The 4th July – D-Day or Independence Day – The SPL Vote Re Rangers Share

So today is the day. The SPL members meet at Ibrox to vote on the application by Duff & Phelps to register the transfer of the SPL share formerly owned by Rangers Football Club PLC (RFC PLC) to Sevco Scotland Ltd.

That is what, from the limited coverage of what the vote actually is, the issue for today seems to be.

As I mentioned before, I think that the present shareholder, acting through the administrators, Duff & Phelps, is eligible to vote. It will be interesting to hear if in fact Mr Green of Sevco attends the meeting as proxy for RFC PLC. This would entitle him not just to make his presentation in an effort to persuade seven other members to vote for the transfer to be completed, but to be present in the discussions throughout.

It might be easier for other members to reject the Rangers application if the man who hopes to run the new “Rangers” was not sitting in the room all the way through.

It is possible that another member could object to there being a vote by RFC PLC. That would be decided by the Chairman of the meeting and, if there are any other SPL members wavering on their decisions to vote against the proposal, it might have a bolstering effect as eight others would need to support the motion out of eleven, rather than seven others, as at present (on the assumption that RFC PLC will vote in favour).

The absence of any speculation about this suggests that no one will make an issue of this, but as the rules say that a member is only “entitled” to hold a share whilst the owner and operator of a football club, and now RFC PLC is neither, it is no longer entitled to use the share.

There has been discussion about the possibility of RFC PLC dropping the application, on the basis that it seems doomed to fail and during the course of the meeting, the attitude of the members will be clear. However I do not think that would happen. For PR purposes Mr Green and his Sevco group need to have the application refused, rather than letting it fall. On that basis he cannot be accused by fans of Rangers as conniving in the failure. A defeat on a vote will identify those who may be perceived by some of the Ibrox faithful as “the guilty men”.

The SPL meets today, but is Mr Green playing the role of Mr Ratchett?

It struck me as analogous to the end of the First World War. Germany, on the brink of collapse, socially, economically and militarily, chose to surrender rather than have the Allied armies sweep across Germany itself causing further untold death, misery and destruction. It was a vital piece of self-preservation.

However, it allowed the growth of the myth that Germany had not in fact been defeated and became known as “The Stab in the Back”. Germany would have won the war, ran the theory, if not for the craven politicians surrendering. This myth was one of many factors which powered the rise of the Nazi Party.

(For the avoidance of doubt, I am NOT comparing Rangers to Germany, the Nazis or warmongers. There is an analogy which is relevant, but no such comparison should be drawn. Neither is this a veiled reference to “Huns”. Thank you.)

If RFC PLC withdrew the application then there would be some amongst the Rangers supporters, I suggest, who would perceive Mr Green as surrendering and therefore being complicit in whatever happens to their team. Better to go down with all guns blazing, metaphorically. Death, or rather a place in SFL3, with honour!

As of just now the SPL website still lists ”Rangers Football Club” as a member. Will that change later today, depending on the vote? In addition, the website refers to Rangers Football Club as being established in 1872. So, as far as the SPL goes, at least up to today, the club still exists.

The BBC has reported that last night there were conference calls amongst “worried” SPL chairmen. Are these the same un-named chairmen with whom Mr Green has met over the last few days?

One peril the other members face is that, having publicly declared a position, it becomes very difficult to change stance. If chairmen think that some apocalyptic financial presentation today, for example, justifies them voting in favour having announced an intent to refuse the application, they would need to be prepared for a backlash from their own customers. Scottish football fans seem united in the view that Sevco Rangers should not play in the SPL in the coming season, and the prevalent opinion is that SFL3 is the place for them. In addition, there is the possibility that a shareholder of any team which looks to change stance could seek legal redress for doing so, on the basis that the directors were failing in their duty to the shareholders of the club. Whilst such an application would probably be unsuccessful, it could tie the hands of a club which intended to change its position, pending a legal determination. More chaos!

Should the members of the SPL who have clearly and publicly made their views clear now change, that would, I suggest, be even more harmful to Scottish football than the loss of “Rangers”.

If it looked as if matters were going that way, I suspect that the vote would be delayed to allow the wavering members to return to their clubs and then mount a spin campaign to explain why they were changing tack. I suspect it would not work, but they would need to try it.

A graphic representation of the meeting between the SPL and Rangers Football Club? Or else Brutus expressing his disagreement with Caesar

Alternatively, the SPL members, in an effort to avoid being left like Brutus over Caesar, with the blooded knife in the hand, could delay a vote and leave it up to the SFA to decide what to do about membership. If the SFA refuse to grant membership to Sevco Scotland Ltd, then the problem for the SPL is solved. That though would cause even more chaos and delay, and would lead to a serious risk that the Scottish football season does not get underway as scheduled.

So today will be very interesting, as every day in this saga seems to be.

Will RFC PLC insist on a vote?

Will any SPL members feel that they should consider changing their stance?

If so, would Mr Green agree to a delay in the vote, if he thought it advantageous?

Can the SPL, by delaying the vote, put the ball firmly in the SFA’s court, leaving Mr Regan’s organisation to determine the fate of “Rangers”?

