The Rangers Bubble expands as more hot air is produced – New Investor Details – Guest Post by Ecojon

The latest Sevco Rangers shareholder has been revealed by Charles Green as Nottingham businessman Craig Mather. It hasn’t been indicated whether the shareholding stake was provided personally by Mr Mather or through his network of companies which includes SIMPLY SPORT MANAGEMENT LIMITED.

It has also not been revealed whether the £1 million shareholding has been paid-for up-front or pledged by a placing letter of intent.

Mr Mather, 42, is one of three directors in SIMPLY SPORT MANAGEMENT LIMITED a private limited company registered on 20/12/2011 with its registered address given as c/o Simply Cartons Limited, Perry Road, Nottingham. Simply Cartons is a successful company engaged in the making of cardboard boxes and which Mr Mather is also a director of.

SIMPLY SPORT MANAGEMENT LIMITED has yet to file a description of its activities. However, it is clear from another director’s LINKEDIN profile that it will probably be engaged in managing and representing professional football players.

Maximillian Meltzer, aged 24, describes himself as the Director of Football of Simply Sport Management and a Players’ Agent Licensed by the English FA. He attended Durham University and holds a master’s degree of laws and a bachelor’s degree in business management and FA coaching qualifications and he may be able to provide some welcome support for Sally.

He started out working in the computer games industry and then became an agent in the entertainment industry agent before switching to sport management in 2009 becoming a director at SIMPLY SPORT MANAGEMENT LIMITED in January this year.

He is a Licensed Players Agent and is Certified Coach (Level 1) – English Football Association and was previously linked with Rangers when he represented international footballer Tomer Hemed in negotiations with Ibrox Park.

At the moment it is unclear what, if any, role Maxi will have at Ibrox and whether he might even help out on the coaching side. Some dismiss the latest shareholding as window dressing by providing a known UK businessman to take media pressure off the hunt for Sevco Rangers mystery foreign backers but there is no suggestion that Mr Mather has acted other than in an appropriate and professional manner at all times.

Green was out of the country yesterday in discussions with Uefa but it is not known whether they summoned him or he requested the meeting or what the detail of the meeting actually is. He said he would be heading to Athens afterwards to arrange a friendly with Olympiakos which makes me think he must have read ADM’s piece on Trigger and Theseus’ ship  🙂  Of course he may also drop in on some of his mystery investors who are thought to be located in Greece.

Many believe that Green will struggle to reach a financial position which would allow Sevco Rangers to apply for an AIM Listing as they think the penny packets of capital injected here and there with £1 million investments will just be swallowed up in the running costs at Ibrox.

It ‘s becoming clearer by the day that Sevco Rangers’ short-term survival probably hinges on season ticket sales and a bitter battle is taking place on Rangers fan web forums over whether to buy or starve Green out. Looking at the forums it is amazing the amount of fairly newly registered users the majority of them supporting Sevco Rangers and I am amazed there are any season tickets left with the amount declaring they have already purchased them. I smell that someone has organised a posting campaign.

Of course the more wily fans ask what they paid and what bank account they paid into and that’s when the fun starts. The Rangers support is in the process of tearing itself apart and the abuse heaped on Bomber Brown is almost at the level I used to heap on him when he was playing against Celtic.

But he says he is putting £40K of his own money into a fund to fight Sevco Rangers and tonight pulled of what might be a masterstroke by announcing that Barry Ferguson had declared for him.

Meanwhile other Rangers directors were locked in talks all day with the SFA and no details are available yet but we all know the main areas the discussion will be centering round such as who are the shareholders and, in particular, who is behind Blue Pitch Holdings which is currently the main shareholder with 23% of the capital.

But for all the heat and fury about the transfer embargo word on the streets is that it wouldn’t begin until September and then run for 12 months so it isn’t really the problems  some are making it out to be.

Amazingly, the Zeus Capital website still states re Rangers: ‘An application has already been made by the company to register with the Scottish Football Association and to participate in the SPL.’

Obviously Groundhog Day – and to think that two Zeus directors sit on the Ibrox board and were representing Rangers at the SFA today and can’t change their out of date website.  I always judge anyone I do business with on the attention they pay to detail especially in financial transactions. Guess I won’t be knocking on the Zeus door any time soon  🙂

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  1. ecojon

    A fellow director of the new Rangers shareholder actually has previously broken bread with Sally or maybe even shared a pie.

