A Source Has Exclusively Revealed How Celtic Football Club Avoids Tax

Breaking News – A source close to the heart of operations at Parkhead has revealed to me the secret behind the avoidance of tax by Celtic….

I feel that I need to give my reader time to adjust to the implications of this stunning revelation


I also need to thank the new Celtic Tax Case blog for inspiring me to research these matters.



Are you ready?



They always use Blu-Tack!

(I will get my coat.)

(You see, it’s a pun – tax/tacks – sorry for the lame joke, which I know is not original, but I needed a break from writing up about Lord Hodge’s decision yesterday)

By the way, my comments on that, and the implications for Rangers (In Administration) as well, probably, as for the Scottish factoring and debt securitisation industries will be found…







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11 responses to “A Source Has Exclusively Revealed How Celtic Football Club Avoids Tax


    Nice one,Paul.

    Don’t give up the day job,unless you see a vacancy with a manufacturer of Christmas crackers!

    Still trying to figure out who CTC is-all I know is,Estadio has a lovely collection of photos of Glasgow pubs………

  2. Mik

    BLUE Tack I knew it, does Craig Whyte own Celtic? Is Peter Lawell SDM in disguise. I’m sure CTC will get to the bottom of this

  3. jim62

    You’re too late to analyse yesterday’s judgement. 😉

    A quick scan of the papers this morning shows different outcomes

    Herald front page basicallysays Rangers have been given green light to rip it up

    Record has a “middle” line

    Others have it as a victory for Ticketus

    None seem to have spotted the warning from the judge that if they break it then Duff and Phelps might end up personally liable…

    As I said yesterday…lots of lovely lengthy litigation looms large!!!


    • Jim, Paul – can you (or any other professional lawyers) say a few words about how a post-liquidation entity portraying itself as some kind of New Rangers FC could possibly clear all the potential legal obstacles in time to be up and running for next season?
      It seems to me that there are so many different parties involved in this entire affair that the only reasonably sure thing is that no-one is going to get a clear run at picking up the assets and carrying on without being taken to court by competing interests who have their own claim on the stadium, the season ticket sales, their right to membership of the SFA/SPL/SFL and so on. Are we not looking at years of litigation and legal argument before a new club can be securely established?

  4. Thank you Mr McConville,

    I now have porridge coming out of my nostrils after choking with laughter.

    O’ the joy the springing of the year bring

  5. ps shirley it would have been Whyte-Tack which proves without-so-ever any evidence that there IS a conspiracy ❓


  6. Eddie

    I’v just heard a rumour that the following footage shows Mr. Whyte trying to get Mr. Murray to take the club off his hands

  7. rab

    Keep digging paul, did celtic pass all receipts for the blu tack onto the sfa, did peter lawell benefit from blu tack, is he still using celtic blu tack while working on the powerful sfa commitee, have celtic mortgaged future blu tack use.

    We deserve to know.


  8. Right Now RFC is being held together with ‘Blue Tac’ soon to be called…
    Ticketus F.C 2012.

  9. Richboy

    Just returned from ICU after suffering several cardiac episodes. Doctor’s prescription was to read the full story and not just the headline.

  10. Tony

    I heard that there is NO blu-tak in Celtic Park and Lawwell had it dyed green….just a rumour mind 😉

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