SPL Meeting – Charles Green Attends on Behalf of Rangers PLC, not Sevco – How?

STV is reporting Mr Green’s arrival at the SPL AGM today.

They state the following:-

“… the SPL has so far failed to request Duff and Phelps to relinquish the company’s member share.

The member clubs of the league voted against the newco Rangers assuming the old company’s share at a ballot on July 4.

Under the SPL’s rules, the old company should have ceased to be entitled to hold a share on that date, as they had already ceased to be the owner and operator of a club.”

I am reluctant to disagree with the astute folk at STV, but I will on this point.

It is quite correct that Rangers Football Club PLC (RFC PLC) is no longer entitled to hold a share in the SPL as it is no longer the owner and operator of a football club. However, until the share is transferred successfully by Duff & Phelps, or until the SPL force the transfer, RFC PLC still holds the share and can use it to attend meetings and to vote.

In addition, it is entitled to choose anyone to attend the meeting on its behalf, and as there would not seem to be any conflict of interest between RFC PLC and Sevco Scotland Ltd, it is entirely in order for Mr Green to attend figuratively bearing the RFC PLC Share Certificate.

Another member of the SPL could object at the meeting to RFC PLC being represented and voting, and the Chairman would have to decide on that objection. As no one objected at the last SPL meeting, it is unlikely anyone will do so today.

However, it does create what would be a bizarre scenario where, being no longer entitled to hold a share, RFC PLC, in the form of Mr Green, could vote in favour of a resolution proposing that Sevco Scotland be admitted to the SPL, even where a motion of similar effect was defeated only days ago!

As far as the SPL share is concerned, I would expect the procedure to be as follows.

First of all, the SPL will decide who is to replace Rangers in the SPL.

Then the members will vote to approve a transfer of the share from RFC PLC to the new team, whether Dundee or Dunfermline.

If D+P fail to complete the relevant paperwork to effect the transfer, then the vote would should also empower a Director of the SPL to complete the necessary paperwork, thus ensuring that the new team in the SPL actually has a share in it.

However, depending on how the agenda for today is drawn up, that specific resolution might not be before the meeting, and therefore that would require a further general meeting at least 14 days from now, to allow for adequate notice to be given. The agenda could include two alternative motions – the first approving the transfer of the SPL share from RFC PLC to Dundee or Dunfermline, and the second authorising the SPL to do the necessary should D+P fail to comply.

I know that the issue of the RGC PLC share and its voting rights is one on which there has been some legal debate over the last couple of weeks. It is likely to be academic as there may not be any votes where the presence of Mr Green makes a difference to the outcome, but should the vote on Dundee v Dunfermline be decided by one vote, and the RFC PLC vote was cast in the majority, I could see more arguments ahead.

Looking at the appearance of the whole thing, it does look strange indeed that a company in administration, which has solid all its assets, and which is therefore not a football team owner or operator van attend and vote in a meeting of football clubs, and at the same time have the man at the top of the company which bought the assets, but which is not a member of the SPL or the SFA, attend the meeting on its behalf!

Charles Green on a previous visit to Hampden. Maybe he should wear a hat to show who he is representing today!

All perfectly legal – all very strange looking!

I wrote about this at greater length, with extracts from the relevant Articles, here.


Posted by Paul McConville


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23 responses to “SPL Meeting – Charles Green Attends on Behalf of Rangers PLC, not Sevco – How?

  1. Dhougal

    Paul love the photos you attach . Could you attach a tune ? .theme from The Pink Panther would be apt. Keep up the good work sir ,its much appreciated .

  2. degough

    Why would Green attend unless there was something that would affect Sevco Scotland going to be proposed. Also he would only bring Ally McCoist there to ask for his reaction on what was being proposed. Looks to me like the biggest item on todays agenda is “Any other business”

  3. ecojon

    God, this whole performance will surely provide an inexhaustible supply of material for stand-up comedians/comediennes and pub/internet jokes and jolly japes for an awfully long time ahead 🙂

  4. ecojon

    Just looking at the picture and thinking that a bowler hat would be the one of choice which leads me right to a pic of Charlie Chaplin twirling his cane ( baton) with Green’s face superimposed 🙂

  5. Ernesider

    Have the SFA et al finally thrown in the towel?

  6. Joseph

    What a shambles! I am now expecting a reply from Paul to say that I have summed it up better than ever he could do.

  7. easyJambo

    So Sevco could also help veto (along with Celtic?) a resolution to change the 11-1 voting requirement to 9-3 as favoured by the so called gang of ten.
    Why am I not surprised?