    But I’m not sure how Ally and Maxi Meltzer – director of SIMPLY SPORT MANAGEMENT LIMITED – will gell with the young agent having been involved in the abortive attempt to sign Tomer Hemed for Rangers in what would have been Coisty’s first signing.

    Maccabi Haifa striker Tomer turned down an offer to move to Spain and told his club that he didn’t want to play in Israel either so refused to sign a new contract which left him free to immediately walk away on a Bosman free transfer. I can see Green will need to be having a word with Maxi to make sure this culture is nipped in the bud in case it gives players walking-away ideas.

    After three days of talks with Rangers, Tomer – a former team mate of Celtic midfielder Beram Kayal – flew to Ibrox where a three year £7K a week deal was on offer in June last year.

    But Tomer went cold on Ibrox and despite Coisty hiking his wages to £8K a week after wheeling out Craig Whyte to help in negotiations with his agent, the Israeli opted for Mallorca in Spain’s La Liga leaving Ally apparently baffled. But agent Maxi said at the time: “Rangers are a fantastic club and Tomer knows that so it was a very difficult decision for him. However, in the end, he decided to pursue the opportunity presented to him from Spain.”

    You can’t help but wonder what spooked Tomer but within months it was all change for Whyte as well when the Rangers share listing on the Plus Market Listing was suspended for failure to submit audited accounts and Whyte was fined £50K for failing to declare an earlier seven year ban as a director.

    At the time an ex-Rangers player said: “I cannot help thinking he (Tomer) would have been better off at Ibrox. Glasgow Rangers are a huge club. They have tradition and always go for the league championship. Mallorca are a small club in a big league.

    “If he had gone to Rangers he would be scoring goals and playing more games. Now he will be playing for a side who will be at the bottom of the league.”

    Funny how life has a habit of turning out differently from what we expect and plan for. Just think, if Tomer had stayed at Ibrox, he could have played for a big club in a small league. It remains to be seen what position Sevco Rangers will occupy in SFL3 🙂

    • jedi

      Just to let you know that you got a mention on the Bears Den yesterday.
      Also,Phil posted today, and I’m off the opinion he dangled a nuggett by explaining that USA immigration is tight if you’re an as yet unnamed Sevco backer

  2. Ed Dunne

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Sevco have never been in a position to reveal their backers as there are none. Any business people who may have been interested have long since melted into obscurity with their annonimity intact. Sevco/RFC are far too toxic to be appealing to anyone other than the brain dead biggots who would stand on the steps of their once proud stadium and spout incoherent pish to the knuckle dragging fraternity. The issues over ownership of the stadium and training ground, the removal of titles and cups and the implementation of sanctions already passed makes this whole episode a complete calamity for newco rfc.

    PS. Do not be surprised to find Craig Whytes name re surface within the next few days…

  3. blackie

    the two directors that green has at sevco 5088 are amir amhed and brian stockbriddge of zeus the company who work as advisers to octopus the parent company of ticketus also simply sport management was charles greens company that ahmed and stockbridge disposed of for him

  4. ecojon

    One of the things that fascinates me is all the media stories claiming the SFA will be grilling Sevco Rangers on the identity of the mystery shareholders.

    According to the official minute of the RFFF Green told a public meeting on 4th July the following:

    ‘c) Current Investors
    C Green read out the list of existing shareholders, the bulk of these being in the form of ‘trust funds’. It was out with the law and FSA rules for the individuals involved in these trusts to be made public. However, in satisfying the SFA, representatives of the SAF (I assume this is a typo and should read SFA) had signed a confidentiality agreement and subsequently been given sight of the respective individuals. A similar arrangement was made available to 2 representatives of the RFFF committee and they, in turn, confirmed they had seen the list and were satisfied with the detail contained therein.
    It was noted that one such trust, Blue Pitch Holdings, currently owned 23% of the shares.’

    So where does the truth lie? Were the SFA told? Were the Rangers Bears at the SFFF meeting told the truth? Were the two RFFF committee reps told?

    What a tangled web is weaved.

  5. ecojon

    Football chiefs’ secret plan to strip Rangers of nine trophies

    When they go to get the trophies out the cupboards they’ll find Whyte has already melted them doen and put plastic replicas in their place 🙂

    • Hugh Jarse

      Why just 9?

