The Wit and Wisdom of Billy Dodds – An Occasional Series

Billy Dodds writes a regular column for the Sunday Herald. I mentioned one previous article of his which was one of the very few public comments made by a recipient of a Rangers EBT. In the piece, which appeared designed to exonerate Rangers of any wrong-doing, Mr Dodds in fact managed to corroborate the charges against the Club! You can read my thoughts here. He also wrote about the stripping of titles, and I commented on that here.

Today he offers the public his thoughts on how Rangers FC’s arrival in SFL3 will affect Scottish football.

The full piece can be read here, but I have extracted some quotes worthy, I feel, of comment. My thoughts are in bold under those of Mr Dodds.


No. The moustache is not a disguise, but was grown by Mr Dodds for “Movember”

In a sick sort of way, I am sure Rangers’ demise this season will be great news for the Third Division. They will see attendance figures that they could only have dreamed of and, by all accounts, there will be Third Division players who will get the chance to play in front of the TV cameras every week.

How is this “sick”? SFL3 players will get the chance to play before larger crowds than in every game except cup ties against SPL teams, and SFL3 will get TV coverage.

At East Fife on Friday morning, there was a huge reaction when we nabbed a tie with Rangers in the first round of the League Cup. It will be a massive financial boost for the club and I am sure it will get a massive crowd at Ibrox because there will be plenty of Rangers fans who want to unite and show they are all in it together.

For many teams in the Third Division this will be a time to rub their hands and contemplate just what a couple of home games against Rangers will do for them this season.

Will grounds like Ochilview, shared by Stenhousemuir and East Stirling, be filled for Rangers FC visiting?

Billy Dodds’ East Fife, a team in SFL2, is delighted that it has been drawn against Rangers FC in the League Cup. As he says, it will provide a “massive financial boost” for the club. He sees a large Ibrox crowd, as Rangers FC fans come out to support their team.

It is not realistic to envisage that appeal stretching all the way over three years – at least – as Rangers try to work their way through the leagues and back to the top level. I think that there will be something of a circus wherever Rangers go this season, but I do wonder about the long-term implications of this. What happens when the novelty factor wears off?

Maybe if Rangers FC are mired in the SFL3 for a couple of seasons the “novelty” will wear off. If however it progresses up the divisions as predicted then each season a new lot of teams will have the excitement of a visit from the Ibrox team. Of course there will be a circus, in the same way that the visit of Rangers or Celtic to a small ground in the Cup in previous seasons was a circus. I think Mr Dodds has a low opinuion of football fans outside the SPL if he thinks that the novelty of Rangers FC visiting will wear off soon.

There are reasons why fans of so-called “wee” teams might not come to a Rangers FC game, but they are more to do with perception of the fans’ behaviour rather than with novelty declining.

Next Sunday’s game in the Ramsdens Cup against Brechin City will be a sight to behold I’m sure, but 12 months down the line will there be the same sort of interest? What will be the selling point next season?

Glebe Park, Brechin. Site of Rangers FC’s first game in its new incarnation, licence and membership permitting!

The selling point next season is that Rangers FC should be in SFL2. There will be at least eight teams which had not been on the itinerary for the Rangers FC comeback tour.

The clubs in the Third Division who will see a huge swell in their finances because their grounds will be packed out whenever Rangers come calling. There will be a hardcore of Rangers supporters who will continue to go to just about every away game.

So, what is the problem?

I do, though, wonder what crowds there will be at Ibrox. There will be an element of defiance at first from Rangers fans, but I strongly suspect those crowds will tail away. I reckon if there is a steady 20,000 at home games throughout the campaign, then Rangers will be doing well.

Ah. The novelty value of which Mr Dodds writes is that for Rangers FC fans. He does not see them continuing to turn out in numbers. His predictions of 20,000 being a good crowd have enormous implications for the owner of Rangers FC. At that level, how can the club pay its way?

Bill Miller saw a £30 million black hole over three years, even where SPL football seemed to be on the agenda.

Mr Dodds seems to doubt the professions of loyalty from Rangers FC fan groups, namely that they would not “walk away”. For what little it is worth, I suspect that a diet of crushing wins will keep good crowds at Ibrox, but any faltering could see attendances drop to near those of the darkest days of John Greig’s managerial term, when one match saw a crowd of just over four thousand.

