Some More Thoughts Re the Neil Lennon’s Case – by Me @ Scotzine.Com is a comprehensive website covering all aspects of Scottish football.


In response to a piece by Joanne Lennie earlier today regarding the layperson’s view of the acquittal of John Wilson on the assault charge   I penned a few thoughts in the hope of clarifying and expanding upon various points.

Think of this as a follow on from my earlier posts about the John Wilson case. I think it’s worth a read (but then I wrote it!)

You will find it on the Scotzine site here.

Once you’ve read it, hang around and take in other stuff on the site. Well worth your time.

Thank you!

I will see you back here for the densely written and esoteric legal stuff soon!


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One response to “Some More Thoughts Re the Neil Lennon’s Case – by Me @ Scotzine.Com

  1. Are you still covering the N. lennon case, I don’t think it will make any difference P. McBride has passed away he never received the parcels. Very sad news about cocky brilliant lawyer. Keep up your excellent work. Better than any press reports.

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