      The EBT/Dual c

      • Hugh Jarse

        Accidental post!

        Why just 9?

        The EBT/Dual contact period covers 7 League titles and 13 Scottish/League Cups! This wouldn’t be more media management would it?

      • ecojon

        because that lets Northern Irish club Linfield, with 50 titles take over the world championship trophy slot. Celtic are on 48 so we’ll soon be World Champions. Need to keep the ego in check or John Reid will be buying the WATP trademark from D&P now that Sevco Rangers no longer need it.

  6. ecojon

    The new Rangers investor Craig Mather has revealed that he and business partner Guy Gisborne have invested in Glasgow Rangers.

    Mather stated: “In addition to the financial investment, my sports management business, Simply Sport Management, specialises in youth players. I am confident that my colleagues and contacts within this field will prove invaluable.

    “The facilities within the youth academy and training centre at Murray Park are world class and we must continually improve to ensure that the players coming through are of the same standard. I look forward to being part of the team rebuilding this fantastic club.”

    Not really sure how many youth players Rangers would need in SFL3 – more like grizzled hard vets. Still I suppose there’s a profit to be turned in flogging the Murray Park youngsters. But if you did that you wouldn’t need Murray Park and I did post the other day that I reckoned that Murray Park and the whole youth development set-up would be an early casualty in the day-to-day Rangers financial battle to survive.

    Time will tell.

    • Marching on Together

      Guy Gisborne? Instructed by the Sheriff of Nottingham (aka Charles Greene) to hunt down Robin Hood (aka Bomber Brown) and Friar Tuck (aka Sally McCoist)? You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  7. Obviously there are some major problems surfacing at this week’s talks, as the SFA obviously has now to do everything by the book and the men from Sevgers need the membership PDQ.

    We read reports today that agreement over the penalties/conditions are a sticking point, but to be honest I don’t see what the Sevgers guys can possibly have as a bargaining tool in such discussions – if you want in, you have to do this, seems to be a fairly short discussion, especially as the alternative is basically they don’t get to play in any league.

    No, it seems pretty certain that the SFA are asking about backers. If they don’t have any, then it is simply a case of checking out Mr G – unless HE has some problems that haven’t come to light (God forbid). So we can but only surmise that it is non-disclosure of investors – either there’s a pretty shadowy figure in the background, possibly stroking a white cat, or, at the very worst, Mr Smiley face with the nostrils from Motherwell…

  8. degough

    Well done Ecojon. I enjoyed your post.

    “paid-for up-front or pledged by a placing letter of intent”

    This would seem to me the problem the SFA have with Green’s application for membership. Green does not yet know who will actually invest and how much they will give him. He has surely lost those investors that were only interested if it was division 1 football.

    It would seem to me that the SFA have to bend the rules to grant him membership. Can they really refuse membership? Only 10 days until the first game and Green has not paid the 5.5 million yet. What if they grant him membership and the deal falls through?

  9. Glzert Tim

    Don’t get me started on Bomber Broon.

    If he’s allegedly putting in £40k of his own money, let us all call on him to show us the cheque stub or pay in slip. We can get Donald Findlay to check them . . . . . . . no scratch that idea, that’s been done before.

    On a serious note however, an associate of mine, who counts loyal but sane Rangers fans amongst his mates, has an interesting discussion a few weeks ago.

    His mates has attended a soitee where Bomber and Andy G were in attendance rallying the troops. Collections were taken up at said soiree in the proviso that all funds were to be put towards the fighting fund. However, what wasn’t made public knowledge was that is alleged that both of them accepted payment from the organisers to the tune of a few hundred quid each for appearing.

    How many appearances does it take to raise £40k?

  10. Glzert Tim

    Jeezo, just checked the spelling in that last post. I think I’ve been given a Turkish keyboard today.

  11. Don’t anyone tell you that Charles Green hasn’t a sense of humour. He has just announced that Guy Gisborne is one of his investors in Sevco; an immoral and unpleasant (fictional) character from Robin Hood.

  12. Boss Hogg

    As others have identified here the deal now facing Charles Green et al of SFL3, playing assets dispersed to the four winds, transfer embargo restored is quite radically less attractive than the one he imagined or had whispered in his ear two months back. That much can reasonably be inferred from the lawsuit already pursued against the SFA in the Court of Session by D&P, and from the actions it is reported Green has imminent plans to pursue – players/new clubs and D&P.

