What Will Albion Rovers Do in the SFL Vote on 13th July? Nothing Yet Confirmed

There has been no official statement yet emanating from Cliftonhill regarding the matter. When the local Advertiser asked for the 27th June issue, the following was the result:-

From the Coatbridge and Airdrie Advertiser – 27 June

As member clubs, Airdrie and Albion Rovers will be at the very heart of this process. Rovers supremo Frank Meade is currently abroad on holiday.


On Mr Meade’s return, he answered, along with a number of other prominent football personalities, a question from the Evening Times – “Will relegating Rangers to the Third Division mean the end for Scottish football as we know it?”

From the Evening Times – July 4


WE have to find a mechanism where an appropriate sanction is applied, but also we have to be very careful that a short-term decision doesn’t destroy the long-term, commercial viability of our game.

There are a number of positives of Rangers in the First Division. Grounds are more capable of accommodating bigger crowds, the television exposure could have an added spin-off to the SFL and the possibility of play-offs being introduced is a big incentive.

If Rangers were in the Third Division, the potential economic benefit is less. It makes sponsorship much more difficult to attract and more difficult for media deals to be retained. I think there is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on.

If Rangers were in the Third Division, there is no reconstruction and the sporting integrity aspect, however that is defined, would be tarnished for the next couple of years.

I think people are being naive if they think that sending Rangers to the Third Division isn’t going to affect every club.


Whilst there has been no official announcement on the club website, the above statement by Mr Meade seems to be tending towards supporting a move for Sevco Scotland’s team into SFL1.

On the other hand, as I am sure that the Board at Cliftonhill will have been discussing the matter, it may well be that the concluded view from Coatbridge is to approve entry to SFL3, or indeed to reject entry at all.


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11 responses to “What Will Albion Rovers Do in the SFL Vote on 13th July? Nothing Yet Confirmed

  1. Joseph

    Thanks Paul. I have been keeping a tally and waiting on Rovers to report. Let’s hope, for the sake of integrity, it’s the 3rd where they rightly belong for all their sins. Or maybe even a year out! They have to be justly punished or we can all pack it on. I feel sorry for banker Diamond who is not taking his $20m bonus because of the corruption. He’s only getting a $2m payoff. Some bloody country we live in!

  2. Joseph

    Sorry £s.

  3. Schneeb

    This saga has more twists and turns than Tommy Burns but I suspect that it will be nae fitba for newco. The fallout from any other outcome would be shocking despite the (dubious) license shananigans.

    • Mick

      Don’t forget the barca nuke story although am sure the sfa will make a rule to combat it ,well done Paul it’s only u and Alex that is outing it not long till Friday now most people’s minds are numb with it but not on. Here well done to Paul and all the posters keep up the good work ave not bought a paper for weeks now due to yous exposing them as liars so at least if yous don’t safe Scottish soccer at least yous have saved a tree

    • JimBhoy

      Indeedly, I have been throwing the 2 cases into my comments too. I think regardless of where newco land there will be much much more public outcry if they are let off the hook. Either case should see them out of football for a year. I cannot see Regan or Doncaster save save their bacon if these are swept under the carpet.. Pitchforks and Torches down hampden way…!!!!!

  4. josephmcgrath112001809

    So Bob Diamond has a spare £2,000,000? You don’t think he would consider …? No I don’t think even Mr. Green could convince him to invest in the newco.

  5. ecojon

    If Bob Diamond put his $2million into Rangers he would double it as a founder shareholder who get their shareholding doubled – not Bad eh, so how can he say no?

  6. No No No No No No No No No No No . . . to New Co.
    Yes Yes Yes yes yes Yes Yes Yes . . .to Sporting Integrity.

  7. Ernesider

    “Think people are being naive if they think that sending Rangers to the Third Division isn’t going to affect every club.”

    Of course it will Frank. The clubs in the lower divisions will have the benefit of the the Rangers money, the Rangers mob and the Rangers media for at least one season each. If and when its all over, I believe they will consider it to have been a mixed blessing. They are not people I would willingly have in my own home.
    A good enough reason for shoving them into Div. 1 and getting rid of them as quickly as possible? Maybe not, but understandable and forgivable.

  8. David Wilson

    Is it just me or has the Rovers chairman just missed the bleedin’ obvious – if newco go to div 3, then to get back to the SPL they will have to go through div 1 and spend at least a season there.

    That will give the teams in div 1 their ‘payday’ that Meade seems to be suggesting. Yes, they may have to wait a couple of seasons, but it would happen.

    Thinking about it further, wouldn’t it actually be the case that the biggest benefit to all SFL clubs would come from a well supported newco starting in div 3 and spending a minimum three seasons, one in each league, to maximise any potential ‘windfall’ from newco’s presence ?

  9. Tom

    I think Mr Meade’s problem here is that he fears missing the ‘lucrative’ gates of Sevco when they move up to DIv 2 and as seems likely the Rovers will drop down into Div3, or maybe just maybe they could get a playoff against them at the end of the season.

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