“Club 12’s” Fixtures – The SPL Computer Thinks Rangers Will be in the SPL

A short post.

The SPL fixture list is out and can be read here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-premier/fixtures

The two candidates appear to be (a) Dundee FC and (b) The Rangers Football Club.

Would the fixture list throw up any conflicts for Club 12 with Dundee United, as clearly there cannot be games at Tannadice and Dens Park at the same time, or with Celtic, as games at Ibrox and Parkhead do not go on simultaneously.

The list as produced indicates 9 separate dates on which Club 12 and Dundee United are scheduled to play at home at the same kickoff time.

The list produces one date when Club 12 and Celtic coincide. However, as on that date, 11th August, Celtic are already scheduled to play Real Madrid in Philadelphia, their match with Dundee United will be postponed.

It appears that the SPL computer, or the person who programmed it, has already decided on who will take the role of “Club 12”. Will there be arguments made by Mr Doncaster that rejecting Rangers would cause disruption to the fixture list? We shall see.


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29 responses to ““Club 12’s” Fixtures – The SPL Computer Thinks Rangers Will be in the SPL

  1. reilly1926

    All they will do is switch one of the games to a Sunday. No great problem.

    • deekbhoy


      Your teasing again!
      We all know that the computer already had the fixtures in it and the name was just changed. Just think of all those people with no team to support who you are giving false hope to.

      Shame on you.

  2. Could it be that someone in the SFA/SPL just hit ‘Ctrl F’ for Find, and then REPLACE all “Rangers” with “Club 12” without rhyme or reason?

    • Pensionerbhoy

      When you reach your second childhood, like me, and you recall Scottish footballing events of the past 100 years (not that I witnessed all of them – soldiers had progressed to tin helmets in my wars) you will realise that what is a wind-up for everybody else in Scottish football, is real potential for ‘them’!

      H H

  3. Nobody Knows

    SPL have justed replaced Rangers FC iin the already computer generated fixtures list with Club 12. Simple as. It makes sense at the moment.

    I think that is a small price to pay and a practical one prior to vote. Hopefully SPL chairman make the right decision for the good of the sport, integrity first.

    As already said, Dundee play Sat, Dundee Utd play Sunday or vice versa. Simples.

  4. Althetim

    Paul, you may be jumping to conclusions. Club 12 is not necessarily TRFC. As I commented earlier on RTC, there may be excellent news in the offing for Partick Thistle.

    ‘mon the jags!

    • mick

      com on the jags glasgows second biggest club after a dramatic week and the death of glasgow rangers glasgows big to at the moment are the jags and the tic

  5. Stewie

    Cant see why the computer could not cope with the “what if” Club 12 is Dundee relative to Dundee Utds fixtures. Dunfermline have no clash, whilst simultaneously the “what if” of Rangers can also be accommodated. Unless of course the die is already cast?

  6. mick

    just up and flicking throw msm there and noticed a connection with bom song ex rangers player david murry and newcastle is there a brown envolpe for ex rangers players who do deals with there dead club any info about the accounts of this deal it seems as though most ex rangers mangers went south and done a deal or 2 once there any prove in all this if so how much commision was paid

  7. Mik

    I think it is counter productive to read too much into this this matrix has always been in place the only change was replacing the defunct club with club 12 in name only I think we can expect a reshuffle of fixtures

  8. mick

    the huns are no more its the sweet smell of victory club 12 is not rangers rangers are dead and green is trying to imitate the old club the club 12 is a referance to up to 3 clubs duundee dunfermline and the newco rfcrangers at this point in time have no league to play in hail hail or ding dong the witch is dead the witch is dead

  9. Robert

    I would not read anything into this. No decision has been made and it would be mischief to say it has.

    The fixture list can easily be sorted once it is known which club will become club 12.

