Craig Whyte or Craig White – More Questions re Identity or Shoddy Paperwork?

I have written before about the two Craig Thomas Whyte’s listed on Companies House, one born in 1969 and one in 1971, although it seems that the two are in fact one.

I have also previously mentioned two companies – MCR Investments Ltd and MCR Capital Ltd.

Readers with the endurance to get to the bottom of the latter piece to which I have linked might recall that these two companies are both listed as having as a director “Craig Thomas WHITE”.

We already know of the company Merchant Corporate Recovery Group and its connections with Mr Whyte. It would be a coincidence, but not beyond the bounds of possibility, that someone of a similar name could have companies with similar names.

I have been greatly assisted however by BillyBhoy68, a regular contributor to the RTC blog.

He forwarded on to me the documentation regarding the incorporation of each company.

What it goes to show is that Mr Whyte, or White, is ill served by his administrative assistance.

The poor man has a catalogue of missed legal deadlines, clearly through inadvertence or oversight rather than as a deliberate tactic, and as pointed out, he has appeared under two different names and two different birth dates in official records.

Here are the documents regarding the two companies I mentioned:- MCR Capital Ltd and MCR Investments Ltd

MCR Capital Ltd was incorporated on 16th February 2010 and MCR Investments Ltd on 18th February 2010. Both are incorporated with Registered Offices at a residential address in Sutton in London. The address is a mid terrace “Wimpey style” box. It is also the registered office address of, amongst others, Liberty Capital Markets Ltd. Remember Mr Whyte’s company, which owns 100% of Rangers FC Group Ltd is Liberty Capital Ltd, incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. With all due respect to Sutton, it ain’t the BVI!

Both applications were lodged electronically. Companies House has measures to ensure that registrations and returns made on the Internet are secure. Those measures are foolproof. There is no suggestion that these companies were formed anything other than genuinely. (Though there is one point I will remark on below).

Both companies have only one Director. That is “Craig Thomas White” born on 18th January 1971. Mr “White” is listed as residing at “Castle Grant, Grantown-On Spey”.

There is a public reference in Highland Council’s planning records to an application regarding Castle Grant, in the name of “Mr and Mrs White”.

His occupation is listed on both as “Director”.

In each case there is a note that the person has consented to act. However, in the “Authenticated” section, there is the word “ERROR” in connection with “Capital” but “YES” with “Investments.

However, each company was incorporated, and therefore any issues with authentication were presumably dealt with to the satisfaction of Companies House.

It appears that neither company ever traded, and each was struck off the Companies Register and dissolved on 27th September 2011.

It is also of note that, for each company, the Certificate of Compliance stating that all of the requirements for registration have been complied with has been completed for the subscriber “Craig Thomas White” by his agent “Craig Thomas White”.  In each case “Mr White” has confirmed that he agrees to become a member of the company, this being a separate and distinct agreement from that of being a Director.

The only other difference is in the names of the initial shareholders. In “Investments” the only shareholder is the same “Craig Thomas White”. In respect of “Capital” there are two. The details of the second shareholder are, I submit, the final link proving that Mr White and Mr Whyte are one and the same.

Subject to that, this could all be coincidental still, despite the following connections.

1                    The similarity of the names – Craig Thomas Whyte and Craig Thomas White.

2                    The identical date of birth shared by Mr White and one Mr Whyte.

3                    The address of Mr White being Castle Grant, although it might only be press speculation that Mr Whyte’s own address is there. Alternatively Mr White might have been a lodger? Who knows?

4                    Liberty Capital Markets Ltd being registered at the same address as “Capital” and “Investments” when Mr Whyte’s company is “Liberty Capital Ltd”.

5                    The fact that Mr Whyte is closely connected to the Merchant Corporate Recovery Group, and these two companies are called “MCR”.

The final matter though is the identity of the other shareholder in “Capital” – Mr Wulstan Kenneth Frank Earley.

On 29th October 2011 Nick Harris wrote a column in the Daily Mail. Interestingly the column as it now appears is not as it was first written. If you read the comments, you might wonder why a column made up of stories on Blackburn, the BBC moving to Salford and a BBC drama filming in Wembley has some heated discussion about Celtic and Rangers.

The answer, with great thanks again to BillyBhoy68, is here (LINK FIXED, I THINK), in a part of the story removed from the Mail website. As the reader will see, it refers to the takeover and concludes with the following paragraphs:-

“Rumours abound of secret backers, although Whyte dismisses them as ‘total nonsense’. He concedes he knows one mooted figure, a former bankrupt called Aidan Earley, … but only, a spokesman says, as ‘one of scores of people in his network of contacts who occasionally introduce him to deals. That is as far as their relationship extends’.

“Earley did not respond to Inside Sport’s questions, but his brother and business partner, Wulstan, says neither are involved in Rangers and he last spoke to Whyte at a charity golf day in 2009, attended by, among others, Jodie Kidd and Jimmy Tarbuck.”

(The piece may have been removed from the Mail due to a comment regarding Aidan Earley which I have not seen repeated elsewhere, and therefore which I have deleted from the extract above, and which I would ask anyone who sees it to ignore. )

However, both Messrs Earley, along with Brendan Earley, whom I assume to be a third brother, have been connected either with companies in which Mr Whyte has been a director, or in which close associates of Mr Whyte have been Directors.

For example, Mr Earley has sat on company boards with James Holmes, who in turn sat as a director with Mr Whyte on the board of Countryliner Group, and who recently formed Team Discounts PLC with him.

