PIEGATE 2 (the online debate) – Duff & Phelps, Rangers + “Food and Beverages” – Guest Post by mick

You will recall that PIEGATE reared its ugly head yesterday when the remarkable food and beverage bill incurred by Duff & Phelps was picked up by the bold mick and other commenters.

 mick has donned the sleuth’s hat and overcoat, and has been trying to get into the meat of the issue.

He has been hot on the pie trail….and I will leave him to tell you the rest!

Thanks again mick!




Who supplies the pies?

Mcghee’s – Glasgow’s finest and Mister Singh’s supplies the curry ones – mouth watering curry pies spiced up to keep you healthy and hot on a cold winter’s night.

Also I had a chat with the press office at BDO in London and forwarded the article.

Out of all the people I called the BDO were the most obliging and they gave me a email to send all the info from the site, so that’s progress!

I also called Pieminister http://www.pieminister.co.uk/ as it was brought to light that they might be the pie suppliers. Also I asked if their owners were investors in RFC and they said no.

So that’s something I will look in to.

At the moment I am waiting to hear from Mister (we won’t say for legal reasons) from D+P.

Although there is great humour in this article there is also a more serious side to it as any money out under the stewardship of D&P could be a major breach of duty and could amount to hoodwinking small creditors which in turn could lead to job losses.

I also called Ibrox but no one was available for comment although the girl on the phone thought it was a joke as football and pies seem to go together like Stan and Ollie and Morecambe and Wise.


That’s me just off the phone to D+P in London.

They are going to review the figure and get back to me via email. If not I’ve to call back late afternoon tomorrow.


Also yesterday we had lots of pie jokes. Here are a few of the 1s a liked the best

Afternoon Mick,
The balance could be stock, the pies have been frozen not eaten just like the accounts

Are you suggesting that D&P froze the pies so that they could be TUPE’d over to the newco? Have the pies agreed to this?

If it has all gone in pies then that is a lot of dough

Pizza nonsense really

I’ve thought for a while that most of the Ibrox Tale is complete mince

Mick, WE DEMAND PIE TRANSPARENCY ! who are these pie people?

what rate of VAT was paid on the pies? (that’s a serious issue)

Green’s promises are like pie crusts – made to be broken 🙂


Piegate 3 the final bite! Coming soon! Hopefully!

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36 responses to “PIEGATE 2 (the online debate) – Duff & Phelps, Rangers + “Food and Beverages” – Guest Post by mick

  1. Fanny Craddock

    Is it beyond the scope of this blog to suggest pie recipes which would cover the shortfall?

  2. Por Cierto

    Maybe Bill Miller was Mr American Pie and that’s why he said Bye Bye…

  3. mick

    thanks paul well edited fantastic lets hope theres a good explianation for it if the dont call back a will put in a apperance at the london office next week as am down on other business

  4. josephmcgrath112001809

    Rangers – a pizen chalice if ever there was one!

  5. Aitch

    as Johnnie Craddock was heard to say when presenting a cooking programme on the creation of wholesome and tasty pies: “That’s all for tonight folks and may all your pies be just like Fanny’s”.
    Loved the humour Mick.

  6. k

    Shit me ribs just cracked again, aye ya.
    I luv SG and Firefly, their more believable than the rangers story,
    mick your bad, bad, bad!! please don’t stop!!! wot about Craig Whyte as
    Oliver Twist, please sir can i have some more pie(Ok now I’m bad). Don’t laugh, Don’t laugh, aye ya, aye ya.

    Talking of pie can i link (nothing to do with anything) Dennis Fetcho and Marty Leeds.

    • mick

      all this talk of pie and fanny a thought a would give dick a mention

    • mick

      hi k it was some buzz to day it was can a take your name please (i mick piegate )lol

      • k

        No worries mick, in-fact i’d like to buy u7 a drink maybe a G n T, ha ha.
        Nice one, you and paul and everybody else, you know who you are, cheers! wait a minute wot reality is this? are rangers gone or wot?

  7. Althetim

    Congrats again mick, well done mate. I have enjoyed your work immensely so far and look forward to the final instalment. Gaun yersel’!

    • mick

      any1 a contacted in scotland thought it was a joke but when the bdo press office heard me quoteing the figures the realised it was not .d&ps are willing to oblige me as am a stake holder in the company as am from glasgow
      the guy nearly choked (what report the interem or the other 1 )lol

  8. steveo


    Brilliant, kudos to you.