The Rangers squad as it stands is strong enough to cope with the demands of the Third Division and it looks as though they will now spend this week scrambling around to add to that. It’ll be a crazy week I’m sure as Ally McCoist attempts to get in as many bodies as he can.

I wonder if Mr McCoist knows that the respected football pundit, Mr Dodds, disagrees with him regarding the squad numbers and quality left at Ibrox? My football knowledge is infinitesimal by comparison with these men, but I find it inconceivable that there would not be enough strength in Rangers FC to carry SFL3 before it. Why, if the squad is strong enough, will Mr McCoist be scrambling to add to his roster? After all, there is a limit in the SFL on the number o0f over-21 players who can be registered. Does Mr McCoist know that? (I am sure he does.)


Mr Dodds then refers to Dundee being elevated to the SPL.

Bryan Jackson, the administrator who sacked Billy Dodds from Dundee, and who saved the club (not directly as a result of sacking Mr Dodds of course)

If I hear the words “sporting integrity” again this summer, I think I may swing for someone. We all heard this phrase time and time again when the possibility of keeping Rangers in the top flight arose and it was the argument chairmen up and down the country used to justify their voting decisions. Yet, amidst the debate about sporting integrity, you have Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster putting Dundee back into the top flight. Can someone please explain to me how that makes sense?

It makes sense because (a) there was a vacancy in the SPL and (b) Dundee finished second in SFL1. That seems straightforward, does it not?

Why does Mr Dodds seem exercised by the Dundee story? After all, the team came back from administration, and a 25 point deduction, to survive in SFL1, and then the next season to win elevation. Especially as many of the high earners were made redundant, and the management team which took over relied on youngsters, in the main. Surely Mr Dodds should celebrate that as an example of financial integrity working?

Wait a minute though…in October 2010 the BBC reported:-

“Dundee have been given a 50% chance of survival by administrator Bryan Jackson after he made nine players redundant. Manager Gordon Chisholm and his assistant Billy Dodds also lost their jobs with the First Division club. Jackson, of PKF, revealed the club’s debt was around £2m, of which £420,000 is owed to the tax authorities.”

This explains it, I think. Mr Dodds lost his job when Dundee went into administration in 2010. Perhaps he feels that Bryan Jackson of PKF should have taken the novel approach of Duff and Phelps in connection with the administration?

Perhaps he still feels aggrieved, and there is no criticism of him if he does, about losing his job. Maybe a “declaration of interest” would help explain what seems, and continues to seem, a rather sour piece.

I have always advocated a return to the top flight for Dundee because I think they can enhance the SPL. But they should have got there under the correct circumstances, be that a restructuring of the league or by promotion – not like this.

What would Mr Dodds have done? Left the SPL with eleven clubs? Or would he have ensured that Rangers FC played in the SPL?  Deciding on which team should be elevated based upon the results on the field seems entirely consistent with “sporting integrity”.

Dundee are a club who have been in administration twice in the last nine years and yet they are allowed to go back into the SPL? Does that have anything to do with the fact that having Dundee in the league will mean there are four Dundee derbies that television companies will be interested in this season? So, amid all the posturing about “sporting integrity”, there was a scurry to promote a team who have put people out of work because of their irregular financial affairs, because those at the top can see a chance to salvage a bit of cash.

I detect a smidgeon of bitterness here. Dundee got the empty slot in the SPL because of their playing record, and presumably have been able to satisfy the SPL that its finances are now in order. If the SPL had announced that it would take the richest SFL club to fill the gap, then that would not accord with “sporting integrity” but what they did seems eminently fair and reasonable. If Dundee had finished third, is Mr Dodds suggesting that they would still have been put into the empty space? Hardly. Such a blatant manipulation of the sporting process would leave Scottish football exposed as corrupt, which I am sure it is not.

Dundee – 2 administrations in nine years – last one with £2 million debt.

Rangers – administration and forthcoming liquidation, owing creditors possibly as much as £130 million!

Mr Dodds wants Dundee barred from promotion because its financial errors caused job losses. What about Rangers? Should they be barred from promotion to SFL2 for a season or two as people will lose their jobs over its financial irregularities?


