Sevco Rangers Bankers Revealed! Sevco Not Taking Direct Debits for Season Tickets


A new statement from Sevco’s finance directors, Brian Stockbridge today.

My comments are in Bold.

“Over the last few days it has become apparent that there is confusion regarding direct debit arrangements for season tickets. This has arisen primarily because new direct debit arrangements had to be put in place following the creation of the new company. Supporters have given us valuable feedback on this issue saying they are unclear on whether their direct debit instructions were tied to the old company in administration or the new company.

All understandable concerns, but hadn’t Mr Stockbridge clarified these issues yesterday?


“All direct debits would have been paid to the new company from July 6 and all season ticket funds are to be used solely for the benefit of the Club and its supporters.

Season ticket money to be used for the benefit of the Club, which I commented on earlier today, and for the supporters?


“However, it is clear from feedback from supporters that there remains some concern about the transfer of direct debit instructions from the old company to the new company. The uncertainty resulted in some misleading media coverage which only added to the confusion and caused issues for service providers.

If in doubt blame the media coverage. Sadly Sevco only have themselves to blame for the confusion regarding Sevco 5088, Sevco Scotland and RFC 2012. This was not helped by the speech by John Brown, or the Cicero of Govan” as I have seen him called.

Issues for service providers? I wonder if banks were concerned about the work involved in cancelling thousands of Direct Debits?


“For the sake of clarity and to give reassurance to fans, the Club will not take any direct debit payments for the forthcoming season.

“Clarity” is the new watchword at Ibrox. It might even appear on the Sevco crest!

But the decision not to take season ticket money by Direct Debit is remarkable, and can only have been forced on Sevco. Why else would it waive the most straightforward way of getting its money?


“We are working with our bank, Metro Bank, to ensure those who wanted to pay by instalment are still able to do so. The Club will issue a fuller communication within the next few days to all season ticket holders confirming the ways in which they can pay for their 2012\13 season tickets.

And the great reveal! Rangers are banking with…Metro Bank!

Metro Bank has ten “stores” all situated in London. Quite how that can service properly a multi-million pound business based in Glasgow…

It is not impossible, but surely they could have found a bank with more of a network north of Watford. If Sevco could not do so, then that must raise serious questions about its business plans.


“The Club apologises for any inconvenience to supporters but it is of paramount importance that supporters renewing season tickets have absolute clarity on the arrangements in place.”

This seems a disaster. How will Sevco be paid for its season tickets now?



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46 responses to “Sevco Rangers Bankers Revealed! Sevco Not Taking Direct Debits for Season Tickets

  1. Metro Bank? Not even Tesco Bank (maybe too much of a giveaway). Sorry, but that doesn’t sound like a real bank to me. It sounds like one of those Pay Day loans companies. Could they be Mr. Green’s backers?

  2. Shaun Gibson

    Brilliant read again, I wonder if they used this bank, as no others would deal with them? Thanks for the updates..

  3. KG

    Is this a free bank you get to join is you travel by train?

  4. iamtheperson

    Hmm, one of the directors of Metro Bank PLC is called Stuart ‘David Murray’ Bernau. He is also director of a company called Vulture LLP.

  5. mick

    they wont need season tickets ,its a clubcard for tesco ,no league no team fan civil war sevco preseasons cancelled the fans of spl and sfl saying no to newco the whole country is united agiast them ,the sfa spl and slf moving the goal posts to keep the vile tradtions alive ,regan ogilvie and longmuir will have to resign soon its the boards that need resuffled no the league ,no even a high street bank dealing with them its tesco soon a reckon

  6. JimBhoy

    It’s clear they haven’t a scooby… I wonder what the avg Season book costs in SFL3? I bet it won’t be close to the £500 for a Charles Green Run Consortium club.. Anyways if this ever gets off the ground they will be best closing down 3 stands at home games. At least they will have a derby match wi Queens park.
    We will probably hear the appelate decision #2 sometime mid Aug, which is likely to be expulsion from the Scottish cup so it allows some new blood into their team. Another piece of backing by the SFA. The dual contracts thing who knows… I am waiting to hear that any resultant action will deal with the oldco, loss of trophies etc…Again rather pathetic.

    • Charlie Malloy

      From what I’ve heard, the Appellate Tribunal will batter them – the fact that one of the tribunal is chairman of Spartans FC is coincidental of course

  7. mick

    no big name bank lol pmsl in glasgow the rankers and celtic like branded goods and services due to the murry spend a tenner for every fiver phrase its not a high street bank its a inferiour bank no 1 knows who it is ,just like sevco who are they?

  8. Mik

    Perhaps a company like Ticketus could distribute them for a fee oh wait!!!

