he will re-sign tomorrow. So I think people will see Rangers coming out of the mire, as it were, and there is a lot of confidence around the club.”

Alistair has a list of players and he has been speaking to some of them. Obviously until we have SFA membership he can’t sign any of them. He has two or three he wants to bring in this week and start training with the squad.

“We have a number of other targets lined up and it’s up to Ally to decide. He picks the ones on the field and I pick the ones in the office.

“The difficulty we have is that we are playing in the Third Division. Some of our senior players have agreed to stay with us and that’s really commendable because you couldn’t blame them for picking up their bags and going elsewhere.

“For Alistair now the balance is getting the players in that can play in the Third Division but can also move forward as the club moves forward.”

As regards Beattie and Black, Mr Green said:-

“I think it’s testimony to the manager. Rangers is a name but it’s also the manager that the players want to come and play for.

“I think people within Rangers have seen first-hand what Ally has had to do since February but the reality is the players who are looking to join the club have seen it from the outside and I think that’s recognition of what Ally has done to keep the club together.”

I note that Mr Green says that players could not be blamed for packing their bags and leaving…but he did so with the “objectors” to the TUPE transfer!

There is also a concerted effort in what he says to praise Mr McCoist. After all, this is the man who a couple of weeks ago said that he did not yet trust the new Board and Mr Green, and whose statement on Saturday was a clear marker that he felt Sevco were on the point of conceding too much.

He seems to have won his power struggle.

One wonders what Mr McCoist is doing as regards his contract. Has he accepted a reduction in pay, as the manager of an SFL3 team ought not to be on the same wage as an SPL boss, surely?

Is Mr Green keeping him sweet because, if he was to leave, there is no way in which Rangers FC could afford a manager of the quality to be seen by the fans as suitable to run the club. Most Rangers FC fans will view their club as an SPL team forced to sojourn in the lower leagues, rather than actually being an SFL3 team.

As money is tight at Ibrox, which may well be an understatement, how can they justify looking to sign SPL players, unless they are willing to come at SFL wages?

As Gretna showed in its rise up the league, the trick is to be adding players ready for the division above, and to move them on and repeat the exercise each time promotion is achieved. Economically player agents will undoubtedly be looking for their clients to be paid SPL wages by Rangers FC. Can that be afforded or justified?

On the other hand, how will assembling a team of SFL2 journeymen go down with the fans at Ibrox?

Mr McCoist seems from what Mr Green says, to have a free hand in who he is looking for. One suspects it will be SPL players, which might not go well with Mr Green.

It is also the case that Rangers announced a few weeks ago that they had had some players sign new contracts. What about them if, as Mr Green now says, they can’t be registered till membership of the SFA is in place?

The Brian Kennedy Sale

Mr Green issued clarification yesterday of Sevco’s position regarding the offer from Mr Kennedy. As was pointed out elsewhere, Mr Kennedy was party to a bid of around £7 million for 100& of the assets, and now is supposedly offering £5.5 million for 51% of them. Interesting…

My comments are in bold.

CHARLES GREEN has reiterated his stance that he is not interested in selling a majority shareholding in Rangers after confusion over a purported bid by Brian Kennedy.

“I had been away for a couple of days and I came back yesterday and saw all the press speculation.

How was your trip to Zurich, or Greece or wherever Mr Green? Did you meet UEFA, FIFA or Olympiakos? Can we add this to the list of questions you promised to answer within seven days, and didn’t?

Was Mr Green here recently…

“It’s really frustrating. It seems every two weeks we get someone who is going to make an offer for the club. Yesterday it was Brian, last week it was Bomber Brown a couple of weeks before that it was Walter and it’s just a big distraction. I’m sure it’s just as disruptive for the fans as well.

If he had read what Mr Kennedy said, the offer from him was made three weeks ago. On one hand the fact that it remained secret till this week is remarkable in this tale. But Mr Green referring to it as “yesterday” is unclear. Is he now accepting there was a bid, which he had denied before?

“The real focus is to get Ally and his team out on the pitch and to deal with the challenges with the SFA.

“I have never met Brian Kennedy. I have spoken with him twice now. I spoke to him from the lawyer’s office when we got the exclusivity and he did ring me to congratulate me after the deal was completed.