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73 responses to “The Wit and Wisdom of Billy Dodds – An Occasional Series

  1. Patrick

    Bravo Sir, all the sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel.

  2. Gerry

    Bryan Jackson made some huge decisions that saved the Dees from the dustbin of history. It cost people their jobs and a CVA was dragged together before 31st March deadlines to keep the club on the level.

    Perhaps Billy should compare that with the Ibrox situation where they did everything to keep players on the field they couldnt afford, fired no one and put together a strategy that quite deliberately would leave creditors with next to nothing even if the CVA had succeeded. We were also hit with a points penalty that was clearly designed to put us down (probably permanantly).

    The Dees did all they could to save the club, meet a CVA and stay strictly within league rules for dates when this had to be in place. Rangers did none of this and even now through the likes of Dodds and Traynor spout nonsense about how they have been hard done by.

  3. mick

    lets not forget billy dodds stated that walter smith told him he paid his tax when they chatted about his ebt payment billys a star witness when the real bhoys in blue call the police the taxman is well awre of it all and so is strathclydes police

  4. mick

    clinical reviewing paul

  5. Althetim

    What I find most disappointing is that I remember a time when the Herald was a quality newspaper. To be clear, I’m not disapponteed that I can remember the time, I’m disappointed that it’s gone. In publishing the ramblings of Mr Dodds, who clearly is clearly biased on the Rangers(IA)/Sevco, they have sunk to the levels of the redtops.

    Billy Dodds talks and writes a load of sh1te. Shame on the Herald for giving this fool an unchallenged platform.

  6. Sir Reginald Loudpants

    billy dodds, eh?
    makes davie dodds look good.

  7. TheBlackKnight TBK

    Excellent as alway Paul.

    Perhaps 2 considerations.

    1. The lack of wit & wisdom by Billy Dodds – An (more than) Occassional Idiot

    2. Keep this ‘future quote’ in mind 😉

    “I have always advocated a return to the top flight for SEVCO Rangers because I think they can enhance the SPL. But they should have got there under the correct circumstances, be that a restructuring of the league or by promotion – not like this.”

    Billy Liar 2014

  8. Althetim

    Apologies for the poor editing on my previous comment. There is one too many “clearlys” in there and one too few “issues'”.

    I blame the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo. Cheers!

  9. mick

    Sevco were accepted as ‘Associate members’ of the SFL. (We know they’re not there yet, but run with it)

    An Associate member is basically a probationer for 4 years (Rule 19), the significant part of which states “An associate member shall have no financial interest in the assets of the league, and shall not be accorded any voting rights”

    Now assuming the ‘assets’ of the league include media rights, if the SFL want to sell on the media rights to anybody, not only will Sevco not have a say in the matter, but have no claim on any money either why did he know mention this in his article at the herald more msm drivel

  10. ecojon

    All I can add is OUCH!

    Let’s hope someone in charge looks at this idiot and fires him on the grounds of bias – sadly religious bias at the building in question runs deep as I have personal cause to know.

  11. There is one common thread that runs all the way through this Sevco/gers fiasco. . .the lack truth especially in the form of people like Billy Dodds who should and do know better but are playing to the moronic gallery. They don’t bank on people like Paul McConville taking them to task. If the mainstream Media were doing their jobs correctly they would be reporting the same stuff as Paul is doing for the educated masses in Scotland. Having listened once again to Traynor’s BBC ‘football’ phone-ins its no wonder that the poor deluded sev-cogers supporters are totally in the dark and can only rely on their hate and pent up frustration to motivate them to understand anything. How long does old rags like the Daily Record have before they too are consigned to the dustbin of Scottish tarnished history? Lets all try and help it to die by starving it of money and attention. They deserve it.

  12. I meant ”the lack of truth”!
    and I like the name …’Sev-cogers’!… just saying like.

  13. Shame on the Herald for printing Billy Dodds’ ill conceived piece of slanted prognostication and double shame if they let one of their writers ‘ghost it’.
    Hugh (MacDonald) have a word with your editors, articles like that reflect badly on you and the rest of the sports desk.