    • Ernesider

      I have been wondering for some time, how the absence of Rangers would affect the 11-1 voting system.

      To save me some research. Would someone like to tell me how the Old Firm managed to get such a lopsided voting balance in place?

  8. SPL – sponsored by The Mousetrap

  9. mick

    there all tripping out there tree ,put the goal posts down and resign simple as that and on the way out look in wikipedia at the word ozymandias as that is the perfect decribtion of whats going on here lol

  10. cmh64

    OK. The SPL have opted for Dundee as team 12 and accepted the SFL decision.
    There seems to be an assumption now that Rangers FC will begin their season in the Ramsden’s Challenge Cup away at Brechin on 28th July, taking Dundee’s place in the draw (despite being in the wrong geographical area). As far as I can see this adds several layers of confusion to the situation. All the issues regarding the Scottish Cup apply here too: the license and membership issues need to be sorted out and so on. I get that, I think. The thing that is really confusing me is the naming issue. If Sevco can’t call themselves anything to do with Rangers until the company that is in administration (which has no ground or players and isn’t a football team anymore) changes it’s name – due to happen on 31st July – how can anyone calling itself Rangers FC play in the Ramsdens Cup on 28th July?
    There isn’t anyone eligible to take up this place, or is there?
    Sorry if I’m confusing about a hundred different things here, but I seem to be getting more confused the longer this goes on, not less.
    If anyone can explain this simply, I’d be grateful.

    • mick

      cmh64 good point the licence the insurance for workers every company must have 1 there all at it sevco should be in juniors its a scam the whole lot of it

    • cmh64

      The SFL have confirmed that fixture now. I’m off for a long walk before my head explodes.

  11. mick

    now its div3 does the three degrees when will a see you agian song spring to mind when you think of the sevco lol

  12. mick

    the reason a want them out is this fiasco with the players that left ,trying to snooker sports men down on there luck and wanting to move on that was the sickest thing thats more sick that the ebts spitting the dummy and trying to own humans the slave trade is long gone thats how out of touch they are
    if they cant listen to tony higgens and co then they are dictators and have to stand down .

  13. Ernesider

    Any mention of the following which was so vital to the wellbeing of Scottish Football last week?

    “unless the Board shall have to its satisfaction negotiated and reached agreement with The Scottish Premier League and The Scottish Football Association on a series of measures which the Board shall consider to be in the best interests of the game, how it is structured, how it is governed and how it is financed”

  14. Paul I still c;nt believe they have not been liquidated, when will this ever take place, after all when Airdrie went down they took Clydebanks share and the also lost all there history cups, leagues, andwhatever else, am I not correct,
    so we should not refer them as by old name

    • I would still like to know what the SPL and the SFA meant when they said that they would ”facilitate” sevco f.c all they can in Division Three. What does this mean? Are we to witness a whole season of last minute penalties in their favour to ensure a win. Are we to see unprecedented bias to ensure they rise to the top? The masons have spoken.

  15. Don

    Paul, what you have done here, as with your previous critiques, is to clearly highlight the laissez-aller approach adopted by those “running” the SPL and Scottish footballs other governing bodies. Over the years this approach has been reinforced to the point where it now seems totally encultured. Is it not ironic that this is the case in these institutions, where there is no shortage of written regulations and guidelines? More so, when you think there are within their ranks a number of legally trained individuals, some of whom hold senior office. Obviously, there are some who consider the most effective way to demonstrate leadership skills is, by completely disregarding their own rules and regulations and, for that matter, the law of the land. You would think such organizations, with their often highly complex regulations, would recognize the absolute need to ensure the appointment of suitably experienced and disciplined Secretaries, so as to avoid the series of debacles and shemozzles such as those recently experienced.

  16. John Burns

    I would not wish to enter meaningfully into the discussion as to why Green and McCoist were at Hampden, or, why D&P have not transferred the share; however may I humbly suggest that the ownership of Ibrox and the training ground will be the next story to break – enter stage left…Ticketus!!!

    There is now some ‘jockeying’ for position, with some nods and winks needed from the SFA, in the direction of Sevco. in the run up to the 31 July and BDO’s liquidation procedures.

  17. JT

    What odds on a reorganisation of Scottish Football announced during 2012/13, which sees a reorganisation of the Leagues for 2013/14 to include:
    – an expanded top flight,
    – two larger lower divisions instead of the current three, and
    – play-offs at all levels,
    all under the umbrella of a single body?

    This would provide for an accelerated route back for Sevco (2 seasons not 3) if it can finish near the top of its League for the next 2 seasons.

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