  9. mick

    who funny rankers the dodos of scottish football kicked every 1 in to touch went bust now pleading for mercy for sfl place there new team sevco is dead in the water the whole of scotland wants a skelp at them for financial doping weres the verdict on that ?they dont even have a high street bank am loving it icecream and jelly sprinkles wafers and sauce chop fruit keep you healthy spring to mind lol

  10. ecojon

    I would be interested to know what banking details were declared by Greene on Friday to the Football Authorities. And if he has changed his bank within 24 hours of his declaration when are the ‘blazers & suits’ trying to parachute Sevco into SFL1 realise what a ‘crock of sh*t’ and house of cards they are dealing with.

    From the word go there has been some deep-seated problem about setting up a bank account and I can only guess that any bank approached isn’t happy with the business plan or the amount of cash deposited or security provided.

    This then takes me back to who actually holds the security consisting of Ibrox and the training centre. If it is the same company as holds the property security then you would think there would be no problem finding a bank.

    But if sevco has another ‘creation’ to actually front the Metro bank account it would seem it doesn’t have sufficient financial backing to get a bank account from a well-known commercial bank. To be honest I discounted ‘bomber’s’ comments about his secret info but now I’m beginning to wonder if there it a ticking time bomb going on. Of course, possibly the bank holding the SO instructions has refused to release the legal authority for some reason to another bank.

    Things are definitely speeding-up and I’m beginning to wonder whether the sevco car-crash will happen before the SFA/SPL/SFL have their votes.

  11. Mik

    How dodgy must your company be when a UK mainstream bank wont touch you, pariah f.c. Seems like an appropriate new name for sevco5088(apologies to graham ‘the posh follow follow’ speirs)

  12. mick

    its karma time billys karma the demise of scotlands shame hung drwn and kicked all over scotland then quartered lol

  13. mick

    its a back street bank crooks incorparated sevco will fit right in at it ,

    • David C MacKenzie

      No, that is precisely what it is NOT. It might be new, but its founders have a solid reputation in America for building up a bank from nothing.

  14. ecojon

    I’ve cracked it I know why Greene has gone to Metro Bank – see link:

    • cmh64

      On the ‘about us’ section, this seems quite appropriate:
      “………we reinvent the rules of retail banking, making every effort to remove all stupid bank rules from our day to day services …..”

  15. Sean

    I just need your sort code and account number please…… Its a lot of monies!!!

  16. mick

    metro bank pmsl lol haha

  17. mick

    there minnows with brick and mortar the shark will spit it out as a retial park

  18. mick

    arent the dodos taught the spend a tenner for every fiver theroy surely they cant bank with a back street dealer like metro what about when there on the golf course it be like the bos loyds then the hun with the metro umbrellia

  19. ecojon

    Metro Bank started in 2010 and this month said it has raised £126m to fund its growth from new and existing institutional and personal investors. It is tiny and you only need to read through its website to see that it’s not the place you would expect Rangers to use – oh silly me it’s not Rangers but Sevco that’s using it.

    I see their website proclaims how you can open: Community Accounts for Clubs, Societies and Charities which provide convenient day to day bank accounts for non profit making organisations with up to £2m annual turnover. Yea sevco should fit right in there no probs.

    I reckon Rangers could soak-up the whole of that £126m and I suggest Metro Bank should do some due diligence and contact Bomber for the low-down on Greene – would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

    Still one of the non-executive directors is ex RBS Scot Gareme Hardie who is Member of the Scottish Advisory Committee to the homeless charity Shelter – he might be able to help find a home for Rangers 2013 after the now inevitable sevco liquidation.

  20. Pensionerbhoy

    I believe Mr. A. McCoist wants to know who is on the board at Metro Bank, names and addresses. The name sounds more like a station on the Newcastle Metro than a London bank – an underground bank, perhaps! It might prove to be a very safe place to put non-money and it looks as though there could be plenty about in Govan. It is not difficult to conjure up a picture of a suspiciously nervous wee bank in cahoots with an even more nervous wee company hoping to wake up one morning with a load of money under the pillow having sacrificed all their teeth to all the nice little tooth fairies. Am I now just fantasising or has the last year in Scotland actually been real. Paul, what are you doing to my plans for a relaxing Saturday watching Wimbledon? Instead, I am back at my O.U. studies swatting up on Scottish Football’s Great Exhibitionism Year and the case of the Mysterious Disappearance of the Missing Scottish Media. As usual I am using the in depth research of the ‘internet bampots’ as my main sources. Och well, it is nearly quarter finals time. The last of the British and English hopes period. So just keep the studies coming, Paul; much more interesting and highly entertaining.

    H H

  21. degough

    You are presuming it is the London Metro Bank.
    There is one in Japan
    There is one in the USA Their logo “Come home to Us”

    • Pensionerbhoy

      Don’t bank on any of them! I’m back on the tennis anyway. As I said, last of the home involvement and I like to be there to offer condolences. Any body see me at Ibrokes with Broonie doing a BROWN!

