Levy & McRae v Rangers – Back In Court – 9/11/11 – But Only To See If The Bill’s Been Fully Paid

On Wednesday November 9th November Lord Hodge is to deal with a By Order calling of the case brought by Rangers’ former solicitors for non-payment of fees.

When the case called before, there were the undertakings about payment, and accusations that Levy & McRae were being unfair in pursuing the action and not accepting the pledge that they would be paid.

This delay, which was admitted by Craig Whyte as having been caused by his annoyance at Levy & McRae deciding to act for Mr Bain despite what the Court was told,  will have cost Rangers several thousand pounds in legal fees, but infinitely more in terms of cost to its reputation.

The judge continued the case till Wednesday between 930 and 10 am.

As long as (a) Rangers have paid the full sum due and (b) paid full costs as demanded by their former agents, then the calling will be purely formal, and Lord Hodge will have the action brought to an end.

If Rangers have not paid the legal costs of the case, or these have not been agreed, then the remaining issue would probably be referred to the independent Court official whose job it is to decide the fair level of costs.

There is little prospect of there being interesting legal argument in this case next week.

It means one down, but how many more to go? As even Mr Whyte himself admitted, when interviewed by Tom English for the Scotsman, he did not know how many there were!


LORD HODGE – D. Morrison, Clerk

Wednesday 9th November


By Order

between 9.30am and 10.00am


1 CA100/11 Levy & McRae v The Rangers Football Club


Balfour + Manson LLP Warners  

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