    It has been soberly and knowledgably postulated that as things now stand there is a significant hole in the cash flow which threatens the newco’s ability to see out the whole of the coming season. Of course, Green and his consortium are resourceful boys and it is not impossible that they could attract further investment before Christmas. Football does funny things to even the most sanguine of bankers, businessmen and investors. Others have observed that they cannot see a way out now for Green but the same was said of SDM and CW but still they ploughed on and they found a way out, of sorts.

    What continues to bother me is the opportunity for Green’s savvy backers – with no sentimental attachment to the heritable assets – to conclude that there is now no organic route to profit (if there ever was) so let’s revert to plan B and get the For Sale signs up. So what if it’s a Tesco this time next year? Business is business…

    Why does it bother me? Because I believe – and I think a majority shares this view – Rangers should suffer just punishment and rehabilitation. That does not extend to their total destruction.

    • Grabthegrass

      I think this is an excellent post and sums up where it appears that the consortium now lie. The fact they now seem desperate for less than 500K from D&P would indicate growing alarm at lack of cash to pay the bills. I can’t believe anyone would be giving them credit so it’s cash up front and HMRC must be checking daily to see that their money is paid.

      The remaining players are worth virtually nothing so the only assets are the properties. The greater fool theory may still apply here, especially if Sevco Scotland go into administration, but the long term funding required may just be too much for anyone to bare and total destruction may be the end result. This is after all a capitalist economy and as a Blue Knight has yet to appear, may happen. As someone else said, most millionaires (as opposed to billionaires) have got their money by keeping tight control on their expenditure, not by thowing money away on something that has no value.

      It would be interesting for someone to work out exactly how much money has been “invested” in ranger over the past ten years from Murray and his companies, David King, the 26,000 shareholders, the debenture holders, HMRC etc. Clearly Rangers as it stands is just a continuous cash drain and there are few who can afford that nowadays so even if any of the community funds (bomber and his mates, RFFF etc) could raise enough money to buy the club from Sevco, they couldn’t afford to keep it going. This has sadly been the experience of many of the fan run clubs in England unless they fell to a level where this mode of operation works.

      • ecojon

        We would need a team of accountants working for years to do the total investment calculation. It is bottomless pit. I wish I had a pie for every businessman who gets to the rich class through commercial and then decides what a great idea it would be to start another business based on his favourite hobby. In my experience and it doesn’t matter the hobby they invariably end up banmrupt on every front.

        However I digress. The RFFF funds I believe stands at around £600,000 which is a splendid effort but wouldn’t pay the annual floodlighting bill at Ibrox. Another good example is Millwall which tried to clear its debts by offering an £8 million share rights issue. Directors invested several million £ but the only other money raised was £140,000 from 600 other investors – presumably club fans chipping-in.

        I’m afraid that’s the reality and the recession is worse now than when Millwall tried it. That’s why Green’s talk of a £30 million AIM flotation just makes me yawn – it would never have happened and it won’t happen now.

        Debenture holder loss figure is £7,736,000 apparently according to D&P report. I mentioned in another post that if Green was clever he would give away £200/300 worth of free shares every year for the next three years for every ST Purchase.

        As a one-off this year to try and get his sticky hand on some money I would suggest that old debenture holders get to rename their new seats when they buy a current ST for a nominal say £50 charge – you could generate a bit of a buzz by saying this will be limited to the first 25,000 STs and warn that above that it would rise to £100. It’s the giving something back principle it never fails to suck in the mugs and make them happily part with their money. In fact they’ll fight you for the privilege of handing over their cash 🙂

    • ecojon

      Good post Boss Hogg

      You mirror my thoughts exactly over the shadowy investors – maybe their original involvement had more to do with the excitement of owning a part of a relatively well known international football club with a cheap shareholding of £1 or £2 million. Not quiet in the billionaire class of investor actually buying the the absolute cream of world football clubs but a reasonable substitute. Also could be a slight chance to make some money from SevGers in various mutual trading opportunities.

      I get all that and in a sense these investors, albeit shadowy, might have been relatively long term and might even have grown into SevGer fans I’m serious btw.