“I said to Brian then and I have said on a number of times to other people, if anyone wants to be part of what we are doing at Rangers, bring a cheque and join the team. That’s what we said to Jim McColl, Douglas Park and Walter and also to Dave King.

“Bring a cheque and join the team!” Brilliant! You can hear the fans singing it at the top of their voices!

“This is a big club and there is room for other investors. They can be fans, they can be individuals. What we can’t do is be distracted.

“When you look at the amounts being offered, they are less than what we paid for the club. We have no intention of selling but we definitely wouldn’t be selling for less than we paid for it.

Mr Kennedy’s offer was around what was paid, but for 51% of the club. Therefore Sevco still retain 49% of the shares and have got their initial investment back. He just sold 10% of the business to Mr Mather for £1 million. Isn’t that selling for less than he paid for it?

“I don’t believe that anyone should own this club entirely or to be able to control it. That’s why all of the investors we have at the moment have small share-holdings and when we do the next fund raising those share-holders will be diluted even further.

Mr Green’s strategy is a share flotation. That is a tactic he has used in various businesses, with debatable success. He needs to get the fans interested in buying the shares. He should be aware of what happened at the last Rangers FC PLC share issue…

As far as “small shareholdings” the mysterious Blue Pitch Holdings have 23% of the shares. That is not, in my eyes, a small shareholding…

“I think that’s healthy for the club. As I have said from day one if I can keep everyone between 10 and 15 per cent then that’s the best plan. It would be wrong to sell 51 per cent to one person.”

If Mr Kennedy or anyone else offered Mr Green £10 million for 51% of the club, does anyone think he would turn it down? If so, then he has some masterplan for turning base metal into gold that he should sell and make himself a fortune.

The Future – Rangers FC’s Young Players

On a positive note for Rangers FC their “youth supremo, Jim Sinclair, is confident that his young players are ready for the challenges ahead.

As quoted on the Rangers FC website, he said:-

“The young players that have gone into the team in the last three or four years, such as Danny Wilson, Kyle Hutton, Jamie Ness and Rhys McCabe, have all acquitted themselves really well. I’ve no reason to suspect the ones being called upon now, although a wee bit young and less experienced, will serve the club well.

” I’m confident the boys can do well and young Lewis is one who is going from strength to strength in these circumstances. I also think the fans will enjoy watching Darren Cole who has briefly touched the first team, in fact he played in the Champions League (against Bursaspor). So he is one I hope will do well and Ross Perry has still to establish himself as a first-team player, I hope he can do that.

“Then of course there is Kyle Hutton who is coming back from being on loan so there’s a lot to look forward to from the youth department’s point of view.”

Talking of players going out on loan he said, “I think it’s invaluable, I’m sure they will have benefited from that and I’m sure we’ll see that reflected in their play.

“Somebody said to me that the Third Division is a cluggers division but I think that’s a ridiculous thing to say. I’m sure Rangers from the manager down will treat this division with the utmost respect and the respect it deserves. It will be very competitive and it will be difficult to be successful in.”

I would like to commend Mr Sinclair for what seems the most sensible and realistic comments to come from Ibrox for months!

What Will Today Bring?


I have no idea! (That, for the avoidance of doubt, is not a picture of me.)



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  1. David C MacKenzie

    Maybe they’re opening a museum and asking for Lottery Money … or should that be a Rogues Gallery?

  2. ADM

    Paul, as you say it’s fotrunate that no-one who reads this blog is a cynic, but I must confess I find Chris McLaughlin’s version of the status of talks more convincing. It really is an easy choice for Sevco – either (i) drop the claim to the history and put yourselves forward as an entirely new club (although don’t know how the SFL chairmen, not to mention Spartans and Cove, would feel about that now); or (ii) maintain the claim to the history and accept that that implies the bad bits as well as the good bits. How hard is that?

  3. ADM

    Make that “fortunate” – doh…

  4. degough

    You are out of date already Paul.
    Here is a quote from Regan regarding Green 24 hour speech.

    He said: “It could possibly be settled in 24 hours but there are still a number of issues to resolve and it will require a lot of action from our lawyers.”