What would any delay do to the SFL vote scheduled for next week?

I suspect that this story still has a considerable way to run.

All eyes now turn to Hampden and we await the metaphorical white or grey smoke from within the meeting.


We await the smoke signal from the Hampden chimney later today.

Posted by Paul McConville



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89 responses to “The 4th July – D-Day or Independence Day – The SPL Vote Re Rangers Share

  1. mick

    doncaster must go he tryed to rig the newco in to the div 1 and its failed and out about him thats the cry from scotland tonight fans all over the country are demanding it

  2. mick

    s regan just quoted as saying there will be civil unrest if sevco are not allowed in div 123 ,hes got to resign now the mans a muppet scotland would smach the huns in a battle the diddy teams have 2million men and the huns say 300,000 most on benifits and have got no gun licences due to shopliftting for glue when they were young ,aberdeen angus how ever hunt dear and rural scotland are all gun freaks so a reckon the diddy teams would win so no worrys regan

  3. mick

    regan has got to go now hes a disgrace am from glasgow and a havent meet 1 rangers fan who would do this hes tripping out his tree and got to go

  4. mick

    bomber brown must have told him that lol

  5. David C MacKenzie

    The Scotsman apparently pulled their article on this, but the Daily Mail still has it up, it is the only place where I could still find it:

    Regan said:

    ‘There is a lot of emotion around this subject right now because Rangers are a huge institution in Scottish football history.
    ‘Rangers fans have been hurt, they don’t know what’s happening. There hasn’t been a great deal of leadership at the club and there hasn’t been a huge amount of communication from the authorities because of legal process.
    ‘Fans are probably not au fait with the implications of Rangers in Division Three: we have a duty to share the facts because without Rangers, there is social unrest, there is a big problem for Scottish society. There has to be an understanding of how serious this is.’
    Regan described a drop to the First Division as ‘the only show in town’ and the SFA will aim to convince skeptical chairmen in the division of that. Regan said if Rangers are accepted then the loss to the SPL clubs would be around £5million. If Rangers are forced below, the loss would be closer to £15million next season and for some smaller SPL clubs that could mean administration quickly.
    ‘There would be a severe financial backlash,’ added Regan. ‘Clubs may be able to survive for a short period but it’s unsustainable. There would be a slow, lingering death for the game in Scotland. There are no winners, there are only losers in this.’
    The First Division clubs, some of whom have complained of feeling ‘railroaded’, will note the upping of the ante by the SFA, but whether that makes them vote to allow Rangers into their division remains to be seen. There should be a definitive resolution next week.
    But if the First Division clubs say ‘no’, Regan has also raised the prospect of a breakaway SPL2. ‘We need the game to change,’ he added. ‘It’s not just a short-term fix for Rangers, it’s about fundamental change. The game is broken.’

    • mick

      thats regan trying to cause panic so sfl listen to his bullying its back fired as scotland is sick to the back teeth with it ,shouldent there have been civil unrest when they got got cheating ,the sevco fans will want him out to who helped him with his statement jobby bomber brown while drinking buckie a think

  6. JimBhoy

    I would say to all PMGesque (God bless Phil) that all he said is good, the scraps are there for the vulture capatilists…McConviille you have been more than immense, Thomson has been inciteful…

    Thanks to you all from a proddie Celtic supporter from well Co Monaghan and the pits of Kinglassie. God bless my mother and faither..!

    • Mick

      god bless you jim ,it doesn’t matter what you are prod or rc you contribute well on here and a bet in life you do same good luck to you m8 jock stien was prod to

      • JimBhoy

        ALWAYS in caps a Celtic fan for the right reasons. Mind you unlike console/text Britain i kicked a ball constantly when I 1. had decent trainers and 2. dunno i was always running, playing etc..

  7. JimBhoy

    missed mother Co> Monaghan , Da Kinlassie.. not that that matters any, my brothers and sisters have a mix too… God Bless cousin Jimmy Cornfield. RIP

  8. JimBhoy

    Fuk TV deals, Fuk sponsorship,, Fuk endorsements, Let’s try and play good attractive football.. Henry McLeish you could help here fella.. I coach 13s, costs me to do that, we get no sponsorship and shit parks to play on, welcome to Scottish football in Lanarkshire… P McConville has my email if u wish to discuss.
    Hundreds of coaches face the same prob, help the real Scottish football, not those pro-youth playing in the sfa places. Hundreds drop out each year ffs… 13,14 how demoralising..They pick off what we have with promises of gold, then are free agents en masse in 2 seasons…. Makes me cry..!
    I have one boy striker fekin lethal maybe close to 80 goals this season turns up for the district cos there are scouts only to sit on the bench,
    We must have awesome strikers cos this wee boy is the business.

    Mr McLeish i warm for your contact..

  9. JimBhoy

    sorry for the off centre post to all. just got pissed off… Give young uns a chance…

  10. JimBhoy

    gave up my season ticket 2 yrs ago. started to officially coach and dunno the game times fffs. My 3 kids love the Celtic for the nice reasons of footie,

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