The debate last night has shed new light on something that the msm maybe should have highlighted during all the drama of the voting of the SFL to place Rangers in Division 1 or Division 3. It ended up as 3 as we are all aware.

During the lead up to the vote there was lots of talk about self interest in the vote. Maybe certain teams should not be able to vote eg Dundee as they were going up and would vote Division 3 to get up or Dunfermline who at the time did not know they were staying in the first.

As I am not one for spreading rumours last night David Stevenson, one of our commenters, brought to light an issue of interest related to the pie topic but which also highlights the vote issues.

I have copied and pasted below for yous to read and for yous to make up your own mind on the matter .

We highlighted the pie suppliers last night.

“Mcghee’s – Glasgow’s finest pie makers and also very famous for crispy rolls”.

Here’s the comment below:-


(To be read in a faux Humphrey Bogart voice).

mick (disguised as Humphrey Bogart) takes his pie enquiries to the top and speaks to “The Fat Man” played by Mr Green (Street)

So that was it: McGhee’s supplied the pies….. When I heard that, my mind drifted…. I could almost smell them. Of all the grounds in all the leagues in all the world, they sold them there too… As well as Firhill, Parkhead and other stadia of dreams….

But McGhee’s weren’t just manufacturers of ordinary Scotch pies; they had their finger in the Curry Pie too…. Mr. Singh? Did he even exist? If he did, was he was just a pawn in the Great Game……?

But who was the Pieman? That was the big question…. The little guys don’t amount to a hill of beans atop a mutton pie in this world….. Mick had said it was Alistair, but I wasn’t buying that; he was just small-fry, a consumer…… The link, when I found it, lay on the north side of the river, not the south; up by the Firhill Basin. The bigshot there was a tanned dude called Beattie… David Beattie, Chairman of Partick Thistle, Maryhill’s finest….. But I knew that name from somewhere else. That somewhere else was McGhee’s…. Where the upper crust, the Non-Executive Chairman was none other than the self-same David Beattie…..

In the week before Black Friday, the papers had been full of reports and counter-reports. Who was a ”Yes” (not many, admittedly…), who was a “No”…. The Jags were in the “No” column, and even if that was a qualified “No”, the media didn’t seem too bothered…. And when the smoke had cleared on the SFL meeting, the hack from the Record squeezed a quote out of the Pieman, even though his reply to STV’s “how did you vote?” inquiry was a polite “no comment”:

“We’re still of the opinion league reconstruction and financial redistribution should be on the agenda, but as one body of 42 clubs driving it forward.
“The integrity of the game has been upheld by the SFL’s decision on Rangers. It was a very brave decision but a good one and the fans will be extremely happy. The whole financial model of Scottish football now has to be looked at again.”

Just what any Jags fan would want to hear coming from the Head Honcho at el Rancho Cardo… But why did the Record cite Thistle as being one of the five “Yes” votes then…..? How could that quote come from a “Yes-man”…? Which David Beattie gave the quote? The fitba’ man or the Pieman? The man of integrity or the man who just couldn’t see his pie empire bite the crust……? Or was the Record just plain wrong? It wouldn’t be the first time….. They’d said Brechin were a “Yes” too, but that was just so much baloney….

The answer to the riddle wrapped inside an enigma of a pie crust nestled in a tinfoil tray that is the definitive truth about the Jags vote has yet to be unraveled…. Maybe at the next “Meet the Board” night, all will be revealed.

David Beattie of Partick Thistle – the man with the fingers in the pies…?


This to me is the main thing uncovered last night. Should Mister Beattie not have declared an interest and abstained from voting ?????

Division 1 would lead to more pie sales than Division 3!

The way things are going I don’t think Piegate 3 will be the end as today when I got up and opened the email account one of the UK’s finest reporters had sent me a email who do you think?


Mark Daly – prize winning journalist – could he next win awards for looking into PIEGATE?

What an honour – I am so chuffed that our on line debate has been acknowledged by a top man like Mark!

“Hi Mick – I like this. I didn’t get a chance to look very closely at the latest report, so am relieved that others managed to do exactly that.


Very interesting indeed, well done. I’ll send this on to a couple of colleagues”.

At least we now know that the BBC will be looking and reviewing the situation on behalf of the small share holders and small creditors and you the tax payer.

Enough of me basking in glory at a email from Mark – let’s get back to the topic!.

The whole debate started when Walliam highlighted that the sales and expenditure didn’t look right

Sales – food and beverages £388,973        

Expenditure – food and beverages £991,155       

Both these numbers are from the interim creditors’ report dated 12 July 2012and signed on behalf of Duff and Phelps.

Today’s the day that D+P are going to explain to me  how they derived those figures.  

If they give us a good reason I will up load as a comment tonight.  

As there is great humour in this debate here’s some of last nights joke comments for you to recap on.

Rangers – a pie-son chalice if ever there was one!

Is it beyond the scope of this blog to suggest pie recipes which would cover the shortfall?