    Well Paul I guess you can tell us how fast the lawyers work? All signed and sealed before Sunday?

  5. Mick

    It’s the story that never ends,great article ,a wont need to buy a paper today now so that’s a tree saved and with every tree saved we save a spicies from the tropics,they are lying to the fans if deal was close a think the sfa would say ,its ozymandias for them bdo time soon to

  6. Mick

    Don’t forget the bbc like this website and praised it as factual a think over the coming weeks the issues easier here will be out via them ,also the site recently has been exposing dodgy deal after dodgy deal

  7. Chriske

    Thanks Paul, excellent as ever. I would suggest that the introduction from Sevco of an amnesty about the dual contracts in the SFA license negotiation (if it is true of course and that could be a big if) is a classic tactic in engineering a failure to agree. It would enable Sevco to pull out completely, just by saying ” the SFA were being unreasonable, loading up condition after condition” and then attempt to place the blame on an unfair and greedy SFA. Now, this part may actually be true as Scottish football frantically scrambles to salvage whatever cash it can as a consequence of placing RFC in Div 3. Just speculating of course.

  8. Waterygrave

    The SPL still want a slice of the TV rights from the SFL, they will be using that to negotiate the outcome of the dual contract investigation before any tribunal is even organised!. I still want to know whether it is the SPL board or the SPL chairmen (who have already stated they can live without the extra money Rangers used to generate) that want a slice of the money wholly entitled to the SFL, which I firmly believe the SFL would put to better use than the SPL in enhancing Scottish football rather than squandering on players from abroad.

    • Chriske

      Assuming that the slice of the TV money will be substantial enough, I agree that the SFL would probably make better use of it by “watering the roots” so to speak. I think it also assumes that the SFL is made up of much more progressive minded folks than the SPL, which may not be the case. But good luck to the SFL and I hope it works out for the best.

    • JimBhoy

      check out the leggoland site. He suggests a big slice of the delays are down to laweell and a host of ex Celtic players.. In a way I hope he is correct.

      • Drew Adamson

        Leggo is a mental case. He sees Celtic’s influence in everything. I wish he would stand back and take a more objective view. Nothing he says can be read with anything other than complete disdain.

      • Ernesider

        Hi Jimbhoy

        Leggoland may not be that far off the mark in believing that there is a Celtic/Papish conspiracy against Rangers.

        I can now reveal that a second cousin of Craig Whyte’s wife was inadvertently captured on a British army intelligence gathering tape, in a bar on the Falls’ Road Belfast, deep in conversation with A CATHOLIC PRIEST, shortly before Christmas 2010.

        Do I really have to say any more?

      • alan

        Leggat refers to Lawell sharing offices at SFA, SPL, etc. Who is current President of SFA and shares an office with SSFA, SPL, etc?

    • ecojon


      I just wondered whether you had thought of emailing the SPL and asking them?

      • ecojon


        Read it this morning and I’m afraid that Leggo has been neglecting to take his anti-green mist medication since Charlie appeared on the scene and it shows. Amazingly I never even knew that Cletic had so much power in Scotland. Totally reprehensible, of course, but it certainly makes a change from the Old Order 🙂

  9. Mick

    Sfl own there rights to media deals it’s there call sfa spl and sevco have plead with sfl

  10. Gobsmacked

    “We have no intention of selling but we definitely wouldn’t be selling for less than we paid for it.” Sounds like an invitation for offers……… sorry being cynical !!

  11. JimBhoy

    Interesting to read the FA have not paid the ibrox team any monies for Davis. Rightly so on two fronts, ie there is no team registered and secondly if he left Rangers under TUPE which we all suspect then any monies should go to oldco….

    On another front Green’s comments on 3 players and more wanting to join because it is a great club and they respect Ally then going onto say he wouldnt be surprised if some of the bigger players didnt want to play in the sfl3 strongly suggests he wants money to move some and take big sals off the wage bill and at the same time Mccoist must buy from the bargain basement bucket and offer much smaller salaries.

    Paul i think we need you to interrogate and dissect ALL that Green comes out with, there is more fact between the lines than in his words.

