Credit Where Credit is Due – The Daily Record Reports on the Rangers Mess

I believe that, where one gives out criticism, one should also give out praise.

Therefore for all the brickbats thrown at the media, today the Daily Record has broken free of the hers.

You will find their story here, and I suspect that, by the time I come back to a keyboard, matters might have moved along today.

In which case, I will offer my further unnecessarily detailed and wordy analysis!



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2 responses to “Credit Where Credit is Due – The Daily Record Reports on the Rangers Mess

  1. Michael

    Are there any legal consequences of P Murray running to the Record with this story. Afterall there would appear to be an HMRC investigation on-going and he has blabbed about their line of enquiry. Maybe nothing in this but I would be interested to know whether HMRC would have been likely to say to him “we want to know what you know about this, and oh! by the way keep this to yourself until we have completed our work”, and if they had, will his big mouth get him into trouble?.

    • I look forward to any further findings you make.

      Read the Craig whyte statement: admit and justify were the first words to cross my mind.

      He says others have used such a ticket system. We know that, Watford done it to the tune of 1.5 million last season- not £20million.

      Reading th figures in the daily record it would appear that in may Rangers had over £40million at hand- yet couldn’t meet a payment of 9million in June!

      There’s only one answer that I know I want……

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