Mr Green would you rather take a £5.5 million cheque with this signature or cash to buy Rangers? – By Ecojon

Got to say it makes Hen Scratchings look like ornate Chinese Calligraphy. Charlie spent some time at the massive redevelopment project at Haslar Hospital before leaving rather abruptly some say.

Left behind at Haslar are thousands of bodies – cool the paranoia – they’re nothing to do with Charlie as far as I know 🙂  The remains of the executed Mutiny on the Bounty ringleaders are there and one very interesting skeleton of a sailor:  Buried with copper coins over his eyes to pay the ferryman no doubt. One coin was a Drapers promissory coin from Gosport dated 1794; the other a Slavery Abolitionist coin with a slave in chains stating: ‘Am I not a man and a brother’. It is one of only three such skeletons found in the UK.

Website is: and well worth a look for history buffs and I know that we have a lot of them in the Old Firm support.


Rangers related active companies where Charlie Green holds a directorship according to Company House records.











D&P in their initial report stated:

‘Investment in subsidiaries

9.22 The Company’s investment in the subsidiary companies had been fully written down as per the January 2012 management accounts. The subsidiaries which are not dormant are all funded by the Company’.

As well as Piegate I keep thinking about the revolving Rangers investor Ian Hart who was one of the first names released by Charlie Green as having a shareholding in SevGers. You might remember how Mr Hart denied before the cock got a chance to enjoy its crow that he was an investor with Green but, in fact, supported the Blue Knight consortium.

We were then treated to an explanation by Mr Hart that he had invested money into Ibrox youth development some years previously and had told Green he could ‘use’ it to bring about a successful CVA – well that didn’t happen and the matter went cold.

Then it popped up recently when Charlie Green announced to a public RFFF meeting that Hart indeed was an investor in SevGers using money supposedly ‘lying about’ in Rangers youth department to fund the shareholding investment.

It seems a strange turn of events and just as mysterious as our Oriental shareholders who are well-hidden behind their heavy veils of anonymity. I think that Rangers creditors have a right to know where the ‘cash’ to purchase Mr Hart’s shareholding was ‘lying about’. Was it in a biscuit tin or a bank account? It has been said it was in youth development, so does that mean the unknown amount was fully ‘written down’ as per para 9.22 of the D&P report? Is it recorded in the RANGERS YOUTH DEVELOPMENT LIMITED company?

As well as creditors having a right to know and an explanation as to why it wasn’t treated as an asset, but transmuted into a shareholding, I feel sure HMRC will also be asking Mr Hart, as part of their investigations into the whole Rangers affair, to explain the money movement which I am sure, as a responsible and honest businessman, that Mr Hart will be only too eager to comply with.

In ending and apropos of nothing I can’t help wondering how many Football Agents Rangers require to buy 4 or 5 SFL3 players. There must be a light-bulb joke there and no doubt everything will light-up when the big switch is thrown  🙂


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29 responses to “Mr Green would you rather take a £5.5 million cheque with this signature or cash to buy Rangers? – By Ecojon

  1. mick

    how many newco agents does it take to buy a player 10 ,1 to tell him it is old co and agree the deal and another 9 to back him up that its the same team and they do have history and its not a new club (agent g smith ebts ???)

    great read ecjon surely the youth moneys belongs to the creditors pot another money scam bdo will have a easy job with all the info on here

  2. mick

    another slice of the pie gone from the oven

  3. ADM

    Had almsot forgotten about Ian Hart and his money “lying about” in Rangers youth development. One of the strange elements of this whole saga is the sheer number of loose ends, things that flatly don’t make sense. It becomes a problem because it encourage the consiracy theorists – when there’s no transparency and no obviously logical way of fitting the bits of the puzzle together, it allows people to give free rein to their imaginations and come up with some quite curious constructions. Me, I think there’s more than enough incompetents kicking around this story to justify a “spectacular cock-up” theory…

  4. mick

    Ramsdens Cup 1st Round: Brechin City v Rangers (28 July) will now take place on Sunday 29th July, Kick-off 3.05pm – Live on BBC ALBA

    a wonder if alba have a program ready incase of a other delay

  5. ecojon

    More lazy reporting on STV – carrying the Kelty Hearts accusation that SFA are responsible for benefit with Rangers being cancellled after the pies had been bought for tomorrow night.

    No mention of Coisty rejecting the decision that SFA thought he had agreed to last Friday.

    Also Green calls Kennedy a liar over Kennedy saying recent discussions and offer made to gentleman at Ibrox representing the SevGers shareholders. I’m beginning to smell mutiny at Ibrox led by the Sheik of Arabi – gies a clue Brian – wiz this geezer dressed in white robes wi a dagger in his belt. He wiz, aw that’s awright then he’s probably a local bear in the Ibrox Fleet. Whit he was wearing a flying helmet wi googles – aw that could be mair serious 😦

  6. Dhougal

    Pink Panther theme in head now Paul

  7. mick

    has kennedy went above green or is he just loving on the telly when in glasgow poor kelty thats sad there loseing money due to sallys rants and storming out rather than accept at all cost just to get on with it(50mil on a bad day kennedy what part does he want judging by the above article its in nine bits

  8. mick

    a wonder what demi company will get the contract to bulldoze it?”bring down the walls bring down the walls”

    • ecojon

      The way things are going they won’t need a demo company – the bears will end up storming it and taking it apart brick by brick. That’s an idea you could sell the bricks on E-bay to raise the cash for a new stadium.

      Postage would be a bit heavy right nfuff.

  9. ecojon

    Had a wee look at Companies House and it shows for:
    MR CHARLES ALEXANDER GREEN & Mr BRIAN STOCKBRIDGE were both appointed directors on 9/07/2012 and ANDREW ELLIS ceased to be a director on the same date.

    Last full accounts were made up to 30/06/10.

    • mick

      does youth developement qualifie for grants from sport funds ?that could be well lucricative if funded via goverment ,the bdo will have to examing this and go public as it stinks some 1 mentioned commonwealth funding on piegate

  10. mick

    hes calling greens bluff panto comedy gold

    • ecojon

      Naw Naw He’s done something much more important! He’s bypassed Green and gone to the organ grinder Zeus Capital who it seems obviously represent the shareholders. They could well be Blue Pitch Holdings – if they are their 23% trumps any other shareholder.

      I think Green has got wind of what’s happening behind his back and is desperately trying to raise further capital to dilute the Blue Pitch holding otherwise he’s out in the cold whistling for any payment.

  11. mick

    the whole thing is well wrong blue pitch might sell if price is write ,just a thought is this way round “fit and proper” green will feel underminded here he might spit the dummy the mora on msm and let slip info then regret it its the start of a messy week its only monday ,its monday to friday mayhem am thinking

    • ecojon

      Ah think Kennedy has been biding his time and watching to see if Green had the £5.5 million to buy and even if he had that did he have enough capital for running costs. Not coincidental that the ST prices were announced today – that’s the last throw of the dice for Green but Kennedy would have known it was coming from sources inside Ibrox so had to act today as he has to stop fans buying STs as that would give Green breathing space.

      • mick

        cash at the ticket office kds were joking earlier green with swag on a big black bag hes snookered kennedy has proof of dosh but can he spare some its real messy now

  12. mick

    the cartel could walk away with brians dosh and we would never know who they are and its 5 days till there first match

  13. mick

    a dont want to deal with you son your only the sales man get me the manager lol

  14. Waterygrave

    Has anyone seen any report of why the SPL think they are ‘entitled’ to a cut of any TV rights deal that the SFL reach and is it the SPL faceless men or the SPL clubs that are now scrambling for any crumbs?.

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