    • ecojon


      I read a follow-up on the original FA line that Southampton had been instructed to pay the fee to SFA – situation now reportedly is that fee is retained by Southampton until SevGers registered by SFA and money can then be transferred direct to SevGers.

      If they are desperate for cash to survive or even to buy the club then whatever the Southampton fee actuall is in total it is another reason to conclude an early agreement with the SFA – no doubt the FA will be the next to be putting SenGers under ‘duress’. I can just image the SFA reaction at Hampden when the FA tried to pass them the poisoned chalice 🙂

      • JimBhoy

        I still think there is a legal case for those who moved before training reconvened to be covered by the official TUPE rules. Not to say the change in contract from SPL to SFL would not mean TUPE #2 but less easy to prove maybe.
        So either no fee required or fee paid to the oldco. I hope BDO ringfence that cash…
        I like the FA to SFA analogy.. Maybe they could use it to pass to those clubs still owed as I cannot see those debts being paid. Still maybe 3 or 4 to move also.

    • ecojon


      I don’t think the Davis thing affects the rights that people had to move under Tupre Regs but more to do with the fact that Southampton couldn’t be assed with getting involved with an arbitration process as laid-down in the rules.

      If a club can afford it then why not – better expending energy on your club’s future if you can afford it and there’s always the write-down factor to be considered.

      I think the clamour to join might possibly be predicated on some notion that SPL type wages might be on offer. That will disappear soon enough and then we will be left with the hard fact that these players have already reached: That they are only good enough for SFL3 or possibly 2.

      But you’re right the sign of wages ahead will be when the ones who didn’t do walking away end up either voluntarily joining ex-mates or and foreceable sold by SevcoGers to raise some cash and reduce the wage bill.

    • Grabthegrass

      I agree with the last part in particualr. If you read yesterdays statement it is a masterclass in saying somehting that means nothing. There are no facts, items or anything that has proper meaing, only a statement of the bleeding obvious.

      The problem facing us mere mortals here is that all the parties seem to be trying hard to cross refer all the different actions.
      If Green / Sevco have agreed to all the SFA demands (no mention of football creditors though….) then they seem to be relatively clean, but I guess the SFA are trying hard to impose a no legal contest section in their agreement in the same manner as Leeds. However from my memory, all the following seem to still up in the air:

      Transfer of Oldco SPL share to Dundee
      Promotion of clubs to Div 1 and Div 2 to make space for Sevco Rangers
      SFL media rights (this has gone very quiet)
      SPL media rights (seemingly need to include Rangers games to be tempting for Sky etc)
      SPL payments to SFL (surely part of the leagal agreement between them)
      SPL enquiry into dual contracts – not withstanding Leggo’s bias, the SPL may be trying to limit Sevco’s opportuinty for legal appeal as well – probably worth a try at this stage. Maybe Sevco’s stand against this is all part of the negotiation
      SFA AT hearing

      And people keep saying you need to solve them all by Friday???

      I can see court cases looming here.

  12. Didn’t think you could add more to yesterday’s update, but we could have said the same months ago, eh? Good work Paul, much appreciated.

    It still astounds me that the idea of ‘old’ and ‘new’ RFC is even a subject for discussion. They went bust, owing MILLIONS. They cheated, They broke the rules (law of the land and laws of Scottish football). They can’t just say they’re the same club and CHOOSE which misdemeanours of the past regime they’ll deal with – and on their terms.

    What we used to know as RFC is now bottom-tier team – of course subject to etc and so forth. Why give them top-tier treatment in ‘discussions’?

    I know it’s all about the legal niceties and nuances, but come on!

    (JimBhoy – didn’t know about Leggo until you posted the link. Two points: 1. If I said I was giving it to people ‘straight’ I would not have used such a gay photo of myself next to it, 2. Having read what he had to say, I now feel the need of a good wash.)

    • JimBhoy

      I only started reading his blog a couple of weeks ago, often well informed and down the middle but he seems to be throwing in the Celtic/Lawell card a few too many times. What is it with these (ex)Rangers supporters they are all fekin paranoid..! 🙂

      • Mick

        Leave a comment mick drives the bus now and if you dont sit down and behave you ll get put of ,that legoland is anti Celtic and trying to stir up drama for Peter say Naithian (Celtic policie throw out)he’s deluded and living in Lego land ,

      • ecojon


        The sub-plot in Leggoland is actually an attempt to waken-up the Green supporters in Sevco is Wonderland camp. The battle is being fought over the season tickets – on the one hand the mainly PR inspired campaign designed to show support for Green as recently registered posters back Green on fan websites.