  14. mick

    the whole scottish media at the top right throw to reporters are biased and anti celtic irish and R.C.time is running out for them ,thanks to the internet bampots and thommo the whole industry is being looked at for the first time a classic example is the gail sheridan case the constant harrasment of neil lennon and the ebt scandal they are narrow minded the reason they dident question murray was because they are huns them self ,the net exposed them the whole world knows now and we can look at it and say were not paranoid they are of anything green why we come and peace and forgive theres no reson for it ,its all left looking like a backwards cult,they give celtic players a article here and there just like the signing of mojo that was to cover whats really going on its time they realised its not on no wonder were laughing at div 3 its ozymandias as a michael it feels good they just couldent under stand the keyboard is mighter than the sword am proud of my world wide faith and see them as a stian on christianity,am disputing there even allowed to call themselfs christians as they dont belive in jesus ,its a back ward cult

  15. mick

    a was at the london irish festival it was amazing the garda the met celabrating being irish marching together the irish bult britian and then moved it in to the computer age what have the or the done ??

    why is there no irish festivial in glasgow more than half the city are irish ?
    the mayor of london pays it and they have it rivaling nottinghill carnival

    • mick

      the parade its self is not about being irish but about how well the irish intergration and unite with other cultures via friendship and marriage they have similiar prades in us and astrialia why not glasgow or scotland ??

      • josephmcgrath112001809

        Coatbridge has a Saint Patrick’s Festival – it goes on for weeks with cultural events and reaches out across the community. People come from all over to the final day.
        Surely Celtic should be about football – good football. I’m proud of my Irish heritage but I don’t link it to football. In fact football was seen as a foreign sport in the movement for Irish independence – gealic football was the Irish sport.
        When football fans move into religious territory are they really football fans or is it tribal? Celtic fans have retained their popularity throught Europe by being inclusive and respecting the supporters of the opposition.
        Perhaps it was the tribal aspect of the Rangers support that was the driving force to come out on top – by any means – that has led to their downfall.

      • mick

        joe am not saying celtics rc or irish but just like yourself am west coast glasgow irish am rc and a love celtic ,am proud of that also am proud to be part of a team that is made up of all faiths ,my faith is my faith its nothing to do with my team but thats not how msm see it .how could a have been a ger they abuse what a am week in week out as you know my whole point was the media in scotland kind of blacken the three at every turn as your well aware

    • Sorry Mick, I live in London and have been to the Paddy’s Day shindig and NO WAY will it ever rival Notting Hill carnival, which is attended by millions (I’ve been to that too). Also, Boris Bunter is actually cutting the amount given over to the Paddy’s Day celebrations – and by quite a bit, I’m told (don’t know the figures though), so it’s actually been getting smaller and will continue to do so.

      I do agree it’s a great day though – great craic, and with absolutely no politics or sectarianism. There’s very little in Ireland (ie, the state) on that day either, by the way. Funny that.

      As for the 12th, that’s not a party – it’s a celebration of outdated hatred and should have no relevance for anyone in Glasgow (or any civilised place). Ban it.

      As long as the last sentence or two continues to get a certain group of people’s hackles up, there’s sadly no way a Glasgow Paddy’s Day parade would work.

  16. mick

    a got my photo took with the salsa dancers and billy connelly

  17. mick

    thats what you call a parade not the 12th 1 love altogether danceing holding hands and singing

  18. mick

    the met had shamrocks pinned on them every service was there in the march nhs fire brigade garda you name it pipe bands

  19. mick

    my point here is scotland is backwards and anti irish RC and celtic ,there was even a millwall bus south london is london irish so millwall send a bus

  20. Pensionerbhoy

    An easy shift dismembering this stuff, Paul, but professionally done unlike the work of Mr. Dodds. It is galling to think that the Scottish media has sank to such depths of pathetic journalism. One would have thought that they could have afforded better shadow-writers than this and that Mr. Dodds’ manager would have taken out an insurance policy to protect his client from the embarrassment caused by the drivel churned out in his ‘good’ name. I doubt he writes these columns himself for, even if a blinkered fool, he must see that he takes his reputation to a place where angels fear to tread. If he produces this obtuse garbage himself, then I genuinely pray for a cure for him. However, Mr. Dodds, to my mind anyway, is only another member of that band of ex-footballers who have exchanged their boots for their ‘pen’. If only they had. It would appear that most of them have transferred their ‘fitba bits’ from their feet to their hands and the damage to their brains is caused by them scratching their heads with the studs.

