Found? – Is This Rangers’ Newco “Incubator” Company?

Since Rangers fell into financial troubles, various possible “new Rangers” have appeared on the books of Companies House. However these usually turn out probably to have been created by fans, opportunists or jokers.

Over recent months the following companies have appeared –

Rangers Football Club of Glasgow Ltd

Rangers 2012 Ltd

Glasgow Rangers Ltd

Glasgow Rangers Club Football Ltd

Glasgow Rangers Football Club Ltd

Glasgow Rangers Football Club 2012 Ltd

There is even a Celtic Ranger Ltd!

However, I can exclusively reveal the most likely of these various pretenders to be the real “newco”.

My sources (the Companies House website) disclose that on 4th May 2012 a new company was incorporated.


You can read the incorporation documents at this link – Rangers FC Acquisitions Ltd Inc-1

What makes this more credible than the others?

The sole shareholder is Atholl Incorporations Ltd and the Director is Mr Julian Voge. Both are based at the offices of Brodies, Solicitors, in Edinburgh. Mr Voge is one of the top corporate lawyers in Scotland. That does not mean that, necessarily, he is to have any role in the running of this newco, if that is what it is.

One of the roles performed by Brodies is to set up companies for its clients, before the transfer of shares and directorships to the real parties.

Brodies themselves are amongst the best commercial law firms in Scotland, and therefore it is less likely, although not impossible, that their client too is a joker.

What would be most interesting of course would be to find out from Brodies if their client is Mr Bill Miller, or someone else entirely.

If the latter then, as the company was only set up on Friday 4th May, the mystery would only deepen, as that would suggest someone confident that Mr Miller would not acquire the club.

Brodies, in return for its expertise, would not be the cheapest place to go to buy an off the peg company. Therefore I believe this is serious.

Now, has anyone seen Paul Murray, Brian Kennedy, or even Sir David Murray or Craig Whyte entering Brodies’ office recently?

Brodies of course will not answer any questions about this due to client confidentiality, and rightly so.

If it is Bill Miller, then at least one of the many tasks for this coming week can be crossed off his to do list! He has now a company set up. He still needs to turn it into a football club though, which is not as easy as one might think.

And finally, on the basis that a good conspiracy theory is always worthwhile (I jest!), one of the Consultants to Brodies is a former General Manager, Football, of Celtic!

Yes, Jock Brown, commentator, lawyer and businessman, is on the books of Brodies.

I am sure that he is nothing to do with Brodies’ involvement with this matter, and even if he was, he left Celtic a long time ago. I hope Brodies are ready for the tin-foil hat brigade!

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13 responses to “Found? – Is This Rangers’ Newco “Incubator” Company?

  1. S Keenan

    Why doesn’t HMRC apply to court for an injuction preventing the sale of RFC to the Newco? If the sale goes through up to 75m tax payers money is flushed down the toilet.

  2. Fisiani

    Can a SPL share be transferred to another legal entity, no matter what the name of the entity is? I thought that is against the rules?

  3. Shyster, Flywheel & Shyster

    Hi Paul,

    The Brodie documents are (except for the company name) the exact same documents that I received from them when I started my company.

    As you say, a reputable company and therefore must assume RANGERS FC ACQUISITIONS LTD is genuine.

    As for Bill Miller, rumour has it he does not possess a passport so unlikely to be making a visit to Scotland in the near future.


  4. Bill McCreath

    Excellent work again Paul. This could well be the real deal.

  5. Kenny McCaffrey

    Wish it was just Them Ltd.

  6. Al ross

    I must admit I cant get my head around newco all th e assets, oldco all the toxic stuff. Long time since I did Scots Law but would it not be a gratuitious alienation to go down the incubator route ?

  7. Gerry

    as I undestand it Administrators MUST go to the creditors such as HMRC and ask if they agree to asset transfer. Correct Paul? in which case it hits a wall I presume?

  8. lordmac

    why dosen”t, SIR DAVID MURRAY not adopt this idea, with his murray international, they could dump there debt, onto the old co Rangers , and keep the assets, till the sick debt he owes is cleaned up,

  9. Gerry

    I dontthink the creditors meeting would have covered the Miller asset transfer. If it had they would have been shouting it from the roofotps. HMRC say no one has approached them regarding the asset transfer. Usual D&P double bluff statement here.

  10. mike

    Not specifically Miller but assets being realised was part of it with the creditors having no recourse.

    17.1.4 That the Joint Administrators can explore any and all options available to realise the assets of the Company without recourse to creditors. The Joint Administrators be authorised to conclude a sale of the whole, or part of the business, property and assets of the Company without having to obtain the sanction of the Company’s creditors at further creditors meetings, upon such terms as the Joint Administrators deem fit and they be authorised to liaise with all relevant parties, bodies or organisations which they deem relevant for achieving that purpose.

  11. Brilliant work again Paul.This could well be the real deal.

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