        The anti Green camp have returned to basics and roots with Kafflik Konspiracies and all the usual bile and are stirring up the natives against Green on the basis that he isn’t really a Rangers man but Whyte flying a different-coloured flag.

        I have long been an interested observer of the Rangers fanbase in an attempt to understand the mechanism by which their hatred operates and survives. But I have never ever seen anything like what is going on at the moment – it is brutal.

        Btw you can spot the PR signed-up posters, not just by registration date, but through their abject failure to match the vicious sectarian bile of actual Bears and just trot out anodyne phrases to support Green like: I trust him. He talks well. Today there is a proliferation of: ‘Him and Ally seem to get on well’. I would think that may well bode ill for Ally’s career as an SFL3 manager.

        And the fake posters may well be requiring treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder before the end of hostilities – when they signed up for a bit of onlike product placement they didn’t expect to be engulfed in a war zone with their own side – Blue on Blue certainly takes on a new significance in this battle.

        And I live in hope that the good guys are sitting quiely watching and coming to a conclusion that all this nonsense must be written out of their club history.

      • NumbNuts

        I have to disagree with ‘well-informed’ and ‘down the middle’. He is absolutely nuts. I have really struggled to find a voice of reason providing the Rangers perspective and I have tried following (and engaging with) various bloggers and forums but it is a real chore getting past the diatribe of Liewell, conspiracies, kicking us, etc etc that accounts for the majority of the content. This site you refer to though is a complete rant and constantly abusive of individuals, clubs, and whoever is seen to be not core Rangers. But I guess that’s the joy of the internet. You get to hear all voices, no matter how deranged.

  13. James

    Paul… been following your pages on this errrrrr saga for a number of days now. Articles from yourself and responses from others have kept me completely enthrawled and causing me to constantly refreshing your pages.
    PLEASE STOP .. as I’m now ignoring essential duties through my day :/
    Great stuff 🙂

  14. Jimmy S

    Rangers can’t drop the history and apply as a newco because they wouldn’t be entitled to the SFA membership. They want to be oldco when it suits them and newco when it doesn’t.

    • No No No … I watched CG on sky news stating it was others who were making this judgement !. Same statement where he informed us he was mtg UEFA !!. I popped onto RM site and they seem to have absolute faith in him. To quote one post “we are rangers, we don’t make appointments, we just turn up …. “. So, in good faith called Uefa and finally spoke to some nice lady and asked if there would be a statement regarding mtg between CG (of rangers) and Uefa. I think there must have been some kind of communication problem, but i think i caught “Que !” or something to that effect. I did catch something about them welcoming a talk with rangers about something to do with (or about) Vienna !. …did’nt quite catch all of it !
      Hey ho, maybe i’ll try again in a day or two, meantime i must get round to asking SFA about their mtg with CG on tues.

  15. p groom

    look what happens when the people who devise the rules as well as the people for whom the rules were devised, pick and choose which to observe or not. it is preposterous that trading of rules is now going on amongst the other murky strategies now being revealed. eg sfa says we will give you a licence if you accept an embargo to which sevco replies we are thinking about it but we want dual contracts issue dropped to which sfa replies if you agree to waive your right to appeal the dual contracts decision we may proceed with issuing a licence. this is no way to run a corner shop let alone the football industry. I can see the court of session having a lot to say over sfa trying to impose a penalty the cos decided was not valid and the coercion of a party to waive their rights.

    • Chriske

      If the SFA get the impression that RFC are engineering a failure to agree over the license, then the SFAs best response is to offer a “temporary conditional license” to RFC so that they can park any controversial issues on both sides. That way, at least RFC can do some planning with confidence and the RFC exit strategy is taken off the boil. It also means that the fans will get to see some football, albeit Div 3.

