Exclusive! Charles Green’s To Do List! as found by Peter

I am hugely proud of my readers and commenters, whose work now puts mine to shame.

Amongst many of the posters now, I will pick a couple of specifics :-

Ecojon expertly analysing the business case of SevcoGers;

mick on the trail of Piegate, and on to BDO, Duff & Phelps and the BBC;

and today Peter who, through some outstanding work has been able to locate Mr Green’s “to do” list.

I have not asked if there was any phone hacking or computer interception, but I am sure the papers were acquired fairly…..

Let’s see what Mr Green has on his list….


My “To Do” List by Charles Green – 20th July

1. Get SFA Approval

a. Clean up Investors – transfer their holdings into respectable companies / names. Is your wife fit and proper ?
b. Avoid embargo
c. Spread Football Debts over 120 easy payments
d. Make a big deal over stripping titles – but who gives a sh*t
e. Keep Regan guessing – he’s on the rack- – send Ali and Malcie to confuse him

2. Calm Down Investors

a. This hasn’t worked out as we hoped but there is still £50m in here – just need to feed the golden goose
b. Get some short term cash out of them

3. Stop the Cash Haemorrhage

a. Sell expensive old lags ASAP – see 2b
b. get youngsters into taking shares in lieu of cash
c. threaten council over rates etc
d. review Ali’s pie allowance

4. Start the Cash Flow

a. Silence Bomber Brown – dig dirt – photos in Celtic shirt etc
b. Sell 250 more season tickets
c. Get sponsorship: Ocean Finance ? Wonga ? Cash Converters ?

5. Plan E for Exit

a. Follow up with Tesco, Morrisons, NCP etc
b. Line up D&P as Administrators for Sevco
c. Deploy cunning disguise
d. Join CW in Monaco

6. Remember shopping

a. milk

b. bread

c. 1,000 National Lottery tickets

d. 5 scratchcards

e. reserve advance copy of new book by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain (in case I get any hints about how to get out of this mess)

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16 responses to “Exclusive! Charles Green’s To Do List! as found by Peter

  1. mick

    lol pmsl well done peter that was well a rip hurter ,bomber in a celtic shirt lol
    “what you mean rates we dont even pay taxes no beat it”

  2. Schneeb

    Ref 4c – getting a payday loan requires evidence of a future payday – that might be a a bit of a challenge ! Might be better off on the scratchcards !

  3. mick

    or he could scrap the blue gates at adams just along a bit from him !

  4. Lastly . . .await further instructions from Peter L.

  5. ecojon

    The thing that has always kept Celtic fans going and helped keep the Club alive during dark financial days and nine in a row is humour. And mick and Peter have shown that we still have it. Let’s hope it’s infectious and spreads to Rangers and becomes an antidote to all that stomach acid not caused by pies.

    A few additions to the list:

    A) Check safehouse address with Special Branch as ah can’t find Saddam City on ma satnav.

    1a) My wife is fit but no very proper – is that OK?

    3c) Rangers don’t pay rates so nothing to save there. Seriously D&P don’t show any rates paid in their accounts and the debtors list has a minimal anount of a few thousand whereas Ibrox alone has a RV of near £2 million and should be paying over £100K a month. I just don’t believe Whyte paid them up-front. So possibly another D&P mystery.

    5c) Buy a Celtic Top.

    B) Get a new number for Blue Pitch as their old one seems out of order.

    C) Tell players to send in all their medals for safekeeping and we’ll put them on Ebay – should raise a few bob for rarity value as we won’t be getting any more SPL, European, or Scottish Cup gongs.

    D) Phone Nova & Formation and see if they’ll gie me ma old job back

    E) Eat those bloody pies that that Chris McLaughlin is threatening to oncover. Secretary: Take a memo to Ali . . . . Heading: Pie Hunt , , , Ali, You’ll need to step up to the plate and eat all those bloody pies or we’re finished!

    Ali gets memo and phones: Yea Yea you’ll get a cup and a medal! New players? Don’t be bloody daft!

  6. ADM

    Excellent. Mind you, given the scale of the task he’s set himself – get enough people to invest in the wreckage of Rangers to get them through a season AND find a way to get running costs below revenue in SFL3 – maybe he should add “establish world peace” as number 7. Seven tasks – feels right for a new beginning. Although, given the job he’s doing on the first few, perhaps world peace is a bit of a stretch and number 7 should be “continue giving outstanding entertainment to the Scottish football public…”

  7. TheBlackKnight TBK

    “Peter’s works established a new and exiting layer to the mess at The SEVCO Rangers Takeover Case. An excellent piece of investigative journalism”

    Turner Prize 2013

    • JEDI

      It was /is Peter and his legal mind that got me hooked here, I loved his dedication, investigation, selflessness for putting himself out there for criticism and ridicule, and perhaps praise.
      I am now beginning to use my dead quick scoll button on some of the comments, I read most.
      It’s a blog, make a point and move on. For me the only gate about Piegate is Project Walliams being plagiarized, but he made a point and moved on, not heard from him since tho.
      My random thots.

  8. ecojon

    Guess what that bloody wife did the night and I’m serious – she served me up a pie supper 🙂

  9. Garibaldi

    You could add, Point No.7 – Have David Murray’s private jet on standby at Glasgow Airport, unless it’s been impounded, incase ‘ra peepul’ come after me because we lose in all ever competition next season & fail to gain promotion.

  10. Ayrshire Ghirl

    Turn up at the Olympics, Sevco/Sebcoe no-one will notice!

  11. gary brown

    paul.can you tell me if craig whyte went to company house last autumn and registered three names(the rangers football club,rangers fc,and sevco 88)if so would that not make him still the owner of rangers.I also heard from a good source that what has come out is not the worse,that there is more to come out about “BRIBERY”and that sevco are half a million in debt,and that they cant pay the electricity at ibrox.can you confirm any of this.thanks GAZ.

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