    H H

  21. Stevo

    Billy’s not a gifted journalist, but I think he’s honest – and I can understand why he feels aggrieved at being dumped by Dundee. He was clearly happy to be teaming up again with his old captain at Dens, and got chucked out through no fault of his own. Billy’s not an ‘idiot’, but perhaps ought to reflect a little more on the irony of an EBT beneficiary arguing the case for Rangers. I enjoy reading Billy’s musings, even if they’re not exactly coherent. I enjoyed watching him put two past Rangers at Dens on the way to a 4-3 victory in 1992 even more 🙂

  22. I’m an out of work journalist. I’m just pissed off that a brainless ex-footballer (not always tautology, no matter what Dodds and McCoist tend to imply) gets paid for a column in ANY paper. And don’t get me started on Hately…

    • Mick

      Hi kenny boris said he was increasing the spend on it at the festival typical politian telling porkies sorry to here your out of work your more than welcome to do articles here any commenter can post a article about a whole range of topics also it can boost you portfolio Paul’s sites massive in Scotland and is well popular with msm they nick story’s from it all the time read the piegate see what you think of my first online article a would value your judgement being a writer also check out the Celtic network blogs you could add views and comments you seem well sharp we like that up here

      • Cheers for that Mick – really appreciate it.
        Loved the Piegate article, a really good read, as well as being a scoop – haven’t seen it taken up anywhere else yet, more’s the pity.
        I got into these blogs (Phil Mac, rangerstaxcase too) through them being recommended by mates back in Glasgow. Glad I did – there’s nothing apart from Alex Thomson down here to tell the wider audience what’s been going on – and I really think that’s what it needs, a wider audience (after all, it wasn’t just Scottish taxpayers’s money, was it? And they don’t just owe money in Scotland).
        Also, I can’t see how the bilge coming out of people like McCoist and Dodds would be tolerated by ‘proper’ journos down here, not to mention readers and viewers – sad indictment as it is on the MSM (and maybe even the society). Wow, don’t want to get too much into that…

      • mick

        kenny the whole scottish media needs revamped they only print what they are told from there mates at the top at ibrokes its silly ,and your right it englang and wales and irelands money to they stole its a big hit throw out the years ,hopefully the tax man can claw some of it back

  23. MMS

    I found this quite an interesting article titled: Rangers’ crisis: Whyte’s parent company in ‘oldco’ purchase to be struck off By Mike Farrell 13 July 2012 {STV}

    “__On Friday, documents lodged with Companies House revealed that the Registrar of Companies is seeking to dissolve group, which owned the 85% stake in the club bought from Sir David Murray for £1 last year. The registrar is seeking to dissolve the parent company as they believe it is not in business or currently operating. According to the document, Mr Whyte’s Rangers FC Group will have three months from July 17 in which to respond to the striking off proposal___”

    The articles goes on to state; “In a document released earlier this week, the administrators confirmed there were “no provisions” within their power that would have resulted in Mr Whyte being compelled to deliver his shares to any prospective new owner, which contrasts with their claim during the bidding process that his position was “irrelevant”.

    If the above section is factual then surely the Administrators “Duff & Phelps” mislead any potential bidders in preference to the “current owner Mr Green” and go-alone-knows, who else is part of the Consortium (as he has held-fast thus far in mataining their identity), SURELY there is a possible case of deception and misrepresentation at the point of Sale by the Administrators and accordingly “Rangers FC” is not in fact currently “sold”???

    Your Legal opinion would be greatly beneficial!!

    • Good stuff MMS -it seems there are some journalists doing some old-fashioned digging. I am also very keen to learn who ‘owns’ or ‘controls’ Sevco, as opposed to the names of a ‘consortium’, and whether these are important distinctions… could open another can of worms (or even an old one)

      • mick

        kenny theres lots of posts about owners theres massive story in check out ecojons posts and all the facts are there msm is turning a blind eye to it see what you can do with it now that southampton are in the hat with a fee for aplayer there could be a crooked conection its a jigsaw put all the info is here it just needs a man like your self to but it all together put blue chip holdingsin the search box above in am sure ecojon would not mind an assistant dealing with it ,if drum up anything send to site then any of your friends in london interpol links and massive sums read it its well serious and a world wide story if you can get the right doco. on it everything on the site is factual secondary data without the lads on here the whole lot of it would have been covered up the whole countrys sick of the media up here even sevco fans

    • ecojon


      Without re-reading the 2nd D&P report I can’t be certain about this but my memory is that D&P washed their hand early doors on the question of the RFC Group majority shareholding in Rangers (oldco) and made it clear that any negotiations to buy the group share would be up to the successful bidder.