  16. ecojon

    @p groom

    Green certainly doesn’t seem to think the SFA or anyone else is using coercion to get their way. Look at his comments they are all his mates now and he’s even swapping jokes with the suits. In any case any contract concluded under ‘duress’ is legally null and void as not having been entered into freely by all parties.

    The coercion line came from Ally and Malcolm Murray and they appear to have been well-silenced by Green for not only their negotiating stupidity but for trumpeting the message on Rangers club website and raising expectations among the support that will never be deliverable.

    • p groom

      my coercion line did not come from ally or murray, I would never place any worth on anything either say. sfa are quoted as saying that one of the conditions of licence issue is that sevco agree to waive their right to appeal any dual contracts decision. thats coercion in my book.

      • Grabthegrass

        How can that really be in the SFA agreement when its the SPL who are doing the dual contracts investigation? Unless they really are trying to have one agreement with five different parties signing up to it, in which case there’s no chance of it happening by Friday.

        Why would it bother the SFA if Sevco appealed the SPL findings? – it’s just another appeal tribunal to put together and is all about past mis demeanours, not playing football in 2012/13 season. It’s more likely the SFA are putting in a no appeal to outside courts of CAS clause that is the sticking point.

        Whilst I really can understand all the interest from Rangers supporters about past titles and trophies, I don’t really think Green and his investors care enough about them to make the whole SFA transfer fail, unless it is being put up as an excuse – a pie too many as you might say – to walk away from football. There are some of the rangers sites where the sentiment now seems to be stuff them all, we’ll stop playing for a year. I’m not sure they’ve really thought that one through though as there is zero chance of Sevco paying for a year of idleness.

        And was it only me that appeared to be gob smacked that rangers seem to working only in cash? The refrain must be – follow the money….

      • ecojon

        @p groom

        You hit the nail on the head by stating ‘sfa are quoted as saying’. You then have to examine who is doing the quoting but you also have to remember that there is a difference in conditions between disciplining and admission rule mode.

        SFA are entitled to make any reasonable condition that they want to make for admission. This could be challenged in a court case but would again create a situation of going outwith the association rules which could have severe repercussions from Uefa/Fifa.

        But it shouldn’t be confused with the court case dealing with the SFA acting outwith its disciplinary powers which it did – they actually seem to have been trying to assist Rangers but the baw ended up oan the slates.

        This affair is becoming so confusing I thought the EBT issue was one for the SPL but I could be wrong and as the matter has no real importance to what will happen I am not inclined to check the documentation.

  17. ecojon

    On the question of analysing Green comments here’s a cracker from today.

    He said: “I would encourage all the fans to get behind the club now. The divisions have to heal, we all have to get on, the players and the manager deserve to have the fans behind them.

    “It’s not about who the chief executive is or who the directors are. It’s about Rangers FC playing football and we need them to get behind the team.”

    Absolutely brilliant especially as 4 of the 5 directors at SevGers have no previous involvement with Rangers beyond the last few weeks and all 4 would appear to be in line for financial reward through their very recent involvement.

    There seems to be a tenuous Rangers connection with the 5th – Malcolm Murray and that may explain his faux pas last week when he denied agreement had been reached despite the SFA announcement. Green has also had to tear his hair out and lick-ass to repair that damage and I have no doubt the SFA are slowly roasting him on a spit to atone and all the while delaying the agreement as a punishment. Could be seen as petty but I regard it as more a warning shot across Green’s bows.

    Ah don’t f*ck us about in the future message or we’ll f*ck you about harder.

    Green would appear to be taking his medicine manfully and even smiling at the camera as his toes are crushed off-screen. But there has been no further demands for no-stripping of titles from Ally which must be ominous for a section of the Ibrox support.

    • JimBhoy

      Good points but I think Ally’s comments were more about showing his loyalty to fans and club and playing his own political joker… There are more agendas on the table than a Scottish tory meeting.

      What we need now are the blue knights with Wattie throwing their £10m hat into the ring… Why can’t these loyal Rangers men just put their money together and out Satan from his HOT seat..

