Petition re Winding Up of Hearts to Call Tomorrow – The Tax Man Cometh!

Further to my last post (and I apologise for teasing) a wee bit more info.

The name listed as the agent is Paul Johnston.  He is Solicitor to the Office of the Advocate General, and he acts for the Westminster Government in Scotland.

As per this link, his department deals with cases for HMRC in Scotland.

This could simply be a continuation of previous proceedings against Hearts in connection with unpaid tax, but looks from the case number to be a new application.

What will happen tomorrow – will Hearts get more time? Is Mr Romanov sitting just now meeting an administrator to protect his investment, or does this explain his outburst yesterday regarding Scottish football?

We shall see.

Lord Hodge must be fed up dealing with cases about football teams!






1 Note: CNS Subsea Ltd to extend administration

Dundas & Wilson  2Pet: Caradale Brick Limited to wind up

Maclay Murray & Spens LLP

3P1176/11 Pet: Heart of Midlothian plc to wind up

Paul Johnston


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