      But the apple cart was upset when – as reported in The Herald – a blue-chip investor who had promised £4 million ran a mile when he discovered that the Man from Delmonte aka the Man running from Interpol was involved.

      Green denied story but there is no doubt that something seems to have started going wrong on the shareholding side and the SFA started twitching possible because D&P have a legal duty to carry out fit and proper tests as does the SFA and I think the SFA have realised when the music stops they don’t want to be holding the crock of sh*t.

      So how does that affect the other investors – I suppose it all depends on whether they have parted with hard cash which they can’t get back or by a placing letter which could in reality mean nothing if the investor decides to walk.

      Either way with the division drop and continued uncertainty which is killing the chance of turning a reasonable profit then the ones that can walk will disappear or have disappeared and the others will be on the phone to Tesco. A more attractive proposition of a hotel,casino, leisure developement I don’t think will fly in the current climate. Certainly Ibrox would be a good area to build relatively cheap shared equity/social housing but that could be too long-term for investors so I end up back at Tesco.

    • ADM

      Agreed. Commented a couple of days ago that I fear for Rangers’ future. It’s very hard to see how they can fulfil a season of senior fixtures in 2012-13, at least in Sevco ownership. That leads us down the route of either:

      1. Ibrox goes to Tesco and Sevco folds, distributing whatever it can get for the assets back to the investors (whoever they may be) – without the football club necessarily ever kicking a ball. Implies that Rangers re-emerge as a community club and go back to the bottom of the structure, joining their local junior league; or

      2. Some collection of Rangers fans with limited emotional attachment to the thick end of £30m buy the assets from Sevco (think they’d bite the arm off anyone who offered £5.501m right now) and agree to fund the losses over the next several seasons. £30m has been a popular figure for the losses but in truth I’m not convinced that will do it – suspect the assumptions underlying the £30m are almost as optimistic as Sevco’s proved to be. Hence, I’m starting to think that option 2 leads back to option 1 within 12-18 months.

      • ecojon


        I think £30 million could be enough as I think if Rangers fans perceived they could one day own the club they would dig deep and buy the season tickets. There would need to be swingeing cuts but we are talking about survival mode here.

        Support numbers will fall but true fans will be there through thick and thin whereas the World Domination Through Victory element will slope-off and praise the heavens for that.

        Also means a ground share but if the whole Scottish structure is changed that could help a bit financially.

        No I think they could be back in top tier but I would say given straightened circumstances that it will be at least a five year journey. In that time we have the opportunity to excise the total dependence on TV money for the very existance of so many clubs.

        That is the core problem affecting Scottish Football and while the easy drip-feed of cash exists it lessens the need or desire to roll-up the sleeves and actuallt get involved in raising hard cash,

  13. I have never read so much pish in all my life lets get one thing straight rangers did not cheat on the park they won their trophies fair and square if you morons define cheating as trying to better youself in world football by buying players for five or six million then every team in the english premier should be banned from european competition as they are living above their means man utd over 800 million in debt but still able to pay 25million on players if thats not cheating then what is also rangers contributed 51 percent to the co-efficient for european competitions so scottish clubs could compete if you lot feel so high and mighty about sporting integrity (hipochrisy) im including all spl clubs in this then give up your european place in all competitions that rangers were able to keep for you all over the years
    dingus true blue

    • ecojon

      @ dingus true blue

      You might find this concept strange dingus but most of the posters on this site do not wish to see Rangers destroyed. Posters here support a wide variety of Scottish clubs and are not all Celtic supporters.

      I am a Celtic supporter and you can look at every post on this site and you will find no bigotry or even animosity towards Rangers as a club and its supporters.

      I am sorry that you feel people expressing genuine support for Rangers is ‘pish’ in your terms but there you are. I personally wouldn’t dream of calling for any removal of titles until the EBT matter was fully investigated, a verdict reached and any appeals exhausted. Even then I would make a judgement on what had been revealed in the process – I certainly feel compelled to say that some of the players involved in EBTs never, in my mind, made any appreciable difference to Rangers winning titles as they were ‘pish’ and that is not just my language but used by plenty of Rangers fans to describe the players,

      It is not for me to advise you as to how you should best-serve your club in its hour of need but ending up in blind cul-de-sac arguments will avail you little.