It is not inconsistent for Wulstan Earley to state that he last spoke to Mr Whyte in 2009, even although he appears as a 50/50 shareholder with Mr Whyte in a company incorporated in February 2010, the Registered Office address being one at which other companies involving Mr Earley are registered. One might ask whether or not Mr Whyte, sorry, Mr White, had his permission to use an address which could be Mr Earley’s home address as the base for two new companies. In any event, the occupier of the property would no doubt have been interested to receive letters addressed to both “Capital” and “Investment” if the companies were not meant to have anything to do with that location.

I suspect no journalist has received any response from Mr Whyte or his spokesmen regarding any connection. For the avoidance of doubt, there is nothing inappropriate about having a connection with any Mr Earley. However why is the connection there is denied by Wulstan?

And why is Mr Whyte again listed as Mr White?

The poor man has a terrible record, personally or vicariously, of filling in forms correctly!


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18 responses to “Craig Whyte or Craig White – More Questions re Identity or Shoddy Paperwork?

  1. Michael

    Is your BillBhoy68 link correct? I can’t see the quote you mention.

  2. TheBlackKnight


  3. Michael

    Thanks BillyBhoy68.

    On another note is anyone getting warnings about being infected with malware including Trojans. Be careful.

  4. Michael

    Whyte and Early (sic) are also mentioned in this Takeover Panel ruling (

    They do seem to have a record of having problems adhering to corporate rules.

    It’s also worth noting that there was a suggestion that the takeover would be funded from a special distribution of the company being taken over.
    “Corporate Resolve’s cash offer was stated to be conditional, inter alia, upon the Focus Dynamics group having sufficient distributable reserves to pay a special dividend or other distribution of £4,000,000. Such condition was stated to be waivable by Corporate Resolve. Following representations from the advisers to Focus Dynamics that Focus Dynamics did not have such level of distributable reserves, and in the light of concerns that Corporate Resolve was reliant upon the payment of the special
    dividend by Focus Dynamics in order to finance its cash offer, the Executive undertook an investigation into the funding arrangements for Corporate Resolve’s offer.”

    So the company being taken over would pay for the privilege. Always use other peoples money when you can.

  5. J Green

    Wulstan Earley is director of Regenesis Holdings who hold 15% of Worthington Group shares. Liberty Capital own 7.54% of Worthington Group. The last major vote they had 40%+ votes for a ruling, is it a coincidence that they all voted together?

    A user named calculatedrisk on ADVFN (who I believe is Aiden Earley) has commented on bulletin boards of every single PLC that Earley and Whyte have been involved in. Such as WRN, MHG, HOL, FII, CHAR

    Again, another coincidence?? Read them before they get deleted!

  6. Robert Walker

    Most ineresting piece Paul, beautifully composed between yourself and Billybhoy68, can I just ask and I realise this may be blatantly obvious to some followers of this site – sorry in advance, but is it a crime to deliberately mislead companies house by using names to confuse thing, what I probably could this be construed as an act of fraud on the part of CT White or should I say CT Whyte ?

    • Robert,

      Thank you.

      It would potentially be a crime to make a false declaration with a view to making financial gain.

      However it would not be a crime where, through lack of care or a poor memory, a person managed to get their name or date of birth wrong.

      There is of course no evidence of culpability on the part of Mr Whyte (born 71), Mr Whyte (born 69) or Mr White.

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  8. Hoops Sunday

    More interesting stuff.

    Had a look at Whyte’s Tixway company, there are 2 companies listed
    Tixway Limited
    Tixway UK Limited

    Tixway UK Limited has as a Director – Craig Thomas Whyte – born in 01/1971 and registered at 65 Bath Street, Glasgow

    Tixway UK had a Director – Thomas Whyte – born in 12/1946 and registered at 48 Skyline Village, London

    However, Thomas Whyte when you check on him is registered at 65 Bath Street, Glasgow

    He has just spun webs of deceipt everywhere.

  9. DCR

    I have a PDF I created of the business connections of Craig Whyte, quite an eye opener. He has inter-connected companies all insestuously inter-linked, making a mockery of the companies act and creating the perfect environment to asset strip any unsuspecting outfit that doesn’t do a high level of due diligence.
    I can forward the PDF on or post it online to a nominated board/location.

  10. joleyrocket

    Tixway UK Limited (company linked to Liberty Corporate Limited)
    Craig Thomas Whyte
    Registered address: 82 Eaton Place Belgavia London.
    paste the address into google earth.

    Mr Whyte does seem to have a touch of amnesia when it comes to his birth date.
    SOURCE: Creditsafe.

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  12. Scott

    did Craig Whyte not come out and say he cant read and Write ? haha he is a pathetic excuse of a man who doesnt deserve to own any buisness never mind a football club i wouldnt even want him to own my arch enimys work he is a shambles of a man

  13. Loverat

    Good morning

    There is a small group of people on doing some research into these companies and there has been some media interest expressed. We are particularly interested in any more information about the poster ‘calculatedrisk’ who is rumoured to be Mr Earley. What is interesting is that he is a premium member so would have registered his real details rather than the usual fake accounts used by directors in listed companies on bulletin boards. If it is him then some of the posts made on various company threads could be said to be quite misleading.

    Some posts discussing this matter on ADVFN have been removed, suggesting that someone is not happy at being talked up. Keep up the discussion here and any useful info can be posted here too:

    Many thanks

  14. Auden Earley is alleged to be various things (edited for legal reasons)

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