      We are then left with this rosy report that CW only got £1 for his shareholding (As he had paid Murray £1 for it) + £1 out of CG’s pocket so that he could make a profit on the deal – I think this actually betrays quite a bit about Green’s motivation in the deal.

      But I have always wondered whether there is a play on words going on here. What shareholding did Green buy for his £2 – was it the CW shareholding in the failed Rangers (oldco) or actually the controlling shareholding in the Rangers Group which in itself is owned by Liberty based in BVI or Bermuda just can’t remember which as I was on the piss last night and am suffering this morning 😦

      So it always lands back at the smoke and mirrors and that is why so many people are convinced that CW is still involved.

    • ecojon


      Of course I should have mentioned that if the £5.5 million isn’t paid then Rangers (oldco) hasn’t been sold anyway,

  24. Waterygrave

    Forgive me but I need an explanation. I can understand the SPL still being able, quite rightly, to continue with the dual contract investigation/tribunal, however why does the SPL have any say on the Newco transfer of membership from the SFA. Surely it is the clubs within the SPL that have the say, as members of the SFA, but not the SPL itself?. Can someone please clarify?.

    • ecojon


      My brain is turning to mush over all this so I’m probably wrong but is it not because the actual registration belongs to the oldco and can’t belong to the newco until it’s transferred?

  25. Garry Noakes

    Many are predicting that Sevco will run out of cash sometime between now and Xmas (if not this coming Friday). I would be intrigued to see how the SFL react to this. After all they imposed a 25 point deduction on Dundee for ‘going into administration for a second time.’ In the event that Sevco suffer an insolvency event would the SFL then argue that this is the first time since Sevco are a new company.

    • ecojon

      @Garry Noakes

      I don’t actually remember whether Dundee did create another company after the first crash.

      • Garry Noakes


        From memory I think it was a Dundee FC Holdings that actually went into administration with £23m debts. I think Dundee FC fell under the umbrella with debts of c £11m and as far as I recall the same company came through the admin process. What happened to ‘Holdings’ I do not recall.
        That’s how I remember the situation but would appreciate being corrected.

  26. ecojon

    I think one of the most worrying things over the last few days of press coverage is that slowly but surely the spotlight on identifying the mystery investors has been switched off.

    It was still there on Friday along with the other issues – embargo and trophy stripping. But now air-brushed out of history or so it seems as far as trad media are concerned.

    I think this will really suit the SFA and interestingly if Brian Kennedy rumour is true the hidden investors will pocker their cash and fade away and we will never be any the wiser. But as Green swears blind he isn’t a shareholder where does he get the dosh to persuade him to go?

    And the clock is near midnight in lots of ways with only days left for the £5.5 mill to be paid and agreement reached with the SFA.

    Now I wonder if Ally is to be substituted in SFA discussions by the disgraced Paul Stretford proven to have lied in court under oath. If the SFA let him across the dooe to ‘assist’ Rangers – whatever that means – how will they ever impose a fit and proper test on Green’s SevGers

    • mick

      ecojon the msm has not been mentioned from wednesday in msm they are running with the trophy stripping the sfa a think are turning a blind eye agian its unreal

  27. Waterygrave

    Brian Kennedy back in with £5.6mil for 51% (rangersmedia) controlling stake in Sevgreengers and season ticket prices reduced by on average 30% (rangers official site), which makes, at 35,000 tickets, another £10mil approx, just in time for the 31st July!. Green marginalised, true blues in control, everythings rosey???.

    • mick

      that 30% is adding to the black whole debt

      • JimBhoy

        Would cover for a new batch of pies to see them to the yearend…

        I reckon Green is in too deep to accept anything les than £10m to shift his control/interest. I think he would (if he has paid anything) be in deep with some real money men, personal debts to them.

