An English translation of Ally’s latest Churchillian speech: by Niall

Mr McCoist relesed a statement on Saturday. Due to tardiness on my part, I have not been able to put up Niall’s translation of the piece till now. Mr McCoist’s text is in bold, and the translation below in normal typeface.

A call to arms…

The manager said today: “I am extremely disappointed that the SFA chose to release a statement last night when the Club has not actually signed any agreement.

We need more time to galvanise the fans into buying tickets by pretending we are now the victims.

The club is trying to get to a position where we can plan for the season, which starts in only eight days.

Ticket sale projections are woeful.

We have had meetings with the SFA all week to discuss membership but I had to leave the final meeting as I could not support the sanctions they were trying to impose.

Don’t blame me when the club runs out of money again.
The decision has already been taken to place Rangers in Division 3 and we have accepted that, along with many more punishments. However, operating with an embargo on an already depleted first team squad – even with a window to sign players – will make the task ahead an extremely difficult one.

Don’t blame me if the team is garbage and struggles to win Division 3 and 2.

“It is important to remember we have already had a 10 point deduction from the SPL, lost our Champions League place for finishing second last season, had a £160,000 fine, been refused entry to the SPL, been relegated to Division 3 and lost the majority of our first team squad – yet still the governing body has chosen to impose further sanctions.

When we made the rules we didn’t expect them to apply to us.

“The transfer ban has been strongly resisted by me, the management team, the Directors and supporters. Indeed The Rangers Fans Fighting Fund appointed a QC to defend the Club’s position as the sanction was not available to the Appellate Tribunal.

I don’t regret my initial outburst and I hope the RFF pays my fine instead of giving it to creditors or lawyers.

From a business point of view I can understand the position the Board has been placed in and ultimately they felt they had no choice but to accept some sanctions in order to move forward – as one of the alternatives could have led to the extinction of the Club.

No surrender from me, I am one of the people.
“The Rangers fans have been magnificent throughout this entire process and on behalf of everyone at the Club I would like to thank them once again for their loyalty.

Please stop arguing amongst yourselves and buy a season ticket at the full SPL price, we are running out of money.

I can also assure every Rangers fan I will not be accepting any talk of stripping the Club of titles. That is something we will never accept and everyone at the Club shares this view.

We have agreed no titles will be stripped until after you have bought your season tickets.

“We all need to get back to focusing on football but again my plans have been hampered as we have had to cancel a tour in the Highlands this weekend that would have helped us prepare for the season ahead.

Stop asking about investors money and title deeds, now watch this drive!

“This is still Rangers Football Club and the supporters will continue to back us as they have always done. There will be difficult times ahead but I know with the support of our fans we can emerge stronger and rise to the challenge.

If you don’t pay through the nose and turn up in your thousands to watch dross for 3 years, I will be managing the new Ibrox Tescos.
“Talks will continue next week and we all hope common sense will prevail to allow us to get back playing football.”

I have nothing to do with what happens off or on the pitch from now on.


Translated by Niall



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12 responses to “An English translation of Ally’s latest Churchillian speech: by Niall

  1. cmh64

    I love the “when we made the rules we didn’t expect them to apply to us.”
    Sums it all up nicely.

  2. TheBlackKnight TBK

    Lol Neil

    One addendum however:

    “I can also assure every Rangers fan I will not be accepting any talk of stripping the Club of titles. That is something we will never accept and everyone at the Club shares this view”

    Titles will be stripped and sanctions applied, but I will not “be accepting any talk” la la la la can’t hear you, la la la la

  3. mick

    well in niall thats a great way of explianing it with a good comical twist ,(comicial sally )

  4. mick

    a just found this on kds and thought a would share it with yous gio on agent whytey

  5. p groom

    please people do not sully the name of churchill by even mentioning him in the same breath ( or even on the same planet) as comical ali. ok ali so you will never accept etc etc. why the infantile media constantly headlines this personal view as being of any import at all beats me. go ahead ali and dont accept , thats your right . just dont assume anyone else is singing from the same hymn sheet.

  6. Niall Walker

    What baffles me is Ally seems to be in the tiny minority on stripping titles, most gers fans seem resigned to it and accept they must suffer the consequences of illegal dual contracts or lose all their history. At this moment in time I would have thought stripping old titles was the least of fans worries.

  7. mick

    even the chef has walked away lol

  8. mick

    sallys shitting castles lol

  9. mick

    last but not least sallys heart felt plea for cash (sorry sally ave no change)

  10. jimmy

    As a celtic supporter ,I cannot believe how rangers football club, has been miss managed, They have shown total contempt for there supporters.
    Best game of football in the world celtic v rangers, what have they done !!!!!!!!
    a sad time for scottish football

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