  10. mick

    we win club 12 means dundee dunfermline or rfc 2012 there is no chance of rfc going stright in to spl stright away the other clubs are grasping the chance to take 2nd place and the whole spl fan base wants them to suffer so its changed days in scotland now heres to the death of the oldfirm and the birth of a new firm like aberdeen or dundee utd stepping up also highland teams could sieze the day 2 so its looking good scottish football is on the up

  11. mick

    club12 doesnt mean rangers rangers are dead and gone the newco have no league club 12 means 1 of 3 clubs maybe even more were are the mighty rangers a here you ask there dead done and buired gone forever .its time to focus on the brown envolopes who got what and for what reason

  12. mick

    the whole of scotland wants to know about the brown envolopes who got what and why is the sfa involed in indirect bungs or direct bk weather seal and other deals is the death of rangers just the surface of the bung culture that rangers have enbedded on sport here or wit

  13. mick

    2 row awaits us bhoys

  14. Suspiciously the Club 12 fixtures v Celtic follow the pattern of previous years old firm games…

  15. Boss Hogg


  16. JimBhoy

    What’s to stop Dunfermline asking to take up position in the SPL as opposed to a business without any sfa registration or player registered? How can that even be entertained. Dunfermline do not have a history of corruption, a fairly well run club when paid their dues AS opposed to sevco and all the outstanding anomalies, uncertainties and cheating past of their cast off corrupt club.

    • Pensionerbhoy

      June 18, 2012 at 1:27 pm
      What’s to stop Dunfermline asking to take up position in the SPL as opposed to a business without any sfa registration or player registered?

      Simple – the SPL!

      H H

      • JimBhoy

        seems newco have a case to answer for the dual contracts thing, so in theory they could get voted into the SPL then sanctioned out of the SPL… Madness..!

    • Ken

      I think Dunfermline have more deserving cause for being the 12th team than Dundee; Simply, Dunfermline directly suffered the consequences of unfair sporting advantage afforded to Rangers (deid) in the season 10-11.
      If new Rangers can submit application, surely ANY team can do same

  17. ecoslayer


    Have you considered this scenario:-

    A quick look at the dual contracts evidence convinces the SPL that there were ineligible players in the Reangers squad last year. The results in all games with inelibible players are changed to 3-0 against Rangers. They discover that Dunfermline were relegated in error, anand instruct “Rangers” to transfer tehir share to the Pars.

  18. Al ross

    Check the BBC website SPL say Rangers have case to answer, finally sticking their heads above the parapet.

  19. Gobsmacked

    Am I missing something. Rangers don’t exist but a newco gets the voting right to vote themselves into the Premier League. Can understand them, along with any other club wishing to take the vacant place being allowed to put a case, but to then be allowed to vote for themselves. A wee bit like the defendant getting a vote on the jury. Maybe a nickname for the Newco should be “The Bankers”, don’t recall any of them getting punished either.

    • Brian Jeffrey

      My reading of it is that the SPL have referred to “Club 12” because Rangers (old or new) are not currently members of the SPL. Their membership ceased automatically when the club transferred to Charles Green’s control as per the terms of article 6 of the SPL rules. There are currently only 11 members. Rangers will not therefor have a vote. Article 11 provides for the transfer of the relevant share, which MAY go to Charles Green as the new owner/operator of the club but all such transfers must be approved, firstly by the SPL Board and thereafter by the SPL members. Of course the whole thing could be academic if the SFA tribunal expels or suspends them

  20. The Zombie Cheat’s F.C representative should be stopped at the door of Hampden on July 4th and told to go back to where he came from; that the result of the vote will be sent to him in due course. They should be treated like the criminal’s they are because that is what they were and that is what they always will be. The putrid contents of this coffin that was Cheat’s F.C needs to be buried once and for all; the smell is nauseating. How can they get a vote? How in all the world can this be justified? It beggars belief! I hope UEFA / FIFA are watching all this.

  21. JimBhoy

    oldco hold a vote for who gets the transferred share, so they wont vote no for newco, i suspect killie, dundee utd will vote for newco, ross co dunno..It seems wherever they land they still have a couple of cases to answer the lesser case could expel them, the larger case could and should see them out of football for good. Either way they are not guaranteed sfa registration and have no playing staff, well maybe mcgregor will be daft enough to tupe across only to be sold last day of the transfer window, he isnt the sharpest tool in the shed. and there will be some older hangers-on, broadfoot (if he is even still there) and McCulloch. Sone Aluko will sign as a free agent for Celtic. The rest (Goian, Bocanegra,Edu, Davis, lafferty -cant play again, Wallace, naismith and whittaker) , if they TUPE, which I doubt their agents will advise them too, will all be shunted before end january for Green to get his profit. If the club are not in administration before that…

  22. Robert

    Once the vote goes against Rangers and they fail to get into the SPL, then the Old Firm SPL strangle hold is broken.

    The SPL members can then vote for a fairer distribution of SPL prize money can be arranged (less for the winner and more for everyone else).

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