        I wonder what Kennedy would get 51% of? What does Green actually own? What does sevco own?

  28. JimBhoy

    Green has also mentioned there would be redundancies. Hard to believe that as the higher earners will be the footballing staff, sort of contradicts what Ally is bleating on about with low squad numbers when his boss is saying publically they need to cut staff numbers. Green the snake oil salesman residing at the snake mountain safe house seems to be a master at starting the fight then putting in a ringer to take the blows… Doncaster, Reagan, McCoist…

  29. mick

    all the broad sheets are making sally out deluded lol his spitting the dummy has back fired agian ,it doesnt matter the business side means nothing just now its all down to weather they get a licence in time for the cup game the sfa are goal post shifters and it could all be for nothing as the threat of admin is just around the corner due to no spl and over heads (the leccy the wages the rates its the millianium third larnak lol

    • JimBhoy

      Mick I reckon Ally’s ridiculous rants and ravings of late are a precursor to a resignation letter… Mind you on the other hand Ally doesn’t do walking away esp if he is picking up a couple of £mill p.a….

      I believe Green could conceivably renegotiate the playing staff’s contracts and dramatically reduce the wage bill. As they have TUPE’d there is a change to the market they will now operate in, less big games, no europe, no SPL TV money and the worth of the playing staff has been significantly reduced one could argue… I wonder if/when the Green Goblin may contemplate that action….

  30. mick

    d&p have put the to the wall they should have got ride of players and staff and cut costs acorddingly to make the sale viabile the glossy mag that miller seen a 30 mil black hole in is the same mag green read lol its a disaster waiting to happen at the brgining a use to post tick toc does the liquidators clock ,a think were back to the clock running out jokes with it alexandras on 400,000 a year thats the wage of div3 together they cant operate at a lose when greens in it for the doe or dough ,there is achance green will take 20 to 30,000 season ticket moneys then sell to tesco hes well strude mister green its going to be some week there all cracking with the presure and the ebt mob (the tax bumpers)know the taxman is coming to there door soon so the rangers msm is in full swing trying to get the case dropped the trophy stripping is a smoke screen to save the tax cheats either way the taxman will want his dosh back ,also weres there liability insurance ,the fit and proper test of new owners has not been mentioned in media since wednesday ,theres massive rules in place sevco are not entitled to telly money the sfl get it

    Sevco were accepted as ‘Associate members’ of the SFL. (We know they’re not there yet, but run with it)

    An Associate member is basically a probationer for 4 years (Rule 19), the significant part of which states “An associate member shall have no financial interest in the assets of the league, and shall not be accorded any voting rights”

    Now assuming the ‘assets’ of the league include media rights, if the SFL want to sell on the media rights to anybody, not only will Sevco not have a say in the matter, but have no claim on any money either why did he know mention this in his article at the herald more msm drivel
    they have no say in media deals no wonder sally stormed out lol the trophy stripping could be a smoke screen for the real reason if you dont give us licence and media rights were not joining div3 they might haved said

  31. JimBhoy

    Reagan should walk out of the meeting leaving the exact terms and conditions on the table in a take it or leave it gesture, giving them til 5pm today to put pen to paper otherwise they can GTF…

  32. ecojon

    The fascinating thing about the Kennedy bid is that it is for 51% of SevGers – what happened to Green’s pledge that no investor would have more than 10% shareholding?

    Looks as though the Zeus boys and Mather could be joining the ever-growing ranks of ex-Rangers directors.

    What a farce!

  33. ecojon

    The more I look at Kennedy’s statement the more interesting it seems. He said: “I have recently had several confidential meetings with a gentleman representing the shareholders of Sevco, with regards to my interest in purchasing a majority shareholding in Rangers Football Club.”

    Well can’t be Green as he ain’t no gentleman, so who even knows the SevGers shareholders let alone is able to represent their financial interests? Is there actually any shareholders that have placed hard cash? The only genntleman I can think of who it might be at Ibroc is the one with the top hat and uniform – that’s right the doorman.

    Strange how every move in this saga creates more questions and here’s a few more.