I was just thinking that the pies might be the tip of the iceberg – have the sausage rolls been checked?

Piegate the story that looks set to go on and on and on now the beeb are on it!

Hold tight lads! We’re going mainstream lol!

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  1. mick

    thanks paul am just wondering what tonights debate will bring ????

  2. mick

    Q: What was Sir Isaac Newton’s favorite dessert?
    A: Apple pi

  3. mick

    Q: What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter?
    A: Pi in the sky.

    • k

      Hi Mick see you got the bug it’s like a car crash you just can’t help yourself!

      • Mick

        K It’s turning in to a massive story ,and a web of deceit Beyond all or imagination last nights revelations about sfl voter is just as big as the black hole in the creditors expenditure and sales for food and beverage not much progress today but just like the whole saga from feb.to date it changes hourly

  4. Mick just aside as you have a direct buddy at the beeb can you ask him when they will amend the net pages to place all articles relating to Newco in the appropriate division. The articles still appear to be posted in the SPL section. Or maybe they know something we don’t………………..none of his colleagues are willing to respond, I’ve asked them all on twitter…….

  5. mick

    @michael1888 your right its just like the plague on the wall at sfa ,may be the guy that does the techno stuff for them is a sevco fan .still no licence for them a see although they have been put in league cup draw as rangers and not sevco a wonder what company house will say .

  6. Grabthegrass

    STV have finally caught up though this morning they still hadn’t changed the table but had moved the rangers news in Div3. The Beeb will get there eventually…

  7. mick

    companys will be warey in case of boycotts and threats its slow but surely sinking in a envited the pt chairman via email to see if he would like to join in the bebate there via email to club given his name is mentioned its only right we invite him and ask him questions

  8. mick

    what about jabba at the record it will take a long time to get him to change a think they still run a full crest with no crack lol

  9. free speech

    Well done Mick, Green with envy (pun intended)!

  10. mick

    free speech ,greens no were to be seen the day am going to locate his email and send him copy of the 1 to 3 sequal envite him over he bought the stock for a pound ????

    • free speech

      Just watching “The Good Food Channel” with her indoors and guess what “Perfect . . . . Pies” – serendipity or fate – answers in 30 words or less?

      • mick

        serendipity [ˌsɛrənˈdɪpɪtɪ]
        the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident

        fate (ft)
        a. The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events

        its well a bit of both ,serendipity is the ultimate word to describe david beattie ,before piegate pie was just a pie now its the food of laughter .

  11. mick

    The new Rangers appear likely to be granted membership of the Scottish Football Association after accepting a 12-month transfer embargo.

    Sevco Scotland, which now owns Rangers’ assets after the old club headed for liquidation, needs the membership to play in Division Three this season.

    The embargo would begin on 1 September and end on 31 August next year.

    That would mean Rangers could sign players in the current transfer window but not in January or next summer.

    An SFA statement followed a week of negotiations between Charles Green’s consortium and Scottish football’s governing body.

    “It has been agreed with Sevco Scotland Ltd that the registration embargo will be accepted as a primary condition of a transfer of membership,” it stated.

  12. mick

    still doesnt alter the fact theres been a company house number change

  13. TheBlackKnight TBK

    Looks like The Jags wanted their cake and others to eat it. How much of a slice does Beattie get? Seems this could crumble around him! Great work! Not half baked!

  14. ecojon


    Guess what that bloody wife did the night and I’m serious – she served me up a pie supper and I’m blaming you for going viral with this 🙂

  15. k

    Hi MIck all this talk of pies has reconnected some kind of neural pathway, it”s all coming back to me now, I used to be a pie boy at Parkead and Hampden, huh ,(why is they’re a p in this word???) Initial memories, avoid the ranjurs end untill they were were hungry bears( the spitting and the insults and threats stopped) and then charge them £500 a pop, maybe that explains the the discrepancy in the figures, somebody’s at it.

  16. MikeC

    So here’s me in Texas and no way to get a Scots pie….torture it is!

  17. Munch was a Gers fan

    I’ve been looking at the accounts – there are two different reports, one up to 30th March and the other up to 29th June. Expenditure first 541k then 991k. If I take Hospitality sales with Food Beverage sales, then the totals are 232k then 656k. The interesting figure is to look at the numbers 31st March to 29th June. Income 424K, Expenditure 449k (almost break even). Assuming the same ratio pre 30th March, there seems to be a 294k overspend.

    My one note of caution is The v Celtic was 23rd March, so maybe lots of food bought, but the monies hadn’t been banked against income. Assuming 10000 celtic fans weren’t hungry, then excluding that number and banking all the money in the second report gives almost the same ratio of income per supporter.

    No smoking gun (or burnt pie) but interesting numbers. A job for someone with accountancy training not me with an excel spreadsheet.

    • mick

      thanks a lot munch al add that in part four see if any 1 can add some light on it either way the figures dont add up but dont worry am sure mark dalys friends will sort it and if theres any skull duggery bring it out in the open

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