      H H

  22. Stephen Dedalus

    All a charade. If ‘they’, identity not yet known, are offered a slot in SFL anything…..they are not able to function as a football team of any description, no money you see, even less players who can play.

    All that remains over the next few years are potential prosecutions and /or a lot of ex employees, players, directors etc. being pursued for tax the ‘club’ they loved should have paid.

    • mick

      sevco have no league no team and no direct debit facilitys set up for season tickets its a none starter its 4 weeks till the season starts its to late lol am predicting a quick sale at the end of the day green can get his money back for the investors when they realise its all a mistake

  23. David C MacKenzie

    The reason I posted the link is to show that this does not appear to be a fly-by-night operation.


    Non-executive directors:

    On the founder:

  24. mick

    tesco time greens as skint as whyte sold to the highest bidder

  25. ecojon

    Don’t know if this means anything or not but I went onto Rangers FC site and clicked to renew season ticket and was redirected to a new page which begins: the page however remains blank. appears to have been registered by: IRIS TICKETING LIMITED (coy no 3830932) and if you go to the website you find that Iris Ticketing offers a: ‘Complete ticketing and stadium management solution’.

    However I don’t know if this was always the ticketing shopfront for Rangers or whether this is a new departure – many someone else can throw more light on things. Iris Ticketing state: ‘Money from ticket sales sent directly to your nominated bank account’.

    I also note that the Rangers website on the question of season tickets still states that the first of 4 direct debits will be taken on 6 July. The site also states: ‘A relatively small amount of money has been paid by supporters by cheque and cash and that money is being transferred to the Club’s new bank account.” I bet it is relatively small but which bank account – Metro?

    Ah, just came across this dated January 2012: ‘We’re delighted to announce that another highly-valued TALENT Sport customer in Rangers FC, have joined the growing list of clubs agreeing to extend their commitment to TALENT Sport for the longer-term.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank Rangers FC for their continued commitment and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.’

    • Brian Jeffrey

      How does that work with TALENT Sport if on the date in question, 22 January 2012 the oldco Rangers had a deal in place with Ticketus?

  26. ecojon

    Btw – just in case anyone gets confused on reading my previous post – I do not have a season ticket at Rangers but was just checking LOL.

  27. ecojon

    I think wood for the trees is beginning to affect my brain never mind my eyesight. The logical explanation is that Talent Sport no longer deals with Rangers ticketing – I wonder if we have any Scots journos out there who can ask the simple question: WHY? It’s easy to believe there has been some kind of fall-out which may have to do with sevco’s banking manoeuvres . Talent Sport appears to be a genuine organisation and possibly they have decided to protect their ‘brand’ and don’t like what they see happening at sevco park.

  28. Maertyn

    Greene talks utter nonsense because he doesn’t have to speak sense. He’s not going to be around to have to justify/validate/prove/ his many claims and promises.

    He wants to sell and will most likely do that.

    His job has been to murken the waters even more than Whitey. His behaviour is exactly the same. Create Multiple companies to hold different assets of the oldco.

    These assets will make him money and it will further complicate the already near indecipherable paper trail leading to SDM.

    The angering part is they don’t care how much damage they do to our game.

  29. droid

    truely pennies from heaven, how low will the newco go?

  30. redetin

    I was in London about a year or so ago and there were Metrobank people on the streets, phone-shop style, handing out, pens, balloons etc encouraging ppl to join Metrobank. I thinks Mr Charles would have been attracted by the balloons.

  31. CCL

    With reference to Sevco 5088 trying to arrange the purchase of season tickets by instalments. This presumably would be defined as consumer credit. Wouldn’t Sevco 5088 therefore require a Consumer Credit licence from the Office of Fair Trading before they can broker credit. Provided of course the fit and proper person test regarding the consumer credit licence is complied with.

    • thembeatles

      Spot on CCL, I was just about to comment on the very fact that they need a license to offer credit.

      In addition, their statement about problems for service providers and direct debit transfers is utter tosh.

      I manage an organisation that takes payments by direct debit and it is our responsibility – in this case sevco – for setting up and maintaining these, not the service provider.

      With their volumes they would want/need to be auddis registered to use a paperless system, clearly none of this is in place and it looks like they haven’t got a clue and are firefighting each time they find out that there’s more to setting up a football team than a quid and fighting talk.

  32. metro bank never heard of it it must be a con poor people paying for a club that cant play

  33. Den

    Whether Metro Bank is a new and innovative entrant to the Banking Sector or a disaster in waiting is not the issue at the moment.

    The fact that Sevco with whatever suffix couldn’t get an account with one of the big names should ring alarm bells.

    I would not divulge my financial details to this lot. If you do getting ripped off for an over priced season ticket may be the least of your worries.

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