      Lashing out blindly at perceived enemies n your hurt will also do little to advance your case and with that I rest my case for moderation from all at this difficult time for Scottish Football as a whole – not just Rangers.

      • Boss Hogg

        For the record I don’t support a football club but I love to watch great football played by any team. The thing about football that interests, actually fascinates, me is its freakonomics.

    • Grabthegrass


      If you really want to read “pish” then I would personally start with the Daily Record, followed by the statements from the SFA, SPL, D&P etc, all of which have been comprehensively demolished on this site by reasoned arguments and legal facts.

      It is an unfortunate fact that in football, there is a clear convergence between football success and the amount paid to players, not to mention the amount paid for players. The issue over cheating isn’t the actions of the players on the pitch, who I have never heard on this site anyone questioning the integrity of players, referees, etc, but how the financial difference between Rangers, Celtic and the other SPL clubs was obtained.

      If Rangers had had a scottish oil baron who was open about funding rangers to the tune of £10M plus a year because he didn’t notice it in his loose change, then whilst others may have muttered about “fair play” and “why don’t we have one”, this would all have been above board. However Rangers PLC used financial shenanigans to avoid tax (EBTs) which the tax man has already ruled were contractual payments and hence liable to tax which no other club did to anywhere near the same extent. Those that did have mostly paid up the tax bill. I think the issue over cheating is the unpaid PAYE and VAT bill run up by CW together with all the 10 years of EBT schemes which most people deem to be reprehensible and contratary to all known sporting integrity issues. If you have a team continually doing things which no other team does which are shown to be illegal then accuasations of cheating are hard to deny.

      I agree that there are many clubs in the EPL who are on dodgy financial ground and Rangers may only be the first of many to suffer such complete ground zero type implosions, but most of them pay their taxes. If scottish football has a higher coefficient than they should have because of the better players that Rangers PLC could “afford” then yes, all the scottish teams who played in Europe entering at higher levels that they otherwise would have have benefitted and that is a reasonable point not often brought out or debated.

      I can fully understand intense loyalty to a particular club, but this should not blind you to reasoned argument and debate and this site is amonst the best in doing just that. So if you stick around and read the posts and the replies, you may just concede one or two points instead of insults and agression.

    • jedi

      you dont get it yet! look at all the posts, these are actually there for you to get a heads up as to what SEVCO have in store for you, the intermingleing of CG, DnP, Whyte, following the money, Piegate but the underlying debate for me is the name: RFC or NEWCO SEVCO 2012.
      The former club RFC is in real danger of never playing again, ever. I don’t want that, I hope most Scottish and even further afield football fans dont want it, but unless you open your eyes and unclog your ears you are missing all these nuggetts of info regarding the future for the old team newco.
      I hope you come back to top flight, but it must be with a clean bill of health,
      An old chinese saying goes “If a thousand doctors tell you you’re ill, you’re ill”
      Dingus the past history of RFC has been corrupt.

    • Dave

      Dingus, you actually made some decent points here regarding the EPL and European competition but the attitude displayed encourages negativity. I am a neutral but have followed this site for some time now as I find the situation that Scottish football finds itself in fascinating from a financial and legal perspective and have found this website to be one of the best for mature debate.

  14. Boss Hogg

    We are all indebted to Paul, Ecojon and the many other informed posters here and elsewhere who have been able to strip away the veils.

  15. Waterygrave

    Quick search of Simply Sport Management gives a director Michael Ward (not sure if still currently) who up until last year was also a director of Trekmates Employee Benefit Trustee Ltd!. Also I wonder why all the directors of SSM also have directorships in quite a handful of companies all started between April and October 2011?, may be nothing but just reminds me of the myriad of conjoined companys that Mr Whyte likes to use.

    • ecojon

      @ Waterygrave

      well if being paranoid – it starts to coincide with the time Whyte appears on the scene. But who knows? I’m currently wading through 39 companies Green has been listed as a director of and then cross checking all the other directors for these companies and then the directorships they have in other conmpanies. Slow slog and there’s seldom a pearl to be found but always worth a look.

