mick is one of the most prolific commenters on the blog here, and whilst his idiosyncratic style is not to all tastes, I welcome his involvement.

Perhaps following the suggestion of one of the commenters last night that mick should write a blog, he has sent me a post for the site, which collates some of last evening’s comments about the seemingly remarkable Ibrox food bill.

I have done a wee bit of editing, which I hope mick does not mind.

I leave the floor to mick! Take it away!


Following a online debate about the Duff and Phelps creditors’ report on the 10th of July it has come to light there is appears to be what could be a serious misdemeanour, or at best commercial misjudgement, with the catering accounts.

Food and beverage sales for the period since administration started = £300k approximately.

Food and beverage cost £900k approximately.

This is over a period of five months. This is from a club run under administration. This includes a time when everyone was off on holiday leave.

Over 12 months this leads close to £1.3million JUST IN FOOD AND BEVERAGES.

This to me looks like a bit of skulduggery. (Or some very fine dining going on!)

Actual figures from report are £388,973 Food & Beverages Sales under Income column then £991,155 Catering/Food and Beverage under Expenditure column.

My interpretation (without the detail or a degree in accountancy)would be that even allowing for a 0% profit on sales, the club spent, in just a 5 month period that includes off season when most employees would be gone, £602,182 on food & beverage over and above what they sold (to fans on match days).

I assume this expenditure must be on food for players and other employees. And over a 12-month period that would be a running cost of £1,445,238.

Of course, there may be a good explanation for this eg the pies were being baked for £3 each but sold for only £1 each.

Under such circumstances D&P would probably argue this would be in the best interest of creditors as it keep the pie shop open.

While we can joke about “who ate all the pies” this seems a remarkable loss caused to creditors under the rule of the administrators.

Maybe Mr Clark or Mr Whitehouse can explain, “Who ate all the pies?”


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  1. k

    Ha Ha Hha Ha Ha Ha Ha,stop i’ve two cracked ribs i can’t take anymore!!!

  2. ecojon


    Just noticed Scotsman have had to take page down on new investor probably getting bombarded by Bomber Command pies from the anti Green squad.

  3. ecojon

    I was told by a journo earlier that Green was in Italy but I couldn’t work out why.

    But RM board are posting runout that Napoli boss is about to step-in for Rangers.

    So it’s the Napoli Mafia that are on the way – spaghetti wae the pies then for the Gers

  4. M_A_R

    It can all be accounted for.
    EBTs and secret second contracts.
    Pies and secret second servings.

  5. Jason

    This is the language used today by the DR in it’s title stripping “piece” (such a farcial read) in capitals however applied to piegate……….

    STRIPPING – (of all pie awards previously received)
    WIPING OUT – (any future sales of sausage rolls)
    FORCING – (Sally to go 2 days with only 10 pies)
    ORDERING – (All crumbs to wiped from Walters cardigan)

    • Mick

      Hi Jason ave forward all the info to the guardian and channel 4 ,it’s unreal and a big figure a picked the guardian as the dodos been spitting the dummy with them over a earlier article so gives them a chance to get get even ave highlighted the connection you highlighted to that was great info cheers

  6. ecojon

    Ah hear that in view of past (possibly to be widened to pasta as well) pie tax avoidance George Osborne has demanded an immediate VAT investigation as to whether blue pies were hot enough to be Vatted.

    Apparently a team from G4S have been dispatched from Hampden, where they ain’t doing anything anyway, to determine the ambient temperature at Ibrox.

    I can tell him now that it’s decidely chilly but I could easily be proven wrong because all you hear on certain Rangers boards is that they’re sick of bending over and taking sh*t from everyone about everything. Oh well I suppose it means there won’t be any probs with the rectal thermometer then 🙂

    And always remember: Pie crusts are made to be broken – just like Green’s promises.

  7. ecojon


    It’s amazing I do believe that Lennie is starting to mature at long last – thank Gawd. His temper sparked by his passion for Celtic has always been a worry to me and detrimental to the club by removing him from the coal face. I also happen to believe that it becomes difficult if not impossible to demand discipline from your players if you can’t keep the heid as a manager.

    However. on the EBT title stripping affair he talks well and semsibly and most importantly makes it clear he doesn’t want medals stripped from individual players as the loss of titles was ‘a moral victory’ – and though he wouldn’t want the medals he would have lost out on retrospectively, he claimed the recognition would be ‘enough’.

    He added: ‘‘It will not change what has gone on in the past but I suppose there will be a sort of moral victory in that respect.

    ‘It is not going to change my life now, by any stretch of the imagination, but it would be good to be changed for historical reference.

    ‘I can’t get that title or feeling back and it won’t make a huge dent on my life from here on in. It would be a lot better on my CV, though. I wouldn’t want the medals, just the recognition. That would be enough.’

    There are so many ripple effects to it. Again, you go back to the integrity of the game, was it there? If not, then it should be investigated. That is all we ask for. We are in the game for the glory and then the money comes with it.

    ‘The more successful you are, the more money you get but when you are a kid growing up all you want to do is to play football for a big club and to win things. That never changes.’

  8. mick

    its not celtic thats lies its the whole country there trying to blame us and creat a stand off for the titles ,you think celtic was the only team cheated it was not it was have alook below lol


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  10. Insomniac

    Yes, something worth looking at here. My own thoughts are to echo the theories about Azure or Close clawing back money on the sly…remember
    any club wanting to play at Ibrox are tied to those two contracts. Close (and the Commonwealth Games Fund iirc) invested in equipment last year and Azure signed a new catering and cleaning contract with Whyte last year also.
    Possibly another case of the ‘friends’ of the Dead Ringers getting their money with normal creditors being shafted? Keep up the good work folks!

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