    • mick

      ecojon not like you to use the f word lol your usually so articulate all this reading sevco articles is taken its toll on you vulcabulirie lol

      • ecojon


        FFS mick that wisnae me that wis the big boys at the SFA who so far don’t seem to be running away 🙂

  18. Just picking up a point that may have been overlooked by all regarding the “good news”, yourself among them Paul have stated that even with the youth team sevgers should have no trouble in acheiving promotion from Div3, however forthe last 3 years and in particular last season the standard of youth development at the old co has dropped considerably. An average mid table finish was at best poor in relative terms for the old co. They have also significatley been missing at this level in cup final wins. Just a thought, maybe they are nt good enough and would struggle without the injection of SPL grade players. Maybe they won t make the grade even then. Could be that on sunday subject to SFA approval Bechin are celebrating and BBC Alba has a coup on its hands……………..hmmmmmmmmm

    On the other topics, at the moment I see SFA/SPL sticking to its guns and Ally walking away with “partial surrender from new owners…time will tell

  19. JimBhoy

    Great point made the other day… when the Ibrox men go visit the wee diddy teams there will be ‘No Sound’ that can be broadcast 🙂 I cannot wait to see the array of banners on display… When do you think we will see a ‘BJK’ banner…I think probably from the offset..!

    If BJK one thing it was how biased and rotten to the core the Rangers were in past and that has haunted them to this day.. God rest the big man’s soul..!

  20. JimBhoy

    Did we notice this little gem from the green goblin… “This is the start of a new adventure for Rangers and I said to Neil Doncaster of the SPL recently, ‘There may be more interest in Rangers playing Berwick than there would be in Rangers playing Ross County”… He has already inheritted the ibrox arrogance..

    I am unbiased though I would be interested in either ross co and/or berwick humping the Ibrox men..!

  21. fox

    An issue I have never heard raised – If the SPL should end up stripping Rangers of past titles because it is determined by the independent commission that they won them unfairly, would it not follow that the financial rewards to them from the SPL, which I understand they received due to their league position finishes, would become repayable as part of their “football debts” – the logic being that RFC was unjustly enriched and other clubs were wrongly deprived of this income?

  22. Charlie Oscar

    Gentlemen, as revealed yesterday Rangers will be having the SFA membership transfered so you don´t need to fret.
    Words is there will be no stripping of titles.

    54 to Hmm….. 54

  23. If you go to STV;s Sevco Q&A about Oldco they state that the Newco d;nt need accounts for gaining a Licence as they got accountsa fewyears ago and this covers gaining a licence who;s moving the goalposts

  24. Cammy

    First time blogger here but have been following your site with interest for a while now Paul. I think Ally McCoist is the luckiest manager in the clubs (old) history. He has been very shrewd with his ‘rallying’ comments to fans as his track record is truly deplorable! But for his iconic status with (old) Rangers he would surely have been bumped long ago. Forget administration, liquidation, points deductions and newcos. Prior to all this he saw his team knocked out of 2 European competitions at the first hurdle by mickey mouse cubs and knocked out of both domestic cups at very early stages. His team were 15 points ahead of Celtic which he managed to turn onto an enormous deficit regardless of points deductions. Just after administration he said on more than one occassion that ‘you’ll see the real Rangers out there now’, spouting about club unity and wounded animals. Alas they continued with their regular humpings! I think he’s hugely tactically unaware but very shrewd with comments (ie we dont do walking away) in keeping himself in a job. PS. A friend’s brother plays in the 3rd division and regularly goes for a skinful on Friday nights! Kinda tells you about the standard……………

  25. p groom

    So another day passes without the licence issue being resolved. If I read it correctly the situation is that sevco are the obstacle in that they want an investigation into the dual contracts/ebt issue to be dropped. spl presumably will not agree. ipso facto if sevco withdraw their demand the licence gets issued.
    why are sfa/spl allowing themselves to be challenged in this way? It is not even a question of who has most at stake, sfa/ spl or sevco, although clearly it is the latter. This is a case of an authority dealing with an application by an applicant who thinks he can impose his own conditions outside of the criteria of the application. Nonsense. call his bluff. sfa should now simply issue the licence and spl should get on and investigate whatever they deem necessary in due course. sfa/spl should ignore any further procrastination and if sevco choose not to accept the licence and fail to turn up to play that’s their problem though I dont need to dwell on the consequences…

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