  16. mick

    great post agian ecojon well academic but put together well for all to read am on my own story the day so adios amego lol

  17. M_A_R

    Simply Sport Management Limited (incorporated 20 Dec 2011):
    Mr G. Gisborne appointed 21 Dec 2011 also director of:
    Simply Cartons Holdings Limited 07810601 (inc. 14 Oct 2011)
    Mr C. Mather appointed 21 Dec 2011 also director of:
    Simply Cartons Holdings Limited 07810601 (inc. 14 Oct 2011)
    Simply Cartons Limited 05862327 (inc. 29 Jun 2006)
    Simply Racing Limited 07606033 (inc. 15 April 2011)
    Simply Rigids Limited 06410831 (inc. ???)
    Mr M. Meltzer appointed 16 Jan 2012

  18. M_A_R

    Simply Racing has a couple of horses:

    Sports-business wise, Simply Sport Management seems young and ambitious, rather than mature and prolific.
    Wonder when they will register something along the theme of “Simply The Best..”?

  19. Don

    My Dear Dingus, you appear to be somewhat seriously estranged from those salient aspects which highlight the differences between the operation of a lawful and viable business as opposed to those of a non-viable business operation.

    This is readily apparent both by the manner and naive choice of seeking to equate old Rangers (wrongful over-trading) position with that of the present Manchester United’s operation which, I shall happily concede, is presently reliant on huge bank loans. However, this is where any comparison must end. In any debt structured operation the critical and unavoidable issue is the ability to service the debt. The amount of debt per se is, purely academic. What is pertinent, as previously mentioned, is the ability to service borrowings and meet all other liabilities (creditors) when falling due. I think we can safely assume that Manchester United, despite its huge bank loans and other operational liabilities, has and continues to meet its liabilities and comply with the covenants imposed upon it by its lenders and creditors.

    On the face of it, it would seem that old Rangers and Manchester United are, relatively speaking, in similar positions. Both are operating football clubs; have large fan bases and home attendance levels; have high levels of debt; are purchasing highly priced footballers and doing well in their respective leagues. Nevertheless, old Rangers were, as we now know, operating an illegal payment system with both their players and staff and, latterly, failing to make both tax and national insurance payments to HMRC. This situation was seriously aggravated by the fact that the major shareholder and de facto managing director was well aware that income was falling a long way short of even matching expenditure. As a consequence, he was also alive to the fact that this had given rise to a rapidly growing trading deficit which was increasing by millions of pounds each month. Despite this he and others within old Rangers, while neither able nor inclined to provide the necessary financial support to address these losses, did not, as should have been the case, cease trading and seek administration or receivership but, with blatant disregard for the law, continued to allow the club to trade including purchasing and selling players, thereby committing criminal offences.

    Dingus my Dear, on reflection I have, in all probability, responded to your posting in far too protracted a fashion and for that I apologise. I’ve absolutely no doubt many other contributors could have and probably shall respond much more effectively and concisely (perhaps in one sentence) to your concerns. Well there you go I just can’t help myself when confronted with such well thought out evocative comments.

  20. Marching on Together

    Companies House on-line is currently producing the following message when doing company info searches:

    “We are currently experiencing unusually high volumes of usage and are unable to satisfy your request.”

    Thousands of desperate Rangers fans are overloading the system trying to find out who is investing in their club?

  21. Paul, I heard that they c;nt play friendlys games as they have no licence and could be out by friday from a mole from Coatbridge

  22. Chriske

    Really enjoyed everyone’s comments on the RFC saga. I hope that someone close to CG is taking notes because it will definitely make a great book one day. My sympathies lie with the fans who deserve better. But there are some things that I feel should be said in CGs defence.
    1. Sevco buy the club and then the SFL stick them in the Third. If they really want to bury the club, CG should buy them shovels.
    2. As the players see their future vanish on the pitch, the potential investors see their investment vanishing off the pitch.
    3. Ally Mac seems to be doing his best to keep the juggernaut on the road by carrying on as near to normal as possible (friendly against Airdrie for example).
    4. The SFA are playing a nasty game with the club registration to get RFC to swallow penalties from the old regime.

    IMHO and from my experience, football clubs are not places for saints, especially not in the Boardroom. I don’t think that folks can judge CG as though he’s an incoming new Vicar. I know that the underlying concern is that RFC don’t end up with the same situation again as with the last owners, And I get it. Keep up the good work, it’s a great blog.

  23. Donny mclean

    How Charlie has proved you all wrong,

  24. Pingback: Craig Mather Froths over Rangers Job – Guest Post by Ecojon | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

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