    Paul I fear you may have created a monster in Mick tho. At this rate the title for this site is going to have to change to “…..Re Scots Law by Paul McConville & Mick”!!!

    Keep up the good work ghuys, the whole saga has been a hoot from 14 Feb and before.

  9. mick

    the truth hunters steveo 14feb it was valentines day as well what a great day theres ment to be a picse of st valentine buried at the clyde they scattered him all over the world

  10. mick


    a love mentioning that to the ghirls as well as a chancer am a romancer

  11. Who would want to spend money buying a Daily Rag when they can get laughter and educashun right here every day? Anyhoo love the pie jokes reminds me of Fat Sally’s plans for getting out Division Three . . .somewhere over the rainbow, weigh-a-pie!
    . . .

    • mick

      hi dom hows tricks sallys up shit creek with out a paddle thats why him and jardine immobilised the masses to try and bully the country in to a cover up but it back fired lol the net morden mass media brought them down and there crookedness

  12. Al ross

    I salute you, respect.

  13. David Stevenson

    (To be read in a faux Humphrey Bogart voice).

    So that was it: McGhee’s supplied the pies….. When I heard that, my mind drifted…. I could almost smell them. Of all the grounds in all the leagues in all the world, they sold them there too… As well as Firhill, Parkhead and other stadia of dreams….

    But McGhee’s weren’t just manufacturers of ordinary Scotch pies; they had their finger in the Curry Pie too…. Mr. Singh? Did he even exist? If he did, was he was just a pawn in the Great Game……?

    But who was the Pieman? That was the big question…. The little guys don’t amount to a hill of beans atop a mutton pie in this world….. Mick had said it was Alistair, but I wasn’t buying that; he was just small-fry, a consumer…… The link, when I found it, lay on the north side of the river, not the south; up by the Firhill Basin. The bigshot there was a tanned dude called Beattie… David Beattie, Chairman of Partick Thistle, Maryhill’s finest….. But I knew that name from somewhere else. That somewhere else was McGhee’s…. Where the upper crust, the Non-Executive Chairman was none other than the self-same David Beattie…..

    In the week before Black Friday, the papers had been full of reports and counter-reports. Who was a ”Yes” (not many, admittedly…), who was a “No”…. The Jags were in the “No” column, and even if that was a qualified “No”, the media didn’t seem too bothered…. And when the smoke had cleared on the SFL meeting, the hack from the Record squeezed a quote out of the Pieman, even though his reply to STV’s “how did you vote?” inquiry was a polite “no comment”:

    “We’re still of the opinion league reconstruction and financial redistribution should be on the agenda, but as one body of 42 clubs driving it forward.
    “The integrity of the game has been upheld by the SFL’s decision on Rangers. It was a very brave decision but a good one and the fans will be extremely happy. The whole financial model of Scottish football now has to be looked at again.”

    Just what any Jags fan would want to hear coming from the Head Honcho at el Rancho Cardo… But why did the Record cite Thistle as being one of the five “Yes” votes then…..? How could that quote come from a “Yes-man”…? Which David Beattie gave the quote? The fitba’ man or the Pieman? The man of integrity or the man who just couldn’t see his pie empire bite the crust……? Or was the Record just plain wrong? It wouldn’t be the first time….. They’d said Brechin were a “Yes” too, but that was just so much baloney….

    The answer to the riddle wrapped inside an enigma of a pie crust nestled in a tinfoil tray that is the definitive truth about the Jags vote has yet to be unraveled…. Maybe at the next “Meet the Board” night, all will be revealed…..

  14. mick

    if its in the record its a lie well give the jags the benifit of the doubt david great long post you could do 1 about the jags vote when it unreavels all this was forced on the sfl by the spinless spl so am not holding any grudges agianst any1 its over its time for all fans to support there club no matter what they voted even killie the last thing we want is more job loses with boycotts .a feel for the smaller clubs although am dissapointed they let them in at all but thats the nature of the beast here ,we have to all move on from the vote ,its time to sort the shadey deals out and make sure our country does not have to go throw this agian

  15. mick

    davie bettie vote yes due to pie sale slump self intrest sad

  16. ecojon

    @Mick – I was just thinking that the pies might be the tip of the iceberg – have the sausage rolls been checked?

  17. mick

    or paid via pies to vote yes ????

  18. mick

    the pie conpiricys are hotting up :-0

  19. mick


    the interm report to creditors which a will quote from tommorow and if any 1 feels like highlighting more shinanigians feel free

  20. This whole thread is a miss steak infact it’s a load of mince!!!!!

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