    Does Kennedy accept the transfer embargo? Does Kennedy accept the strpping of titles? Will Kennedy reveal the identity of the shareholders? Is his offer dependant on Green walking away from the club?

    And lastly why did the journalists running his statement today not ask these most basic of questions?

  34. mick

    still no news on fit and proper maybe the cartel want out (,50 mil on a bad day 50%= 25mil) 50% it was 1mil for 10% he wants 50% profit for greens backers 4mil each 1mil spent 5mil a backer roughly that is our has the 50 mil on a bad day been dropped

  35. ecojon

    Olympiakos playing a friendly with Farense Tuesday night – pity it isn’t televised or we could play spot Green in the director’s box 🙂

  36. ecojon

    The great pie debacle has spread to Fife with news that the Kelty Hearts friendly has been postponed. Apparently the pies have already been bought in for tomorrow night’s testimonial match so Ally will attend and help the local committee deal with them – what a Bear 🙂

    Amazingly Kelty are blaming the SFA for the cancellation – appears the Zombies are taking over Scottish fitba. Are they deranged or have they forgottent that Ally wrecked the deal reached last Friday night between the SFA and SevGers. If he hadn’t wrecked it I have no doubt the testimonial would have gone ahead with SFA blessing.


    Good News – the Olympiakos friendly will go ahead as Greece has left the Euro and doesn’t come under Uefa/Fifa jurisdiction.

    Rumours sweeping Athens hint at SevGers moving permanently to Greece.

    • mick

      there even causeing havoc in juniors thats sad the rfff should reemburst them no wonder greece is on the verge of clapse if greens cartel are based there (no licence no insurance no junior games either ???)

  37. Niall Walker

    Hello Paul,

    I think its realistic to assume the 46,000 average attendance bore some relation to the quality of football on the park and all the success/self esteem this delivered. The other side of this coin is poor quality football at a high price with the sole prospect of a division 3 or 2 title. I think we can forget any glorious cup runs, getting hammered by the first spl team they meet is hardly going to enhance self esteem. What Mr Dodds failed to elude on was the in-fighting among various supporters groups, as with Leeds this will also have an adverse effect on ticket sales. Scotland is in the middle of a terrible recession, people want value for money and Rangers ticket prices will not be value for money. A lot of Rangers fans travel some distance to Ibrox, this requires motivation and money, both are in short supply with the fan base.
    In my opinion all these combined factors will extinguish any initial euphoria by Christmas, and Ibrox will be echoing like a tomb.

    20,000 average over the next 2 years is far too optimistic, I believe it will be below Hearts averae of 14,000.

    • ecojon

      @Niall Walker


      Season ticket prices – full Adult and concession season ticket prices reduced by ONE THIRD and Juveniles will be reduced by 50%.

      Season tickets in the Broomloan Road Stand that did not include Old Firm games last season will be reduced by 15% for Adults and ONE THIRD for juveniles and Season tickets in Bar 72 will be reduced by 40%.

      Prices for season tickets, which now include all 18 league games, start from £258 for Adults, £65 for Kids and £179 for Concessions.

      Certainly pricey compared to rest of SFL3 – but there will be tons of space to stretch out in.

  38. ParmaHamster

    The ramblings of a bitter, bitter wee man who has never forgiven Dundee’s administrators for giving him the bum’s rush not the Scottish football supporters who cried “Enough!” at the antics of his beloved RFC (Deid).

  39. ParmaHamster

    Should read ‘nor the Scottish football supporters…’

  40. mick

    Rangers newco chief executive Charles Green says no meetings have taken place with Sale owner Brian Kennedy( source trendmap glasgow)kennedy liar or green ???

    • ecojon

      Ah but who did Kennedy actually speak to – Kennedy says is was a ‘gentleman representing the shareholders of Sevco’. I reckon Green might not actually know who the SevGer shareholders actually are. There could be a Palace Revollution underway at Ibrox with shareholders scrabbling to get their money back so thet can bail-out and catch the Orient Express home

      • Martin


        If I were in a position to buy a big piece of Rangers shareholding I don’t think I would be talking to anyone from the Green consortium. One could certainly buy a stake in that group but as things stand they have not bought Rangers assets yet and don’t have a licence to play football.

        I’d wait a little longer then have a chat with BDO.

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