The Evidence Suggests – There’s Only One Craig Whyte!

My post yesterday about Craig Whyte and his differing dates of birth, if indeed it is the same person, brought forth some comments.

One was from Brim. Take it away my friend!



December 12, 2011 at 5:21 pm (Edit)

I guess the only link between the ’69 Craig and the ’71 Craig is that the ’69 Craig was director of two businesses with ‘Vital’ in the name, and ’71 Craig has admitted that his ban was to do with ‘Vital UK Ltd’. Other than that (which is no smoking gun in itself) it is still believable that it’s different Craigs.

Any other links that I’m missing?


Good point Brim. As you say, apart from the reference to “Vital” where is the connection?

Hopefully the following helps you change your mind about the 2 different Craig Whyte’s!


Craig Whyte (1969 vintage) was a director of a number of companies as I listed. Some names pop u regularly in them as Directors.

Of the 15 companies listed in which Craig Whyte (1969) was a director, Kenneth McLeod, Accountant, was a director of 12.

Of the 15 companies listed in which Craig Whyte (1969) was a director, Kevin Sykes, convicted fraudster, was a director of 3. In all three of the companies where Mr Sykes was a director, Mr McLeod was too.

The Companies House records I have been able to access do not disclose who all the directors were, but we know one was Mr Whyte as this is where his disqualification stemmed from.

The BBC programme about Mr Whyte mentioned an alleged association with Messrs Sykes and McLeod. When Tom English of the Scotland on Sunday raised this with Mr Whyte in his interview published on 22nd October, here is what was said.


Q         They then tried to link you with a convicted fraudster, Kevin Sykes. What was your involvement with Sykes?

A          I’m sure that most people in their past has met somebody – 12 years ago, 15 years ago – and then you move on and you forget about them. To bring it up now, to associate him with me is an outrage. I haven’t seen the guy in 12-13 years. What’s the relevance of that?

Mr Whyte (1971 vintage) did not reply by saying – “Kevin Sykes? Never heard of him!”

Not a cast iron admission, but circumstantially it looks like the 2 are one and the same.

But there is more.

One of CW69’s companies was Strident plc. A director of this was Sherri Ellison.

Sherri Ellison is or was also a director in two CW71 companies – Countryliner Ltd and LM Logistics Ltd.

Sherri Ellison seems to be an accountant trading as Ellison Business Services Ltd. Is it possible that, as a matter of coincidence, she happened to be a director in two companies with CW71, and in another with a totally separate CW69?

Such a coincidence is possible, but all in all, it seems clear that some terrible clerical error has been repeated throughout the paperwork for a great many companies.

Has anyone popped along to Motherwell Registry Office to get a look at Craig Whyte’s birth certificate? A search on the Scotland’s People website suggests that there is one “Craig Thomas Whyte” in the birth records for 1971 and none for 1969.

The pattern of the companies goes something like this. CW71 starts off as a director, with such as Edna Whyte and Thomas Whyte in various companies, Whyte Hire Ltd, Whyte Plant Ltd, Whyte Communications Ltd, Whyte Forbes Contract Services Ltd and Intercity Guards Ltd in the early and mid 1990’s. These are all long since dissolved.

Our hero then goes to England, and perhaps subconsciously, adds two years to his age – maybe a desire to appear longer in the tooth with his fellow business people?

Here he gets in touch with characters like Messrs McLeod and Sykes, who perhaps take advantage of Craig. Most of these companies fail and, as a result of a “technicality” our hero is banned from holding a position as a director in the UK for seven years from 2000.

He endures his Monegasque sojourn (I like that phrase, so I will keep using it) before returning as a triumphant hero, having been vastly successful, under the radar, in expanding his wealth. On his return he buys a castle and starts to take up directorships in the Merchant Group and other companies too as CW71.

Please note that, for the avoidance of doubt, I do not wish to imply that Mr Whyte deliberately entered the incorrect details in all the relevant forms. I am sure some minion bears responsibility for what is, after all, a simple clerical error.

Brim – does this answer your question?



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5 responses to “The Evidence Suggests – There’s Only One Craig Whyte!

  1. Brim

    Ha ha!! The gun smokes. Great work Paul… (and thanks for the mention, it’s an honour to be part of such a great blog)

  2. Brim

    Incidentally I notice a post on the excellent RTC that lists three articles from newspapers which discuss Craig Whyte’s return to Scotland from voluntary exile in Monaco. They all place his age such that he would be born in 1969. I know papers are renowned for getting ages wrong but it seems too much of a coincidence that they would all get the same wrong year…..

  3. Mendez

    According to a popular credit website Whyte 69 of Vital fame shared a residential address with a director named Donald Inglis. Although they were never involved in each other companies. Donald Inglis was a Director in a number of companies called Senator(xxxxx) with a director called Donald Forbes.
    Donald Forbes was a Co-Director with Whyte 71 in Intercity and funnily enough Whyte Forbes. They appeared to have moved in the same circles yet never met.

  4. Tom

    Craig Whyte now dealing with HMRC in London and a settlement which will suit both parties is imminent.

    • Tom,

      You might be right but that seems to fly in the face of all we know so far. My guess would be that you were wrong.

      Murray International is running the tax appeal so what does Mr Whyte have to discuss with HMRC?

      He sat on the £2.3 million till the very last minute and even then may have pulled a stroke to stop it going to HMRC.

      Various reports have Rangers behind with PAYE and VAT.

      I cannot see any solution that suits both sides.

      HMRC, as indicated in a statement earlier today, is not prepared to tolerate those who “won’t pay”.

      Baswed borh on present and past events I suspect Mr Whyte wouldn’t even get a cup of tea from HMRC without the cash up front!

      But I may be wrong!

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