Craig Whyte and the Costa Rica Connection + Another Prescient Website Domain Name?


Following on from my earlier piece about Mr Craig Whyte Mr Thomas Craig and the Bullion company, a second piece which sits on the shoulders of Billybhoy38’s researches.

I think Mr Whyte has a sense of humour. How else can one explain his registration of as mentioned earlier, and now the following website?


Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present

Yes – you read it correctly. In 2008 the domain name Fear and Greed Report.Com was registered.

As you can see (and click to enlarge if needed) the Registrant is HTX Holdings of Florida.

However, a quick search for HTX Holdings reveals this.

“Company: htx holdings s.a. HTX Holdings S.A.

Address: TixPay Ltd, 65 Bath Street, Third Floor, Glasgow G2 2BX United Kingdom”

Of course Mr Whyte’s company Tixway UK is registered at Bath Street, but what is this “TixPay”?

A quick company search reveals that this company, under company number 04566751 was dissolved in 2009. Its registered office was at the Skylines Village address in London where many of Mr Whyte’s companies seem to be based.

The human directors of TixPay are shown as Thomas Whyte (Craig’s father) and Kenneth MacLeod, the disgraced accountant. Mr MacLeod is listed as a director of 15 companies along with Craig Whyte (1969 vintage).

It is of note that TixPay was formed in 2002, after the various other companies in which Craig Whyte and Mr MacLeod were involved had gone under.

It is also easier than that to see a connection between Fear and Greed and Mr Craig Whyte – he is listed as the administrative contact, under the email address –

Take a note of the phone number listed too – 561-282-6641.

Because that leads us to the following.

The contact details from Fear and Greed match up with the web domain for the above site.

Here, via the Internet wayback machine, you can see the website as it was, shorn of the pictures.

The property was up for sale for $1.875 million. Was this Mr Whyte’s home in Costa Rica, being sold to generate the funds to buy him Castle Grant? Or was Mr Whyte branching out into estate agency? Maybe he was acting as the estate agent for the sale, and generating himself a fine commission?

In any event, there is still a web presence online for this property which can be found here.

And it is fair to say that this looks to be a lovely place for an escape, and only $1,200 per night too! What a fine place to while away the hours contemplating the cold and wet of Glasgow, and the ingratitude of those enemies of Rangers who have chased you away from Ibrox before your work is complete.

Perhaps Mr Whyte was simply the selling agent, or else he might have retained ownership to rent it out? Otherwise he might have booked this sunny hideaway for a bit of a rest.

Some cruel people have been suggesting that Mr Whyte’s apparent fondness for Costa Rica relates to its lack of an extradition treaty with the UK.

Such a suggestion is grossly unfair. After all, it was reported that prior to his departure to pastures unknown, Mr Whyte met with Duff & Phelps in London, and also, as the administrators said in their coda to Mr Whyte’s farewell missive:-

CRAIG WHYTE has co-operated with us since our appointment as administrators”.

Perhaps Duff & Phelps have a sense of humour too?




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15 responses to “Craig Whyte and the Costa Rica Connection + Another Prescient Website Domain Name?

  1. fisiani

    Hello – I am a serial asset stripper of multiple companies. I have been struck off as a company director and have a litany of dodgy deals here and overseas. I have no personal funds but have mortgaged years of your season tickets and catering sales. I am a lifelong fan of Rangers but cannot name a single past player.Can I buy Rangers and all the club assets for a pound and be your saviour?

    Sure thing.. sign here!

  2. J Green

    The research and information you find is immense, really well done to you and your contributors. This blog is a real testimony to your law and PI skills, simply presented with a touch of humour. Excellent job.

  3. Goosy

    Our hero has a house in Grasse France which no doubt he does not own personally.It is the business address of a real estate Co called La Tourilliere specialising in rental homes (since 1998)
    So I wouldnt be a bit surprised if he has homes all around the world which he uses for relaxation Unfortunately La Tourilliere hasnt filed any accounts yet so maybe if the Hector doesnt get him Le Hectoree will

  4. campsiejoe

    Isn’t it nice when you can really get your teeth into something
    More power to your, and Billbhoys keyboards

  5. Paul

    Good stuff again! In reference to the house in Costa Rica, I came across this website. Again, not sure if this is relevant or interesting, but it made me chuckle:

  6. It Was Never Worth a Pound

    This made me chuckle, see who is a previous tennant/occupier of the MBB’s Reviera getaway:

    GRASSE, France – The arrival of ousted Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier Friday created something of a stink in this quiet Riviera capital of the French perfume industry.
    Despite heightened political rivalry caused by the upcoming national elections, left-wing and right-wing groups, supported by trade unions, local residents and businessmen, are united in their expressed desire to see Duvalier move on.
    Duvalier has taken up residence in a 12-room villa, named “La Tourilliere”, complete with 4.8 acres of pine-forested land, swimming pool and tennis court.

  7. RonnieD

    Interesting Miami address.
    If you search on Google maps you will see that it is a business trading as USA Signs.

  8. ifa007

    Quote: The property was up for sale for $1.875 million. Was this Mr Whyte’s home in Costa Rica, being sold to generate the funds to buy him Castle Grant? ”

    When Mr Wyhte purchased Castle Grant he paid 720k…. he (Mr Whyte) claims to be an astute businessman….however the records show that the property was indeed purchased twice in the same day. When I mentioned this on here before, someone replied it was because he purchased an additional piece of land. That is not how the land registry works, as the land would be on a seperate title at time of purchase.

    This transaction suggests to me 1. Mr Whyte’s admin people have submitted errors again. 2. Two purchases did indeed take place on the same day , transferring ownership from a to b.I am sure the correction information will be logged on the title deeds.


    Application No. Date Title Number Price
    06MOR03323 16-Nov-2006 MOR1699 £720,000
    06MOR03325 16-Nov-2006 MOR1699 £720,000

  9. HappyDude

    The WHOIS for is a bit puzzling.

    Registrant Name: Charles Howard
    Registrant Company: HTX Holdings
    Registrant Address: Liberty Capital
    Registrant Address: 65 Bath Street
    Registrant Address: Glasgow
    Registrant Address: G2 2BX

    Who is Charles Howard?

  10. ifa007

    Something else which confuses me:

    Published: 25/04/2007 New owner sets out his plans for castle refurbishment

    From the above link: Castle Grant was put up for sale for offers over £1 million with Edinburgh-based estate and land agents Knight Frank in January, last year, but no buyer was found. The castle and its 35 acres of parkland were subsequently taken over by finance firm Excel Securities plc before the sale to the Whites.

    Excel Securities plc was a bridging finance firm, why would they want to sell a castle?

    Sadly this did not bring Excel any prestige as they entered administration with 20mill plus debts.

  11. lurchingfrompillartopost

    no i don’t think this is where he lived. i did this domain digging and posted on rtc blog some time ago ( re this costa rica connection. the sj number is a po box at the airport and the building host many office addresses – like bath street office in glasgow. google the address – mailing address for many companies

  12. Another great article, if anyone gets the chance have a look at the DR’s website for the story on Craigy boy selling the Arsenal shares..the advertising banner at the top of the article..coincidence ?! ;)…goldfinger strikes again..

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